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More options to train your pets

Nov 15, 2008
dcachilles7 wrote:
I think that it would be cool for your pets to somehow roam around your house!!!!

yeah! so they aren't cooped up in your backpack!

i would also like to ride my summer dragon!

and the minion idea is very good. it is genious by the way. i think we can do a lot more with pets.

Apr 29, 2009
Here is an idea so bare with me. Pets should have their own chat menu and i think it should have tricks to help you in battle. With the same design of the battle orders. The tricks i would love to see a pet have is fetch: Aura Charm Shield. and he can steal one of whatever you ask him to at a set percentage rate. The more you train the higher the percentage. Also maybe an option to remove an item such as destroy aura charm or shield.

Now that i wrote what i want let me demonstrate a percent example. i just got a pet and i spent a few days training til he or she is exausted. Now to relax i go pvp and sure enough it is a life wizard how annoying. and they decide to regenerate. Out comes your pet with a steal aura spell and voila you heal yourself. Or a fire wizard just used dragon simply destroy aura to help yourself out.

Now to counter act the usefulness of this i feel the pet chatter should be used every sixty seconds to avoid overuse. Kind of like switching realms and teleporting to the commons. This would also come in handy since every foe in the game pretty much has some form of a fire elf which is uber annoying. xD my cute little Orthrus should be able to do it twice though since he has two heads.

Dec 11, 2008
I think pets should join in the battles cause that would be cool and interesting and if you have multiple pets i think they should appear walking flying or doing whatever in our dorms and or castles instead of just sitting in our backpacks, also i think we should be able to paint them with patterns like stripes spots stars and other things because it would look really cool, also that around the spiral you can buy pet eggs from a hatchery that hatch into random pets after being placed in the backpacks it would be exciting to find out what they hatch into and would save lots of time battleing bosses to get pets.

Oct 24, 2008
Well my favorite thing to get is pets and I think with every pet there should be a minion that comes with it to help you in combat. I have allot of pets and none of them give cards i think. but my favorite is my fire mander and the only thing i've saw my mander do was clap so maybe like each pet could walk around your dorm/castle on its own and you could pick from a couple sentences to make your pet talk! Ok well those were my ideas.

May 27, 2008
I am a level 48 Ice wizard and have just completed the quest for my Ice Colossus pet. :-) The pet gives 5% Power Pip chance and a 600-680 damage Colossus card, I know, but sometimes pets can be boring. I have a suggestion. After many long years of fighting with my younger brothers, one of them finally learned about the Helphant pet for the fire school. Since fire and ice are opposite, we got into playing a game where we have a Helephant squish a Colossus etc. What if our pets could duel? Like arena duels. You could tell them wht to do as long as you can type it in and them BOOM! It happens! (EX) Lava Ghoul charge at Hydra pet with shovel. Also I wish you could make signs for your pet, or let them wear the same robes and stuff as you. O: why does it say I am a novice wizard? DIDNT I JUST MENTION I AM LEVEL 48? ? ?

Jun 29, 2009
Well as mentioned several times before, it would be cool if our pets were more directly involved in the battles...yeah its cool being able to get a higher level pet that gives you big increases on your stats or a strong card to your deck, but i think it would be cool if each type of pet offered a unique boost, shield, trap, etc that would be randomly triggered during the battle and would correspond with the type of pet(ex: firecat initiating a fireblade). That way you can have multiple personalized pets and strategically "equip" them according to your current quest or battle.

The cool part would be that once the battle has started, you wouldn't know whenyour pet would help in the battle or what it would offer you(boost,shield,trap, etc), so it may end up not helping you much at all or could end up winning you the battle.

and of course, once you reach the higher levels and get the more rare pets, they would become more effective & useful during battles....triggering several times per battle, with more powerful boosts, etc.

i think it would add a fun strategy to the mix of the longer more difficult battles....and with it being set up to randomly trigger, you wouldn't too heavily rely on your pet, but it would still be directly invovled.

Jun 18, 2009
What would be good to do with your pets?

-It would be cool to ride them and stuff. It would be cool to ride your pet Dragon.

-Teach them tricks

-Keep pets at your castle


-Be able to let them grow and gaurd your castle

Jun 07, 2009
i say giving more power pip chance

less chance of FISSALING!

And getting more gold and increase chance of the VERY rare drops from bosses

Jun 20, 2009
I have no want to feed my pet. I have three dogs and a chinchilla that I feed and care for everyday lol. What I would like to see is more spell cards linked to specific pets. I don't need them to physically jump into the battle either, a spell card would do just as well. I would also like to see the pets interact with other pets while not in battle. Have you ever been out walking your dog and you see someone you know who is also walking their dog? While you two have your conversation, your pets are having their own "conversation" as well. Be it sniffing each other or what have you lol.

I guess what I'm saying is that unless I'm walking/running, my pet sits like a bump on a log. Lets animate the pets more. Give them a personality!

Jasmine IceBlossom
Lvl 21 Ice/Death

Dec 23, 2008
well ride your pets??...umm no thats too much.

i think that ya should give the pets levels as well and to be able to costumize your pets with some kind of power ups, and to somehow let it help in battle.

also we sould be able to groom them to be big good pets that will increase the reation ship every time you feed them or teach them tricks...and ya should do something that could keep track of the relationship with your pet, the better the relationship the more your pet would help you and obey you.

who agrees with me?

blake sandsword

Dec 11, 2008
riding our pets would be soooooo cool and i think they should get bigger by getting xp like our wizards

also an idea for a new pet a Fairy Dragon a white dragon that looks like the friendly but with golden stripes and glittering white and gold fairy wings

and a sea serpent thing

Who agrees that would be awesome

Apr 30, 2009
I used to play "Fate" a long time ago, and, while fighting in the dungeon, you could send your pet back to town to sell items, when your backpack was full......

Maybe you could use the same concept for us, when we're low on MANA, during a battle?

Destiny Goldensong
Lvl 46 Master Diviner
Pet Dragon: "Precious"

Nov 25, 2008
I have a question:
will KI be working soon on allowing our pets to have more interaction with us?

It will be great ;)

Thank you in advance.

Grace Frostpetal ~ lvl-48
Tyler Wintertail ~ lvl-49

Apr 19, 2009
How about a little bit of everything from the pets.

Unicorn would do a small heal to their owner every few rounds.
Same for other life creatures. Satyr etc.
Blood Bats, Heck hounds, etc would give an extra card available in your hand for that round only. Card would be limited to the pet's school (Blood Bat - Myth)
Dragons would do a one hit fire attack randomly.
Piggles and some other pets would offer a shield card.
Jade Oni pet would offer a heal at random.

Jun 03, 2009
It would be really really really cool if there were some pets that you could ride. :-D

It would also be cool if there were three different kinds of pets, one that jumps and runs around at your dorm or house, one that you can ride, or you can choose to equip the ones like we have now.

It would also be cool if you could like, feed and water pets, train them to do tricks that you could access in the game and show off to your friends. kinda like " hey look my troll can do a frontflip". 8)

And also like tons of people said, it would be cool if you could train your pets to "stay" instead of having to use your mana to make a mark. And if they could help you in a battle like as a small boost. Kinda like (Since i got a troll currently) The troll trows his club at the enemy for lets say 100 damage. Lower lvl pets do less damage higher lvl pets do more damage. :-)

Sep 16, 2008

I think it would a good idea to use a pet in battle because I 0 minons and... my most powerful spell is scelitle pirite. :(

Dec 13, 2008
I'm not sure this will be lookd at but if it is I have some ideas on the pets in the game.1. Pets that you can buy should have some kind of effect on them ex. Imp pet gives +2% life damage bonus or Unicorn gives +5% outgoing healing. To make this clear if I was vauge i think that pets that you can buy could be powered up somehow at a shop or somewhere for a cost of gold.( for those who think they can save up for a ultra pet there is a limit on there power ups so no dragon pet with 80% resist for all, maybe just 10% being max). 2. I think also pets should be able to come with the power to "grow" and become more helpful,ex. you love your piggle and you give it "pet food"( o dear i am sry i forgot to add this idea :P) that it would grow and now come with the add effect of +3%power up to your class. the effects of these power ups should be limited on how far they can "evolve" so to speak and will be able to give more to their wizard.
P.S I thoroughly love Wizard101 and think that the people at KingsIsle have well deserved their "props" for the game.
P.S.S (oops) I forgot to say that I will not be able to respond to any replys or any other form of it.ex. e-mail,facebook or myspace.thank you all for at least reading to this point. :)

Jun 28, 2009
Forgive me if this has already been mentioned; however, the only request I have is that the pets be allowed to roam our homes in the fashion of wandering monsters. I have pets which were won but do not like to travel with them. Having them locked up in my bank seems out of the spirit of the game. I feel that if we "place" (in the fashion we place other house items) our pets outside they should be able to roam outside. Same applies for placing them inside our homes. If they roam around slowly we would easily be able to pick them up later if we want to travel with them.

Feb 16, 2009
Hi ppl of wizard101!~~~~!~!!~!~!~!~!
I think the pets should randomly pop up through round before you do your spell and then like do a amount of damage like for instance: if you had a stormzilla pet it could pop up and do about 200 damage that would be really great!

Ryan griffinflame lvl 29 diviner

Jun 29, 2009
The idea of a Place in MooShu is Appealing, but, instead, How about an Entirly Separate Game where you are the pets you got in the Main game, Like a Heckhound, Storm Bat, Artic Serpent, and such. The Game would feature the Spiral, and everything like the main game, but, instead, you would be your pet, same type, same level, and you would complete quests you got as Your Wizard/Witch. But, some of these quests would require your wizard to open doors, buy things, and so on. There would also be a way to Switch back and forth, from pet to wizard. The Pets can see everything, but cant fight, but the Wizards can only see other Wizards, not the pets. Also, the Wizard can collect clothes for the pet to wear. Only the Wizards can fight both in the Arena and outside of it. The Pets can only fight in the Arena. And, When it comes time to Actually fight a Boss Pet (Like Meowiarty, but Pet Style, and a lot smaller) the pets would have their own little wands/staffs/swords, and would have all the cards from the wizard they were bought/found by. :) Ideas, Ideas...

My Thoughts, My Ways, I just feel like Sharing,

Jasmine Dragon, Adept Pyromancer

Jun 29, 2009
I think you should put some pet-interactive furniture which could be bought at the Pet Shop. Maybe feed them. Or they could even make babies! Which might require a male/female pet system.

Feb 14, 2009
Blaze111314 wrote:
ProfessorGreyrose wrote:
A question for all our young Wizards who love their pets:

What cool new things would you like to do with your pets in Wizard101?

Please reply to this post and let us know!

I would love it if every one could train there pets until it is realy big and then ride your pet.

i agree you should change it so we make them grow bigger and in wizard city you should make like a puond where you could abondan or adopt a pet . AND you should make it possible to die ALLyour pets :-) and also you should make it so we can feed the pets like maybe a fircat could only like spicy stuff. and also maybe each pet could have a special abilty like the flying pets you could train them and ridethem places and also i think you should let the pets help in combat and gives us like a little boost when fighting bosses i think all these ideas will make the game better and make people want to buy a membership

Nov 01, 2008
Implementing some way to put your pets on display in or around your house would be a great addition.

Jun 23, 2009
It would be awesome if our pet's actually got to take place in battle's with us. And maybe let us get a training point every 2 levels, like ourselves, and get to train our pet's with spell's, not as powerfull as our's of course, but maybe a small heal, when your outta mana, or a small dps spell when you have no more pip's, it's just a thought

Jun 19, 2009
I would love to have a larger choice of names for the pets. Maybe where you could submit your own name and have it checked to make sure its okay and boom you have a one of a kind name.