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Rare Pets Hatching

Jul 20, 2009
I SOOOO agree that level 48 pets should NEVER be able to be hatched because I already got my hydra level 48 pet for my balance wizard and I love that pet. 8) One thing I don't like about the level 48 is that they all have the same abilitys in turms of max strength or will. i would want that to be changed a lot to coraspond to the school like the hydra has even max amount of intellect and all the others. :-) The quicker these could be changed the happyer i will be.

John Monnhunter level 49 balance wizard
Ryan Jadewielder level (about) 15 lfe wizard

Dec 24, 2008
When i was hatching my stormzilla pet with my friends orthrus it cost 100,000 coins!!!!!! I at 65,000 right now but still!!!




May 02, 2009
z189ack wrote:
No death scarab
No Storm Scarab
to the list.

A storm scarab was (Yes i'm repeating this)
a crown item for what? 1 crown, when everyone
got 25 or something crowns because of like
the millionth person fiona or something.
This was before the shop came out.
This was RIGHT before zeke was in the commons.

Now the death scarab,
I actually, say yes or no for this one.
It is not available anymore.
Neither is the storm scarab, but you could buy it with crowns!
The death scarab was available for twitter winnings,
but I didnt participate in it.
I was watching the Pokemon marathon cause I WANTED TO!
and I didnt even know about the event at that time.

I know this is off topic but the girls name was Fiona Ashblood and we got 101 crowns

Dec 24, 2008
I hatched wraith and helephant and got the same pet my fire has and this cost me 98000 gold....i am so mad about this. I wanted a rare pet that has spell. Come on this game is better than that....fix it.......

Feb 14, 2009
Dec 20, 2008
I dont think we have to pay gold for hatching pets at all. We work so hard getting our pet to adult and then we have to pay.I found that out the hard way with my rain demon.

Sep 01, 2008
1-10 thousand is TOOOO little. the hAtCHERY would b spammed! but over 80k is also unreasonable. I think "noobish" pet mixings should be 5-10k and lvl 48s should be around 60ish

Mar 08, 2009

Pets that we earn at level 48 should NOT be hatched. We worked long and hard to get to level 48 and worked even harder at level 48 on the quest to recieve our new pet. Some of us had to do the pet quest several times and then after completing quest we have to wait for the darn thing to hatch before we can use it. Where is the sense in that?

Sep 18, 2009
Seems like the prevalent attitude here is entitlement. I spent so many hours in game, or I spent so much rl money on crowns, or I spent two weeks farming gold, so you must see and do things my way, because im unhappy. Has it occured to anyone, that some features may have to be unlocked in game. Or maybe the problem is that the playerbase dosnt understand, because they havnt taken the time to try?

Im not overly happy with the pet system myself, but most of the comments im seeing here are very knee jerk, emotional, and assumptive to say the least, and my experience in my other mmo games tells me its probably a situation where people need to sit back and see how things play out in the next couple months.

80k gold is expensive, not impossible. First off, one must actually give a legitimate effort to do so, one hour isnt enough. Secondly, try farming gold in different areas, I find dungeons good for this, due to the chests as well as the higher level loot off the bosses.

Lowering the cost of hatching is something that would have to be done with great care, certainly more care and thought than those here calling for 10k hatchings.

To the teacher who spent all that money on crowns and got an unsatisfactory result...all that information you said you didnt know in advance was out there to be found, either in patch notes, in game, or on fan sites. I personally found all I needed to know in game and from the patch notes, making your tone, considering your a teacher, disappointing. Perhaps your disenchantment with this game is your own creation.

Oct 05, 2008
i agree that 80,000 gold is alot and i think it should be brought down to about 25,000 to 35,000 gold a hatch.

Jun 04, 2009
If they are going to keep the prices for hatching so blasted high, at least make it definite that you will get a hybrid.

And some pets will be impossible to get to eipc because of their low ability levels. This needs a serious fix - the pets should get the experience for a game even if their bars are maxed. Even so, at a possible 4 point per game, it will take forever to get to 1000.

How about they get experience for the battles we get into when they are equipped?

May 22, 2009
ffej49 wrote:
This is still a developing aspect of the game. Everything cannot be implemented into this project all at once. Don't be so down on what has been created. Look above from Professor Greyrose! It SEEMS those exclusive pets MAY yield a completely new looking pet. Those pets will be what many players want to mix with, and paying 80000 gold to do it is more justified. Headmaster Ambrose hears our cries and TIME will heal our pains.

Pets roaming the whole house...great idea, I see it happening someday...although, my Firewing pet will need to be kept in a cage. I don't need to be buying new furniture because he keeps flying over things
there is no way it costs 80000 gold to hatch a pet :)

Apr 18, 2009
Will some KI person please fix this, almost everyone agrees that the price is outrageous and that the pets should be able to have different costs depending on stats and level or quest you get them at. I know I'm just a kid but adults arn't the only ones who spend $ on gift cards. Thanks for your help,

Yours truly,
Nicholas SoulMender lvl 40 sorcerer

Jun 19, 2009
I totally agree i dont want to waste my whloe entire time on mini games.
It takes the "Fun" out of the game and so... I Demand a lower price like 500 golds thats not much! making a maybe junk pet for alot of money and crowns and gold would be wasting ur money!
hope u guys make a lower price for us nice users!

May 08, 2009
shaggyzon2 wrote:

So, here's my question: What, exactly, does one have to do to be a "V.I.P."?

Most of the more popular bloggers like the Friendly Necromancer are considered VIPs and are given the super rare Sheep pet.

Jun 08, 2009
I understand that special rarity is important to some players, but I think you are missing a key factor. Given the uncontrollably random nature of pet talents, chances are very good that your very rare and special pet will be a disappointment, if not useless.

Unless KingsIsle creates a means by which such runts can be re-trained, the alternative is to hatch a copy and try again. So you've just guaranteed that the majority of rare pets (do the math) will NOT possess the talents desired by the player.

What makes a rare pet good? That is a matter of opinion, but unless the player is in control of the process, you will ALWAYS disappoint more than you satisfy. This is the fundamental weakness of the "advanced pet system." Not providing players with any means to control talents and breeding means that your own customers' satisfaction is as random as the eggs they hatch. 4/10 is the best you can hope for. I'm surprised that you did not think this through a little more clearly.

Aug 04, 2009
If we cannot hatch a rare pet, at least give us opportunity to buy them with crowns which is real money.

Jun 01, 2010
I can't agree (with the comment) that everyone's complaints are about entitlement (though that is a humongous cultural sickness in the US).

I think a lot of people saw the advertisement "millions" of combinations and got very excited. But doing repetitive tasks ("the grind") to gather the gold to pay for pets only to get the same thing back ... well it doesn't match up with the ad. I don't mind saving a lot of gold to hatch a pet if it's actually going to be significantly different from what I put in. Don't mind paying at all for something unique. It doesn't have to be amazingly rare either, just different enough to notice and like!

I give credit where it is due. I think this is a game set apart from the rest. Animation is my program at college, and I appreciate (on a deep level) the countless hours it takes to make a game not only look good, but work well. The first week I played, I couldn't believe I could see other people's battles while I was doing my own. Just the detail involved in the graphics is amazing. (If Magic the Gathering ever goes visual like this, it's on like Donkey Kong!). Yes I was concerned after playing half a year that it seemed I was paying to go through each door I approached (so I switched to monthly subscription-hoping greed will never become a factor that ruins some games). But I think that KI will work things out with suggestions and testing. They're smart enough and with all the paying players, I know they have the funds to do it! They can't know if we don't give rational feedback.

R. SkullSlinger

Jun 22, 2009
I have to agree with everyone here, I have a few grandmaster wizards and know what it takes to raise a lot of gold without spending cash for crowns. I am severely disappointed with KI and this pet pavilion expansion. After spending a lot of time raising my pets to adults and spending 104k gold I get a duplicate of one of my adults. I have to say that without some reassurance from KI that this will not happen again. I am reluctant to invest any more time and effort in this endeavor. :x

Apr 09, 2009
i spent hours leveling my satyr and colossus up to ancient. i wanted to make a Frostcaller pet with better stats then at adult. all i got was another Satyr. Cost me over $97,000 gold. i feel like i got ripped off big time. i have 6 grand masters and a lot of money and time put into this game. this was totally not fair. makes me wanna quit wasting my time and money on wizard. :(

May 17, 2009
I think it's really ridiculous that it costs like, 50,000 coins- 150,000 coins just to hatch a pet. It should cost maybe 1,000- 5,000 coins.

And kings isle should make the pet farming percentage for getting a pet higher

Oct 17, 2008
Hybrids like FrostCaller and Jade Hound Really want us to hatch, but... They have a about 25% of working. Why are you bringing Gambling to a kid friendly game? Kids aren't going to be happy when they figure out they just spent their gold.

Jul 08, 2009
I hatched my storm hound with my spectre...cost me a little over 114,000 and all I got was another storm hound...lower stats but same look! I think I am done with this! Took me forever to farm for the gold.
KI you have already lost my daughter to this game and about to loose me as well.It seems that we the player are not getting what you promised in your prepet promotion! What gives??????

Lost a lot of crowns in boss chests as well.....throw crowns in and get nothing at all.Kept saying my bank and backpack was full(I constantly empty my backpack)...whatever...I feel scammed!
Wrote an email and the reply was we will look into it....that was a month ago!

May 10, 2010
I am not really sure what to hatch with what. I hatched a dragon and lava spider and got a lava spider. I have an arctic cat. Does anyone know what you can hatch that with to create something new and exciting.lol. :D

Jun 28, 2009
man i wish i could get rare pets fast like go vs a boss one time and not a million. :( but it sometimes help a quest. :D now i'm trying harder then ever i'm going on my person (ryan firemask(level 40) and going to bosses like lordnight shade and rattle bones and i went to get a pet at the bazarr but you can't get them there any more so... i looked at the pet pevillion (who cares about my spelling)
and now i have to be a captain to get a pet or i can go to the pet store (in the shopping place) but the pets there suck bad. so i wish you can get a rare pet for coins but a lot of coins like 5,000 or 7,000 for awesome pets. so thats it.

Ryan firemask level 40

p.s. don't brag that you are a higher lvl then me if you do you are a noob. noobs brag and i didn't in my story thing. i was telling you who i am! 8)