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best class to solo the game with

Dec 02, 2008
Windlilly wrote:
Quizzical wrote:
You make it sound as though you haven't noticed tower shield.

Yes, I hadn't thought of that. But still, the other spells don't seem like much. The only other spell you have to look forward to with ice as your second would I guess be the fire and storm shields.

That's pretty typical of taking cards from another school's primary trainer. You can take whatever you want for a shield card that defends against two schools, but that's three points down. Beyond that, there's ice for tower shield, death for feint, and life for sprite and perhaps satyr if you're sufficiently desperate for healing. That's about it for useful cards more than three points down outside of your primary school.

Your primary school will do more damage than your secondary school, at least at the high levels. Your primary school gets a blade and your secondary doesn't, and that alone brings every other school up to damage comparable to storm. Your primary school can also take advantage of power pips, and at the high end, most of your pips will be power pips. (40% base power pip chance at level 50, 10%-15% depending on your class for each of your ring and your dagger makes 60%-70%, plus more from other gear)

Mar 28, 2009
Level 31 so far and I can still solo one boss or any 2 mobs. I have problems with 3 when they have over 1k hp each.

Feb 14, 2009
mordaki987 wrote:
i'm wondering if anyone would have a suggestion as to the best class to solo the game with. necromancer seems to do well but the bosses are just plain a pain in the rumplestiltskin. any suggestions on a good soloable wizard class would be appreciated

Well I would have to say Storm would be good, with Necromancers you should bring a friend because the damge Necromancers do aren't very powerful but, I have a Necromancer and I like her.

Feb 14, 2009
corrina101 wrote:
I have a lv.23 fire wizard, and I can solo the game pretty well. The only thing I don't like is our damage over time spells. I also made a really bad combo: Fire and Life. I taught that that would be a good combo, but I have a really bad time fighting boss monsters. I also have a lv.6 Ice wizard, and I noticed, Ice is one of the most hard to master shools. But hey, isn't Fire the best shool? :D

I don't want to be rude at all, but I think that Death is the Best School. I've done all the schools and Death so far seems to be the best.

Feb 07, 2009
i fight mobs in the street sol but intsenct lvls i cant do by my self most of the time sometimes i can do it by my self like golem tower i ca do it by my self with ease but the ironworks or temple of the storms is really hard if you are going solo and if i see someone on the streets having a a hard time i help but 1\2 solo 1/2 in groups is the way to go for me and fire\life works the best hope it helps

Mar 02, 2009
As an 31 level Ice Wizard ( whose secondary school is death ) I've made it up to Hyde park. While I don't always solo quest, I've found that everything so far has been solo beatable with the exception of the Tomb of the Beguiler. I even managed to solo the sunken city in my lower 20s though I wouldn't have been able to do it without my animate spell hat. ( and it was really close even then )

What I'm finding is that virtually any monster enemy is beatable in a one on one fight unless I'm really unlucky. ( Players are different as they're smart enough to break down my shields without wasting pips) Basically with my defensive spells, health draining spells, minions, and healing spells I can recover health faster than one monster enemy can take it. The real challenging fights is when the boss monster has multiple minions. Then its a race to kill the minion(s) before the monster whittle down my rather large ice wizard health.

Feb 23, 2009
Aaron DeathStalker here.
i have soloed the game for most parts. only sometimes have i asked a friend to help me. im a pyromancer/ life and have found it easy because i can use a fire elf or something to do like 300 damage over 3 rounds so i can heal myself in the next to rounds if i need it while the enemy is still getting damaged so i will be healed up for the next battle and the enemy will be defeated

Apr 15, 2009
I am a Necromancer, and from what I can tell, they are one of the better solo classes, as long as they are played right. My strategy has basically been clearing out almost every card from my deck except for buffs and the most current lifesteal damage card. It may take a few extra rounds to put up all the buffs, but I have ended plenty of boss fights and instances with full health. They key is that overkill is a 'good' thing when using life steal cards. I have reached over 2,000 damage with vampire and only using death school buffs.

There are disadvantages though. If my main spell fizzles or gets heavily resisted, I lose a lot of time. It takes several rounds to cast all those buffs.

The other disadvantage is lack of AoE spells. I have had meteor wizards one shot three enemies in a fraction of the time it would take for me to take each one out one at a time.

Would I say death is the absolute best for soloing? Probably not. I'd lean more towards life, which can often just outlast anything.

So far I have soloed everything up through Marleybone, except for Sunken City, Beguiler, and Kensington. The only time I lose fights, is when I get extremely unlucky with a string of fizzles, or the spell that took five rounds to charge happens to get hit by the -80% death damage shield. But when everything goes as planned, I am constantly one shotting enemies and draining back most or all of the health lost during the battle.

The only bad thing so far is that Vampire is starting to get a little weak, and I still have 10 levels before Reaper!

Sep 21, 2008
CyberDonkey wrote:
There is none.
Storm Is For Attack, it gets the job done quick, but fizzle alot.
Life Is For Health, it heals you if you are short of health.

Those 2 are examples. No class is good enough to solo Wizard101,
you need to unite some classes to complete Wizard101.

Every thing has it's upps and it's downs.
Like FIRE ATTACKING but will fizzle on you.
& ICEsure can take damage but can you do damage lol?
LASTMYTHthe minions help but where is all the ATTACKING???
Anybody half any thing for balance and death?

Mar 12, 2009
I have to say that I just completed the game solo and I did that with my storm wizard!!

Feb 07, 2009
To me, I think the school of Myth is the best( even though I am a pyromancer!! ). You can have minouns plus, the attacks are pretty awsome. If that does not work, then I would go with Death.

Sep 15, 2008
I Think A Storm/LifeWizard is the best combo to
Solo the game With healing and
Strong damage you Can easily do
Solo the game

Dec 27, 2008
i think death would be better to go solo with.i mean all the spells,most of them drain alot of health and gie you health back.i went solo throw the game,with some help from friends.Death school would be my choice.

Jan 28, 2009
I'm not sure I only have one character that is life. You might want to pick one where you can heal yourself as well as have strong attacks. So Life might be good. Remember though pick anyone you want you can always choose another class with your training points.:D

Storm, for low life, but strong attacks, though low percentage.
Ice, a lot of life, and shields.
Life, healing yourself and others, but low attacks with big percentage.
Fire, not very strong spells as one attack, but piles on spells to do damage over time.
Myth, learn to summon many things, and have an average percentage.
Death, they can steal and support themselves, their spells aren't really strong unless used in a good combination.
Balance, do better with groups, they help to give their friends more power.

Hope that helped people, you can also read the Play Guide for more information, and go to Magic Schools. Also you get training points every 4 levels until you get to level 20, after that you get it every 5 levels. Find an element that you enjoy, not one that is best, have fun learning it and casting spells.

Apr 24, 2009
I don't know if you can solo this game....I would doubt it. My wife plays a life wizard(yes..her choice) and I play a death wizard.We have NEVER lost a fight as a team.Our play style is to play seperately, and play as a team for the boss fights.....and it works.

Dec 17, 2008
My life wizard is lvl 48 and just completed the new spell quest. And he has done all of this solo. Oh, there have been dungeons when someone has jumped in, but for instance I had to do the Labrynith (? sp) 3 times yesterday solo, and it wasn't a problem.
The key for a life wizard is keeping the cards low and quick. I only have my centaur, seraph, blades, minion, reshuffles, and a couple of healing spells in my deck. If I am facing a life boss, I throw in a couple of prisms, but take out my minion (she has a nasty habit of sending a one pip life creature over and blowing it up--which is also why I don't bother with traps and only use blades). Yeah, life doesn't hit hard, but in a protracted battle, I am not going down. Usually I leave a fight with more life then what I entered in with. And as one person that I was helping doing an instance said, "I have never seen your Centaur fizzle." Oh, it happens. 10 percent of the time.
I use a pinewood deck that only has 16 slots, so I probably have another centaur sitting there already. Fizzle this one, and that one is coming right out. 65% Power pips makes for a 4 round fight of casting life blade (0 pips) balance spirit blade (1 pip) casting shield (before I step forward and fight the boss i throw in a couple of shields for their school) (0 pip) and then centaur comes out. If I am facing death about 2k in damage. If life, I have to wait for a prism (again, only 16 cards, so it won't take long).
If the bad guy is major boss with a ton of points and life, it might take me 20 or 30 minutes, but it's all good. I am life. I am not going to die. Well, not easily.

Apr 03, 2009
I am a fire wizard and I am doing excellent playing solo. As long as you have good strategy you can do well.

Feb 12, 2009
I am balance and just got into the drake hatchery in Dragonspyre and have soloed everything so far, rather easily. I took life up to satyr and ice up to tower sheild. Balance is easy to solo as long as you are patient in fights and use your sheilds. Going against balance mobs requires a small deck shift, and a little more time, but nothing too hard.

Apr 17, 2009
I personally would have to say death is the best for soloing. I have beak kensington park myself, and from what I have read that is not something a lot of people can achieve. But, I guess it is still up to your preferance.

Just my two cents.

May 02, 2009
I have only a lvl 16 death wizard. I have been able to solo most things so far. A couple times I have had to flee, when I realized the next round would kill me. Usually I will be able to go back and 'do it right' the second round.

Also, I am having a real rough time of it in the Sunken City. I have yet to successfully face off three of those ghost guys with 500 hit points each.

Now that I have my Vampire spell I might be more successful though. I was only 15 when I was trying it at first.

My stratigies:

Kill the monsters with the lowest hit points first. This decreases the amount of damage you are taking. There is no point to sit there and take a hit every round from two people if you can kill one of them with a 2-3 pip spell.

If you are on defence, you need to think about the damage you will take in the future. Just because you have 300 hit points at the start of the round, you could get hit for enough damage before you get a chance to heal yourself, so your dead before you get your turn. You need to plan at least a couple rounds ahead.

Keep note of the monsters pip count. If one monster has one pip, you can bet he will either just throw up a buff/debuff, or else do a small 100ish damage spell. If a monster has 3 pips, you can bet he will hurt. So when you are deciding which to kill, kill the one with the more pips, this will help you take less damage, thus allowing you to solo better.

As long as you have some heal cards in your deck, and you make sure you have almost full health between fights, I don't see why any class couldn't do just as well as any other. One lives longer, one kills faster. In the end I am sure it all evens out.

Apr 15, 2009
the myth school, not like i am rooting for my team or anything the first time they is a level 2 but it gives you a golem with 45 health but soon you get a troll then cyclops and one more so myth all ways has help :)

May 03, 2009
Genki97 wrote:
I think your primary school should be ice, because they have the best rings, swords. HP, defenses from clothes, and defense spells. Your second school should be storm because they have the strongest spells for the least amount of pips. Life should be your third school because you won't need much healing spells until you reached the last storm spell. (Stormzilla)
P.S.: Don't use storm as a primary school because they lack in defenses, accuracy, and HP. (No offense to diviners) 8)
Justin Stormhunter
Thaughtmagure, Lv. 35
Current Area/Quest: Big Ben, Marleybone

that is exactly what i'm doing, besides the fact that i stopped storm after kraken, all those pips for stormzilla IMO isnt worth it. especially with the power pips.
Valdus Dragonfriend, Lvl; 28 Thaumaturge

Mar 15, 2009
I think the first best class is tied up with Life and Ice. Life is awesome for when you are battleing in groups who knows when someone will faint. Once I was helping my friend defeat the Ruby oni or somthing like that and i fainted about 10 times! But he always healed me with the super duper life spells. But Ice has cool and powerful spells without useing alot of pips. Then comes in storm then it's fire then myth then i think death(no offence). (My buddy is Reed Head) Opinion by Alexis dragontail level 22 thaughtmagure.

Mar 01, 2009
CyberDonkey wrote:
There is none.
Storm Is For Attack, it gets the job done quick, but fizzle alot.
Life Is For Health, it heals you if you are short of health.

Those 2 are examples. No class is good enough to solo Wizard101,
you need to unite some classes to complete Wizard101.

I have to disagree with you I am a Grandmaster Life Wizard and I have pretty much soloed most of the game and yes my 2nd school is Storm so to say no class is good enough to solo I think is an incorrect statement

Feb 23, 2009
acejackson810 wrote:
Ice/Storm combo is the best type to solo.
Since Storm has the highest attack and Ice having the highest health that can allow many oppurtunities after fizzling before dying.
Life/Death combos and Balance/Myth combos can also be great solo types.
hi i was reading this thread or forum and i saw acejackson810
post and i was laughing because he says ice/storm is the best and yesterday i started my ice/storm before reading this post! great minds think alike ! LOL i think ice and storm might be best because ice great health and storm great attacking. in fact i am level 10 or 11 and i already have 1114 health! yes i have health boost clothes on but thats still a lot with or without clothes!
so far i have soloed up to collosus blvd in wizard city (i know early area but i started yesterday). thanks for readin this post!