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best class to solo the game with

Nov 15, 2008
I think storm with secondary school being life only using satyr and good resist/healing pet

Cowan Iceslinger lvl 50

Jul 15, 2013
mordaki987 on Aug 16, 2008 wrote:
i'm wondering if anyone would have a suggestion as to the best class to solo the game with. necromancer seems to do well but the bosses are just plain a pain in the rumplestiltskin. any suggestions on a good soloable wizard class would be appreciated
death class i've soloed the game to level 57 already

Apr 15, 2014
Hmm... Well... I think its life or death wizard.

Apr 05, 2012
mordaki987 on Aug 16, 2008 wrote:
i'm wondering if anyone would have a suggestion as to the best class to solo the game with. necromancer seems to do well but the bosses are just plain a pain in the rumplestiltskin. any suggestions on a good soloable wizard class would be appreciated
is now i am not saying its the best school if that is what you weird people think i am saying that efreet can save you

Jun 29, 2011
In my opinion, no school is fit enough to solo the game. At the world you are in and your level may depend, but if you are following the storyline, you would need friends to help you out...

Jul 02, 2009
By the time you hit Khrysalis you can't solo the game any longer. There are some fights where the damage output is over what can be handled by any lone wizard. Ice, life and death have the most ability to solo until the normal fight rules no longer apply. Some fights are just unfair and you need some help. Any time there are more bosses than wizards things are not going to go well. Look for other wizards before henchmen because they are played by people. Henchmen are not able to think. Use team up or ask for help from a player if the fight is unfair. If the players were able to direct the actions henchmen would be awesome.

Jun 22, 2011
Ripper McGee on Aug 19, 2008 wrote:
I'm a little newer to the game, but I've had lots of fun with Myth/Storm, especially now that I have Myth prism and convert Myth damage to Storm damage for when I'm fighting Myth mobs.

Can I solo the entire game? Don't know - haven't tried - solo mostly, but also group with my son who's Storm/Life.
Storm/Life is possibly the easiest combo to solo the game with. I'm currently about halfway through Zafaria, and nothing has really troubled me so far except Malistaire's final dungeon. That was a really doozy.

Apr 30, 2013
My 2 cents, death. But like stated earlier, not at the end. The squid and hades, i have also not been able to solo. Helephant tower either (that one is stacked against death, lol).

Jun 18, 2009
i had a easy time soloing on death through part 2 but i solo on all my wizards even storm i guess i am a good soloist

May the fire always shine bright
Austin Firecaster lv100 Pyromancer

Jul 19, 2013
iliani1356 wrote:
Yeah, Myth and Storm get helpful minions that allow them to be good at being solo fighters. (Kinda wish I had my minion when I was lvl 18, not lvl 28).
what side are you talking about when you had your minion? or ?

Jun 26, 2013
It's storm. Just go to the bazaar and buy a lot of snipers. Use them all the time. Storm needs a lot of boosts and stuff. I'm balance and fire (main class is balance) and I'm in Dragonspyre. I would die if it weren't for me storm friend.

Oct 30, 2011
chrisbot94 on Aug 19, 2008 wrote:
i think Balance is the best shure i get friends every once in awhile but i have mostly gone solo 8) GO BALANCE! :D
here is the best school in my opinion death/myth cause the damage to all spells and death cause it heals you and damages foes at the same time so death is best for solo :D

Apr 26, 2011
Personally, i had a very easy time completing most of the game, (i say most for a reason) with life. My only problem with solo life, is the fact that most late game healing spells cost more pips then the average wizard101 player can handle. I also agree with what Merle said earlier about how myth is very affective. Alas i cannot judge myth yet, because my myth wizard only started krokotopia a day earlier. I can't say death either because i have never gotten farther than kt with the class. So far in my experiences through this very addicting and fun game, life was the easiest to solo.

Jul 13, 2013
mordaki987 on Aug 16, 2008 wrote:
i'm wondering if anyone would have a suggestion as to the best class to solo the game with. necromancer seems to do well but the bosses are just plain a pain in the rumplestiltskin. any suggestions on a good soloable wizard class would be appreciated
a good soloable wizard is maybe life/ death (focus is life) or maybe a balance/ death wizard (focus is balance) i would rather choose balance/ death because balance has a lot of traps and charms and death has feint (i haven't tried to play a balance/ death yet, but i have a balance/ fire)

hang in there, kingsisle!

haley iceheart/ level 48

Feb 20, 2012
The class i would use is Life.
Life has real good accuracy so you don't fizzle as often as storm
So i guess stick with life cause of accuracy and healing
Good Luck! James Shadowblade Level 24 Almost level 25!

Dec 23, 2013
I went solo on my combo, and he did just fine until about level 65. I deleted him because he couldn't go anywhere. Still, best class/combo to solo with is or .

Aug 17, 2013
Best solo is life
The spells don't do as much damage, but you can heal if you are dying. Also, if you use blades and traps ( probably secondary school should be death or balance) then you can do pretty much the same amount of damage.

Dec 23, 2013
I recently made a new combo that does really well. He's at level 28 right now. Vampire is great when followed by blizzard. Wish that deer knight wasn't a "craft it your own" spell. I still think the best soloing school is or or .

Best Of Luck to young wizards,

Wolf WildBlood, Adept Theurgist Level 28

Jul 13, 2013
I think that storm, fire, and myth wizards would have a very hard time going solo because they don't have enough help to keep themselves alive. ,, and. A myth wizard might be okay because of minions, but fire and storm are a no.
Ice and balance are the two schools with the most health.and. But in my opinion, ice spells are not that good. Balance spells are okay. My main wizard is level 48 and I have been soloing it for the most part, although in some dungeons I click the "Team up" button. And, also, the thing I like about balance is that if you are going against a balance monster, you can just use the spectral blast, hydra, or chimera spell and be all right.

That leaves us with death and life. Being a wizard or a wizard is one of the best combos in my opinion. If you are both life and death, you will not find yourself dying as often as other wizards. This is a great combo to have if you want to solo the game, just make sure you buy the death shield from Sabrina Greenstar because death wizards often hurt themselves while casting a spell.

I am not REALLY experienced, but I think this is a pretty good reply to the forum.
-Myrna Dragoncloud, level 48 and soon to be .

Nov 13, 2010
I think that the best school to solo wizard101 would have to be Ice because they have decent spells and you just need to make your secondary schools good, Like my opinion would be make it life then death, for every school that you would make and craft clothes as well and your life will be much easier will ice on wizard101

Mar 12, 2011
Take the test at the beginning of the game, and train a wizard in the school you get. It's all in how you use your gear, stack your cards, and strategize.

Dec 19, 2010
Personally, I prefer Necromancers. I'm almost finished with Celestia, and I've done alot of it alone. I had to solo the labyrinth, and I didn't even die once! I've done most of the game solo with my death. I would say Fire is the alternative!

-Hunter MoonSpear

-Fred FlintFlame


Mar 03, 2009
MasterForm on Aug 17, 2008 wrote:
Honestly, there is none.

Unity is the key to success in this crazy world f wizards, witches, and magic! It is almost impossible to solo class.
Actually, I think the forum-poster is meaning, the strongest class (Ice, Fire, Death, Life, Storm, Myth, Balance) or maybe even one of the higher ranked classes (Sun, Moon, Star), So, I believe that out of the 10 classes, the two that are most likely the strongest are Fire, and Sun.

Jan 20, 2014
all i know is storm isn't any where close to being a class to solo with and if you didn't would just take many many tries.

Jul 31, 2011
Headmaster Ambrose on Aug 20, 2008 wrote:
Myth is pretty effective, I believe, given that you can use your Minions to augment the strength of your one-wizard "team."


I have just started a myth and find it very good for soloing.

Death is maybe the easiest to solo with however as others have stated each school has its strengths and weaknesses. Death is harder to play and slower in the middle lvls say 30 to 56 however when you learn crow things start to get easier.
Once you are experienced enough with your chosen school you can acquire the gear and deck setup for that school to play solo. To play as a solo wizard you need to really play to the strengths of that school. This takes time and lots of mistakes for most of us. Every thing is possible though, once you know how or have the experience mixed with a bit of luck.
You just have to look at u tube and see wizards soloing Hades etc.
My death wizard almost soloed Morganthe first time, the last of the 4 morganthe's was down to just a hundred points and I was about to finish her with a wand when she finished me because she went first.