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The brilliant "easter eggs" in Wizard101

Nov 16, 2013
PottingTea on May 4, 2011 wrote:
Let's face it - Wizard101 contains a LOAD of references to books, other games and whoknowswhat. And then there's just these little utterly brilliant gems that crop up here and there. So, let's collect those!

However, let's keep it to the little details that most people pass by without a second glance, and which you usually only pick up on the third or fourth run past. Dorothy wanting to visit Toto and Tin Man and gives out Red Slippers for a reward, for instance, is a very obvious reference and thus isn't exactly a hidden gem.

A gem would be Montgomery in the Science Center - who has a scottish accent if you listen to his voice file. His character design is based on an Aberdeen Terrier. The Aberdeen Terrier is generally known as the Scottish Terrier.

So, what gems have you located that you often had to explain to your friends before they understood your sudden amusement?
the yellow brick road quest with dorothy in unicorn way

Dec 26, 2013
There's a Hundred Legger NPC in Khrysalis (Z'ur Grush I think) who sounds an awful lot like David Putty from Seinfeld. (Patrick Warburton)

Sep 26, 2013
One part in Khyrsalis has a password to get to the next town. The password is Brundlefly. It's a reference from "The Fly" with Jeff Goldblum. Considering they are all insects in this area, I thought it was apropos.

Jun 20, 2015
Aquila is completely made up of them, a lot of Krokotopia, Marleybone with Sherlock Bones and Dr. Katzeinstin, some of MooShu, Azteca, Polaris is an obvious one.

Alexandria Dreamcatcher,

Jul 26, 2011
The Polarian Shipwreck house is a Marleybonian Ship from Pirate101. Since Marleybone is based off Britain and this ship is trapped in ice, the Polarian Shipwreck is the HMS Resolute.

Oct 12, 2015
During the five boxes event in wizard city Olde Town, inside the telegraph box, the environment displayed is an exact copy to the lab used in the movie,"Doctor Who." No lie. It is exactly the same. Google images of it to compare the two or you could see it if you have watched the movie. Also take into consideration Merle Ambrose. The headmaster of the School of Witchcraft and wizardry. Long white beard, old, wears glasses, and sends the main wizard on a quest to rid the world of the dark magic afoot. Gamma is Headmaster's pet who represents fox the phoenix from Harry Potter the Chamber of Secrets. He is also an owl. Sound familiar? Moolinda Woo is Professor Sprout for herbology. Cyrus Drake is Serverus Snape the teacher of potions and mythology. Then Professor Trelawney is the divination teacher.Then there is Malistaire. The big boss of death eating magic. He is basically Voldemort. Ambrose is Albus Dumbledore. The wizard is Harry Potter. Everything works together in this game the references though are so much so, there should be a let up.

Jul 22, 2015
Everyone is forgetting the mini game Sorcery Stones which is an OBVIOUS reference to Harry Potter and the Sorcerers Stone. And I remember a quest in Krokotopia being "Tomb Town", which references Toon Town, another kid-friendly MMORPG.

-Matthew Swiftflame, lvl 35 wizard

Apr 25, 2010
TucsonWizard on Nov 9, 2015 wrote:
There's a Hundred Legger NPC in Khrysalis (Z'ur Grush I think) who sounds an awful lot like David Putty from Seinfeld. (Patrick Warburton)
I knew I wasn't the only one who thought that!!!

Dec 12, 2010
In Unicorn Way, I think that there is a quest called "Not In Kansas Anymore". This is where you have to save Dorothy's friends, it obviously refers to the WIzard Of Oz.

Dec 12, 2010
Another one I found while crafting was a quest called "That Seven Seas Show" it is supposed to be a tv show called "That 70's Show"

May 20, 2011
I found four, and I'm not sure if someone has already named them. (They are all quests)

There are quests called "Lore From a Stone," and "The Word From a Stone," which I guess is supposed to sound like "Sword in The Stone"?

Another is "Here Comes the Sun," A Balance School quest that's supposed to be a reference to The Beatles?

The Last is "The Final Countdown," The quest to where you have to defeat Malistare, Which is a reference to a Europe song. (Everyone's heard this song before)

Jun 04, 2014
I don't know if this is an intentional Easter Egg or not, but in the battle in Polaris where you fight Warlord Minak on the jewel slopes, he has this transformation where he turns into a flying squirrel for an attack. Since Minak sort of looks like a Moose, I was thinking Moose and Squirrel.

This is a reference to an old cartoon which featured Rocky the Flying Squirrel and Bullwinkle the Moose. These two were always being chased by a Russian Bad Guy called "Boris Badinoff". Polaris seems to feature a "pseudo-russian motif", so I think maybe it might be an Easter Egg.

May 07, 2015
the ice quest in krisalis to get the ice lens the boss said 'let it go' and 'the cold never bothered me anyway' sorry if this has already been posted

miranda jade song LEVEL 71 PYROMANCER

Apr 05, 2013
Grigori Rasputin is a real person.

Prodigious wizards know what I'm talking about.

May 12, 2009
All right, I have not seen this one yet (then again there are 31 pages of this so far) so I'll mention it.

I was looking at some of the schools on Wizard101's official site, where they give a little insight on what the school is about. What I found on the Balance one caught my attention, and here is the link if anyone is curious: https://www.wizard101.com/game/balance-school

So, the quote at the very top of the page says, "Eye of Newt, and Toe of Frog, Wool of Bat, and Tongue of Dog."

This quote doesn't come from just anywhere, it comes straight out of Shakespeare's play Macbeth, in the witches scene where they are making a potion that is representative of Scotland's downfall upon Macbeth taking the throne.

So I became curious about some of the other ones and found that on the Death page, one will find the quote: "Timor mortis conturbat me" (which is Latin that translates to "the fear of death confounds/disturbs me"). This phrase was first used by the Catholic Office of the Dead, but better known for being used in late medieval English and Scottish poetry.

There's a fun fact for today.

Best of luck!

Dec 27, 2009
Nicitas on May 8, 2011 wrote:
The design for Marleybone is based off of where Sherlock Holmes lives.
Obviously, because on the map there is 221 Baker Street, where Sherlock Holmes lives

Nov 28, 2010
One of my favourites is Bastilla Gravewynd.

Megadeth is my favourite band. At the end of Bastilla's dialogue, the way she says, "...those who oppose us!" reminds me so much of Dave Mustaine saying it in "The Conjuring". I don't know if that was intentional or not, but with all of the musical references throughout the game I'm guessing it was another Megadeth fan who threw that one in there.

The first two things Prospector Zeke has you collect are Smiths and Beatles, both of which were English rock bands. Not sure about this one, but I think it was intentional

Indeed it's quite intentional. Not specifically English rock bands, but every Prospector Zeke "hide and seek" quest is a reference to a band or music artist. As you've already pointed out it's The Smiths and The Beatles in Wizard City and Krokotopia. Marleybone is The Stray Cats, Dragonspyre is The Stone Roses, Mooshu is Blue Öyster Cult, Grizzleheim is The Yardbirds, Celestia is The Lounge Lizards, Wintertusk is The Troggs, Wysteria is The Wallflowers, Zafaria is The Monkees, Avalon is The Black Crowes, Azteca is UFO, Khrysalis I is The Crickets, Khrysalis II is Iron Butterfly, and Polaris is Vanilla Ice.

I think it'd be cool if in a future world they did the Dixie Chicks. "Those little chicks sure do love their wide open spaces, but they've been a long time gone and they've got a home here to come back to. Be careful when ya find 'em though. If they're not ready to make nice yet, they may be ready to run."

Nov 25, 2015
The Easter egg in Dragonspyre or the last quest that says "The final countdown".It is a reference to a band that sang it or th esong title I don't know the Band's name though.

May 24, 2014
When you approach Shakes O'Leary, he says,
"You wanna play rough? Okay. Say hello to my little friend, Bruiser!"
Scarface reference right there

Feb 18, 2010
I didn't read through the whole forum, so I'm not sure if people caught these.
In Azteca, there are a couple of quests that are references to the Florence + The Machine song "What the Water Gave Me." The quests are called "The World's a Beast of a Burden" and "Let the Only Sound Be the Overflow."

Also, in Firecat Alley, there is the Fireglobe Theater, which is a reference to the Globe Theater, a famous place in England that was built by Shakespeare's theater company.

May 13, 2011
Wysteria way in Pigswick Academy is a type of plant. I also thought or heard that pigswick came from something else, I don't know what. Professor Greyrose, please tell me if i am right or wrong.

May 13, 2011
Penny Dreadful in the Commons is actually a TV series. I know, right?

May 13, 2011
One of the quests that no everyone takes from Merle is the Pet Sounds quest. Pet Sounds is actually a song or an album by the Beach Boys.

Nov 07, 2015
Don't know if this has ben posted yet or not, but mooshu is Chinese, (well to most people probably) and moo shu is a type of Chinese pork

Nov 22, 2010
you guys do realize that all these things are not really easter eggs, right? EAster eggs are hidden things, not satrical refrences to books, movies, songs and so on. They're things like the hidden cow level in a game, or other suprises like that.