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Rare Pets Hatching

Apr 16, 2009
i think that none of hatching should be higher than ten thousand becuase i have never even gotten higher than thirty thousand in the whole time i have played the game before.

Aug 26, 2009
MasterEdward101 wrote:
SnookumsMcSnook wrote:
I think Level 48 pets, and possibly the Storm Beetle and/or Death Scarab should be added to the list.

Are you crazy I think the list is already longer then it should be, dont add any more to it.
I want to grow some really cool pet, and people your taking that away from me.

Strom Beetle is a crowned pet if you add it, then you should add all the other crowned pets, and the Death Scarab was only for the twitter winners first, then everyone got one from the Pokemon Marathon on Cartoon Network.

SO NO! Don't Add them to the List!

I totally agree. What are those other ppl thinking? If you have a special pet and you want to hatch to get a rare pet but your pet cant hatch that is so not fair! The things ppl think these days it makes me mad! :x

Aug 26, 2009
russell1 wrote:
80,000 gold is WAY to much gold to mix pets please change to 1,000-10,000 gold

I would even say 20,000, but 80,OOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WAY TO MUCH!!!!!!!!!

Aug 26, 2009
Killa567 wrote:
I was really looking forward to the advanced pet expansion, especially the hatchery. HOWEVER, after spending countless times feeding my pet and playing mini-games just so I can make it qualify, I find that it costs 80000 gold to hatch. This made outraged me. For one thing, I spent maybe an hour of nothing but mini-games, spending crowns for potions and such. And now I have found that I have completley wasted my time, since finding that quantity of gold is pretty much impossible. I demand this price to be lowered drasticly or to be completley removed. The constant spending of gold and crowns at random times just kills the fun out of the whole expansion.

Totally, wizard101 this may be the biggest prob yet! :x

May 16, 2009
k people if level forty eight pets are taken away then you won't get hybrids such as

cerberus-orthrus and hydra
fire woodwalker- helephant and satyr
reaper- helephant and wraith (basicly a red wraith)
just a little more assurance for a hybrid and decrease the amount for hatching and this could have a boom

ps an idea is you know how your for bosses for weeks right
so try and farm a good boss with good drops and when you get 100k
by a school house or a mount and you could possibly get the pet drop from the boss

hope this helps

May 10, 2009
I keep mixing my myth grandmasters orthrus with other lvl 48 pets in hope of getting something better but I just get another orthrus each time . I havent gotten anything other than orthrus and I'm getting really mad at the hatchery . I think they should make the mix more likely or something so people wont get their pet each time. If nothing else give some tips on how to hatch for those of us having trouble, because I dont know if I'm doing something wrong.

Ashley Mythleaf- Grandmaster conjurer
Ashley Spriteleaf- Grandmaster Theurgist
Ashley Fireleaf- Grandmaster Pyromancer
Ashley Deathleaf- Grandmaster Necromancer
Ashley Iceleaf- Novice Thaumaturge
and Ashley Bearheart- Adept Sorcerer

May 10, 2009
Whizzy123 wrote:

I want to know if two danger hounds will actually create a ghost hound.
I've heard that a wraith and a danger hound makes one, but someone denied it when I said it.
I've ALSO heard that a storm hound and a danger hound make a ghost hound, but I don't believe that.
So, Professor Greyrose, which is it? Danger and danger? Wraith and danger? Storm and danger?
I am trying to get ghost hound but I need to know which pets make one.

I mixed my Icebird and my friends Danger hound and got a ghost hound.

May 23, 2009
hello I am a level 30 life wizard and I was wondering about the level 48 pet for life I think you should make a centaur pet instade of a satar and maybe you can make an centaur mount that you can ride on


please write back molinda wu

May 10, 2010
If you mix a Danger hound with a danger hound it will turn out as a ghost hound? Is that true? Someone told me that. Is it true?

Dec 11, 2008
I'm sorry, but this pet hatching thing is the pits. I really hope KI moniters these posts, because I want to talk to someone, ANYONE, who has the power to change this ludicrous new feature of an otherwise appealing game. My son and I play together and he wanted to try hatching a pet. So, we both bring our school pets up to adult (a very time consuming process unless you spend crowns for a snack pack, which we finally succumbed to doing). Then, we spend an inordinant amount of time doing boss battles to earn enough gold for each of us pay for this wonderful honor of breeding our pets. Finally, we reach the goal and hatch our new pets (waiting patiently, of course, for the many hours to pass before we get the privilage of viewing our hard earned prize GRRRR....). And what do you suppose we get for ALL that time, energy and hard work? You guessed it....a slap in the face is what we got! We each got an exact copy of our school pet except without the pip boost. Now why would I want an exact copy of a pet I already have? We can't even give the pet to another character on the same account because it is school specific. All we can do with it is put it in our houses (a very expensive lawn ornament if you ask me). I feel cheated. KI, you need to deliver fair value......it goes without saying that we will not be hatching any more pets.

Aug 14, 2008
I skimmed over this thread, and I'd like to say I hope KI does not do anything to this.
At all.

If everyone who feels they were ripped off or whatever, then just quit?

And everyone who says it needs to be 5k or something, no way. For normal pets, maybe.. but for any rare pets, forget it. Then everyone would have that pet. Everyone would hatch and hatch and hatch. There wouldn't be a point to them being rare anymore.

Complaining doesn't get anybody anywhere. Why not be civil and actually suggest what you'd like more calmly, and actually take into consideration that your idea might not be taken seriously.

Also a reminder, if you hatch once for 80k+ or so and it doesn't work out, don't try again if you don't want to. And don't try again if you're doubtful of the outcome or if you're just going to keep trying over and over again and complain. If you keep trying and it doesn't work, and you yell about it, it's your own fault. You don't have to keep going at it...

On the other hand, I'm glad that random people will not come up to me, constantly asking to hatch my Pioneer Dragon with them just for the looks. I mean, I would say no but if they kept asking it would be irritating.

P.S. My apologies if this post doesn't make sense on some levels... I'm quite tired right now.

Dec 11, 2008
This is a follow up to my previous post, a sort of apology so to speak. I guess after doing some further research, I found that it was MY mistake in expecting a different pet from the hatching process! Silly me, I thought that when they said there's a chance for a million different outcomes that didn't include a large chance of no outcome at all. Now I understand that this is a gambling process. I didn't understand that before. KI, you really should make that clear and maybe you wouldn't have so many outraged complaints. Maybe you could call it "Pet Hatching Gamble" or "The Hatchery Casino". Keep in mind that even in Las Vegas the house odds are well posted. A well informed clientele is a happy clientele.

Jul 25, 2009
I agree, this price is WAAAAAAYYYYy too high! I have an Orthrus, and I'm having to pay 25,000 gold, and thats just hatching with a NORMAL dragon ( not a special one). This is insane, I dont think you should have to pay for the hatching, because you have to spend a lot of time and money just to get them to adults.

Dec 14, 2008

Ya, ok so a ton of people say that it costs 80,000 gold to hatch ? Nope, for me its like 40,000-45,000 gold with my Satyr. Anyway i dont think it should be as low as 1,000-10,000 it should be more like.....25,000 8)


Another point is that Grizzleheim has that bear, so how about Celestia
Celestia should have something like that bear, anyway when i picture Celestia i see a bunch of crystals. Kinda like The Crystal Grove in Dagonspyre (is it DragonSpyre or DragonSpire :?) I really wanna know cause i am a level 50 Life and kinda bored and it is also hard to PvP when your life. BTW if you ever see me tell me, I am:

Luke MoonShard LvL 50 GrandMaster Master of Life :D

Feb 26, 2009
I agree that they should put the price to hatch down because I would really like to hatch pets more often, but i can't because the price is WAY too high for me. It seems like I can only hatch pets on the Test Realm. Although I'm not steaming mad about it, I just find it bothersome.

Jun 23, 2009
okay, I have a question, and maybe I'm in the wrong area for this, but I have a satyr, and my friend has a defender pig, with a dryad card. now we hatched a pet together with those too, and her pet already hatched, but mine is still waiting, and I have 17 hours to wait till it finally hatches, why is that? I could be answering my own question now, but if I am, I want assurance that I'm guessing correctly. the defender pig was a pet from a gift card, I have no idea how long the original took to hatch, but my satyr took several hours, though I thought it was 15 hours and not near 18. could this be why the pets have hatched so far apart in times. and if the gift pet is a pig, does that mean it's likely my pet hatching will also be a pig, cause I don't really want a pig on this character, if so I have another pig I'll have to try hatching with it. just so I can get it to another character

Jul 27, 2008
when KI released the pet updates they stated that there were millions of combos to be made, which they were 100% right on. many people ASSUMED this meant physical appearance, never did KI say that every mix would produce a new looking pet. for those who have recieved the same pet with the physical aspect if you train your pets you will find that they are different because of their talents and abilities. with that being said they are different. orthrus mixed with hydra might reproduce a orthrus looking pet, but you could have manifested the hydra's unbalance talent which orthrus would never have had the option of learning. this is were the millions of combos come into play, different pedigree, talents, abilities and yes sometimes appearance. as far as the price, KI has already cut the price in half. lvl 48 pet mixes used to cost around 100,000 now they can be mixed for right around 50, 000 or less.
@Lexi3223- mixing 2 danger hounds should manifest a ghost hound yes
@Shannoony- Pioneer Dragon sadly has been hatched on the live realm, hopefully it was a glitch as the owner of the dragon was the one who recieved it, but as Prof Greyrose stated when hatching was released this pet was on the no reproduce list so we are waiting for answers on central on this matter
@dinotrex- i understand the frustration it is to lvl up a pet to adult, then raise the gold to hatch and then the wait time (which if you go to the dye shop you can preview your new egg before it hatches to see what it is as if you were going to dye it) as it may be you recieved the same looking pet, you might have gotten better talents on the new one and it could manifest to be better then the original. at some point your new pet that didnt get the pip boost automatically will get a different form of pip boost that can be raised higher then the 5% depending if you raise the right stat. each stat that the pet gains contributes to which talent it will manifest. if you are not already a member of Wizard101 Central i would recommend it to avoid not getting the information you need regaurding different aspects of the game. on these boards sometimes it takes days for a post to get approved and sometimes they are not going to be able to give you the answers in time to make a decision. on central you get quick responses and the post are moderated after they go up, not before so the wait time is non exsistent.

Dec 13, 2008
We should see what we get before we mix them because if we mix them and get the same one we could back out and save coins

Jul 27, 2009
Hehe KI Thought hatching and Pet Pavilion would be a great hit for the wizards.
But now most of them, especially the ones that have been playing since the game released are complaining. Now i Do believe there should be a price change and get DIFFERENT pets when we do hatch.

Scot ShadowRider
Level 36 Magus

We will Prevail, Right after Lunch...

Jun 24, 2009
Jul 13, 2009
I agree because i tried to mix a dingerhound with a heckhound and it cost 70,000 coin i mean i've saved up about 30,000 i'm not saving up 40,000! :?
I Mean srsly that much for a pet mix!
Anyone who's had this problem post a reply to me and put these 3 signals :x :(

Aug 25, 2009
SnookumsMcSnook wrote:
I think Level 48 pets, and possibly the Storm Beetle and/or Death Scarab should be added to the list.

I think death cyclops should be added to. does anyone know where to find one

Apr 21, 2010
Hatching pets is no different than pulling a slot machine lever. It's 100% pure gambling for kids. The same goes for those obsidian chests after you kill a boss. "Here kids, throw in your allowance and see what you get! Ah, too bad, try again, only now it costs 2x as much. Ah too bad. Oh, out ot money? Well, maybe you can get your parents to give you your next week allowance today and try again."

This is the recipe I see here.

Make leveling pets the normal way excruciatingly long and boring
Then offer a way to speed up the process with real money
Make it very high risk to receive something good

If you are REALLY lucky, you may get something, but others will find themselves spending hundreds of dollars to get what they are after, not really knowing what they are getting themselves into.

This is “gambling for kids” dressed up in sheep's clothing. Interestingly, I can't find anywhere online that clearly lets parents know that when their kids give back their allowance for crowns, that in just minutes that can all go down the drain in a gamble. Their should be a pop up when people transfer crowns to a kids account warning the parents that there is gambling online. Then they wonder why their kids are all stressed out, and it's because, they just gambled their life savings away.


Jul 25, 2010
I love this game VERY much but I really don't think it's fair that you have to pay 80,000 gold to hatch an egg!!! How many people have that kind of cash?!?! Not me that's for sure. I love what you've done with the pets but it's really depressing that once I train my pet to adult I'm not going to be able to hatch an egg after all that hard work. I also believe that using minigames that only give you like 4 xp, if you do it perfect, is kind of ridiculous. Please help those of us who have issues saving money to hatch pets!!!! Thank you so much!!!

Alura Waterheart- Magus Thaumaturge level 33

Jul 09, 2009
Guys when you are hatching and you get your own pet back the other one gets their same pet back too so its ok if you want to stay rare