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Top 10 Ways You Know You’ve Been Playing Wizard101

Mar 01, 2012
FoxFyr wrote:
here are a few.

- you tell ppl in the real world what tresur cards you just got

- you give younger ppl a "when i was your level..." speech instead of "when i was your age"

- you cover your school stuff with the symbols

- you think you could solve all the real worlds problems if you could only cast...

- when deciding what to wear, you mutter to urself "what school do we wear today?"

- you turn down a really nice hot chick/handsome machoman dating you in real life because your crushing on a girl/boy in W101

- you say "fizzle" instead of "fail"

thats pretty funny lol i have to admit and that is true because my friend asked me one day "do you have some treasure cards" because he plays wizard 101 too

Mar 01, 2012
my top ten are:

10: you try to ask the local clothes store for a raven's pack

9: you ask your friend " you got any crowns"

8: instead of saying "fail" or "epic fail" you say "fizzle

7: you find a branch on the floor and say "I GOT A WAND"

6: you say "LOL" instead of laughing

5: you find a dog and try to ask where Watson is

4: you tell your friend about a billion times to play wizard101

3: you skip school to lvl up 3 times in wizard

2: you write down your wizard101 character's name,stats and school type (that happened to me once ) on your very important test

MY #1 FAVORITE WAY IS: you think that your cat is Meowiarty and hit him with cat food. XD

Padric WildBane- lvl 27 Thatamurge or whatever you call it

Apr 10, 2010
you've been playing to much when you know everysingle spell of everysingle school.

when you print the cards out from the internet.

i did both of these things in a couple of days

Jun 04, 2009
carterma wrote:

Does anyone else find themselves humming the music in the Commons and not even realizing it until someone else asks, "What's that you're humming?"

I never even realized it until now! i do that all the time

Jun 09, 2010
You know you play Wizard too much when you plant your spring flowers in real life and a brief thought goes through your head wondering what you can put in flowerbed for "likes" for your plants LOL

PS: I'm guilty of humming the Marleybone theme song LOL

Jun 11, 2010
You and your friend have a ten minuter arguement over who gets the Scrap Metal and who gets the Mist Wood. That happened to me once in Big Ben, but I got scammed and my friend grabbed both.

Jan 25, 2011
Oh great! tought about those things. Love this game! Verry! obsessed! Though i keep getting stuck on celestia and wintertusk. :( Going back on now wish me luck, ill need it!

Jun 27, 2010
My grandma played FreeRealms so much this happened:
First, she goes looking for shiny things on the side of the road in real life, then later almost calls herself Bessie Waterfall, her character's name.

Other Parody: I've gone cuckoo
Here's a way to say you love Kirby far too much:
You speak to your Kirby doll when playing your favorite MMORPG
You call yourself Kirby
You play Kirby's Return To Dreamland for 4 hours or more

My Ways To Tell I Played W101 Too Much:

I can't stop humming the MooShu Main Theme from my house
I said Samoorai instead of Samurai
I always think I can get my Frenemy back by doing an Ice Wyvern Spell
I thought I saw a Krokomummy Outside my window
I say Gobbler instead of Goblet
The MooShu Main Theme makes me fall asleep
I constantly forget how to battle on FreeRealms even though I am The Famous Level 20 Wizard Pixie, Sabrina Kittycutie (BTW, I hate being famous)
I have Doodle Dreams and dream about the time I defeated Meowiarty as lvl 23 (Current Lvl 23)

-Sophia Goldendust
Level 23 Ice Wizard

Sep 11, 2010
carterma wrote:

Does anyone else find themselves humming the music in the Commons and not even realizing it until someone else asks, "What's that you're humming?"

Haha, my friends would laugh cause' some of them know what it is.

Jan 29, 2009
nice job everyone, some of these are pretty funny :D

Feb 28, 2009
MikeStrath wrote:
DarthNexus wrote:
you have more then one account

you buy the gift cards solely for the pets

I think these ought to be the #1 and #2 indicators.

Though maybe having Dreams about your characters should slide in there someplace.

I've totally had dreams about my characters and just wizard101 in general. Maybe I'm playing it too much! lol

--Sabrina Goldendust
lvl 38 conjurer

Aug 10, 2011
You scream out in real life : OH YEAH I'M LEVEL 50 CRITICAL TIME YEAHHHH! (Guilty )
You find yourself Humming just about every Song in Wizard101, (Guilty, Wait a Minute -- I'm Humming the Dragonspyre Combat Song right now! )
Your doing a Science Project and you need to pick up Sticks for it and you say Hmm. i think this Mist Wood will go good with the Science Project! (Guilty )
You say LOL in real life atleast once. (Guilty )
You want to Dress up as a Wizard for Halloween. (Guilty again....)
You see Wizard101 Illusions in real life. (Guilty, why am i SO Guilty?)
You wonder why you have no Deck or Wand. (Not Guilty)

And the last and the best one, You play Wizard101 too much!

Jun 19, 2009
You see a gap in the woods and say, "Where'd the space bar go?"

Apr 15, 2009
magik82 wrote:

Pressing the enter button and looking confused when a chat box doesn't come up

Lol I check my friends list a lot, and whenever I'm like on Youtube or something I press F and get all confused when my friends list doesnt come up XD

Dec 02, 2011
you know you have been playing WAY too much when you call a poodle a foo dog

Dec 02, 2011
you have been playing too much when you expect to see a worlds menu through a ivy covered door

Dec 02, 2011
you know you have been playing too much when you see cats tossing coins

Dec 02, 2011
Popman98 wrote:
the other day i signed a piece of paper and wrote my wizards type(diviner, level(50), and rank (grandmaster) at the end of my name :D :D :D .


Dec 02, 2011
5 more things that show you have been playing wiz 101 too much

1. when you are afraid of stormzilla in your vacation to japan

2. when you dont take a step of any sidewalk

3. when you thank sun wizards for sunny spells in the weather

4. when you run away from any fat frog yelling IT CAN ATTACK ALL OF US!

5. when you complain about no pet games at the dog park

Dec 02, 2011
when you challenge being hit by lightning because you think you have resistance to storm

Dec 02, 2011
when you are seeing grey question marks above people

Dec 02, 2011
you claim that you can fit 100 things in a small wooden chest

Dec 02, 2011
kadyanne wrote:
when you were able to beat marleybone in 8 hrs in ONE DAY

Not that i (cough) know someone who did that X coughs X
lol thats me :P

Apr 04, 2010
Here's a few...

1. your best friend quits wizard101 because he/she can hear everything about the game from you

2. you are a member but you still spend over 50 dollars a year on crowns

3. you'd rather play than go outside with your friend on a beautiful day

4. you take pictures of everything you see and like

5. you dream that you are your character

6. you watch as many wizard101 youtube videos as possible in one day

7. you buy a note pad and call it your "Official Wizard101 Guide Notebook"

8. your reward for doing anything your parents want you to is wizard101 related

9. you get at least 5 people you know hooked

10. whenever you go to the mall, you automatically look for the wizard101 gift cards

11. your parents say that if you talk about wizard101 anymore, they'll delete your account

12. you beg untill you get your text/open chat turned on

13. you make a wizard101 calendar, complete with drawings and pictures

14. you wish that somebody would make a wizard101 movie for theaters

15. you record everything with your ipod/camera, even though you dont have a youtube account to post it on

I'm definetly addicted.......

Sep 19, 2010
This happens each and every time...

1:When you start writing impossible fanfics that would NEVER happen
2:When you actually call your real dog Lulu
3:When your W101 dog is called ginger
4:thus mixing the two's actual names
5:When you parody other songs... which happens way too often

"My Little Wizard, My Little Wizard, Aah Aah Aah Aah"

"Find Cyrus Drake's brother
My Orthrus grew up a cow, Merle is on sale again
Cast a spell in the rearview"

"When we were Myth the future was so bright,
Ravenwood was so alive,
And every kid on The Commons street,
was gonna cast a spell at every beat."

I am guilty of all these!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!