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best class to solo the game with

Feb 16, 2009
TO be honest DEATH is the best for a solo I am a death wizard and i see it being the easiest as you rarely use ANY potions because of all the life steal cards.

Dec 02, 2008
thefall3n wrote:
TO be honest DEATH is the best for a solo I am a death wizard and i see it being the easiest as you rarely use ANY potions because of all the life steal cards.

No class needs to use potions more than once in a great while. You might need a potion to get through Golem Tower without running out of mana, but that may well be the last time you ever need a potion.

Apr 24, 2009
I am a fire and death grand master. I mostly soloed the game. It wasn't very hard at all. Fire to do the main killing, death to work clean up and equip only healing treasure cards to restore my health. The big problem was trying to go too fast. I had to keep reminding myself to slow down. There is no time limit so if I win the fight in 20 rounds instead of 10 rounds I still win. I have to use the pips to heal myself first then kill the bad guys. I am also a big believer in shields. I have a shield for every school of magic in my deck. Except balance, and that is the fault of the games creators. If you want to solo the game pick any school of magic you want and follow the numbers.

1. shield first
2. then blades
3. then traps
4. then attack
5. take your time and heal yourself

May 31, 2009
I would say Death, the only place i didn't solo was sunken, and i did that with one other lvl 22 death school friend. the only time ive ever died is in sunken city when my friend disconnected, and i haven't ran from a fight yet.
I am only finishing up Kroc sphynx now but i started playing last week, i like the fact that most of the time after fighting 2 Monsters that i end up with either full or almost full health due to my Vampires which single shots anything (after buffing up with curse, Death blade and Death trap, and on death monsters i throw in one death prism per death monster).
I throw away all my wand and equipment spells and try to have one or two extra vamps and i just buff up everyone till i have seven pips then hit both the opposing monsters regaining around 750-850 health depending on wether i got a power pip and was able to throw on the last curse or not.
Sometimes it gets a little scary when you are down to 200 health after Fizzing your first vamp... but so far it's allways worked out for me.

Feb 23, 2009
I am an ice wizard, and I have been able to solo in most of my quests. As the instances get harder however, I am more reluctant. I'm afraid to get to the final boss after a long instance and being killed. I'm sure I could probably still solo a lot of these, but I think that teamwork is better than praying that I'll make it through an instance without having to do the entire thing all over again :P .

Fiona Shadowhaven, lvl 42 thaumaturge

Dec 27, 2008
Hawk wrote:
Clearly some parts of the world are too hard to solo, but death school is the most obvious answer to your question.
You are absolutely right! I have a level 32 Magus Necromancer and he is awesome! 8)! The best class to go with Death is Storm, while death attacks while healing storm is just plain attack!

May 31, 2009
I'm Death balance and i can solo about half of the stuff but stuff thats harder you need groups for

Balance+Death =suckage
I agree no single class is best to solo
but if you're good you can get Two classes and solo almost everything

Fire is also good for damage

Nov 01, 2008
it dosent matter just pick combos of you monsters i always win and im a myth and i mix with normal other monster and it dosent matter what class the games classes are about to combo monsters k

Dec 18, 2008
EASILY DEATH i have done many different kinds of people and the only school i have ever managed to get to dragonspyre before i became a master was with DEATH. i soloed the entire game up to that save for big ben WITH MUCH EASE bosses took to boosts and a vamp maybe. and when i got to marleybone i had pirate witch i used not nearly as much as vamp biut you get the point. when you hit lvl 28 your unstoppable....at least i was. The only problem i ever had was big ben and NOT because of inability but more so because i dropped connection ALL THE TIME but i found a way to not drop connection so now i could probally solo it. but i got to the very end and lost connection witch all it did was make me pass for 3 rounds and be unable to see shields and wards.... and health.... and well i didnt realize i was only hundred hits in and well died.. but thats the ONLY reason. so i say DEATH ALL THE WAY :D

Tyler&Travis Spiritstrider- grandmaster pyromancer and necromancer

Thomas Spiritstrider-adept diviner

Angel SPiritstrider- Journeyman ?life guy?

Feb 08, 2009
if i had to solo i would use a balance wizard but too late i alredy beat the game

LV.49 Myth
Chris MoonRunner

Dec 14, 2008
the test to see what wizard you will become trys to fit your fighting style to a class so basically your own class is the best class to solo with

Jan 28, 2009
in my opinion (witch should not be important to you do what you think you should do) is

MYTH because they summon minions to fight for them they also have average attack and average health
LIFE you can heal yourself to stay alive longer

Jun 05, 2009
i think that myth would be the best with a secondary school oflife because myth can summon minnions while life can heal you and your minions

Aug 07, 2008
Ive played my character up to 31 before i wanted to post here just to make sure my opinion was correct for me.

In my opinion it is Death, you get good attack spells and heals at the same time with some of those attacks. Now i also went with Life for my secondary card set which also gives me healing spells.

I have soloed the game up to Marleybone and im still going strong with no problems at all.

So i would have to say Death with a Life second would be one of the best to solo with.

Dec 22, 2008
I am not a high level but I have found that balance mixed with death does excellent with the balance for defense and death for the attack and siphoning of health. Also with balance i will be able to inflict damage from three schools at once via the hydra. Death has attack with healing as well as feint which will make my balance attacks more powerful.

But mostly it just relies on how you build your deck, i have this as well as a life and balance wizard which had soloed for wizard city but midway during krokotopia i am finding i need help.

I would just advise you to find out what your fighting style is and build your deck to that style.

Apr 25, 2009
acejackson810 wrote:
Ice/Storm combo is the best type to solo.
Since Storm has the highest attack and Ice having the highest health that can allow many oppurtunities after fizzling before dying.
Life/Death combos and Balance/Myth combos can also be great solo types.
I think like and storm are good but Im stuck on meoity

May 12, 2009
Hawk wrote:
Clearly some parts of the world are too hard to solo, but death school is the most obvious answer to your question.
no ice is better in magic and not fizzing

Apr 13, 2009
I would say Balance School. A lot of my friends that are in Balance are very high levels, including level 50. :D
Even though i am A Fire student, Balance
seems the way to go. Good luck!

Sep 07, 2008
LOL! there is no class that can solo the ENTIRE game. This is because you need at least three characters to pass a certain point in Dragonspyre. This was deliberately added to Dragonspyre, I believe, to force some cooperation in this area of the game. ALSO some areas are so difficult as to be almost impossible to solo. (Kensington for one)

Nov 26, 2008
I would say myth, but i've never tried a myth so I really don't know... I'm a storm grand, and it's very easy to solo with =P so what if it has low health...

Mar 14, 2009
I'm a storm wizard and I'm 2/3 done with Marleybone. I did Wiz City solo, Krok mostly solo, but Marley bone I'm stuck at Katz's Lab beacause of my low health (1,243 ) .so i had my fire and myth friend help me but there is now side walks in marleybone so get into pointless battles that flee ten tele to my friends , but that gets old and then me or my friends have to log out . so i quess death and life are best beacause of healing, but Kings Isles please put side walks in marleybone or get rid of non boss characters in places like Katz's lab .

Apr 26, 2009
I just have to say that skill plays a HUGE factor--if you really pay attention to the strength and weakness of whatever wizard you choose and learn to boost that, you can do great. I have a myth wizard in DS, level 44 and she has soloed pretty much everything (and very often, if I had help, I go back and solo--I did Big Ben three times, solo once...i died solo, but was able to do it by running back).

I find that I am often asked to help other wizards on tasks I found totally easy--even other death wizards and I was confused about why they were struggling until I really started paying attention to how people duel. I find Myth/life with balance blades only, to be an incredibly versitle and great class--I really don't worry in anything but the hardest duels.

Any class seems to suddenly seem "weak" in certain areas--whether it is because the type of monsters or temp weakness of spells.

playing pvp really helped me develop skills too. Also, it seems like it might be "boring", but starting wizards of other classes really helped me learn how to play my main wizard better.


Dec 20, 2008
Balance is the best choice to do solo with on this game.

Sorcery is the art of convocation, of mixing all other magics into one—transmutation, transmogrification, the alchemy of Wizardly arts. Ice, Fire, Life, Death, Storm, Myth as individuals they are all powerful—but betwixt and between there is Balance.

Wizards who choose the Balance school discover themselves with a very strange magic indeed. The introductory spells are all the standard spliff of attack monsters, shielding, and the sundry knife and fork of the wizarding experience. But that’s where the direct similarity ends.

Balance wizards receive a number of cards that are meta in effect, instead of having a direct effect like damage, or healing, or defenses, they modify other spells or the balance of power. Balance wizards can shift pips from themselves to other players—they can even increase the chance of receiving power pips. Their spells modify the warp and weft of the universe and can quickly turn the tide of any battle.

In late game the Balance wizard’s use of their power siphoning ability can mean the Fire or Ice mage can pull out their god-stomping doom spells faster than ever before by conserving their pips and pouring them into the waiting wizard. As spell casters, Balance wizards work best in extremely rounded groups and if they can strategically choose who and where to put their buffs and pour power.

Balance is about versatility.

This school is also a favorite secondary school of a lot of the other schools because it compliments just about everything except Myth extremely well. The spells that it provides have both run-of-the-mill application and sometimes niche save-the-day applications for all manner of play styles.

Find the path. Become the spell. Be transformed. Have Balance.

Destiny NightShade, Master Sorceror, Balance Wizard, Level 41

Dec 13, 2008
Im a level 32 ice with that i had fire but i switched it with storm and i have 2,241 health and 302 mana im thinking of swithcing to death but when you think about it it isn't a good idea i think the best class to do solo would be death and balance but only if your a subscriber because they have more cards in krokatopia for balance and nightside for death

Apr 18, 2009