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myth and balance worst schools

Sep 01, 2011
critical blizzard on Sep 15, 2013 wrote:
actually i believe myth is the worst school hahaha my strategy isn't hide behind minions i do my own fighting in this game.
As do most Myth wizards; minions become tiresome after very early levels, like 10 or so. Myth is a weaker school, so it requires mind-power and patience to master. This from a Promethean Myth, who soloed all lower levels (except for the tower in Wysteria, and had to use a henchman for the last Waterworks boss); the feeling of outwitting the enemy is satisfying enough for any "weaker" Myth wizard. I think this school is best soloed--otherwise, you probably won't get the good boss drops because the more powerful players will go for the kill (? if it works this way--I'm not sure that's how the better drops are awarded, but everyone seems to think so) but I sometimes got very good drops with teams. Sometimes I wanted to just defeat the enemies and move on, but with Myth the battles always take a long time-it takes more rounds for us to build to a sort of powerful hit, which is annoying sometimes, but figuring out how to maximize a Myth wizard as you progress is totally fun and satisfying once done. Yes, I complain about Myths being weak; in the upper (around 70 up) levels Myths will not survive long enough to maximize their hits, but teamwork gets the job done. Myths rule!

Apr 03, 2011
ehem~ :D

Why Balance and Myth?
I think you always faced them at the pvp LOL thats why you hate them.
Balance is not worst school nor Myth and Most Of all they conquer The Arena LOL, they may not have the good damage school but. they can manage their Deck.
Specially BAlance is so VERSATILE they can cast all magic spells.

Thats my Opinion.

Justin SwiftWeaver Level 90

Jul 18, 2013
what! i am balance there is a blade if it is your main school and being with balance your main one it is extremely useful just try balance and you will find out why i find it so useful and also each school has flaws so do not just go saying your schools have no flaws!

Jun 02, 2013
Every school is equal.

Balance is not just to help people, they are good soloers too, with spells like Hydra and Spectral Blast.

I have never seen a Myth student stun, or a Myth enemy stun. As for earthquake, I don't find it worth to spam, or even easily possible to spam. Trust me, I have it and I have to wait 6 pips do minor damage and take away the very wards and such the enemies have (and I'm in DS!).

I don't like it when people make 'the *random school* school sucks!' posts.

Jun 17, 2012
Rebecca Bright on Sep 8, 2013 wrote:
Since you're posting a discussion like this, I'm assuming that you have neither a high level myth or balance wizard. There's no such thing as a "worst school". Each has their own strengths and weaknesses. I can't speak well for myth since I don't have one, though I've never seen a myth wizard spam stun and earthquake (I usually don't see any using stuns or earthquake at all) . However, I can say that balance is an excellent school once you master it. We get around the fact we don't have converts by using spells like Chimera, Hydra, Spectral Blast, and also by using Mastery Amulets. Yes, it may take longer to defeat bosses, but we still get it done. In my opinion, Balance wizards have to strategize and plan more so than other schools. Playing a balance has helped me becoming a better player overall, because I now have multiple strategizes I use in the game to help me solo powerful bosses and dungeons. Also, we do not simply aid other schools. In fact, there are many balance wizards who don't (I myself don't blade others or trap for them often; I'm an attacking type player, not a support one).

Look at this discussion and you'll other balance wizards who are "Balance and Proud"!

Rebecca Bright Level 90
Miranda Shadowflame Level 90
Sabrina Emeraldblossom Level 86
Victoria Roseblood Level 82
Diana Moonflower Level 79
Christina Goldenheart Level 77
I completely agree. I only had to read the first sentence and I automatically knew exacally what you were talking about. I consider myth, my favorite school after getting celestial calendar. I only to two sharpens, one spirit blade and one myth blade with collassal on celestial calendar and my extra damage (49 for myth and 13 for everything else.) then, I finally attack. celestial calendar does five or six thousand damage and then steals a pip. followed by a pixie heal by my pet. then with the extra pip I earned I usually use satyr if I am damaged by to thousand of more. I repeat a couple of times, casting a minion a few times (but usually one is the only one I need) then I soon kill the boss leaving me one minion left. he dies in a couple more rounds. and I also use tower shield when needed.

and balnce, don't even get me started. balance is a school that only has the right of passing if all of their cards are grey. with the extra damage, a bunch of blades, a bunch of traps, and the things like weakness and black mantle along the way. if you are fighting balance, all of you traps (sharpened included too) then use chimera. 60% of the time it will do more than half of their life. do that twice. dead. i'm not saying it isn't hard to do, it's hard to do for everyone, but it isn't impossible. and the schools deffinatly are not bad.
I hope this helped.
Justin firethief lvl 90

Dec 05, 2010
Actually is good, but you need to be very strategic. For example it is great with aiding and blading other players and blading self. may not do much damage as storm but storm can be blocked by storm shield and other types of shield. Balance in the other hand can go through anything (expect tower shields) and with a lets say a hydra spell it can destroy many other schools. Balance is more of a team school it may not do most damage but it will destroy if used correctly. Also it gets great spells at first. For myth... guess it summons minions and destroys positives and negatives.

RyanIronHunter -Lvl 43

Dec 21, 2011
I feel like to protest but everyone beat it to me so yeah -_-

Nov 17, 2012
twinkle star on Sep 8, 2013 wrote:
i think myth and balance are the worst school.myth is just to troll people with the stuns and earthquake.
that why you barley see any myth wizards. balance sucks because they don't have any converts and to blades or
trap just for balance themselfs. balance is just really ti aid other schools.
I get very VERY annoyed when people start complaining about schools. First of all, all schools are meant to be played with a certain mindset and strategy, and if you don't have that mindset or strategy you shouldn't be using the school in the first place! Second of all, balance DOES NOT NEED A CONVERT!!! They are meant to be played with a secondary and that secondary will have a convert. Myth? to troll people?!?! Not only was that a really bad pun but it was also a complete falsehood! Myth requires a very large amount of patience to play, and, if you have the patience, requires the most strategy in the game. If you play your cards right (now that right there was a good pun), then myth will ALWAYS come out on top. Stuns are some of the most useful spells in the game. The ability to keep the enemy from attacking you for a round or two is incredibly powerful! Also, earthquake is not a "noob spell" as i feel you are implying. It is one of myths best spells and i think it helps myth significantly. It balances the game more and makes more enjoyable for all.

-Reed Spiritcaster

Dec 05, 2012
myth isn't that great I don't think, but if you think balance is the worst school, it is not, balance is great.

Nov 15, 2009
I love being a myth cause it allows me to solo a lot, I don't really rely on earthquakes but I love using my frog as well as medusa and the basilisk. and it helps when my second school that I learned is life making death my third school. but it all depends on which schools you want to follow past your main.

Apr 21, 2012
twinkle star on Sep 8, 2013 wrote:
i think myth and balance are the worst school.myth is just to troll people with the stuns and earthquake.
that why you barley see any myth wizards. balance sucks because they don't have any converts and to blades or
trap just for balance themselfs. balance is just really ti aid other schools.
So you think is bad, because it's good at doing something? That's more of a case of being annoyed, which is just what was made for.

I agree needs a prism, but right now you have the only spells that can do damage for different schools.

Aug 18, 2011
The "best" school is the one you enjoy most. The "worst" is the one you haven't mastered or don't enjoy.

That's all that really matters. Personally I think Balance and Myth age great!

Feb 23, 2011
This guy will see the true effects of myth if and when he/she does 1v1 pvp. I have been owned over and over by lower level myths with a high level fire with waterworks gear. But let others think what they want, we are not ones to judge.

Dec 20, 2012
No school is the best and no school is the worstBut we all have opinions which depends how confortable you are with the school.Or in other words,your strategy that you match with.[each school has a strategy and your favorite school is your type of strategy]Each school also has a role and i only have a balance wizard so i don't know about the other roles of the other schools.[well not life which is to heal and fight]

Taylor Daisydreamer

level 51

Jun 11, 2010
Like most people said, you have to be able to master that certain school.
I only have a low level Balance so I really don't have an opinion but I usually use Judge and Hydra.

As for Myth, they can be very powerful if used correctly.
For PvE, Myth is able to spam (like storm & ice) and do high damage to high bosses.

For PvP, Myth is very powerful in my opinion (level 90+). The new Myth spell you get before you even start the new world is almost overpowered (if used correctly). I am a 90 Myth PvP Commander and have not went against a single Myth Wizard in 1v1 which I find a little upsetting. All I need is the new 90 spell (don't know how to spell), stun, Minotaur, Shatter & Frog and I'm set. :D
Also, try sticking a Myth and Storm together in 2v2 and they make a pretty darn good team.

Maybe give a try to those school and get familiar with them. I will say both school requires a lot of strategizing (especially when going second in PvP) but so does the other schools.

"Mastery" is pretty much they key word for this. It takes a while but it pays in the end when you're slaughtering monsters like nothing and out-smarting your opponents in PvP.

~Ryan MythBlade

Oct 19, 2012
critical blizzard on Sep 15, 2013 wrote:
actually i believe myth is the worst school hahaha my strategy isn't hide behind minions i do my own fighting in this game.
I'm going to assume by the name "Critical Blizzard", you are an ice. All you do is just hit with your big health and just think you are the best while having bad hits. I have an ice myself, but I don't think that I survive because I actually blade and hit. I survive because of my health. Get rid of all your resist, and get rid of 2,000 hp points, and you'd lose almost immediately. Please don't insult others until you realize the things about yourself.

Jun 24, 2011
Wow. I assume you have a max(or high) lvl wiz in balance and myth? I cannot speak for myth, because I usually just work on my balance, but I can only say balance is a great school if you level it enough. if you really want a convert, just use spectral blast, hydra, or chimera to get around any obstacles. although I assume you haven't gotten that far .
Wolf RavrnBreath95

Mar 05, 2013
Yeah balance sucks. You've obviously never seen my level 95 Wizard lay a critical Chimera with Balance Blade, Sharpened Balance Blade, Spirit Blade, Sharpened Spirit Blade, Spirit Trap and Gargantuan on a foe. You might change your tune. I also have a level 75 Storm and a level 72 Death. I like all three, but my Balance Wiz is my favorite. The only drawback is against Balance foes, but then you have to get creative or use a Mastery Amulet from another school and some Treasure Cards. I don't know much about Myth except I rarely have trouble fighting it with any of my Wizards. The Myth Imp is annoying. And if you realize in advance that you might have an Earthquake cast on you, plan ahead. Use Traps and Sun School enhancements, you'll get the job done without wasting blades. :)

Aug 05, 2011
I would like to start off by saying that I have a wizard and a wizard. They aren't fantastic when they start off and you get your blade through a quest instead of at a certain level. So sure it is a lot different. Besides these two schools may take a while to learn but they are very powerful. About the " Myth is all about trolling and balance is all about healing other schools" is totally untrue. The point of myth is to get minions to help you out in a duel and balance is to power your or your teammates spells or to weaken your opponent's spells. Both schools take strategy to master and they take longer than other schools sure but again it doesn't make it bad.

May 27, 2011
Guy's i think he is trying to say that The myth MINIONS are the worst so that is why he thinks myth is bad.
Balance cause idk other reasons lol

Mar 05, 2013
Lol, you may be right Nathan, something may have been lost in translation. :/

Dec 19, 2010
Balance has no converts because it is in perfect harmony with all the classes, myth has many minions that help and has some good spells, but you can all ways be myth then train in storm so you have harmony when against myth monsters, i would also suggest that for all classes, take the class then train in the opposite class () () () ( and any)

Mar 31, 2009
I completely disagree with you, I'm a level 95 Myth Warlord.

Sep 17, 2012
Anyone who thinks myth is all minions and weak has never played a Myth. I admit when I first tried myth I didn't like it much. After finishing Khrysalis on my Storm I decided to do the spiral with my long abandoned lvl 10 Myth. After a month I managed to solo it completely through the spiral, something that was impossible for me to do with my Storm, Ice, Life and Death. Every one of those wizards ran into one or two bosses I couldn't solo. Belloq in Twin Giants and Xibalba for pretty much all. My myth soloed everything without a problem. I solo Hades with my myth, something I never could manage on my other schools.

Jan 07, 2014
myth is awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!