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Story Time April 2014

Apr 21, 2012
average moe on May 2, 2014 wrote:
1. Is there any particular reason Khrysalis has a similar architectural style to Celestia? It gets rather blatant in radiance reborn.

2. It's a little unclear exactly how Celestia is underwater. I mean, on models of the spiral it appears to be in a spherical bubble, the image in world selection shows it in a more ovular shape that doesn't cover the underside of it's "island" and the world map doesn't give any answers at all. So what would it look like from a hypothetical "island" that has a view of it, but isn't itself underwater.
Go to the Floating Land, that's above water, it just looks like any ocean.

Kelsey Fireheart on May 1, 2014 wrote:
Why can't we receive special boss pet or gear drops? I mean for instance, I'd like to get Morganthe's dress, staff and her spider pet. Or Dead Malistaire's awesome staff. Etc etc. Is there a reason why this has not happened? Does it have to do with conflicting with the story itself? Or it's just something else? I'd love this to happen since in Pirate101, it's really fun collecting special boss gears & etc. It's really fun and enjoyable.

It seems to me that with Old Cob being released and Grandma Raven being also free, it puts the spiral back in balance. However, there's always a risk of being greedy with power, which I'm concerned about Old Cob being. I'm not sure at this point which is the lesser evil, having Old Cob Free or not. I find it interesting that we hear the story from Morganthe's side as well as Old Cob's. But not Grandma Raven's yet. I'd love to hear her side of the story. Will we have the opportunity to? I'm curious about WHY she did lock him away. There has to be a reason that's not fully revealed.

Also I noticed that Merle Ambrose seemed not that concerned about Old Cob. He HAS to have known about Old Cob or at least stories about him? He seems like "Uh, that's strange, but we'll just wait and see."

Thank you!
The "special boss pet" and/or "gear drops" issue is one that we have to carefully balance with the Design and Art teams. Unfortunately, there's only so many hours in the day and there's no way we can create everything we want to. That said, it's a great idea and one I'll bring up again.

(It does get a little weird storywise - how many people exactly can run around with Morganthe's wand? - but it's not one that worries me overmuch.)

Headmaster Ambrose plays things pretty close to the vest at times - consider this one of those instances.

Emerald9649 on May 1, 2014 wrote:
~ Hello Mr. Artorius. I'm very glad to see a new story thread up and running because now I get to ask some questions that have been bugging me for sometime. And so to start I will begin with a question on the "Titans".

As we all know in the Malistiare Arc. it was stated that the Titans consisted of the Frost Giants, Fire Dragons, and Tritons. But then, later on in the storyline it said the Titans consisted of the Frost Giants, Fire Dragons, and Storm Lords. Why was this changed? ((This question might better suit Alhazard so I'm not counting this to the two question limit. ;P))

My second question is would you consider "Candy Land" and "Gobblerton" to be the same world? They sound very similar so I was just wondering.

My third/second question is. Would it be safe to assume that Morganthe will not be returning since she had a similar Fate as Malistiare the Undying? ((Note: And you did say that Malistaire was lost in the endless Spiral, so I'm simply assuming.))

Thanks ahead of time if you answer these questions.

~Sincerely, Umbra...
There are three Titans: Fire, Frost, and Storm. But they have been around since before the First World, so sometimes stories get exaggerated or misinterpreted or forgotten. Beings of that stature have a lot of history, a lot of conflicting desires, and sometimes a lot of names.

We'll learn more about them one day, I'm sure.

TheRealTimta on May 1, 2014 wrote:
Hi King Artorius! Love that story time is back; Khrysalis as a whole was amazing..

My main question is in this outer void, where Malistaire got thrown into, and where I am assuming Morganthe got thrown into, how does gravity work? Because in P101, we can sail through this outer void (I think- the isolated and space like area between worlds), and mobs float around in it. Does that mean once either Malistaire, Morganthe, or anyone reached a certain point going down, they would cease falling and begin to float?

Where did Astral Magic originally stem from and how did it get to the other worlds? At L60 in the celestia days, I thought that Celestia was the central point of astral magic, where it all started and in effect was confined to there. However when Zafaria, and later, Azteca, were released, my original thoughts were proven wrong. Is there another world, besides CL, where astral magic came from first? Or did the Celestian Astral Wizards much earlier in the timeline accept the friendly Zafarian and Aztecans as temporary students (foreign exchange without the exchange) to learn the concepts to spread to their own homelands?

Overall, I just want to say Khrysalis was an amazing world with an incredible storyline, from the origins of Morganthe, to P101 references (hehehe), to the history of shadow, and to the mysterious old cob (aka in my mind as "grandfather spider"). Awesome Job! Can't wait for the future side worlds/main worlds to come!
The Outer Void is a strange and dangerous place. Not many people know much about it.

Astral Magic, like all magic, can be traced back to the First World. It was a strong theme for Celestia, but was more of a lost art in Zafaria. Similarly, it wasn't such a heavy influence in Azteca as it was in Khrysalis.

Thanks for the kind words about Khrysalis! Really glad you enjoyed it and the Pirate references.

Emerald9649 on May 1, 2014 wrote:
~ On that note: How olde is the Spiral? And how olde was the First World before it became the Spiral? ~
The Spiral is as old as it needs to be.

Nathaniel OgreBlad... on May 1, 2014 wrote:
1. How old is Ambrose?

2. When does Wizard101 take place compared to Pirate101?

3. What ever happened to our parents? We must have them, right?
1. He's older than Artorius, but younger than Bartleby.

2. Roughly contemporary.

3. Everyone has parents, I'm pretty sure.

Cunning Finnigan S... on May 1, 2014 wrote:
Ah, okay. Thank you for clearing that up about Morganthe. That makes a lot of sense now. So it's Khrysalis to Celestia, back to Khrysalis to Zafaria, back to Khrysalis again and finally back to Celestia where our story begins.

I had another few questions to ask you:

1. Do you have any plans to freshen up Morganthe's first appearance in Celestia? I can't say I'm happy with Morganthe appearing, litterally, at the end of Celestia with a short line implying that she knows Ambrose, but we just met her. It's like we just meet you, but you already know about our Headmaster and that he sent us. It doesn't make the best first impression. I get that she has a lot of Shadow-Weaver spies who might have informed her, but I would like to suggest to you if maybe she could appear a little earlier in Celestia. Perhaps she could make some appearances within the Stellarium and the Lunarium to help build up for the Solarium/Chance appearance.

2. What's your personal opinion on Morganthe? Are there any areas about her you wish you could've conveyed a little more with her? Or is she good, as a villianess, overall to you? I've been kinda curious about it.

3. I loved the many Pirate101 references you guys did in Khrysalis. Bosuns, First Mates, Skyway Captains, and of course the world mentions of Aquila, Darkmoor, and Cool Ranch. Did you do any discussions with Blind Mew or did you "borrow" a couple of his notes?

4. Cool Ranch has been said to originally be a Wizard101 planned world. Do you have desires or plans to maybe revisit Cool Ranch and have the Spiral Door open up for Wizards to save a small section from Banditoads or Frogorales?

5. What's going in Wizard101 Polaris that's making it mentioned so often? I've heard come up so many times throught the 2nd Arc. We know it's apart of the Council of Light. Obviously, the devastation of loosing the Polarian Wars to the Armada and Napolequin's return are stirring something other than the citizens.
1. Not at this time, no. Changing old quests in a live game is incredibly tricky. Not impossible, but tricky.

2. She was a great wicked witch. Sure, I would have loved to do even more with her (and with all the coolest / most fun villains) but one of the great challenges in writing for Wizard is trying to express as much character and history in short snippets. Overall, I'm very happy with what we achieved.

3. Blind Mew and I chat regularly.

4. Not right now, but plans change all the time.

5. What does "apart of the Council of Light" mean? I think you may be confusing a reference there. As to what's going on there, it's terribly fascinating and a bit scary and very exhilarating and it is full of... oh, wait, that would be telling.

jjroadhog12 on May 2, 2014 wrote:
I have a couple question about Moros, Morganth's tree,

1. He never actually died after we fought him, will he play a part in the third arc?

2. If he isn't in the story, and if shadow magic isn't to be taught in the third arc, will Moros teach it?

3. Will we ever be able to get a shadow palace castle, the design in that area was amazing!

Thanks in advance

Christopher Earthbane,
1. Good eye.

2. We may or may not revisit Moros.

3. We'll see! Thanks for the nice words!

wraithcaster on May 2, 2014 wrote:
1) What's Azteca like after the whole Xibalba incident? Zenzen Seven Star apparently survived, and Pacal Redmask mentioned some of them would survive. But how many survived? And what would it look like? Cause we can't see it.

2) Like in the Harry Potter series, is it impossible to bring the dead back to life fully? Necromancers can summon spirits and Undead and stuff. But I don't think they can bring back to life completely, otherwise I would suspect Malistaire would've just brought Sylvia back himself. The Titans may have this power, but the consequences to the Spiral would be too great to try.
1. Azteca is a tragic tale - the greatest parts of it have been destroyed in the calamity. Some few survived, yes, but many perished as a result of Morganthe's evil ambitions.

Jul 10, 2008
King Artorius on Apr 29, 2014 wrote:
1. Are they? They certainly do sound like places.
King Artorius polaris is a place mentioned in pirate101 maybe in wizard101 we have to go there and destroy the source of Old Cobs children maybe we do the same thing in pirate101

May 06, 2009
King Artorius on May 8, 2014 wrote:
1. Not at this time, no. Changing old quests in a live game is incredibly tricky. Not impossible, but tricky.

2. She was a great wicked witch. Sure, I would have loved to do even more with her (and with all the coolest / most fun villains) but one of the great challenges in writing for Wizard is trying to express as much character and history in short snippets. Overall, I'm very happy with what we achieved.

3. Blind Mew and I chat regularly.

4. Not right now, but plans change all the time.

5. What does "apart of the Council of Light" mean? I think you may be confusing a reference there. As to what's going on there, it's terribly fascinating and a bit scary and very exhilarating and it is full of... oh, wait, that would be telling.
Ah! So close..

But, Thank you for answering. I was referring to the quest "Light Shine Down" in Mooshu to enter Avalon. After revisiting the quest dialogue, you're correct. I got a little confused. Emperor Yoshihito said "The Council of Light has allies wherever there are those pure of heart: Avalon, Marleybone, Grizzleheim, Mirage,...even Polaris."

The world Polaris is not apart of the Council of Light (which I misinterpreted), but there are those pure of heart in Polaris who may prove helpful to the Council of Light. I wonder who and what terrors they've survived to help us.

Polaris is one intriguing world, but I must say much more dire, perilous, and devastating occurences call for your attention. Such as...

More Questions! Sorry, but I have just a few more questions to ask if you don't mind:

1. Is Nodor a world all it's own, or an unexplored region of Avalon? Innes Idle mentioned it, but I'm rather confused on it's current status. And if it is apart of Avalon, have you dealt with any "troubles" going on there, or is it just a bit (and by bit, I mean extremely) too cold for even the King of Avalon to investigate.

2. Have you ever considered writing a war story or a war-driven story? I know many battles and wars have gone on in the 2nd Arc, but they are either "aftermaths", not completely apparent, or political conflicts and tension. I really liked what Pirate101 did with Marleybone and their whole war with Valencia, so I was wondering if you'd ever want to something like that with Wizard. (Sorry if I asking something that's already happen and just completely spazzed out on it)

3. Can worlds ever face the devastating possibility of merging and colliding and would you ever want to write a story that conveys that? For example, let's say Mirage and Polaris unexpectedly collided. Half of the plane is the desert Mirage and the other is the cold glaciars of Polaris. Now the Lynx and Penguins battle for dominance and vengeance for their shattered worlds. Some kind of concept like that.
There's a card game with an extremely similar concept to Wizard101 and Pirate101 called Magic the Gathering (maybe you've heard of it) and in one of their many arcs called "Shards of Alara" 5 worlds begain to collide and the citizens battled for domain of each of their planes. I thought that would be interesting to see in Wizard101.

4. Romo Nighteyes stands next to a a very large door guarded by two Deer Mouse Knights. What secrets lie behind that door. Seems important.

Dec 17, 2010
Just a few more questions for you, King:

1) Will Grandmother Raven ever be part of the Main Storyline? (as in not hearing her as the narrator)

2) If you where to put all the dialog in Wizard101 into a book, how big would it be?

3) Why couldn't Bartleby just shake one of his branches and make Khrysalis fall away from the Spiral after she took it over? Did he loose a lot of his power over the Spiral after Malistare took the Eye of History?

3.5) Will the 3D Spiral Map of the Spiral in Gamma's Tower ever be updated to match the current Spiral?

4) How did the Sword of Kings help us defeat Morganthe? It's only mentioned once in the Story Line after Avalon, and I'm not sure if when we took it, it gave us some kind of power, or Headmaster Ambrose was just wrong about it helping us defeat Morganthe.

Thanks for taking the time to read these!

-Nick level 95
"Child of Light and Shadow"

Jun 26, 2012
Hey King, I have a few questions for you.

1) Are there other schools like Ravenwood, Pigswick, and Dragonspyre Academy? Would we ever enroll in one in the future (perhaps when we graduate from Ravenwood?)

2) I would love to restore worlds like Khrysalis and Dragonspyre to it's former glory before they were destroyed. Is this possible to do in the future?

3) It seems as though the first 2 Arcs were all part of Old Cob's prophecy. Are the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd Arc all one giant arc?

4) If shadow magic exists, surely light magic needs to aswell. Will Ambrose ever teach this "Light Magic" at Ravenwood?


Sean Firesword Level 98

AvalonianDragon on May 3, 2014 wrote:
Not sure if this question was already asked but, how exactly did Morganthe summon Malistaire, than known as Malistaire the Undying, to Xibalba, and take control over him? Perhaps she didn't really control him, yet just summoned him and let his hate for us drive him to force us to a rematch? Also, how did he gain immunity of all the schools of magic? Thanks for your time,

Ronan TitanHunter
Morganthe recovered Malistaire's sarcophagus (you can see it in one of the Azteca pyramids - in the Pyramid of the Black Sun in Three Points) and then needed the Moon Skull Necromancers (like Skurkis Screaming Moon) to help reanimate him, transforming him into Malistaire the Undying.

The spell was so powerful that it rippled throughout Azteca, causing the Hungry Dead to rise.

Your idea about his hate driving him is a pretty good one.

Fred Goldriver on May 4, 2014 wrote:
I have a question.

Based on your timeline, Morganthe studied in Avalon and Ravenwood with Ambrose before she was ever introduced to the Elder Spider Magi, who taught her shadow magic and introduced her to the "spider way of life." Why, then, does she already begin to have spider-like clothing as Young Morganthe in Ghost Avalon and in her memories?

Good eye.

Perhaps it was fated. (Or you could read it as symbolic foreshadowing.) Or maybe that's why the Elder Magi took the chance of training her, because they liked her style.

Or, to blow your mind, maybe the Dream worlds are fragmented by time and memory and bias. In other words, you see Morganthe wearing spider-themed clothing because you NEED to.

Jacob Ghostcaster on May 4, 2014 wrote:
Hey! I got one important question to ask!

Who would you say is the stronger wizard - Malistaire or Morganthe?

The Malistaire who was growing in power before the summoning of the dragon titan?

Or Morganthe who was able to destroy a planet!!!!
Tough question. What do you think?

DeathWalkerSkull on May 4, 2014 wrote:
#1 : What level do people have to be when you're world will open?

#2 : Is there hard levels and battles there?

That's all!
Thanks so much!
According to Professor Greyrose:

Avalon is a large world with 15 expansive areas to explore. Young Wizards who are a minimum of level 65 and have completed the quest "Through Glass, Darkly" need to speak to Merle Ambrose who will send you off on your adventures with a quest named "This Little Light of Mine."

It is a challenge, but if you have courage and faith, I'm sure you will prevail.

Cass Underwood on May 4, 2014 wrote:
Hi again Artorius, I got more questions for you:

1. Will we be seeing new Assistance like in Khrysalis?

2. Is there a new side world or expansion coming along? You don't have to answer this if you don't want to.

3. Can you give us any hints on something coming up?
1. You mean helpful Accompanying characters like Dyvim WhiteHart? It's too good a tool/feature not to use again. The trick is to do it sparingly.

2. We are always working away at new stories.

3. I'm researching snails today.

Adam D on May 5, 2014 wrote:
I thought khrysalis was a success, but sadly Morganthe's rein is over. It was fun while it lasted.

1. In the third arc will minion/bosses use other astrals instead of star (like have enchanted spells for example instead of storm owl doing 1675, it would do 1900 since that boss/minion used colossal on it)

2. Will the third arc villain focus in death as their main studies?

3. Will there be an all school mastery (including astrals) that is an extremely rare drop from Morganthe or the Loremaster?

4. Why are you able to get an infinite amount of the sword of kings?

5. With your summer updates planned will there be included level 100 pack items and duelist items?

Thank you for taking the time to read and or answer these questions, have a good day can't wait for summer now.
4. There aren't an infinite amount of the Sword of Kings - there is one. But you can draw upon its strength again and again whenever you cast the spell. It is bound to your spirit (assuming you've completed that quest).

Adam D on May 5, 2014 wrote:
I have a sixth question I forgot to add my apologies, but why did Taylor want to you summon old cob how exactly is he the ultimate weapon if he only guided you to the shadow palace ?
It's a shame we never got to have that conversation with Taylor Coleridge, isn't it?

Also, how DID he get from the Ruined Alcazar to the Hive ahead of you? What's up with that!?

Guiding you through the Hive to the Shadow Palace was a pretty big help, was it not? There are other terrifying things that live in the darkness in Khrysalis; perhaps not as powerful as Morganthe, but just as deadly.

AoS Sheldon on May 5, 2014 wrote:
1) When Ambrose created Ravenwood, did he create Wizard City and move Bartleby to the centre, or build Ravenwood "around" bartleby on a prexisting world. If he built on a pre-existing world, did he have to drive out anything for the land? Are they unhappy, will they appear in the storyline/sideline?

2) Will Aquila make a reprisal for Dungeon/Main Content, I love greek myths and would love to venture beyond the doors of the Golden Apple Tree.
1. This isn't exactly writ in stone, but I would say Merle Ambrose built up Ravenwood around Bartleby, once he made sure the great old tree didn't mind.

No, Merle did not drive out any native inhabitants. He's a very kind, just, and merciful person.

2. I'd love to return to Aquila one day!

average moe on May 5, 2014 wrote:
What was with that hermit crab in the wings of obsidian butterfly shrine? The one that crawls into the hole in the wall complaining about people trying to take his home when you look at it. Will it ever be important?

Do you think you might expand on the existing storyline like the thing with the ghost rats in pirate 101? Like say, redirecting the bridge through amber giant of twin giants to a cave leading to a new zone, and having players open the "other" great doors to get to wing tooth camp?
The priest(s) put it there as a red herring (a red hermit?) to distract and confuse people from the true nature of the "Horn that Calls." Also, it was really funny.

I'd love to go back to older areas and build upon them when time permits.

grass99 on May 5, 2014 wrote:
Hi, I love that you're doing this and I can't wait to see what is posted!

1. In Briskbreeze Tower it talks a lot about another visit to Krokotopia, do you think we'll have this trip in the next arc?

2. I want to learn a lot more about the spiral's history. Do you think a lot of the story is found in side quests? I know the orb quest gives a lot of extra information.

3. Khrysalis is the only world we've seen with shadow magic so far. Since it is kind of like a home for this special magic, could we expect a school of shadow magic in Khrysalis in the future, or could it spread? It would be neat to have a shadow school in Khrysalis or even in Wizard City in the future, (if they decide it would be ok to teach it, after you've had enough experience.)

Thank you, and I'll probably have more questions later!
1. It will be resolved one day.

2. Yes, there's a wealth of lore scattered in the history quests, and amongst various other side quests.

3. That would be telling.

wraithcaster on May 5, 2014 wrote:
According to information we have, the worlds of the Spiral were once part of the First World, but in the war of the Titans, they broke the First World into the worlds we know now.
You got it, Wraithcaster!

Brandon Storyrunne... on May 4, 2014 wrote:
Hi King Atourius,
Here are my questions:
1. Will mailastare ever come back and be more powerful?
2. What is headmaster ambroses school of magic and will we ever have to battle him and the proffserrs?
3. Is the death student in ravenwood that teaches death until level 16 a legal staff member of ravenwood school of magical arts?
4. Where is the balance school tower?
5. In the headmasters house, what is the room to the left with the books covering it and can we ever go in?
6. Will we ever get quests from the big game hunter in golem court?
I wizard 101!

Brandon Storyrunner,Level 50 Wizard
ive also mastered !
2. Oh, I hope we never have to fight them!

3. I believe Malorn Ashthorn is a teacher's assistant. He's a student with more responsibilities and privileges, not anything like a part of the facutly. Dworgyn, of course, has more status.

4. I'm not sure they need one.

5. A mystery!

6. Sir Reginald Baxby does begin the Zafaria adventure, if you recall.