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best class to solo the game with

Mar 31, 2015
All the schools can be soloed easily, pretty much, until Dragonspyre, if you play your cards right, and know how to use TC.

In terms of general ease of questing and versatility, is reasonably good to solo until Dragonspyre. Then questing is just a bit of a pain. I mean, you CAN solo a Balance all the way to Khrysalis with a or Mastery, (I did that) but it's just not fun. (Or at least, it wasn't for me. I was wondering what the point of being was if I was continually forced to use off-school spells).

I don't recommend choosing if you think you will solo a lot (especially without a mastery). Having a lack of stackable blades really does make a difference.

is initially VERY slow, but their 40% Blade (50% Sharpened), numerous healing spells, combined with Forest Lord, make reliable all the way to Morganthe. (Being the only school that can easily win a 1v4 same-school mob battle helps a LOT). It does take a while, though.

starts off dicey, but has an extreme learning curve from Celestia onwards. It's quite possible that you can solo a the rest of the way, if you know how to shield; even more so with a Life mastery. (I will find out).

seems like it might work, if they can survive long enough to cast their blades and then drain. They might not though. I dunno.

A , , or without a Life mastery will simply not survive the higher level worlds, where one needs to attack, shield, and heal (and quickly at that) in order to survive. That being said, I have never created one of those wizards, so I can't say for sure. Ice looks promising though.

In conclusion:

If you're looking to win, every time, no matter the circumstances: , or a with secondary (or perhaps with ). Takes FOREVER though.
If you're looking for quickest, and don't mind dying every so often: , preferably with secondary.

P.S. Parts of Khrysalis can be next to impossible to solo, period.

Level 100 , 50 , and a in Celestia somewhere.
Promethean Crafter
Rank 11 Gardener

Aug 24, 2013
Oct 24, 2015
Death is the best school for solo play and I see tons of players leveling as death because of this. It is by far the most frequently seen school from my perspective. You just stack up the boosts (especially feint when you get it) and one shot stuff with drain attacks getting huge chunks of hitpoints back. It has such good blade and trap boosting, while maintaining good accuracy and draining health. Is there even a noteworthy downside to death?

Jul 11, 2015
My answer would be storm, they can finish battles so quickly and easily.
Death is another one, the swapping health is unreal.

Dec 25, 2009
I believe that the game itself is made for team work. You have storm with low health but strong attack and if you have a life to co-op with then your set. The life could heal with the storm attacks. Every school has a downside to it. But the best possible way to enjoy playing the game is to play as a team in my opinion.

Apr 10, 2012
Honestly, life, death, and ice are probably the best options for soloing, life because of all the healing, and can usually manage their own, death because of the sapping health and feint is a huge help, ice because of the great resist and tank health, no class is able to solo the whole game, but some can come pretty close.

- Daniel DragonShield level 95 wizard

Nov 24, 2015
I think Balance is the best solo school to go with. during the first few levels you get a lot of good defense cards and then you get decent attack cards with your wand, up until the next few levels you start to get very good attack cards, and also you get to craft a Mander minion card. All during the game you level up and get more powerful. good defense, good offense, and minions. Balance is the best way to go. A Very versatile power.

Dec 21, 2010
mordaki987 on Aug 16, 2008 wrote:
i'm wondering if anyone would have a suggestion as to the best class to solo the game with. necromancer seems to do well but the bosses are just plain a pain in the rumplestiltskin. any suggestions on a good soloable wizard class would be appreciated
You are asking if there is a solo class? all classes are designed to be specific to basic default attributes, for example: ice is a tank. storm is a hitter. balance is a support. Though there are specific modifications that the creators have done to allow different schools to apply different attributes in a team. for example: storm is your hitter, if you add one more blade to a fire, he does the same damage as a storm on most of his attacks. Pets now can have talents. Polaris has unbalanced gear, ice can have more damage than a storm, when ice is classed socially as the weakest school for hitting?
You commented about the death school. Why is a death good at solo? its one of the 3 mid range A.O.E designed supports. Balance, Myth, and Death. Death also has the ability to heal while doing his damage, though his attack is weaker, he can use less pips for applying damage and also healing when some schools require healing more frequently and use more rounds and more pips to kill their opponent.
What i am trying to say, is there is no specific class you can 'solo the game' with. its how you play the game that allows you to solo. For myself personally i have only been playing the game 2 years, only had membership for 1 i have soloed my balance. My storm i soloed for most of the questing other than Polaris because of a few friends that needed a hand. My fire is on its way through soloing and i have also started on my life and death, If you wanted help on deciding a school to 'solo the game with' take the test that the game gives you when creating a new character. actually think about your answers very deeply don't just click randomly and say oh yeah i like the colour orange. yeah boom volcanoes rule. THINK, when i did it i got balance. a few months later i did it again and i got storm. it just all depends :) there are different tactics for different schools but the test is designed to help you with how you think, to the school you pick. :) hope this helped. RYAN SHADOWSTAFF

Jun 03, 2012
I have done a solo on storm and found dragons pyre very difficult for me but I breezed through mooshu and marleybone and I quit my storm just after the time travel part in dragonpyre and I have started a life with balance back up school and have completed WC in just about 6-8 hours same with Krok and I'm on marleybone now I'll probably finish it tomorrow though but I found life was a good fit for me I had awesome health and mana I leveled up quick very quick and the healing is awesome and I could be a deadly attacker with a blade a trap and a seraph also I rarely fizzle so think it's just whatever you want but I would recommend life as a back up school if not your primary school

Wolf Lifeweaver lvl 23 life
Wolf Dusk lvl 45 storm
Wolf Earthweaver lvl 3 balance

May 13, 2011
It all depends on the type of person you are. If you like to load up on blades and traps, you should go for fire, storm, or ice. If you like to bring out minions and have them heal you and help you fight, go for myth. If you like to heal, go to death and/or life.

Sep 06, 2010
darkrabbit4 on Aug 18, 2008 wrote:
Myth/life does pretty well solo for awhile (summoning minion to do damage while you buff/debuff/heal)

But once you get to a certain point you'll need at least another person to help out. I think once I got to level 30 I couldn't solo anymore - it was too hard and I kept dying.
I think i'm playing this wrong then. I'm a lvl 46 myth wizard and i'm still going solo. I only group for the really hard dungeons like loremaster and mount olympus. Stuff that a lvl 46 shouldn't be able to solo no matter what.

I am almost near the end of DS and plan to use the team up function for malistaire

Dec 13, 2008
my personal favorite is death because the spells give the partial heal. I also think that fire and storm are strong schools to solo with because they deal a lot of damage.

Nov 25, 2015
In my opinion I think the best class is 1.Death.Because it has decent damage and heals.2.Life because it is a support class and it a healer.But has alright dmg.3.Fire has DOT attacks and does good damage and health.4.Storm(I feel bad for this one)Has highest dmg.But the con is it has low health which is a big downer.5.Ice(Why not good dmg).High health low attack(health doesn't really matter.6.Myth minions will not make you go very far since they have low health.ALthough they remove shields.7.Balance is little of elemental type and stuff.Although it can be frustrating sometimes since little of everything will not always help.Hope you liked this!

Dec 13, 2015
Personally I find that either the Life, Death, or Balance schools would be best for soloing because Life and Balance have multiple cards that are purely meant to heal you, but Death is able to attack and get half the health back for some spells. The one I would choose first is Death though because you don't have to waste multiple pips to heal then even more pips to attack. I know there's many reply's saying the same as me, but still going to put it out there.

Nov 25, 2015
iSaysRawrr on Jan 23, 2016 wrote:
Personally I find that either the Life, Death, or Balance schools would be best for soloing because Life and Balance have multiple cards that are purely meant to heal you, but Death is able to attack and get half the health back for some spells. The one I would choose first is Death though because you don't have to waste multiple pips to heal then even more pips to attack. I know there's many reply's saying the same as me, but still going to put it out there.
Good point I agree with you.

Nov 25, 2015
I would organize using these catagories.
1.Life: for support
2.Storm: for damage dealing sorta like swashbuckler(Reference to pirate101)
3.Death: stealer class
4.Balance:Utility class with the weaknesses,mantles,etc.
5.Myth:Sorta support class for solo.:Minion class for helping and removing shields
7.Tank class:Has high health (I dunno) and low attack.
So here are the results if you want to pick one of these.

Aug 12, 2011
Death is definitely the best. You get a good amount of damage from each spell and you get healed from half of them.

Aug 29, 2011
If I had to choose my favorite school it would be or.

Jan 31, 2010
Personally, I have 3 'main' characters: An archmage life, a grandmaster death, and a magus storm.
I started off with my life () and generally, questing is hard from novice-magus. It takes patience because life wizards don't actually learn an attack-all spell until level 58, but as soon as you learn forest lord, questing becomes so much easier. Plus, healing. Enough said.
Moral of the story? Life takes patience but is worth it in the end.
My death () came second... and as soon as I started questing, I loved it. I mean, let's face it... death students can attack and heal at the same time! This factor makes questing extremely easy. Also, pvping is awesome with this character. It is annoying that, once again, death doesn't learn an attack-all spell until level 48...

My storm () hits as hard as expected, which allows questing to fly by. However, often my storm runs into that occasional defeat because its health is so low right now. Soon, however, I know it will be better. c:

I still yet need to try out the other schools to a point in which I can rate it properly. Yet still, questing with these fabulous wizards really gets me curious on what is to come. :D

Jun 02, 2012
I have soloed both of my wizards and with henchmen, a lot of people told me I was wasting my money
but a lot of times I was on 1 or 2 in the morning and no one was there to help. And when I was on earlier they
say things that was not nice, so I would work alone. Sometimes I would team up with others and get through
a tough area, but most times I worked with henchmen and did alright. So if you can solo fine, groups are fun
with the right people, both of wizards are lvl 110, like I said group or solo with henchmen worked for me.

Liam Thundergiver lvl 110
Wolf Greatheart lvl 110

Feb 19, 2011
I used life b/c it heals, death would be good because it heals back and hits

Jan 21, 2014
Wizard101FanWiki on Aug 18, 2008 wrote:
I find for mostly solo play. Somethings need groups but for most available solo play. I find Life being the best school, lots of healing. Myth is also good with all the minions to help you. Balance is fairly good especially with a high damage but low accuracy school like fire, ice, storm.
Well i think that balance is the best school cause you can weakness, and it can hit anyone without having to worry about ANY shields (exception: tower and legion) but other than that i think balance is easy to solo with. Not many balance bosses out there to kill, so i think it's perfect.

Jan 21, 2014
Alex Hawkins on Oct 31, 2008 wrote:
You can not solo the entire game, is just impossible. I have 6 characters, one of every class execpt for Balance. All 6 of those characters are in MooShu already and all 6 of them did about 95% of all those quests to get to MooShu solo. Now in MooShu is a different story, there will be some bosses that you will need a friend to beat. Currently i am using my Death wizard and i am a few quests away from finishing MooShu but i had some help from friends. If MooShu is this hard, imagine Dragonspyre? Soloing the game is impossible.
I think that soloing the game is NOT impossible unless you plan wrong, but its very easy to solo if your level 60 in marleybone (that was me at one point!!!!) and i soloed up to around dragonspyre, where i had very little help but soloed most. Celestia is where the help happens, no matter what level you are levels 45-70. You get bosses of every type, and the health amount on bosses goes up about 20%. There was this one area where there was two bosses, and they killed me and i had 4000+ health. had to get a friend to help. So its possible to solo up to Celestia, you just need a speed-leveled ice up to about 60, prisms, towers, life+death side schools, and a minion spell. I am in baobab in Zafaria and i am level 71. The power of speed leveling!!!! Other than that i think you should make a second account and try balance, cause my level 17 balance is in Krok already and she's soloed most of it.

May 15, 2012
My main wizard is balance and she solos quite effectively with using the whole kill or be killed strategy.
I use a blade stack one hit kill strategy with heals thrown in when i get low. I soloed most of Polaris when my partner was offline. I can safely say that balance has everything one needs to solo: heals, high attack, defense, blades, traps, the ability to adjust on the fly and ,the ability to keep opponents hits and auras at bay. They can also fight against their own school with balance spells later and a very powerful later on

May 27, 2013
I think death is the best school to solo with. When death wizards attack a lot of the spells give you 50% heal to your self. So you don't die a lot.

Andrew - level 110