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myth and balance worst schools

Jul 08, 2013
i disagree with this thread each school has its up and down like storm wizards have the best attacks in the game but they fizzle a lot life wizards have healing powers but not very good attacks i have 1 of my friends are and they are awesome some of my spells in my spell deck are myth spells balance schools have blades and Shields and they have awesome attacks that's all i have to say

Justin moon runner ace wizard

May 09, 2010
I have a promethean and . They seem fine to me.

Jun 17, 2011
Sorry to break it to you, but even the oracle (bird statue that talks in the acropolis) says that balance is important. Here are her words (she also then said something about being a powerful ally, idk it was this morning)

Balance may just be the most important school.

And not only can they use all schools, they can dispel all, sheild all, do HUGE damage with small spells, and are just awesome.
You obviously do not have a balance or a myth wizard. Make one and you will Laugh at how ridiculous you sound.

Rebecca GoldGarden 52 (soon)