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Which school do you think is the best, and why?

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May 02, 2012
I personally think life and death are the best because with life you can help others by healing them, and death is awesome because you can attack and heal at the same time.

Jul 27, 2012
Balance of course!!! It IS the very best school because their are spells that can cast anddamage. Plus the real profeser of balance is a crocodile and that is EPIC.

Jan 02, 2013
storm of course! There spells have the highest damage

May 04, 2013
Life because they get practicly 2 lv. 10 spells. They get sprite and nutures wrath. Plus they get prisms blades traps heals high hp and ok attacks!

Nov 20, 2010
Okay, let me just say that storm is probably the worst school in my opinion, because of it's low accuracy and low health. Yes, they do the most damage, but when their spells don't fizzle.

Balance on the other hand takes attacks from all of the school, mixing them together, and allowing basic accuracy and health. The spells may not be the strongest when cast, but with traps, blades, and boosts, it cannot be stopped.

Myth spells are strong, good accuracy, and health, and they receive many minions. That combination is good, but I have to give my best to Balance!

Go Balance

Aug 17, 2012
Well, is very good because while they are attacking, you can still heal a lot of with lots of traps, including feint and blades. So my opinion is death school. Other top ones would include ,, and . Hope this helped

Jun 15, 2010
I have made and played through a character of all types. And fire is definitely the best! Fire has second strongest spells and still has good accuracy. Also most fire attacks hit every one ALL THE WAY!!!

Mar 15, 2009
I personally think fire is the best because its considered in the middle because has the highest health but really weak damage and has the highest damage but the lowest health and has great health and great damage.

Aug 12, 2009
I think life because it is all about healing plus natures wrath is a really cool spell

Aug 15, 2011
i would say death because your able to solo things because you can attack and heal so you can solo more than others this is my opion just saying :/

Aug 31, 2010
I Really Can't say which is best. I think they all have there pros and cons. Even Balance Has a Con. My personal favorite is Because The Spells are super cool and the death school is below here is a list of pros and cons.

Pros: A Lot of Health. And Good Shields.

Cons: Horrible Attack

Pros: Can Make A lot of Shields, and Traps at a time. Uses a balance of . More of a support class

Cons: Not so good attack. Don't Fight really good by their selves.

Pros: Extreme Attack, Good Traps, Cool spells

Cons: Bad Accuracy, Low Health

Pros: A lot Of Trap Spells, Can Heal and attack, Good Accuracy. Decent Health

Cons: Not the best damage, Most Wizard City Monsters are death so its a hard start.

Pros: Can Summon Minions so can fight alone good, Good accuracy, Decent Health, cool Minion Buff cards

Cons: Not the best damage

Pros: Can Do Large Masses of damage slowly, Good Health, Great traps

Cons: Not a lot of damage done, you have to wait for someone to die which can be frustrating.

Pros: Amazing health, can Heal Friends and you, More of a support class

Cons: Bad Damage, Not good fighting by there selves, Kinda Funny in a bad way cards

Dec 20, 2008
There really is no best school. All of them are great. I personally like Myth, more so than anything else

Apr 04, 2012
It's very debatable, but I would have to say either , , or . Balance is awesome because you can buff like crazy while you're still able to cast really high damage spells on your own (i.e. judgement). Ice is pro because they have highest health and resistance, so they can go forever without dying. If you've ever looked at the high scores for PvP, like over half of them on the first five pages are Ice wizards. Finally, Death is just total domination because if you really buff yourself and cast scarecrow or some spell like that, all your health is restored and you defeat all the enemies! The only con to Death in my opinion is that there are a lot of great spells that result in damage to yourself before you get the benifits of the spell, which can be a big disadvantage in PvP and overall fighting.

David DuneStrider, lvl 52
Allan IcePetal, lvl 39
Colin GoldenStone, lvl 35

Apr 22, 2013
My school I chose in the beginning was Myth. I used most of my training points on the Storm school. Myth is good; reasonable power, pretty good accuracy and okay pip cost. Through comparison by looking at all the schools, I've found.Storm is the most powerful, but it also has the lowest accuracy. It all depends on what you want.

Dec 16, 2012
ANOTHER thread about this? Really? All schools are equal, but the "best' school depends on the person. Every person has one or two schools that they are most effective playing, and anyone who happens to play well as a storm and therefore labeled storm the best school can, and in my opinion should, be labeled a zealot. For the sake of decicion about main and side schools, I think of schools as divided into three categories: Effective because of spells (Death, Myth, Storm, Fire), Effective because of stats and gear, (Ice), and somewhat balanced (Balance, Life). Using this taxonomy, we can decide that Ice with a side school of Death, Myth, Storm, or Fire is effective because of great stats and gear as well as efficient spells. Further more, Fire has a boost on Ice bosses, and almost anyone knows that bypassing shields just so happens to be Fire`s specialty. So, with the right strategy and use of training points, it doesn`t matter what school you are.

Dec 05, 2012
I think that balance is best cause it is a combination of every other school except astral blaze deathward magus lvl 34

Jun 01, 2012
i believe that is the best because it has the second most powerful and has a pretty go precentage of not fizzling and u can heal your self with some spells and the teacher has freakin fire legs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jun 01, 2012
its me again fireis also the best because it has the best minion this is how i think of the all the schools in order 1.because it has best minion and is powerful 2. bets acurrcy of not fizzling and heals good really good 3 . beacuse gets minions fast and gets three minions 4. most powerful but fizzls alot!!!!!!!!!!!! 5. is alright at basicly everything 6. beacause hurts and heals 7. last but good beacause there moves arent very good

Apr 14, 2013
fireis the best school, strong attacks and lasting damage, and they don't have bad health either

May 30, 2013
personally I think that storm is the school because of the huge attacks. Even with the high chance fizzle. So to make storm the best have life secondary. this way you can get healing spells because of storm's low health.

Feb 06, 2012
I think all the schools are great but if I had say which one is the best it would be even though i'm not I have a really cool friend who is the rest would be this


good attack ok alone when your higher lots of the enemy are and good aim


good attack good aim can summon minions so good alone


good attack mostly over time spells so need help a lot also good aim


bad aim great attack can do ok alone


good attack good aim can attack and get health at the same time when using spells that do damage and heal will go though armor even though i'm I know it's not the best school


ok attack ok aim can do ok alone


bad attack great aim mostly is a support school does ok alone

hope this helped you have a great time on wizards101 if you run in to me my wizards name is Danielle Deathheart see ya

Jul 31, 2010
1st: In my opinion myth because myth has 10/10 support role and my favorite pvp is 3 on 3. Health 6/10 ok health not to good for 1v1 a ice could easily win in 1v1. Strength 8/10 it is a decent attack the only problem is it doesn't work in a very well in a supportive role. Paired with minions you can take hold of the battle 1v1 you can use 3 minions at once, 2v2 2 minions can be better cause you can aid them more often. 3v3 1 minions, CRAZY useful, you can support him like CRAZY. Well that's my fav my ideas on the others.

2nd: I know everyone says it is the weakest, BUT you can use extra heath to your advantage use training points to your advantage. support 7/10 you can train life spells and use the extra heath to your advantage heal your friends while taking advantage of extra health. Health 10/10 BESTTTTTT health out of all schools you can KILL with this kinda heath. Strength 5/10 ok strength, but not to good.

3rd: It is a strong school. Support: 3/10 All of the spells involve you ONLY. Health 6/10 that's all I can say. Strength 6/10 not the best considering death is about stealing health.

Jun 01, 2009
I gotta say on this one, If you are you have no weakness all the other schools rely on you, and every time i make a wizzie it is always and have you ever even seen a citrine irl? but i also have to say and are best too.

Feb 18, 2012
Life by far is the best school ever. It can heal themselves and others. I am only lvl 11. I already have 4 healing spells.

Minor Blessing, Fairy, Unicorn, and Sprite.

Joseph Pixietamer level 11

Although another answer i would say is Ice . They have great health and defense and cool animations with spells and stuns.

Joseph Icestalker level 24

May 29, 2010
Alright if you want the truth is the best school because whatever school you think is best you can be by using the polymorphs.