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Rare Pets Hatching

Jun 09, 2009
123pete45 wrote:
I think the amount that we are going to eventually spend between the snacks to get it to the hatching age, but the 80000-160000 gold on the hatching. Then we waste so much time on the minigames for the pets and the minigames for the gold. Then we don't have enough time to play the main game. Also the fact that some people mix pets like a Crimsonzilla and an Earthwalker and then they get the Crimsonzilla with the same states and everything. If you KI guys are going to keep this you might want to do these 4 things that will help EVERY SINGLE PLAYER OUT THERE.

1. Lower the cost of the hatching
2. Give us a preview of what the states and what it will be.
3. Make the age of the pets for hatching from adult to teen to make it easier on the wizards around the spiral...
4. Lower the cost of snacks

1. They already lowered the price up to 600% lower.

2. Why? People should research what physical traits they will get before hatching.

3. Do I need to explain this one?

4. If you do your quests, and boss fights, your snacks will add up.

Feb 25, 2010
:P same thing with the gardening, getting up to level ten does nothing for you and now higher ranked plants above level 8. now after all that time and money spent in gardening i think there should be something greater coming out of gardening
crazyguy20 wrote:
well if a fierce hound (only available in epic bundle) is a rare hatch then you are wrong because the other day i hatched a pet and got ANOTHER FIERCE HOUND! i dont need another one so if i could i would trade it.

Dec 14, 2009
i wish i could make a black cat when hatching. :( i really like that kitty!!!!

Mar 10, 2009
RobertHunt205 wrote:
Killa567 wrote:
I was really looking forward to the advanced pet expansion, especially the hatchery. HOWEVER, after spending countless times feeding my pet and playing mini-games just so I can make it qualify, I find that it costs 80000 gold to hatch. This made outraged me. For one thing, I spent maybe an hour of nothing but mini-games, spending crowns for potions and such. And now I have found that I have completley wasted my time, since finding that quantity of gold is pretty much impossible. I demand this price to be lowered drasticly or to be completley removed. The constant spending of gold and crowns at random times just kills the fun out of the whole expansion.

Amen, and I totally agree. I do not think that getting a rare should be "easy", but half a month of playing and at the rate of drop that happens in this game. Then to buy a house. Price is WAAAAAAAAAYYYYY to high. Besides that, I do not see why a pet should cost more than 50 houses. or even more than one at that. Not to say that people are going to do more than one breed for a pet to get variations. Then the training, You cannot trade them. You cannot trade foods to get the best for the pet you have.


This is Rediculous.

i agree SSSSOOOOOOOOOOO much to spend hours just getting enough money to hatch pets (but no one wants to hatch :()

Sep 21, 2008
Dear Kingisle,

My complaint is hatching. Whenever I hatch, I keep recieving numerous helephants back. :x This is starting to annoy me. I dont like recieving my helephants a lot. I have like about 8 now and I am sick and tired of this. I just wanna hatch with other people so then i can have fun and use my pets, but I can't because of the hatching system. I had paied over 44 thousand gold everytime and keep recieving the same pet. Also other wizards i hatch with gets the rare pet and i keep getting a helephant back. Please put a stop to this because I am mad and i feel like exploding my computer. And i need my gold back from doing this.

Flint FireHeart
Ps: I want my gold back.

Oct 05, 2010
thats not very fair. now i have no hope of getting that pet. mabye just give me a small chance of getting it like with the hybrid system

Apr 26, 2009
my pet had a glitch and i had it at adult but it keeps saying its not a adult what do i do

Mar 10, 2009

Summer Dragon,Death Beatle,and especially the level 48 pets.

absoulutely NOT! well at least not the lvl 48 pets

P.S once i am lvl 48 ii will be looking for an orthrus to hatch with!

Nov 29, 2009
professor greyrose says that if you hatch two danger hounds together you get a totally different pet. ok, the question is, is she using the danger hounds as an example, or all same pets will produce when hatched a totally different pet.

mycin owlfist

Dec 29, 2010
As did I. I didn't feel like playing with the hatchery. There is an easy
way to get your pets to adults. Play the game where you dance, Make at least 10 games with all of them correct. Your pet will get lots of... pets experience, what ever it is. I'd say do it about 5 times. which would be 50 getting all of the matches correct for 50 games. Now, you dont have to do it all in one day, just as long as you get 50.

Nov 21, 2008

I agree with some of you guys :D. I am tired of spending 32,500 gold just to get another colossus. I have have gotten 4 succesful hatches and about 13 non-succecful hatches. Most of them are from hatching with a satyr because I really want a Frostcaller. Once I got a winterborn egg from hatching with a satyr but I got a earth elemental. It gives you colossus witch I have as a real card and from my colossus. I am really hoping that you increase the hatch rate with hybrid pets.

Angel MoonRunner

Aug 25, 2008
goldenheart387 wrote:
although i think it's nice that the pets get to do more in the game, i still think lvl up pets with those mini games is time consuming and boring. i believe it is best to have a separate quest for those pets which would be much more fun. the pets in your home can only run in circles in a small area which isn't all that fun to watch. they should be allowed to run around your entire home( inside and outside).

paying 80000 gold for the hatching process and ending up with one of the same pets we started with is ridiculous and a waste of time. be careful not to end up like other major games that started off with a bang and now are one of those dead games. you guys worked hard on it and won lots of awards but sorry to say, the recent updates are just not worth it anymore. hopefully Celestia will pull me back into the game cause nothing else so far is.

I totally agree. I have tried seven times for an ice hound and still no pet. I am really disappointed. I have been wanting the ice hound, mostly because I love husky dogs and it looks just like them. I ended up spending more than 100,000 gold on this. I now have eight colossus. (Including the one from the quest.) Kingisle, Wizard101 is great, but please fix this. :| Keira Winterdust

Aug 25, 2008
Feb 26, 2009
does anyone think something about the SHEEP?
i can turn you into your pets :D
but i dont think this is a good idea
does that mean i cant hatch my feirce hound!
if so i HATE why we cant hatch the other rare pets
if not i still think we should be able to
well i'm done here
and if you say someting me about the sheep
i didnt know ok

bye have fun
sophia dragoncaller

Jul 23, 2009
Well first of all, I find it rather amusing what some of you have written here, and while they are amusing and some even hilarious, they are very good points. I especially like the post with the user who said I know the Malistare and Cyrus war by heart lol.

Anyway as far as snacks go, they are very easy to get, I have tons in my bank. As far as gold goes, the gold has been reduced and I think it is pretty reasonable, it could still be lowered a little, but for me it is reasonable.

As far as the pets go, some preview type would be helpful, I think it would help everyone know what they will be getting, and make sure that no disappointments will occur as a high amount of money and time is being used for the hatching.

Furthermore, as for the leveling, I do have to agree that leveling your pet to Adult or anything after is very time consuming, and that should one of the major things that should be reduced. I do not level my pet up every day, but I do mostly every 2 days, and even for me it is still very time consuming. If the experience between each age group of pets can be reduced then I think that will encourage more wizards to play the mini-games as well as get their pets to a higher level.

There was one person that mentioned something about 1% damage bonus, I think that this could also be solved with the preview option of your combinations, or if there was a guide for combinations and then their stats and if any cards will be given what cards, and talents. That will also help many wizards reduce their frustration.

To conclude, the pet system is a good system and was potentially a good start, but if some minor adjustments could be made I am sure that it will become much better, and more wizard will have the time to write more positive posts about the system, rather then 11 pages of negative posts. Though feedback is good, I believe some changes should be made, and one of the major ones being the issue with the previews and the issue with the leveling of pets taking too long.

Thank You, and I hope my constructive criticism is taken in a positive way.

~Daniel Deathcaster & Daniel Lifecaster
Wizard101 Subscribed Member

Dec 16, 2008

So, here's my question: What, exactly, does one have to do to be a "V.I.P."?

I know right? What exactly is "Wizard101 V.I.P"? I also think the price for hatching is OUTRAGEOUS .Please lower the price to about 10,000 - 20,000. Thanks

Benjamin Dragon Caller
level 42 pyromancer

Apr 25, 2009
Hey does anyone know what level you have to be to get ice collouces I'm lvl: 39ice and I wanted to know :D please anwser oh and does anyone know a good combanatian that has a heckhound in it

Dec 18, 2008
Mar 17, 2009
last night i hatched a friends helephant with my wraith. i don't know what i got yet but it cost me 32,000 gold or something like that. i was not too pleased with the price but after finishing celestia i have no shortage of gold . in fact after hatching i went and bought the myth house for 100,000 gold and a final death school outfit for about 60,000 gold. i do think they need to lower the price to around 1,000 or at least 10,000even though it has already dropped from 80,000 to around 30,000.all i'm gonna say though is that i really hope i get a good pet!

Caitlin Dusk, level 60, death school

Apr 25, 2010
Totally disapointed with the pet hatching. I have matched up my Hydra with three different pets and got 3 Hydras... What am I going to do with 3 Hydras I can't gift them to firends and you only get about 480 gold if you sell them. It took me over 35,000 gold to hatch them. Not exactly a good turn on my investment. I totally agree that if you are spending the time and the money to hatch a hybrid pet you should get a hybrid and if you pair a pet that has a card with a pet that doesn't... you should get a new pet w/a card. I thought that was the point. To be able to creat newer stonger pets. Not just more of the same.

Apr 29, 2010
I am lvl 38 myth and i am eargerly waiting for my orthus. I see the promblem going on and i am worried about KI might take it out. I am so mad about wat they aré doping to all these good grandmasters. The deserve better than this. But seriously look down and let me a 12 year old give you advise :D

1) buy a 20 dollars gift card at gamestop (or any were they sell wizard101 gaming cards) and choose crowns instead of the subscribson

2)go and play the game and you will have the crowns and then go to the crown shop

3)once your at the crown shop go to the pet food packs and buy at lessest buy two of them which cost 2000g or so

4)finally feed it to yogur pes both of the pack and walla :D you got your epic pet

Aug 25, 2008
Jrl613 wrote:
80,000 is a LOT Could we pay in crowns too

Thats a great idea! :D I spent over 100,000 trying to get ice hound......i ended up with ten collosus and two sandman. I think you would make more money if we could also pay with crowns. I would! I am sick of wasting gold for a pet i really want. Maybe we could pay a lot of gold but only if we KNOW we are going to get the pet. Could that possibly become an option?

Aug 25, 2008
crazyguy20 wrote:
well if a fierce hound (only available in epic bundle) is a rare hatch then you are wrong because the other day i hatched a pet and got ANOTHER FIERCE HOUND! i dont need another one so if i could i would trade it.

Well yes, you get it again, mostly because when you hatch you are most likely to get your own pet back again. I know stinks right? I've had the same problem!

Apr 26, 2010
soferl wrote:
Hey does anyone know what level you have to be to get ice collouces I'm lvl: 39ice and I wanted to know :D please anwser oh and does anyone know a good combanatian that has a heckhound in it
Go to your school when your lvl. 48 then your teacher will give you a quest(s).When your done it you'll get that pet.

Dec 23, 2008
I know what you mean i pay over 100000 just to get a helephant or a magama spider i hate when they do that. Why do they do this to use

oran dusk breath
lvl 58