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Story Time April 2014

Mar 26, 2012
Hi Artorius!

1) Do you like pineapples, mangoes, or coconuts?
2) Will we see enemies in the third arc?
3) Are you thinking of taking questions over the official Facebook and Twitter for people who can't access the forums?
3) Me and a friend have been talking over Twitter about the obelisk orb quest in Khrysalis Part 2. It is obvious that the spider is Old Cob but we have seen 3 other "gods" (Bartleby, Grandmother Raven, and Old Cob) come into the story after the war. Are Bartleby, Grandmother Raven, and Old Cob supposed to be the "gods" of the spirit schools (Bartleby is , Grandmother Raven is , and Old Cob is ) like how the Dragon is , Giant is , and Lord is ?

Feb 17, 2009
Hi King Artorius! Love that story time is back; Khrysalis as a whole was amazing..

My main question is in this outer void, where Malistaire got thrown into, and where I am assuming Morganthe got thrown into, how does gravity work? Because in P101, we can sail through this outer void (I think- the isolated and space like area between worlds), and mobs float around in it. Does that mean once either Malistaire, Morganthe, or anyone reached a certain point going down, they would cease falling and begin to float?

Where did Astral Magic originally stem from and how did it get to the other worlds? At L60 in the celestia days, I thought that Celestia was the central point of astral magic, where it all started and in effect was confined to there. However when Zafaria, and later, Azteca, were released, my original thoughts were proven wrong. Is there another world, besides CL, where astral magic came from first? Or did the Celestian Astral Wizards much earlier in the timeline accept the friendly Zafarian and Aztecans as temporary students (foreign exchange without the exchange) to learn the concepts to spread to their own homelands?

Overall, I just want to say Khrysalis was an amazing world with an incredible storyline, from the origins of Morganthe, to P101 references (hehehe), to the history of shadow, and to the mysterious old cob (aka in my mind as "grandfather spider"). Awesome Job! Can't wait for the future side worlds/main worlds to come!

Sep 18, 2010
~ Hello Mr. Artorius. I'm very glad to see a new story thread up and running because now I get to ask some questions that have been bugging me for sometime. And so to start I will begin with a question on the "Titans".

As we all know in the Malistiare Arc. it was stated that the Titans consisted of the Frost Giants, Fire Dragons, and Tritons. But then, later on in the storyline it said the Titans consisted of the Frost Giants, Fire Dragons, and Storm Lords. Why was this changed? ((This question might better suit Alhazard so I'm not counting this to the two question limit. ;P))

My second question is would you consider "Candy Land" and "Gobblerton" to be the same world? They sound very similar so I was just wondering.

My third/second question is. Would it be safe to assume that Morganthe will not be returning since she had a similar Fate as Malistiare the Undying? ((Note: And you did say that Malistaire was lost in the endless Spiral, so I'm simply assuming.))

Thanks ahead of time if you answer these questions.

~Sincerely, Umbra...

Sep 18, 2010
~ Hello once again. I do have about 3-4 more questions to ask for now so here I go...

I forget where but a long time ago Bartleby mentioned a very interesting person. He called this person the Creator. Now I'm going to assume that this Creator is very, very, very powerful and I'd like to know. Will (s)he ever play a part in either Wizard101 or Pirate101 at all? And if not what can you tell us/me about him/her?

My second "question" is: I'm sure everyone is aware of the Elemental Titans, right? But what if I told/assumed that there were also Titans of Spirit magic? It seems to me that Bartleby (Life), Nightstar (Myth), and Cob (Death) are the Titans of Spirit magic because each of them all have a quality of one of those schools. And if they aren't some kind of Titan of Spirit magic will we ever see some Spirit Titans or will Spirit magic begin to becoming a bigger part of the major storyline more than it has already in the Morganthe Arc?

My third question ((that I've remembered.)) for now is. It appears that Cob when we found him was in his "mortal" for just like Nightstar had when we found her in Grizzlehiem. So does this mean that Bartleby has a "mortal" form as well?

Once again, thanks ahead of time.

~Sincerely, Umbra...

Sep 18, 2010
Cass Underwood on May 1, 2014 wrote:
Hi Artorius!

1) Do you like pineapples, mangoes, or coconuts?
2) Will we see enemies in the third arc?
3) Are you thinking of taking questions over the official Facebook and Twitter for people who can't access the forums?
3) Me and a friend have been talking over Twitter about the obelisk orb quest in Khrysalis Part 2. It is obvious that the spider is Old Cob but we have seen 3 other "gods" (Bartleby, Grandmother Raven, and Old Cob) come into the story after the war. Are Bartleby, Grandmother Raven, and Old Cob supposed to be the "gods" of the spirit schools (Bartleby is , Grandmother Raven is , and Old Cob is ) like how the Dragon is , Giant is , and Lord is ?
Hey Cass ((LifeBlossom)). I just realized you asked the same question as me....and a question about which fruit Artorius prefers...well bye. ~Umbra ShadowHunter.

Sep 18, 2010
~ Hello once again Mr. Artorius. I have again a few more questions to ask. Some of them revolve around "ancient magic" and so, here I go.. ~

~ How popular was Celestia to visit when it wasn't beneath the waves? Did Merle Ambrose, Gamma, or someone of importance ever visit it that could give us some insight about the people and culture of the area in a side Quest or something?

~ How is magic created? I understand that powerful beings such as the Titans were able to create magic but how? Did the Celestians call upon the essence of the stars to create star magic or was there a much longer process?

~ Are we really going to go to Polaris in the third arc? It seems kind of odd to go there since the place doesn't seem very involved in magic. And if I'm correct they just got out of a war or are still in a war.

~ Will we ever get more Enchants or Shadow Auras? Those types of spells were really useful and the plot behind how each type of Astral and Shadow came about is really interesting.

~ This Creator, can you tell us what kind of power/magic he had in order to create the First World as well as Bartleby, Nightstar, and Cob?

~ The Elemental Titans, what causes them to just decide to destroy Worlds? I would think beings of such high power would be more respectful to the lesser beings instead of just wiping out their homes.

~ Will/Can you create a series of Dungeons surrounding the pasts of Khrysalis, Dragonspyre, Celestia ((And maybe a few other worlds.)) before they were destroyed?

~ Will we ever visit the remaining parts of Wysteria and Khrysalis? Because on the world maps they seem cut in half and that they're only showing a portion of the World.

~ Lastly, what's up with Wizard City's weather? Every street I go to there always seems to be a different kind of weather pattern in the sky. Is this because it's the center of the Spiral and all types of weather travel to and from this world?

Ravino Nightingale on Apr 30, 2014 wrote:
Thank you for clarifying Morganthe's transition between the worlds of her arc (that was one of my questions).

But I must ask of something that was mentioned very long ago and never clearly explained: In early dialogue of Wizard City, Ambrose and Bartebly refer to Grandmother of Ravens as "Lady NightStar" but the name was never used again (she's only called "Grandmother Raven")... is there a reason why the name was apparently abandoned?

Thanks for the thread, it's really helpful!
Some people collect many names over the course of their lives and stories. Grandmother Raven has lived a very, very long time.

candle2011 on Apr 30, 2014 wrote:
Dear, King Artorius,
1. What made you decide to have Old Cob turn on us?
2. Is Old Cob going to be the next main villain or a minion of someone bigger? And if he is the next main villain why is he an old man in a cloak?
3. How did Morganthe turn into a giant spider?

Thanks in advance!
1. Did he!?

3. By exploiting Shadow magic and all the energy she had collected from Azteca. It allowed her to do great and powerful things. Shadow forms and bends reality, doncha know.

wraithcaster on Apr 30, 2014 wrote:
1) How is it that ANYONE fell for Tse-Tse Snaketail's disguises? The lack of variation in names was suspicious enough but he didn't have a full costume. You can clearly see his black and white stripes. And it is implied that people were fooled by it.

2) If the Astral schools were created in Celestia, how did Zafaria and Azteca get some? I think a quest in Zafaria implied they may have picked some up from the Morgantine forces. But did Azteca really pick it up that quickly? My other guess is they developed some magic separately. And how did they have Astral spells that Celestia, (the birthplace of it) didn't have?
1. What do you mean? Tse-tse's disguises are brilliant! I, for one, could never tell. You have sharper eyes than I do if you were able to penetrate his cunning masks.

2. Don't forget the Spiral worlds were all one a long, long, long time ago, and beyond that, Wizards are not the only beings who can move throughout the Spiral. And you are also right - they could have developed similar magic separately.

wraithcaster on Apr 30, 2014 wrote:
Morganthe's ending was almost symbolic, for years she wanted power, more and more power. But she absorbed so much that, in the end, it destroyed her, her arrogance and her lust for power destroyed her more then we did. At least that's my take on it.
That's a pretty good take.

Sep 18, 2010
King Artorius on May 1, 2014 wrote:
Some people collect many names over the course of their lives and stories. Grandmother Raven has lived a very, very long time.
~ On that note: How olde is the Spiral? And how olde was the First World before it became the Spiral? ~

Community Leader
Why can't we receive special boss pet or gear drops? I mean for instance, I'd like to get Morganthe's dress, staff and her spider pet. Or Dead Malistaire's awesome staff. Etc etc. Is there a reason why this has not happened? Does it have to do with conflicting with the story itself? Or it's just something else? I'd love this to happen since in Pirate101, it's really fun collecting special boss gears & etc. It's really fun and enjoyable.

It seems to me that with Old Cob being released and Grandma Raven being also free, it puts the spiral back in balance. However, there's always a risk of being greedy with power, which I'm concerned about Old Cob being. I'm not sure at this point which is the lesser evil, having Old Cob Free or not. I find it interesting that we hear the story from Morganthe's side as well as Old Cob's. But not Grandma Raven's yet. I'd love to hear her side of the story. Will we have the opportunity to? I'm curious about WHY she did lock him away. There has to be a reason that's not fully revealed.

Also I noticed that Merle Ambrose seemed not that concerned about Old Cob. He HAS to have known about Old Cob or at least stories about him? He seems like "Uh, that's strange, but we'll just wait and see."

Thank you!

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Oct 23, 2011
1. How old is Ambrose?

2. When does Wizard101 take place compared to Pirate101?

3. What ever happened to our parents? We must have them, right?

May 06, 2009
King Artorius on Apr 29, 2014 wrote:
Thanks for the kind words, and the close study of the game. It certainly makes us happy to read such insightful comments.

1. I really can't answer that. Obviously, in the world of fantasy and SF and pulp adventures people come back from "the dead" all the time. That said, it's boring if you do it too often - it cheapens death. And also, there are lots of other fascinating, sinister, deadly characters to meet in the Spiral. Not every X-men story can be vs. Magneto, can it? ;)

2. Always a possibility.

3. After the Arachna (the Elder Magi) took Morganthe into their web (you can suspect this was not an easy transition) and introduced her to Shadow magic (nor was this), she started testing her powers in the distant worlds of the Spiral - far away from where anyone else would notice. I don't have all my notes in front of me, but if I recall the history properly, it went something like this:

* Morganthe led an army out of Khrysalis to Celestia to once again try to master Astral magic - she failed, and Celestia was destroyed.

* Morganthe fled back to Khrysalis to lick her wounds. She raised a new army, corrupting and twisting more of the native races her to cause, and spread out the her dark web - probably enveloping some small worlds, and ultimately conquering Zafaria.

* Eventually the people of Zafaria called for help and rose up against her. The Council of Light thought she was destroyed, buried beneath her shattered palace.

* But in truth she fled back to Khrysalis, and we wouldn't hear from her again until she reappeared in Celestia.

Morganthe doesn't like Astral magic because it's not in her nature to use it properly. That doesn't mean she doesn't want it.
Ah, okay. Thank you for clearing that up about Morganthe. That makes a lot of sense now. So it's Khrysalis to Celestia, back to Khrysalis to Zafaria, back to Khrysalis again and finally back to Celestia where our story begins.

I had another few questions to ask you:

1. Do you have any plans to freshen up Morganthe's first appearance in Celestia? I can't say I'm happy with Morganthe appearing, litterally, at the end of Celestia with a short line implying that she knows Ambrose, but we just met her. It's like we just meet you, but you already know about our Headmaster and that he sent us. It doesn't make the best first impression. I get that she has a lot of Shadow-Weaver spies who might have informed her, but I would like to suggest to you if maybe she could appear a little earlier in Celestia. Perhaps she could make some appearances within the Stellarium and the Lunarium to help build up for the Solarium/Chance appearance.

2. What's your personal opinion on Morganthe? Are there any areas about her you wish you could've conveyed a little more with her? Or is she good, as a villianess, overall to you? I've been kinda curious about it.

3. I loved the many Pirate101 references you guys did in Khrysalis. Bosuns, First Mates, Skyway Captains, and of course the world mentions of Aquila, Darkmoor, and Cool Ranch. Did you do any discussions with Blind Mew or did you "borrow" a couple of his notes?

4. Cool Ranch has been said to originally be a Wizard101 planned world. Do you have desires or plans to maybe revisit Cool Ranch and have the Spiral Door open up for Wizards to save a small section from Banditoads or Frogorales?

5. What's going in Wizard101 Polaris that's making it mentioned so often? I've heard come up so many times throught the 2nd Arc. We know it's apart of the Council of Light. Obviously, the devastation of loosing the Polarian Wars to the Armada and Napolequin's return are stirring something other than the citizens.

Dec 14, 2009
I have a couple question about Moros, Morganth's tree,

1. He never actually died after we fought him, will he play a part in the third arc?

2. If he isn't in the story, and if shadow magic isn't to be taught in the third arc, will Moros teach it?

3. Will we ever be able to get a shadow palace castle, the design in that area was amazing!

Thanks in advance

Christopher Earthbane,

Jul 17, 2011
King Art. I Have A Few Questions!

1) Is There Some Information That You Can Give To Us About The Future, Anything, Even A Word is fine...
2) I Also Have The Same Question As "Kelsey Fireheart" It Would Actually Be Awesome

3) Will There Be Any Thing Called Shadow Pets

4) Why Can't We Have School Mounts That We earn In Quests, Meaning Maybe, Fire Would Get A Sun Serpent Mount, And Storm Can Get A Leviathan, Etc. But Depends On Level Limits, Etc.

These Are All My Questions King Art. Please Answer Some
Thank You!

Jun 20, 2013
I have to ask, now that the exciting Morganthe Arc is over, and the next story arc is up in the air, 3 points just keep banging around in me head over and over:
1. Who is Old Cob? What is his connection to the Spiral as a whole, as it was referenced by one of those spider Magi that he is on level, or close to, importance as Grandmother Raven herself. What is his plan, and what are his intentions? Will they have to force the Wizard to go up against him one day? That would make killer storytelling...
2. Polaris, Empyrea, and Mirage; All these I have no doubt we will visit next. So will we meet that one cat-girl from the Wysteria Tournament? Will we meet Napoleguin and have to deal with his polar bear butler that may be surprisingly good with magic? Have a funny reference to Pirate101 that will knock our socks off? Who knows...
3. Why wasn't Alhazred included in The Council of Light? I know, past that point, but still....I would very much like to know...

Ever a faithful believer in magic, The Vagabond

Apr 21, 2012
1) What's Azteca like after the whole Xibalba incident? Zenzen Seven Star apparently survived, and Pacal Redmask mentioned some of them would survive. But how many survived? And what would it look like? Cause we can't see it.

2) Like in the Harry Potter series, is it impossible to bring the dead back to life fully? Necromancers can summon spirits and Undead and stuff. But I don't think they can bring back to life completely, otherwise I would suspect Malistaire would've just brought Sylvia back himself. The Titans may have this power, but the consequences to the Spiral would be too great to try.

Feb 07, 2010
1. Is there any particular reason Khrysalis has a similar architectural style to Celestia? It gets rather blatant in radiance reborn.

2. It's a little unclear exactly how Celestia is underwater. I mean, on models of the spiral it appears to be in a spherical bubble, the image in world selection shows it in a more ovular shape that doesn't cover the underside of it's "island" and the world map doesn't give any answers at all. So what would it look like from a hypothetical "island" that has a view of it, but isn't itself underwater.

May 29, 2009
First off let me say that I loved the Disney "Frozen" reference in KH! Now I have two questions:

1. What was hardest/easiest world to write?

2. When Belloq was defeated again in Twin Giants, Azteca what happened to him? I expected him to reappear again in KH. Also could he make a possible return in the next arc?

Feb 07, 2011
Hi, King A.~ first of all, just want to say thanks for your reply on the last ST board, in which you also mentioned that we are from the same city~ nice to see a fellow Canadian wizard on these boards!

So, here is my question:

If, let's say, part of the earth somehow broke off and flew into outer space and... oh, I don't know, maybe there was some guy on it and he, uh, got lost up there, would he just keep floating forever? And, uh, what if he hit something?

You're probably thinking that my weird scientific experiments are quite similar to, uh, certain events in the Spiral. But that's probably not important... Rest assured that I only ask this question in the name of science, nothing more.


SpiralAdventurer10... on Apr 30, 2014 wrote:
Btw you are awesome and in my favorite world.

1.Will we have a fourth arc maybe or stop at third.

2.Will the spiral door ever get fixed in khrysalis?

Lol thanks king hope you respond
1. We have plans to tell stories in the Spiral for a long, long, long time.

2. One day, I hope! Do you have any idea how hard it is to fix one of those things?

Brennan123547 on Apr 30, 2014 wrote:
1.Is the narrators voice the same as Grandmother Ravens from Wintertusk?

2.In the Morganthe arc, in Ghost Avalon, you see Young Morganthe trying to steal a book of astrals and you in the form of Gamma catch her, but it KH2, you go back in time as her and Merle Ambrose and Malistaire are the ones who catch you. So, which story came first? The Avalon Chicken or the Khrysalis Egg?

3. So, we all know that Morganthe fought Malistaire to keep him from taking her deck and wand before she was all "Destroy the Spiral", but what we don't know is why she used him as a weapon and a tool in Xibalba to slow you down. Was it out of despise or just cause he seemed useful?
1. What do you hear?

2. In Avalon, Morganthe is trying to steal a book on Forbidden Magic - she's trying to learn about the Horned Crown and the strange magic within it. I don't believe it was ever described as Astral magic. That's when Gamma finds her.

In KR2, the dream you see is set a bit later, after Merle Ambrose has founded Ravenwood and Morganthe has enrolled in the school. Morganthe once again dived into magic she was not ready for, and nearly destroyed Wizard City in the process.

Clearly, Avalon happened before Khrysalis in the timeline.

3. Morganthe was never as good a straight-up Death Wizard as Malistaire. She needed him to help summon and entrap the Lords of Night, in Azteca. Also, it didn't hurt that he was a pretty good enemy for you.

Pirates o the Spir... on Apr 30, 2014 wrote:
Did Morganthe ever meet Old Cob or know of him? When you enter one of the rooms in the hive with old cob, a spider npc reacts weird and is surprised by him, like they are scared of him. I always wondered why Old cob stayed outside of Morganthe's dungeon while we went in and defeated her.
Those are great questions and comments!

Nicholas Hawkspear on Apr 30, 2014 wrote:
Here are some of my questions:

•Why was the Star Shrine in Khrysalis part 1 referred to as the Radiant Alcazar, but in Khrysalis part 2 it was called the Alcazar of Radiant Judgment.

•Is there a sun in the Spiral, or does Wizard City give off light like the sun to light up the Spiral Worlds. The Celestial Dinning Table has a bright light at the center of the Spiral.

•How did Zafaria, Azteca, and Khrysalis know about Astral Magic when the Celestians where the ones who created it and "never shared" it.

•Why did the Celestians not want Morganthe to have Astral Magic?

•Did it hurt when you turned into the Pendragon?

•Will we ever graduate from Ravenwood?

It's a lot of questions, but hopefully you can answer them!

-Nick level 100
"No Rain, No Grain"
1. The proper name is the Alcazar of Radiant Judgment. It's possible that the formal name of the sister temple, that existed in the heavens before Morganthe destroyed it, was the Radiant Alcazar. But it's never officially established in the dialogue.

2. Yes, there is a sun. Hence the Sun School.

3. Good question. Maybe Zeke carried the knowledge with him? Or perhaps the Celestians didn't tell you the whole story.

4. Why do you think the Celestians didn't want Morganthe to have Astral magic? Where has she demonstrated respect, and wisdom, and patience?

5. The transformation was extremely painful.

6. If you work hard and keep at your studies, of course you'll graduate some day!