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More options to train your pets

Sep 20, 2008
you should be able to dress up your with with little tiny robes that boost their stats like give health or mana or plus strength.

Something like that it will be really hard to make but it will be really cool and worth it. Like there is a robe shop in the shopping district for pets only.

Or, you should be able to buy a large pet dragon which would cost anywhere from five to fifteen k coins or some crowns. What it would be is like a summer dragon, but bigger, like big so you can sit on it. it will follow you around and whenever you want you can click ride and your character will jump onto the dragon and its the same thing as walking but your on a dragon.

Also, i know a lot of us hate it that it is hard to cross the street or walk around in marleybone, always get caught in fights. When you ride your dragon, it should be that you dont get caught in fights. Then if you want to get in fights or just walk around you can just go and unequip your large dragon. This would be an amazing feature i think because me and ALL of my friends hated marleybone and getting caught in fights.

Jul 10, 2009
pets should be able to deal a small amount of damage like a wand

Apr 09, 2009
I think this is an awesome topic but too much changes could ruin the game. But here are some ideas:
1.I really like the idea of your pet talking to you, so if your really bored you could just click on your pet to hear its cute little noise.
2. Mounts would be nice for some pets like riding a stormzilla or something else.
3.It would be awesome if you could raise a pet from an egg if you win it or buy it and raising it to be a mount or a minion.

I hope you like my suggestions and hope one of these goes through. :D

Samuel EmeraldTalon Level 38 Magus Thaumaturge

May 14, 2009
ProfessorGreyrose wrote:
A question for all our young Wizards who love their pets:

What cool new things would you like to do with your pets in Wizard101?

Please reply to this post and let us know!

I think it would be good if you were able to train pets. They could level up and the higher level they are the better stats they give.

Jun 16, 2009
it would be better if pets were like minions and have there only circle in a battle field and have there own mana and hp and get there own pips and there can learn new cards to and level up

Jun 14, 2009
:-oi think there should be 3 types of pets,battle,show and vehicle ,for battle the pet should have its card(satyr has satyr card,wraith has wraith card,exc.) your pet can only be used once in a battle, for show you would demonstrate your pet's talent, there would be a talent show every saturday on each world,you get prizes if you win ,for vehicle you would hop on your pet and a map would show up,1st you would click on the world you would want to go to ,2nd you would click on the spot you want to go to,3rd you would click the GO button , then your pet would run or fly there depending on what kind of pet you have ,you would only be able to do this every minute,you would pick the type of pet when you buy it

May 18, 2009
i would love to fly on my dragon. you should be able to go really high. so you can see all of the section. Imagine triton avenue, you wouldn't need the teleports. (keep them though.) However they should either be rare or expensive.

Jun 07, 2009
I think it'll be very cool if you're pet could battle like a wizard. The pet can use its own spells and then, you wouldn't have to waste all of your own pips on a minion and instead of waiting to be a lvl.30 just to be able to summon a minion, you could be any level to use your pet in battle.

Dec 05, 2008
I think that we could have pets to ride on and pets with wings to fly on. Then we could creat a new world thats up in the sky. It's just an idea.

Jul 04, 2009
Ok i have a question.
Are you able to have your pet run around your house?
Because i have heard and read somewhere that you can but i can't seem to figure it out and i was wondering if someone could give me an answer if you can and if so how to do it

Mar 14, 2009
Maybe in battle you can use a spell that brings your pet in the battle and then after the wizard does a spell the pet can have its on set of it's own special pet spells and every pet can have special spells that a wizard can't use and you can choose what it uses.

Mar 04, 2009
Hello Professer,
Well I think we should be able to train our pets to use magic, so that they can help you in battles. It would also be cool if you could gain points for them when you finish quests,then when you have a certain amount of points you could use them on your pet! :)

See you in the Spiral,
Caroline Ravenleaf

Apr 28, 2009
muffin1905 wrote:
I have some requests that I think would be pretty fun. Here are some ideas:

Be able to breed/hatch pets. Say, instead of getting pets, you got eggs or babies. Then you would have to take care of them, you know, making sure they're warm, that they don't crack. Then they hatch and you have a baby pet.

Now, you can buy pet food special to the kind of pet and feed it. Eventually it would grow bigger and bigger until it could learn tricks. As it got bigger it could have more advanced tricks (where some form of pet show comes in). Then there would be certain breeds of pets, Dragons, Unicorns, Snow Snakes, Blood Bats that you could actually get on and ride of they were fed enough. It would only give a small increase in speed, maybe 10-35%.

Or, if you didn't want to spend money, you could keep it as a baby for cuteness or whatever.

Pet shows would have rankings just like PvP, and you would win Show Tickets, just like PvP. You would choose a trick that your pet knows, and it would perform it. There is a 'Slip Up!' chance, like a fizzle. There are computerized judges that choose the best and they win that round. Shows could be from 3-9 rounds, and ties could have a show off.

That's probably not the way it's gonna work, but I think it's a good idea.
great idea! riding on a giant ferret would rock! (assuming you own a ferret.)

Apr 01, 2009
Finarel wrote:
I think it would be really cool if we could breed pets between players. For example, lets say that one player has a ghost and another player has a another undead pet. They could breed both of them and then they would both have a Wraith as a pet or something like that.

That would be cool. But then again, some of the younger players may not be too keen on the idea of "breeding".

I, like most people on this thread, love the idea of your pet fighting with you. I know my little Ninja Piggy is just itching to step into the ring and take them all down.

Plus, if you go with that idea, then it would be cool if we could train our pets. Maybe have quests that would center around your pet or have badges on being a better pet trainer. That way they could rise in the ranks and be a better fighter as you become a better wizard. And as they become better they can be apart of some kennel club or something.

I would also like to see more fun and entertaining stuff that we can do with our pets. Maybe for them to be a bit more active with us as players when we're at home or have them do other strange random things when we have the game on idle. Maybe have pet tournaments, like a Wolfminster Pet Show.

Apr 25, 2009
Many of you are saying "I would love my pet to fight beside me in duels like a minion!" Are you forgetting what happens to minions when there health equals zero? :(

I mean you could have it so when they die they just go back to your side but thats a little unrealalistic.

Theres also the issue that once a pet ran out of health and joins your side again players would try to send it out back into battle.

This is also an unfair advantage to players that haven't been playing long so they dont have a chance to get stronger pets, a way to solve this would be to restrain players from using pets in player vs player battles. :D

I see your point, but what if you could only summon your pet once during a battle. And if your pet died it would return to your backpack and have some sort of cool down just like when a wizard dies we have to regain health.

And about stronger pets, i do agree it would be unfair.

Aug 23, 2009
Ophillia wrote:
I would love to be able to have my pet "stay" someplace.

Then after I am finished going to town or what ever, I could teleport back to my pet :)

This is a really cool Idea!!!

My take is lets get gear for pets, I mean my scout pig already looks cool why not add a samuri flag to his back or a set of throwing stars to his belt something. Collars, helmets, something

Jul 01, 2008
For Quest and Battle rewards you should be able to get something that resembles "pet money."

You can spend this only on your pet and then at certain shops (around 1 of these shops per world) you could buy your pet spells that it could do according to what it is.

Each pet would have a "rarity ranking." Then in the shop, you can buy spells up to the pet's maximum ranking number, and of course you can always buy lower.

Ranks 1-8 do NOT include crown pets:

Rank 1:
Shopping District Pets

Rank 2:
Drops from Wizard City bosses (dark sprite, sprite, blue ghost, etc.) [blue cyclops counts as one of these]

Rank 3:
Krokotopia Secret Pet Shop (:

Rank 4:
Drops from Krokotopia bosses (fire/storm salamander, krokomummy, etc.)

Rank 5:
Drops from Marleybone bosses (rat magician, clockwork golem, etc.)

Rank 6:
MooShu Pets

Rank 7:
Drops from MooShu bosses (sunbird a.k.a. firewing, treant, minotaur, etc.)

Rank 8:
Drops from Dragonspyre bosses (can't think of any besides storm hound, and if there aren't any other than storm hound, make some other bosses drop a stray pet here or there :-P)

Rank 9:
Crown pets (EQUALLY ELIGIBLE if received as a drop from Malistaire [storm hound], Oakheart [storm hound], or Jade Oni [jade oni])

Ranks 1-9 all come with something like a "natural attack," higher the rank higher the attack.

Hope to see this one day! (:

May 31, 2009
if your pet comes with a spell and you use that spell your pet should jump in the middle and do the spell.
if you have more than one pet and have purchased a house your extra pets should wander outside your house
go on quest to make a pet of any creature

Dec 20, 2008
ProfessorGreyrose wrote:
A question for all our young Wizards who love their pets:

What cool new things would you like to do with your pets in Wizard101?

Please reply to this post and let us know!

i would love to ride my pets. you tell then where to go then they go there with you on there back. that would be sooooooooooooooooooo cool

Apr 25, 2009
well if you ride your pet wont it get wornout from flying with all that extra weight on it?

Dec 15, 2008
it would be cool if the flying pets got bigger and could lift you up and take you to any available location

Aug 30, 2009
Lets say you have a blood Bat pet. then you got in a battle with the blood bat out. then you uesd the blood bat spell.... and the pet made it more powerful! it could be like that with fire cat's, or anything! that would be awesome1

P.S. i have a blood bat pet. his name is Tyson.

Cody Stormcaster lv.11 thamuturge.

Apr 26, 2009
i think the pet that we are not using should be able to roam around our house

Mar 14, 2009
scheletro wrote:
i think the pet that we are not using should be able to roam around our house
Yeah pet should be able like to walk around the house and you could make there on path some way like where you want him to walk. And This of Question but Ice teacher have you ever meet Santa is he a Great ice Wizard

May 28, 2009
MY PET IS AWESOME BUT I THINK THE SPELL SHOULD BE DIFFERENT LIKE IF THEIR WAS A BLOODBAT PET WITH BLOODBAT CARD IT SHOULD GO OUT AND SAY ( are you picking on my owner well ... i dont think so ... YOU GIVE HIM BACK HIS HEALTH OR THIS!!!) and then he would attack him. like make the pet cards talk :D