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Top 10 Ways You Know You’ve Been Playing Wizard101

Aug 10, 2011
hermionejeangrange... wrote:
Here's a few...

1. your best friend quits wizard101 because he/she can hear everything about the game from you

2. you are a member but you still spend over 50 dollars a year on crowns

3. you'd rather play than go outside with your friend on a beautiful day

4. you take pictures of everything you see and like

5. you dream that you are your character

6. you watch as many wizard101 youtube videos as possible in one day

7. you buy a note pad and call it your "Official Wizard101 Guide Notebook"

8. your reward for doing anything your parents want you to is wizard101 related

9. you get at least 5 people you know hooked

10. whenever you go to the mall, you automatically look for the wizard101 gift cards

11. your parents say that if you talk about wizard101 anymore, they'll delete your account

12. you beg untill you get your text/open chat turned on

13. you make a wizard101 calendar, complete with drawings and pictures

14. you wish that somebody would make a wizard101 movie for theaters

15. you record everything with your ipod/camera, even though you dont have a youtube account to post it on

I'm definetly addicted.......

I'm guilty of all of these, LOL! (Except the get 5 People hooked to the Game thing, still trying tho lol, my Parents think that anything that is Computer involved is boring )

Calamity Orgeblossom Level 48 Theurgist

May i add that....?

You know you are also Addicted if you spend 14 Hours on Wizard101 on Weekends. Heck, if i could, i'd play the whole Day, everyday, lol. (Guilty!)

Dec 02, 2011
you are playing too much when you post as much on this topic as i do

Mar 18, 2012
I think the best way to decide if you've been playing too much is when you start dreaming about it. The other night I had the strangest experience. I dreamt that I was playing the game, met a new wiz and was helping him fight someone. Then in real life it was four in the morning and my dogs were howling downstairs. Now, listen to this: it was like the dream and reality were merged for a second: I actually said to the new fighting buddy in the dream (and i quote) (and I dreamt I was actually typing this btw) "brb afk my dogs are going mad downstairs". For real. And then as soon as I had typed this in the dream, lol, I got up and whoa, what a strange feeling to realise it was a dream! It took me about half an hour to shake myself out of it. I think this is concrete proof that I have been playing the game WAYYY too much...but I have no plans to stop hehe.

Iridian Swiftsong, Bookworm, Level 40 something, Fire

Oct 22, 2011
Yesterday night i was eating with my bro. I looked at the sky and told him ''Look, that Tempest!''.

Aug 03, 2009
LOL all the answers crack me up

lets see, hmmm

10. you see a big tree in the forest when its snowing and you yell " HI KELVIN! LONG TIME NO SEE! "

9. pick up a stick from the ground, throw some glitter on it and call it your wand.

8. stand in the middle of the sidewalk waiting to teleport to your floating island

7. going to the streets holding a sign saying " can somebody bring me to celestia? "

6. asking the person in the front desk at the train station asking the next train to marleybone.

5. poke at your dog waiting for him to give you a quest.

4. ask your friend for a dragons hoard pack

3. when somebody is eating fast, say " stop being a gobbler "

2. see a crocodile in a swamp and say " watch out its krokopatra! "

1. dress up as malistare for halloween

lol i love doing this :D

Mar 12, 2011
When you play in most of your spare time while noticing that you are humming the Common's music. 8)

Feb 10, 2012
Here are a few ways to know that you are playing Wizard101 WAY to much....

1. you talk WAY to much about Wizard101 to your friends ( I've done that )

2. When you buy $60 worth of crowns every month

3. play all night, and sleep all day

4. when you run down the street yelling " RUN AWAY FROM THAT FOG!"
i like number 4 the best lol.

Rebecca LegendSmith level 68 myth ( almost level 70! YAY! )

Mar 20, 2012
1 way is going into a store and asking a store employee if they have a feather hat a red (or whatever color you prefer for your wizard101 class) (by the way mines fire) robe leather boots painted red with yellow stripes(or again whatever color you prefer for your wizard101 class) on them and then the store employee plays wizad101 and does this roll there eyes and says "oh brother!" :D

Dec 08, 2011
I got one!

When you go to your school's library, and you're surprised that they don;t show you a bunch of Treasure Cards.

Apr 17, 2010
You acctualy make you'r wizards roabs and dress up as your wizard for Halloween.... I acctualy wanna do that.

Alexandria Dragonhaven
Grandmaster Theurgist

Jul 20, 2009
carterma wrote:

Does anyone else find themselves humming the music in the Commons and not even realizing it until someone else asks, "What's that you're humming?"

LOL! I know thats funny but that has nothing to do with the forum message :P Now that's totally a sign of you playing w101 too much

Jul 20, 2009
start132 wrote:
hi one of the ways to know you have been playing wizard101 to much is that you have been playing wizard101 all day insted of doing homework or other things you got to do that is very imporant. by madison thunder crafter :P

Thats exactly what i do lol and my parents get mad at me for it!

May 13, 2011
you know you play too much when

when mentioning cards, you automatically say treasure cards (guilty)

you pick a fight with the local bully and wonder where the big circle went

your happy when your dog barks cause you think it has spritely

you wish jumping was more than just decoration (guilty)

you randomly ask a friend if he plays wizard101 (good thing he did)

you use custom music because the old ones getting boring (once again, guilty)

you know the games history (guilty?)

when you can properly pronounce diegos full name (or just have good memory. either way, im guilty)

KI makes 2 new worlds and lots of items, all thanks to you (not guilty :D)

you compare everything to wizard101 (not guilty)

you feel sorry for his friend because his membership expired at a good part ( :( )

May 15, 2010
Sometimes i get so obsessed with the songs that instead of humming i start beatboxing the mooshu combat theme.

Aug 20, 2009
carterma wrote:

Does anyone else find themselves humming the music in the Commons and not even realizing it until someone else asks, "What's that you're humming?"


May 26, 2009
carterma wrote:

Does anyone else find themselves humming the music in the Commons and not even realizing it until someone else asks, "What's that you're humming?"

gosh... i do that way to much! xD my best friend was like 'that sounds familiar.. what's that from?' and i jumped up and said 'omg! you play wizard101 too?!?!?!' ends up... she didnt and kinda laughed at me >.< *face palm*

Jul 05, 2011
When you get a tattoo of one of the school symbols

(I got the Death School symbol tatted on my forearm. ._.)

Dec 10, 2009
you know you play wizard101 too much when you think to yourself "hmm what would my character do at a time like this?"
and when your characters come into your dreams....

Feb 28, 2009
When your friend says something really funny irl and instead of laughing you say LOL (yes I've done this many times)
Here's a true story and it goes something like this...

SCENARIO: a couple kids are making fun of my friend for playing wizard101
Bully 1: (In a mocking voice) Guess what guys? I'm a level 13 x laughs x
Bully 2: ( also in a mocking voice) haha well I'm a level 15 x laughs x
Friend: x sighs x
Me: (mad) Well you know what? I'm a level 44 so beat that x walks away x

And yes, this happened to me once. Oh, I've also had nightmares about wizard101 with Malistaire in them.

Sabrina Goldendust
Lvl 44 conjurer
"A friend will ride the limo with you, but a true friend will ride the bus with you when the limo breaks down."

Feb 28, 2009
I have another one...

When you spend 5 whole minutes telling your brother about a clan on wizard101 that you absolutely CANNOT wait to join. Yes I did that just today and my brother probably thought I was losing it.

Sabrina Goldendust
Lvl 44 conjurer

"A friend will ride the limo with you, but a true friend will ride the bus with you when the limo breaks down."

Feb 28, 2009
Okay sorry but here's another one...

When someone says the saying "When pigs can fly..." and you immediately think of a piggle :D This has happened many times to me before.

Oh, and when this is the 3rd time you've posted on this message board :-)

Sabrina Goldendust
Lvl 44 conjurer

"A friend will ride the limo with you, but a true friend will ride the bus with you when the limo breaks down."

Feb 28, 2009
tteeddyy101 wrote:
Instead of saying "i dont know" you say idk.

Lol, I've caught myself saying that many times :)

Dec 05, 2010
Trust me in school a few days ago i was humming commons theme and everyone was like "ummmmmm what are you humming?" i was like
and i said " w101 theme" i got laughed at!!!!!!!!!

Mar 19, 2011
this is what happened to me

1-you play w101 instead of doing homework

2-you tell your teacher about w101

3-you are when your teacher says get away before i use levyathan

4- you duel your teacher in a 1v1

5-you lose to your teacher then get a 50 for losing

6-you start saying stuff to your teacher

7-teacher says rematch and you get a 100 for winning

8-you play a 2v2 with your teacher

9-principal comes in class with a laptop and challenges you to a
2v2 another teacher joins

10-principal gives you fake detention to play after school with his players /teacher

Jan 14, 2011
1. When you actually realize, and point out, that minions have no animations for being healed. (This irritates me ... )
2. Whenever your computer isn't working and you can not get on wizard101, you blame Malistare.
3. You start talking about wizard101 and your friends all roll their eyes or silently slide away.
4. You hear a stranger talking about wizard101, and you immediately go over to talk about your wizard's stats.
5. You find yourself dressing in your school colors.
6. You wish with all of your heart that wizard101 were real and that you would be accepted into ravenwood.
7. You suddenly realize just how similar wizard101 and Harry potter are.
8. You make a reference to wizard101 and start cracking up, and all of your friends look at you like, who is this crazy chick I am friends with.
9. You read every single thing on this post, and found that most things applied to you. (That applies to me here, ugh)
10. You realize that you do not remember the music in the commons area, so you vow to go there tomorrow and listen to it. (Yes, I totally thought that just now)

... I think I need some help ... I'm not nearly addicted enough!