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Minions in 1v1 pvp. Yay or Nay?

Oct 03, 2008
Those that don't want minions in pvp seem to complain solely on the basis of numbers; you realize that you get outnumber in this game all the time, don't you? And does affect your ability to fight? I would hope not, or you'll have a lot of trouble progressing through this game, because later you can find yourself in 1v3 or even 1v4 fights.

Being outnumbered doesn't mean a thing; even in real life people can win fights despite being outnumbered. It depends on how skilled each combatant is, and I'll tell you right now that minions suck at dueling. They're spells are hopelessly predictable, and some do nothing but use taunt. Minions are there for support and nothing else; they are not capable fighters in their own right (at least not against other players). If you were facing 2 SKILLED players at once, THEN you would be at a great disadvantage.

Valkoor Crow
Grandmaster Necromancer

Mar 28, 2009
cbfan14 wrote:
Minions are fine, even in 1v1. If you're seriously having trouble against a minion, put multitarget spells in your deck and/or treasure deck. Better yet, summon a minion of your own. Every school gets a minion at some point, and if you don't have a minion spell yet, you're probably also too low of a level for the ranked arena.

The people who usually complain about the minions are those who have probably been KOed by a minion, just like how those who complain about judgment are those who got OTKed by it.

Valkoor Crow
Grandmaster Necromancer
how can someone be too low of a level for ranked arena? if they are paying for the game then they have the right to play in ranked arena, also, most schools get their minion at level twenty eighth or thirty. What if your level is slightly lower and your fighting someone with a minion? you dont have one of your own so its kinda unfair since minions can attack and are not there for just healing or buffs, they attack.

Aug 20, 2009
Definitely a "yay" on minions. Take those out and Myth turns into a weaker imitation of Storm. Sorry to anyone who got annoyed over a loss to a conjurer, but it's not a 1v2. Minions do not have stat-enhancing equipment or the ability to think. There's only one brain behind it, and that's the players. Minions are tools, and like any other tool it is up to the player to use them effectively.

Granted, I'm only level 16 at the moment, and I'll admit that Myth minions are probably more effective at this point than later. Still it's a trade-off; I've more than once lost because of someone who was able to better utilize their hand and kill me off before my minion became of real use.

And hey, without minions, how would you possibly get double knock-outs?

To whoever it was who said earlier that minions shouldn't be able to attack on the same turn when its summoning Wizard died: in PVM, a Wizard who loses all his health is defeated. In PVM a minion still gets its last attack too. In the Arena it is the same thing: if a minion's last attack after its Wizard's defeat manages to kill the opponent then it is treated as a loss for both sides, which makes sense since both sides are out of health.

Mar 03, 2009
minions helped me win a hard battle with a fire grand and a death level 16 so its 50 and 16 vs me myth level 16 and my friend life level 22. most of you say HOW WOULD YOU WIN THAT! its called minions i summoned one though lol it really helped. we kept each other alive with healing. ( i have satyrs and other healing) so i say yay to minions. if minions would be gone i would no longer be a captain

Mar 21, 2009
Hmm, I wonder why balance get fire, ice, and storm minions. I mean they're stronger than the real schools balance doesnt deserve that.

Oct 08, 2009
Oct 08, 2009
Dec 21, 2008
Out of those 2, I'd say yay, because they can be kinda useful sometimes. Yeah some can cost alot of pips and not be useful enough to cost that much pips. Like the minion for my school costs 4 pips.

Caroline Sunbright
Grandmaster theurgist

Mar 24, 2009
level4 wrote:
Should they be allowed in 1 on 1 duels?

I believe they should because they are a spell that costs pips. I could even argue that it may be a waste of pips sometimes. They usually don't don't do much for first 3 rounds and then their affect is not great.

Nay. If it's an 1v1, making an minion is just not fair. I've had grandmasters against me and they just summon an minion and then it's 1v2. I mean, whats the point of even doing pvp if people just cheat?

Jun 11, 2009
really? i thought is was PLAYER versus PLAYER!

not player with minion versus player

Jul 18, 2009
2cool4u928 wrote:
really? i thought is was PLAYER versus PLAYER!

not player with minion versus player

It is, most classes can cast a minion and it's part of the game design. Don't like it? Then either go play another game, make some class that has the same and move on.

Oct 06, 2009
I wouldn't say that i'm against minions however,just today I was battling someone whose minion was a rank 7 with 1200 health.Personally I dont use them but if someone else does then so be it as long as there is a limit. I can knock a minion out, as well others can too, with a single spell.But a rank 7 with 1200 health is exceeding the rule of fair play.

Aug 30, 2009
I'm gonna try not to be too pro-minion, but I am Myth after all.

Minions are incompetent. In general, it's like summoning a Mooshu monster on your side. Personally, I use my minion every battle; more out of necessity then strategy. I fight people that are way higher then me, so normally the only way I can win is by pelting them over and over. However, this only works when I have another set of hands to help me.
Yes, I can buff him. Yes, he can attack pretty high (when he has his seldom bursts of intelligence.) And yes, he can heal me.
But please note, minions are just as dumb as the monsters on the street, and I whole heartedly agree that if one could control a minion that would be an unfair advantage (which is why no one can).
My minion is the only way I stay above 900 ranking (warlord), since I don't use treasures (even though at one time I was a treasure noob). I only use the spells that I have learned through my school, and through training points.
By the way, YOU ONLY GET MINIONS FROM MYTH SCHOOL QUESTS, and it is therefore just as fair as any other SCHOOL ONLY spell--tempest, ice armor, dryad, beguile, choke. . . etc.
In any MMORPG, you're gonna find that there is a type, class, or profession--whatever you wonna call it--that can summon minions, and in every instance is considered "cheap."
I say YAY: if ya don't like the minion, kill it before it kills you.

Valdus Titanfist Ice 48 Private
Valerian Titanfist Myth 18 Warlord
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