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best class to solo the game with

May 21, 2008
I'm life/myth and I'm doing fine at Marleybone my sister helps some of the time but i don't really need it. she's a fire/storm with like 3 life spells thrown in. she needs help all the time. if you asked me life with a high damage school (eg. fire death storm) will always prove good. i don't really like having myth but i can't change that now at level 30.

Sep 08, 2008
A replay to BanKatsu. Not really important, but want to throw it out there anyway.

Death school has Feint, and Curse, thats 2 more buffs than any other school would have. And even if other wizards got feint, they would have to spend quite a few training points just to get it.

So, I'll rephrase what I said before. I never said Death was the best anyway, just surpisingly powerful.

Death has more damage boosters than any other class. There, let me put it that way. :P

Sep 17, 2008
I dunno.
I have a lot of wizards - all of them are levels 4 - 11 except my fire wizard Taylor Swift who is level 26 (almost 27).
I told my friend about this game and she joined, loved it, and subscribed. She advanced quickly as an ice wizard and now is level 21. She has helped me through a lot of the hard boss battles and I help her too. For example, Tomb of Storms : We did the final quest together as a pair until Krokopatra, when one of my fellow wizards chose that moment to teleport to me. He ran straight into the battle and we followed him straight away. So I completed it with three people and I am not embarassed to say this. I respect people who go solo but I would not have done this any other way. My friend's name on the game is Kaitlyn Icesword but in real life she is my best friend. I just moved to a different state and this is a good way for us still to play together.

-Taylor Swift BAM

Jun 30, 2008
I have 3 wizards. My first was Balance/Life/Death. While I didn't solo everything in every world I could have with this wizard including Mooshu. I soloed probably at least 90% of every world with him.

My second wizard is Death/Storm/Life and I soloed at least 95% of every world with him and could have soloed it all the same as I could have with my first.

My third wizard is Life/Ice and I've soloed at least 95% of every world with him. He's now in Mooshu.

I think I could solo everything in any world with any of these characters.

I don't think it's so much the school that your wizard is as much as it is learning the strengths and weaknesses of that school and compensating with your secondary and tertiary schools and your sideboard along with clothing and accoutrements. Strategy as has been mentioned.

Also I do all the side quests in every world before I go to the next world. This means my level is high enough to handle the upcoming world health and manawise.

Enjoy yourself and learning as having fun is the point to the game. :-)

Aug 04, 2008
Balance. I made a Balance wizard and solo'ed almost everything. The only things I didn't solo were the long/hard instances. Death is OK, but you can still have a hard time.

Jun 30, 2008
I should clarify. You can solo almost everything, I believe, with any school with varying degrees of difficulty. Some might take longer.

There is one area that can't be soloed by anyone that I know of no matter the school and that is Kensington in Marleybone. :)

Dec 21, 2008
I have been playing a Balance mage and have had little trouble soloing. For those areas with a lot of balance opponents I switch to using myth which is very close to the same spell lines damage and accuracy. Im not usually exploiting any major type weaknesses. My greatest problem I have run into is a lack of consistant life recovery when the fight drags out too long. I have only had trouble with one boss. Nightshade when I was fighting him beat me consistantly until I managed a few more levels.

Dec 12, 2008
i have a lvl25 ice storm wizard, a lvl 23 death life wizard.

ice seemed pretty good when i first started but low damage, so i added strom as his second class. i never died but i needed help on bosses because i fizzled so much. So then i made a death life wizard and they are OWNING. i never die, i beat bosses easly and never need help(only in instances,dont say you can do them alone cause i know you cant unless your a lvl 50 doing sunken city or something). i am only in the second world on both wizards but so i am not sure how i will do in marleybone and
mooshu. but death life was much better than ice storm.

- Ian Deathshard lvl 23

Jul 31, 2008
I started the game with a life/ myth wizard and he is currently on mooshu. While I did solo most of the game there where some areas that I simply could not go solo :

Sunken city (shudder)
The last tower in Marleybone.

Right now I am starting another wizard, this time storm/ death. I must say that I personally like this one the best. Although he has an extreemly high fizzle rate most battles tend to be much shorter than they where with life.

With life I could soloeverything almost easily because of allthe healing spells, but the battles were simply too long. With storm I worry a lot more about health, but battles as I said are much shorter. One thing i did to compensate for not having that much health was to fill my treassure cards with healing spells. Its working pretty well until now

Dec 10, 2008
Lol i know the death ppl are devoted to their class but i find the life class is far better, better heals and they can regenerate like a troll :)
summon monsters are also somewhat more powerful than the death class
life with a sub death is a really good combo i fought a guy twice my lvl to a stand still till we both ran out of cards :)

Dec 16, 2008
From the comments and remarks from other people and my personal experience death (not even an extra class to use) is by far the best to go with for soloing. I have never even used some of my spells because for just regular monsters I use maybe 8 spells at the max. Use 3-4 more for bosses and more for instances (of course shields for like Ken. Park)

There isn't a instance I haven't soloed and even though I have no proof except my word

a necromancer that did get proof of soloing it.

So yes it is by far possible to solo the game :)

Dec 21, 2008
CMON GUYS!DONT FORGET ABOUT FIRE!fire is big,bad and can linger the foes!i had 1 health while facing the harvest lord,he had fire elf,he fizzled and fire elf killed him! fire rules!right dalia?NEW:nvm guys!im stumped in krok.the royal hall,chamber of fire and the palace of fire always destroy me!!!!!!!!!so fire is HARD to solo the game with,but it is worth a shot!

Dec 23, 2008
Hawk wrote:
Clearly some parts of the world are too hard to solo, but death school is the most obvious answer to your question.
well i fight alone i am myth and i am really good at it

Jan 13, 2009
I suggest either, death or ice. My character is a death wizard, moving into balance and life. I find this to be a great combination. I'm group friendly by supporting but I can also solo very very well and be completely self supporting.

Ice seems very nice for someone wishing to solo as it appears to be the most "tank" like class. You have the most hit points and can really take damage. Mixing this with something like fire/storm would really set up a nice class for soloing. Keep in mind that if you choose storm they have low accuracy but do receive a buff to help this.

Note: mixing just about anything with life would be useful, however life on it's own is rather difficult as your offense lacks.

Jun 22, 2008
I think your primary school should be ice, because they have the best rings, swords. HP, defenses from clothes, and defense spells. Your second school should be storm because they have the strongest spells for the least amount of pips. Life should be your third school because you won't need much healing spells until you reached the last storm spell. (Stormzilla)
P.S.: Don't use storm as a primary school because they lack in defenses, accuracy, and HP. (No offense to diviners) 8)
Justin Stormhunter
Thaughtmagure, Lv. 35
Current Area/Quest: Big Ben, Marleybone

Dec 13, 2008
darkrabbit4 wrote:
Myth/life does pretty well solo for awhile (summoning minion to do damage while you buff/debuff/heal)

But once you get to a certain point you'll need at least another person to help out. I think once I got to level 30 I couldn't solo anymore - it was too hard and I kept dying.

I have to agree to that. I have a level 42 balance wizard. I solod all the way to krok, until I got to krokpatra. It got hard for me to fight storms. Even with storm shields. So I gathered a few of my friends, and, yes we beat krokpatra. Then when I got to big ben, counter weight east and west, I needed major help.
But now I am in dragonspyre. I play with my friend, Sean. It's pretty easy, even with fighting balance bosses. Hydra gets the job done :P. But back on topic, I find it that really from the amount of bosses in the game, and what element they are
(storm/life/death) I WOULD think the best class to solo on, would be storm and myth. But I don't think you could make it through the WHOLE game without SOMEONE helping you.

Aug 29, 2008
*Watch out kind of a Spolier

With Dragonspyre being released it has become impossible to actually solo the whole game. You can solo the whole game up to Malistare. After that in order to be able to face Malistare you will need more than 2 people (I think is more than 3 now, not sure) to activate the doors and be able to get into his lair and fight him. So even if you have being going solo all this time, with Dragonspyre it is impossible to solo the whole game by yourself.

Sep 03, 2008
I think that it gets easier to play solo when you get to the higher level. I am death student, and I have mostly played this game solo. Kroktopia was probably the most difficult world for me to finish, and Marleybone was no picnic either. However I have had very little trouble with Moosho and Dragonspyre. Getting the wraith spell was a great help. I hardly ever lose now, no matter who I am fighting.

Jan 31, 2009
I (Richard Darkstone) have soloed the game and reached lvl31.
It is gettin tuffer by the day i can say. I am currently exploring/questing the Ironworks.
I have never asked for help once! (I dont know anybody in the game)
Often weaker wizards teams up whit me in the battles. Not always a good thing.

//Richard Darkstone-Magus Necromancer

P.S I am a Death/Life wizard. It is godd to be able to heal when you are on your one D.S

Dec 02, 2008
Some empirical results:

Any class can solo Sunken City and Tomb of the Beguiler at level 28 without using crown gear, treasure cards, or training points. My death wizard was the only one of my characters to solo all of Sunken City without ever dying. The rest could clear it, but typically died and had to run back a few times.

None of my characters were able to solo Tomb of the Beguiler without dying. My ice wizard made it the furthest, clearing everything up to Ngozi the Beguiler, as well as both of the mobs in Ngozi's entourage before dying for the first time. None of my characters were able to do the Ngozi battle in a single fight.

My ice wizard (now having used some training points) was able to solo all of Big Ben without dying, fleeing, or otherwise leaving the instance. I still used no crown gear or treasure cards, and this was at level 35. My fire wizard couldn't do that, and I'm strongly skeptical that my storm or myth wizard will be able to, either. For that matter, I don't expect my life, death, or balance wizards to be able to do that, but those ones at least have a shot. I haven't actually tried yet.

If one gets crown gear, that would wipe out the gear advantage that ice has. The obvious gear advantage of ice is more health on class gear. The less obvious but more important advantage is that damage resistance for ice gear resists all schools of damage, not just that of the user.

But best class for soloing doesn't necessarily mean most likely to clear an instance without dying. I expect my storm wizard to be able to solo Big Ben faster than my ice wizard could, in spite of having to die and run back a few times.

Sep 27, 2008
mordaki987 wrote:
i'm wondering if anyone would have a suggestion as to the best class to solo the game with. necromancer seems to do well but the bosses are just plain a pain in the rumplestiltskin. any suggestions on a good soloable wizard class would be appreciated

myth is it sumons minions at lvl 2!!! (and higher lvls)

Dec 19, 2008
wow this is hard, lol just playing without a doubt it is all of them because the game makes you work with others in order to successed in this wonderful game.
me being a subscriber is fun in all but i love helping others to get to where they want to be

Class Fire/Death
healing and/or attacking is a great fast combu to blast through a quest.

Subscribers do get alot of stuff like free worlds, places ect
But I love helping trial wizards just to help them experience the game to its fullest
thats it and bye

Name OF Wizard: Samuel Soul Dreamer :)

Sep 22, 2008
Although I am fire school, I would say Ice school because even though it is the weakest, their items give you lots of health. For example, when I was level 42 I had 2,100 something and there was this level 35 ice guy already with over 3,000 health! (This was before Dragonspyre was released.) However, balance school has a lot of spells and can power up any of the schools (balance blade, elemental blade, spirit blade etc.). Life school has healing spells that help you when you or your friend are in a tight squeeze. Myth school has minions that can help weaken enemies. Storm school has really high-powered attacks (as long as you can get them to hit). Death school has life sapping spells that can hurt enemies and give you back a small amount of health at the same time. Finally, fire school has damage over time spells, which usually have an initial attack and does extra damage staggered throughout 3 turns.

Here are the schools ranked in attack power (I'm pretty sure anyway):
1. Storm 70% accuracy-(Highest Damage)
2. Fire 75% accuracy-(Damage Over Time Spells)
3. Myth 80% accuracy-(Minions)
4.Balance 85% accuracy- (Boosts/Defends any school)
5. Death 85% accuracy- (life sapping attacks)
6. Life 90% accuracy- (healing spells)
7. Ice 80% accuracy- (high health items)

(These are just from what I know, I may be wrong.)

Really just like everyone else has said, there is no school you can go completely solo with. The different schools have different talents and if the talents from friend's schools are combined with your own, the enemy will always be anihalated.

Feb 02, 2009
From personal experience, balance and myth are viable solo*, and from watching my friend so are life, death, and ice.

So far myth and life look very intuitive and viable with minions, although their play style may feel little slow to some (I find it more interesting since you have to learn to work with your minions play style).

If I were to play the attacking schools, for most encounters, I would probably use a very small fast attack deck and try to balance gear between hp (surviving to get out my first strike) and pip generation (speed to first strike).

To be honest, the game is remarkably well balanced this soon after release, so my current recommendation would be to go with the school that supports the play style you like the most.

*this does not include the group instance in Krokotopia or the final Dragonspyre boss area.

Nov 20, 2008
i don't know if they have posted this already but i didn't want to read all the post so i'll post this anyway

life is a good school to do solo but it has low attack so it will take you a few turns to kill him plus you can heal or attack you can't do both with life
you can use your pips to heal or attack in one turn

storm is also a good school to do solo it has the highest attack but you have a high chance for it to fizzle but you can use the +10% that you get at lvl 2 and you need a lot of treasure cards that incrase the spell's %
and there are a lot of boss that is storm so use a lot of converts or your second school

balance is also a great school butit also has low attack there is no shield against balance only the -50% shield from ice school and balance is more to help other schools

death is the best school to do solo because you can attack plus get health at the same time but it's also has a low attack but it has a lot of incrase spells so death is the best

mitchelldeathhunter master necromancer