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Rare Pets Hatching

Sep 05, 2010
Feb 28, 2009
Ok, I hope you're reading this, because I am Dylan TrollGem, level 49, and I wish to tell you some rare hatches!!! Colosus + Orthrus = Ice Hound!!!
Colosus + Satyr = Earth Walker!!!
Last but not least, Colosus + Stormzilla = Stormzilla (with card colosus, 600 - 680.) That's all. Thanks for reading.

Oct 04, 2009
I have no problem with the price of hatching pets, but I am very dissappointed with getting the same pet over and over. I have 5 satyr's and 4 sea dragons. I think you should get a different new hybrid everytime. such a let down to spend your time and money just to be let down and get the same pet. So far i am very dissappointed with hatching, not cause of money but cause I keep getting the same pet back :( Guess i am very unlucky.

Mar 20, 2010
what is i DON'T get is that if i have a dragon and a heckhound will it become a new pet? if i mix with another player such as a heckhound and a stormzilla what will come out! i think there should be a printable with every pet and another pet and what the mix up to be.

Seth Ghosthammer, Magus Ice, level 36

Dec 18, 2009
i just want to point out that i hear everyone's complaints and i sent a letter to kingsisle stating how frustrated i am with some of the concepts in this game. What really set me off was when i spent several hours lvling up my wraith, hydra, and jade oni just to hatch twice and wake up the next morning with another wraith and hydra
i hatch my wraith with a colossus and my hydra with an orthrus. so this is a question to kingsisle: You mean to tell me your subscribers are giving you a critical amount of their time, money and hard work just to get less of what they put into it? I mean seriously i was ready to quit the game because i felt all i did was for nothing. This is how i see it, if we are being charged so much for hatching then make our gold feel worth while. Make it a SUCCESSFUL HYBRID HATCH. Not everyone has the time and money to waste on this kind of gameplay. And i speak for all subscriber here when i say: make us feel like we are getting somewhere with our wizards.

Oct 31, 2009
idk why we even have to pay at all! i mean it takes cays maybe even weeks just train you r pet to adult! then you find out you need to pay gold! it took me months just to get the 80000 gold then i hatched my satyr with a piggle and and got a satyr! THATS NUTS! so if you can lower to 300-500 gold or getrid of it that would be fine

Jan 17, 2010
I seriously think that they should make this whole pet thing easier- I never had an adult pet... because the mini games are so unappealing to me. :?

May 21, 2010
ya i hatched with 5 times with my orthrus and got the same pet why does thta always happen huh i hatched with stormzilla with 3 or 2 timesand got the same pet why does that happen, plz just make me get a different pet when i hatch plz plz plz. i bet this has happened to many of peope. we hatch to get a rare pet but we sometimes get the same pet, we doont want that we want a rare cool pet. so all i am saying is plz just make us not get the same pet when we hatch.

Oct 24, 2009
DONT ADD ANY MORE PETS TO THE LIST!!!!! btw 80,000 gold way to much to hatch i think 10,000 would be enough maby

Feb 26, 2009
Well, I do like the idea of hatching Level 48 pets. I am really trying to shoot for the Jade Hound (a mixture between a Satyr and an Orthrus). I think they might have lowered the price to 40,000. I have over 100,000 gold, so its no problem for me to hatch at all. And I haven't hatched yet, for my Satyr is only a Baby. The leveling of the pets is much too long for me to do at times. I may not get the Jade Hound for a month at this rate. Also, getting the same pet over and over can be quite frustrating. I hope that nobody will have to go through the same pain. But its very agreeable not to hatch with Pioneer Dragons. The people that have them would feel left out if everybody started to have such a rare pet. Anyways, bye!

Jan 24, 2009
i have a problem with putting several hours into getting all the gold for hatching; and then getting the same pet can you fix the hatchery so that you cant get the pet that you put into the hatcher?

Apr 12, 2010
to lower the price, breed them when thet're adults. It cost 32,000 something. I know cause i got a tempest, and a archfiend. They are SO cool!

Jan 03, 2010
aethadoc wrote:
Me and a friend saved up orver 95000 gold and hatched too different ancient pets, and the outcome THE SAME pet i started with and the same one he started with. Except they are babies. Whats up with that?

ok now honestly, they need to tell you what pet you are going to get because i hatched a stormzilla with a orthrus, thinking i would get a tempest hound or mythzilla, but what did i get? another dumb stormzilla! so i was wondering whats up with that?

Oct 18, 2010
Maryanne20 wrote:
I got another burnzilla with same stats, when I mixed my helephant with my burnzilla. All I got was another burnzilla with a burnzilla card. Please fix it so we get something different or the same pet but with the stats of the other one. Also please allow if we can't find people to make pets with allow us to mix our own pets.
maryanne20 you got a burnzilla because you can only get diffrent pets with the lvl 48 pets such as wraith helephant stormzilla collosus orthrus satry and hydra.i hoped this helped hunter goldensword lvl 29 death wizard 8)

Oct 08, 2010
goldenheart387 wrote:
although i think it's nice that the pets get to do more in the game, i still think lvl up pets with those mini games is time consuming and boring. i believe it is best to have a separate quest for those pets which would be much more fun. the pets in your home can only run in circles in a small area which isn't all that fun to watch. they should be allowed to run around your entire home( inside and outside).

paying 80000 gold for the hatching process and ending up with one of the same pets we started with is ridiculous and a waste of time. be careful not to end up like other major games that started off with a bang and now are one of those dead games. you guys worked hard on it and won lots of awards but sorry to say, the recent updates are just not worth it anymore. hopefully Celestia will pull me back into the game cause nothing else so far is.

with I agree fully with both statements 80000 gold for a bad pet is a huge waste of gold I think you should lower the price a lot.

Oct 15, 2010
goldenheart387 wrote:
although i think it's nice that the pets get to do more in the game, i still think lvl up pets with those mini games is time consuming and boring. i believe it is best to have a separate quest for those pets which would be much more fun. the pets in your home can only run in circles in a small area which isn't all that fun to watch. they should be allowed to run around your entire home( inside and outside).

paying 80000 gold for the hatching process and ending up with one of the same pets we started with is ridiculous and a waste of time

egg zactly! u should lower the price of the hatching to 10,000 g or make u be able to pay with crowns, not just convert c to g, but pay with crowns altogether!!! make it somewhere around 1500-5000c but if it is 5000c then make it certain that you get a hybrid not just a cool looking heckhound but a second/third generation pet! plz make it this way ki, it is soooo UNFAIR ps it can also be a waste of money..

Dec 16, 2009
Sweet! A sheep XD I'll see how to make one :D!

John Thundercaster ~ Fire, Life, and Ice

"Fizzling is learning.."

May 02, 2009
i think King is doing its best i really don't like the hatching price either but they doing there best

Nov 10, 2009

Proffessor Greyrose,

I dont see why if your Satyr and your friends Orthrus hatch, the one with the Satyr cant get Jade Hound from it. Me and my friend Jordan Seasmith hatched, ( I was the one with the satyr ) and he got the Jade Hound i was dreaming about, literally. I got some weird one eyed treant. Please fix this problem because its not fair for the life wizards who dont like satyr pet to much but love dogs, and green. :? :? :?

Apr 12, 2009
Professor Greyrose wrote:
Based on our own observations, and feedback from players just like yourselves, we have come to a decision that rare and exclusive pets will NOT manifest in the Hatching process when the Advanced Pets update goes to the Live Realm.

What pets!?
The physical appearance of the following pets will not manifest as a result of the Hatching Process:
Danger Hound
Pioneer Dragon
Friendly Dragon
Fog Unicorn
Shardtail Dragon

These pets were obtained through very exclusive promotions, limited edition offers or as VIP rewards. We may add more pets to this list in the future.

What will I get instead?!?
If the above listed pets participate in a Hatching process, the physical appearance outcome will NEVER be one of those pets, but will have a high chance of hatching the physical appearance outcome of the opposing participant, or in some cases, a new pet altogether!


The bonuses and statistics of EITHER pet can still manifest in the outcome of the process.

I don't get it?!?
If I have a Pioneer Dragon and you have a Dream Ghoul, and we enter the Hatching process with those two pets - the outcome of our Hatching will NEVER look like my Pioneer Dragon. Instead there's a chance it will look like your Dream Ghoul and even a chance that it will create a different creature altogether!
However - the stats and bonuses of that result can come from the bloodline of either original pet, or a combination of the original pets. You may get another Dream Ghoul, but it could have the stat bonus of my higher pedigree Pioneer Dragon.

But what if....
I have two Danger Hounds? Two Danger Hounds will NEVER result in a Danger Hound. They'll result in something else altogether.

Again, thank you for all your feedback on this, and all the other aspects of the Advanced Pets.

~Professor Greyrose
but what if i hatch a piggle and a stray piggle would it make a form of piggle or a whole diffferent animal? Laura Drake level 25 adept theurgist

Aug 06, 2010
My friend had a stormzilla that he succesfully hatched with a satyr - he got a lifezilla,,, COOL. So then he and I tried it with my hydra. He got a fatezilla... also COOL, but all I got was another hydra. Why didn't we both get a rare mix? I am SOOOOO disappointed! :( Is it because storm is already part of the hydra???? I really want a rare hydra mix!

Nora RavenSong level 60 balance
Lenora LionHeart level 37 (?) myth
Ellie NightWeaver level 22 death
Lenora DrakeMancer level 10 fire

Feb 28, 2010
I think to hatch a pet it is to much its like 10000 in gold i can never get that much it should be like 40000 in gold. :-)

Feb 08, 2009
z189ack wrote:
No death scarab
No Storm Scarab
to the list.

A storm scarab was (Yes i'm repeating this)
a crown item for what? 1 crown, when everyone
got 25 or something crowns because of like
the millionth person fiona or something.
This was before the shop came out.
This was RIGHT before zeke was in the commons.

Now the death scarab,
I actually, say yes or no for this one.
It is not available anymore.
Neither is the storm scarab, but you could buy it with crowns!
The death scarab was available for twitter winnings,
but I didnt participate in it.
I was watching the Pokemon marathon cause I WANTED TO!
and I didnt even know about the event at that time.

it was fiona ashblood- and i saw her on triton avenue
and everyone got 101 crowns

Dec 29, 2009
I think the amount that we are going to eventually spend between the snacks to get it to the hatching age, but the 80000-160000 gold on the hatching. Then we waste so much time on the minigames for the pets and the minigames for the gold. Then we don't have enough time to play the main game. Also the fact that some people mix pets like a Crimsonzilla and an Earthwalker and then they get the Crimsonzilla with the same states and everything. If you KI guys are going to keep this you might want to do these 4 things that will help EVERY SINGLE PLAYER OUT THERE.

1. Lower the cost of the hatching
2. Give us a preview of what the states and what it will be.
3. Make the age of the pets for hatching from adult to teen to make it easier on the wizards around the spiral...
4. Lower the cost of snacks

May 26, 2010
well if a fierce hound (only available in epic bundle) is a rare hatch then you are wrong because the other day i hatched a pet and got ANOTHER FIERCE HOUND! i dont need another one so if i could i would trade it.