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Top 10 Ways You Know You’ve Been Playing Wizard101

Nov 05, 2012
You know you've been playing it too much when you see a snowman and think it might attack you!
The same goes for doghouses, beetles, birds...

Sep 01, 2012
I have one: When you get asked what you want for breakfast you say:Oh just some rice wispies

Nov 24, 2011
when you ask a friend "so, d'you need any help on any bosses?" and they go "huh?"

Jul 28, 2011
You refer Meowiarty to some character on a TV show lol

Jul 28, 2011
-You try to match up Harry Potter schools to Ravenwood schools
-You start playing at 3pm and realize its 3am
-You say krokopatra instead of Cleopatra
-You ask the librarian for a sherlock bones book
-You walk down the street and wonder where all the trolls went
-Your don't want to go in the ocean because your afraid of the crustation empire

Dec 24, 2008
This one is mostly for Balance wizards: when someone says the some thing about a balance you suddenly get a picture of a Balance spell in your head. This actually happened to me today

Nov 15, 2008
1- You write Fan Fiction
2- You wish you could become a wizard
3- You doodle your character, monsters, and symbols in your notebook.
4- Doing extra chores to keep your membership
5- Skipping homework to just level up "once"
6- Denying you want to play with your real friends to play Wizard101
7- You've been playing for around 4 years
8- Looking at ravens in the sky to see if they're wearing a pendant.
9- Your heart skips a beat when a Wizard101 commercial comes on
10- And lastly I tried to move on from Wizards, a year later I'm pulled back in.
^-^ A Flame Burns In My ^-^

Jun 04, 2011
start132 on Sep 30, 2009 wrote:
hi one of the ways to know you have been playing wizard101 to much is that you have been playing wizard101 all day insted of doing homework or other things you got to do that is very imporant. by madison thunder crafter :P
I'm doing that at this moment :p addicted!

Jun 04, 2011
kingwilliam08 wrote:
you know u play 2 much when u loose a hard dungon and punch somthing random because it was soooo fustrating (thats happend 2 me before)

dylan griffentamer lvl 31 pyromancer
are you kidding? I nearly broke my computer after i lost the same dungeon for the 13th time that's nothing :)

Nicholas Shadowforge

Jun 04, 2011
i'd say your addicted if:

1: you have read all the posts on this board (Guilty)
2: You collect reagents in real life
3: you get mad at your cat because ou think he is in league with Malistare (Meowarity o.o)
4: yOu are reading my post :P
5: you have a time limit
6: You dress up as your wizard and drown trying to find Celstia (guilty) jk
7:You visit a jungle and try to find Baobab crown
8:In Egypt, you demand to be let into the tomb of storms
9: You make one of these lists (guilty)
10: You own over 4 accounts (hehe, guilty)

Jun 04, 2011
Flamingdrake2511 on Mar 31, 2012 wrote:
you've been playing to much when you know everysingle spell of everysingle school.

when you print the cards out from the internet.

i did both of these things in a couple of days
I used to own a whole deck And sadly, I know every card in the whole game

I'm addicted, but pls don't save me c:
Nicholas Shadowforge,
lvl 60 pyromancer

Jun 04, 2011
TwilightFanatic27 on Apr 25, 2012 wrote:
You acctualy make you'r wizards roabs and dress up as your wizard for Halloween.... I acctualy wanna do that.

Alexandria Dragonhaven
Grandmaster Theurgist
agreed I'm so doing that this year

Jun 04, 2011
JEFFandJANE on Jun 3, 2012 wrote:
this is what happened to me

1-you play w101 instead of doing homework

2-you tell your teacher about w101

3-you are when your teacher says get away before i use levyathan

4- you duel your teacher in a 1v1

5-you lose to your teacher then get a 50 for losing

6-you start saying stuff to your teacher

7-teacher says rematch and you get a 100 for winning

8-you play a 2v2 with your teacher

9-principal comes in class with a laptop and challenges you to a
2v2 another teacher joins

10-principal gives you fake detention to play after school with his players /teacher
o. o That sounds like the best school ever! I could so take four teachers at a time vs. just me lvl 60 boo ya. I would ace every test

Jun 04, 2011
WolfSunStaff on Jun 29, 2012 wrote:
6 You jump on a hippos back and then realize its not a Hippogriff

5 You pick flowers, sticks, rocks, ect. from your back yard and try to build a carousel out of it

4 You play more than 10 hours straight

3 You dye you pet orange and yellow so it will look like a heckhound or fire cat

2 When you see you pet you think its a monster so you take out all the ice cubes out of your freezer and start chucking it at your pet and scream *AVALANCHE!* (I really did not do this its just a joke i do not want you to do or try this to any animal please)

1 If all your characters are lvl 80

~WolfSunstaff~ Pyromancer Lvl 50
"Every wizard starts as a spark and grows into a wildfire."
no, they must grow into a wyldfire, the charm. :P addicted

Jul 05, 2012
You know you have been playing wizard101 for too long when you tell your teacher "I don't have the regents required to complete this craft" when they ask you to complete an assignment.

Mar 30, 2010
You know that you have been playing too much W101 when you start saying sixth and seventh for just the regular numbers XD

Feb 17, 2012
LoL... I am on the verge of addiction... Not quite though.

I have created this telephone system called "hookline", where I pretend to put this mouthpiece to my lips and can talk to my friends... I make up my own little voices and personalities for all of my friends... some of them constantly beg for help... some of them think I'm a complete n00b even though I'm level 57, and some of them, well... Are just good friends. I also do it with some of the creatures- I've made quite good friends with some, actually...before they go DOWN!!! XD

Nov 05, 2012
Something I have been doing is researching all of the spells and making a list of what they do. I would say that is pretty much a clear sign of addiction!!!

Also, something I am not guilty of- saying yw instead of your welcome, ty instead of thank you, etc.

Nov 05, 2012
Alright, thought of a bunch more.

1. You think about it 24/7
2. You have seen the spell animations so much you can now imitate them all perfectly
3. You can play all the commons and battle music on your instrument
4. You have your own wizard101 motto (seen a few of those around, but not one myself)
5. You are below level 10 and your buddy list is completely filled
6. All of your wizards, across your 10 accounts, are lvl 90
7. You have read all the pages of this and have made a to do list based off of what you read
8. You write your achievements and honors on a piece of paper and display them over your head as you walk, along with your name
9. You learn about the myth of Perseus and medusa and wonder why he didn't just use Leviathan on her
10. Your friend needs help irl and you ready your wand (stick) try to port to them
11. You are afraid of bats and frogs because you think they will barf on you
12. When you are on a way crowded street you say "we should just switch realms" and your family looks at you funny
13. You see the hunchback of Notre dame and think, hi dworgyn!!
14. If you play it around your friends they go, "wizard101 again? It has changed so much since I played it..." And then they start another account (I have gotten this a few times, weirdly)
15. You spent DAYS thinking of ideas for this post (um, yea...)

Calamity StormHeart
Currently level 29 storm, but like a third of a bar away from 30!!! XD
Addicted but like it that way!
Oh, and will keep thinking of more for this awesome post... Luv it guys, keep it up

Oct 13, 2009
Well, one thing's for sure, iv'e been playing way too much and i'm proud of it! After all, you don't get to be archmage without work.

Oct 13, 2009
Um, if you call your friends by their wizard's names, does that mean that you play a little, er, um, too much?
Oh, by the way, being a high level (anywhere from 60-90) is really good for self esteem, so keep playing!

Jul 28, 2011
I have yet another.

You start playing in some day in 2012. You play for what feels like an hour and you take a break and its 2013. LOL not guilty, I don't think anyone is unless they played on new years eve.

-Angela DragonStone
Level 68
Savior of the Spiral
Zafaria(Drum Jungle)
With pet HYDRA!

Jul 25, 2011
you had a dream that you beat mallisteir, then wake up and still see that image in front of your face.

i'd say that would be a number one.

Nov 24, 2012
Some ways that you know you play wizard101 too much: 1. You go to the grocery store and see an old man dressed up in way too much green and try to imagine him as Saytr. 2. You see someone with a long, black beard and black hair dressed in dark clothes, and scream, ''Everyone it's Malistare Run for your lives'' In the middle of thousands of people in the busyest town in the state. 3. You dress up as your favorite Wizard101 character every Halloween.

Nov 24, 2012
Ooh I have another: when you are able to get 4 wizards to level 9 in one day like me (getting to ten is hard) -Level 17 thaumaturge, (journeyman) Sabrina Icepetal...