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PVP: No heals, or shields, more tickets

Jan 19, 2012
KrisKris333 on May 12, 2013 wrote:
Listen bub!... You're saying that Poky222 is saying that she is asking to take away resist too... I have no idea where that came from honestly. And yes she is stating a statment on facts not fact... Proper grammar please!.... Plus every school can get heals by getting training points even if they're not life so you're very wrong on that... Also, every school has shields... Again, you're very wrong. And intelligence should come to your mind... well if you had one it would. You are saying garbage that Poky222 didn't even say in her statement and not only that but just other garbage too... And no one even said anything about raising the number of tickets you get so basically you are just plain wrong and false.. That's all I can describe of you is wrong and false because it's written all over you.

I kinda have to agree with Darth DJ on this one every school has its strengths and weaknesses but before I get to involved in this 1you corrected Darth DJ that all schools can get heals through training points as true as this is your original topic was no heals or shields so in reality your kinda went against your own argument secondly unless you have a life mastery amulet satyr is kinda weak and to pip consuming 2 what about pet heals should the perfect pet every good warlord has used offfically be declared useless? All those hours of time training: snacks ,money spent on mega snacks all the failed pets and selfish talents? 3 thirdly pvp is constantly advancing in spells and new builds it isn't enough to have a solid 45-55 resist with the new pierce gear and and tc infallible your resist is rescued to nearly nothing now add the 56% average damage from a storm plus a 30% blade and a sharpened 40% one plus elemental 35% plus another 45% elemental blade remembering in a 2v2 this can all be done in 5 rounds classes like storm fire and balance would have a huge advantage over the spiritual schools and the Ice maybe next time before you spew worthless comments take the time to thoroughly understand what the topic is seriously about.
Perhaps its time you change your insignia because intelligence is Not what I am seeing
Blaze deathbringer lvl 45 death warlord

Jan 19, 2012
RavenLady777 on Apr 1, 2013 wrote:
LOL... not using shields or healing. Yeah, that's fair. If you don't like the way it's set up, don't play. It's optional and KI has shown that they have no real interest in fixing PvP at all.
By the way, Life doesn't "just heal." And not all Ice wizard spam Tower Shield. It depends on the wizard.
I strongly agree

Blaze deathbringer lvl 45 death warlord

Jan 19, 2012
BrynnerOfReign on May 12, 2013 wrote:
So, what it boils down to is this: You want the Commander dress so badly, that you want KI to change the game to accommodate you. Plus, you want them to adopt the no heal/shield so you can become Warlord that much faster, because you think you can win more.

So, if there aren't any heal or shields, does that mean (since you're Death), that you can't cast Vampire, Scarecrow, Wraith, etc, because that would be considered 'healing' and you would automatically lose?

Earning rewards takes time, effort, skill, and strategy, not something that can be handed to you on a silver platter.
Thank God finally a sensible person totally agree
Blaze deathbringer lvl 45 warlord death

Jan 19, 2012
BrynnerOfReign on May 12, 2013 wrote:
Probably because no one is disagreeing with the ticket idea.

What most of your original post stated, is based on no heals/shields and those that use it should automatically lose, because you want your Commander dress and Warlord status.

What DarthJT said is not wrong. What (if anything) do you feel is false? His statements ring true. What are the facts to back up your accusations? Nothing.

Life is known for their heals (fact). Ice is known for their health, tower shield, and resist (fact). Each school has their strengths and weaknesses. That's what makes them unique. Just because someone can't figure out ways around a school's strength, doesn't mean it should be taken away from them for the sake of getting tickets so they can get the outfit and rank they want that much sooner. It has to be earned, just like everything else in the game and in real life.

In this day and age, where there is Jade gear, uber pets, and massive healing boosts for everyone, I believe the entire topic is moot.
Totally agreed man seriously you either need to be super defensive or super offensive to win today there simply isn't any middle balance anymore I kinda miss the old PvP world before all the uber god status before 51 warlords fought 95 prometheans however sad but true PvP is DEAD
Blaze deathbringer lvl 45 warlord
The last true survivor

Jan 23, 2011
Aaron SpellThief on Jan 28, 2014 wrote:
Ice can only kill opponents if they can blade many times, because their damage is so low. Ice can now be killed in 5 turns often because of insane critical, shrike, damage, and piercing. Ice cannot do enough damage quick enough to defeat these builds, even with attack gear, so it is now extremely underpowered.
Alright I kind of agree with you, but most critical spammers have very low defense which makes them just about as easy to kill and vulnerable as ice is to critical spammers.