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More options to train your pets

Dec 08, 2010
i would like my white rat magician pet ( king chico ) to be able to learn spells and cast them at his own will ( kinda like spritley, myth shield, etc.)

Dec 08, 2010
Blaze111314 wrote:
ProfessorGreyrose wrote:
A question for all our young Wizards who love their pets:

What cool new things would you like to do with your pets in Wizard101?

Please reply to this post and let us know!

I would love it if every one could train there pets until it is realy big and then ride your pet.
so i would be able to ride my pet rat? ( the white rat magicain from MB ) EPIC!

Apr 03, 2011
I Love my pet!! However I rly hate lvling him with the same games. I think it would be great to have other means to lvl up your pets. Like maybe an in-game pet exp option, which would consume x amount of energy points for x amount of time allowing your pet to get exp from defeating mobs.

Aug 24, 2010
A question for all our young Wizards who love their pets:

What cool new things would you like to do with your pets in Wizard101?

Please reply to this post and let us know!

To be able to train your pet so you can ride it when it reaches adult. That would be awesome.

Jan 09, 2011
Hey guys heres what I'd like to add :D

1. the sell and buy pet option back at bazaar

2. pets can have toys :D

3. my pet can run anywhere in my house/dorm

4. my pet can interact with other pets

5. my pet can do my homework for me in real life lol

Jul 19, 2008
I know this is a little far-fetched, but it would be so cool. What if our pets could go through an adventure and do quests like us wizards do? They could have their own little world and gear. So cute! They could cast spells from their schools or even their own pet spells. The number beside the DNA symbol could be the highest level they could reach. It would be a very interesting way to play. :P

May 25, 2009
There should be a system where you can take them to a hotel and let them go on vacation or something.
Like maybe you could go on a vacation and you could take and 2 pets with you.
You have to pay to like ride a giant drake.
Do that and then it drops you off to your vacation spot!

(vacation spot ideas)

Swimming with creatures.
(well just my ideas not many)

Anyway that would be kinda cool to see your pet bond and bond and bond with you as you go on more vacations with it!

Sarai griffendust lvl 60 fire!

Jul 27, 2009
Personally, i would like my pet to gain experience from doing quests with me. the games are boring, and i dont like them, but if you dont have a good pet, you are behind in pvp. i want my pet to level, and not just slowly, but more fast from like killing monsters. maybe it gain half the experience i gain from battles, and a certain amount for completing quests with me. i would LOVE this, and would also make me more willing to play this game. right now, its annoying me.

Oct 08, 2010
I would really like to get a pet thats perfect and has all the talents i want. I am extremely close to get a pet with may cast tower shield, spritely, spell proof, and spell defy.

Dec 02, 2010
Here's my idea:

WHen you buy your pet it dosen't say the price. You click the 'buy' botton and all of the (What do you call it...) stats ever are on a list. Each Stat costs a certain amount of money and some would cost crowns. When you have chosen the stats you want, you go to a page that has Strengh, Will, etc.. Then you can choose how much of each thing your pet can have as a maximum and it costs more the higher the numbers. Then, you pay the combined amount of money (And\Or crowns) plus a small amout for how the pet looks. If you gat a pet through hatching or drop, you can go to the Dye Shop to change the stats it has.
Please look at this!

Blaze Strongpyre, level 40 soceror

Dec 18, 2009
tyty275 wrote:
astro1244 wrote:
ProfessorGreyrose wrote:
A question for all our young Wizards who love their pets:

What cool new things would you like to do with your pets in Wizard101?

Please reply to this post and let us know!

I would like pets to be a little bigger than they currently are. Also if pets could help in a battle kind of like minions. That would be great for me because im in the storm school and al my minion does is give itself sheild and taunts people wich really doesn't help.
that is true they do not do any thing

I dont want them to be bigger.

Jul 25, 2010
what if there were certain snacks for certain skills? like some sort of life snack for spritely or something?

Jun 17, 2009
I think that pets could be like mounts and that you should be able to dress them for example a piggle with roman armor. I also believe that they should have a setting to walk around your whole house.

Hope you like these ideas. :D :D

"Little Test"

"The staement below is true
The statement above is false."


Dec 21, 2009
muffin1905 wrote:
I have some requests that I think would be pretty fun. Here are some ideas:

Be able to breed/hatch pets. Say, instead of getting pets, you got eggs or babies. Then you would have to take care of them, you know, making sure they're warm, that they don't crack. Then they hatch and you have a baby pet.

Now, you can buy pet food special to the kind of pet and feed it. Eventually it would grow bigger and bigger until it could learn tricks. As it got bigger it could have more advanced tricks (where some form of pet show comes in). Then there would be certain breeds of pets, Dragons, Unicorns, Snow Snakes, Blood Bats that you could actually get on and ride of they were fed enough. It would only give a small increase in speed, maybe 10-35%.

Or, if you didn't want to spend money, you could keep it as a baby for cuteness or whatever.

Pet shows would have rankings just like PvP, and you would win Show Tickets, just like PvP. You would choose a trick that your pet knows, and it would perform it. There is a 'Slip Up!' chance, like a fizzle. There are computerized judges that choose the best and they win that round. Shows could be from 3-9 rounds, and ties could have a show off.

That's probably not the way it's gonna work, but I think it's a good idea.

I think its a beast idea to have the pet shows and the ride certain pets. it would be awesome. Great idea. Hope it could be in the game

Jan 09, 2011
me and my friendly rain beetle talked and had this idea:
when your pet gets to epic you can switch brains so i am the pet nd the pet is me ( looks like )

- Hunter

Apr 18, 2010
May 25, 2009
DanielThunderFlame... wrote:
If the pets slightly change appearance when they grow up.

Ya i want them to grow up!
See them slowly age as you train them and stuff ;)

Feb 03, 2011
jpcaps wrote:
pets should not only good company, but they should be able to deliver the mail. :P Sounds familiar?

oh my gosh please KI listen to this idea!!!!!!!!! that would be so awseome!!!!!!! please please listen to this,,, please!!!!!

also i think that you should be able to "play" with your pets.....like there could be a thing where a game is included with a house what i mean is you can play fetch or tug of war or something? what do you think?

justin Hawkflame lvl 22

Mar 19, 2009
jpcaps wrote:
pets should not only good company, but they should be able to deliver the mail. :P Sounds familiar?

Yes. Pokemon HeartGold/SoulSilver.

May 30, 2009
You should be able to use them to eradicate pests from your garden and then feed them a pet snack, be able to level them up (like a level 20 fairy can give you a sprite spell), and give them clothes (nothing serious-just cute little pet outfits)

May 28, 2009
Feb 27, 2009
I would love to see a Frost Forest Lord if it were possible. That would be amazing. I currently have a Frost Wyvern and countless times have I hatched with a Forest Lord, I get a mix of random pets. Please be open to this idea! Thank you!

Mar 06, 2010
Chaos125 wrote:
It would be great if you can allow to buy the pets specialized armor or outfits that raises special attributes along with having the pets able to have there own HP and MP along with being able to attack and some could even give you attribute boosts :D :D :D :D

I really like the armor idea. Even if the pets wouldn't have stats, just being able to dress up your pet would be cool. We could put silver armor on a black and red dragon, and then there would be 3 colors. Maybe be able to add electricity or flames that would shimmer around the pet, like the lightning on the Thunderbird.

Jun 16, 2011
Apr 24, 2010
Oh oh! I have some ideas!
What if you could dress your pets? Like, you could put cute little hats on them and put ribbions and bows in their hair. There would be a store that you could buy this stuff at for a small amount of gold. I just think it would be so cool.
Also, what if you could do more with your pet than just train it? You could play with them at home with a ball, or a trampoline, or bubbles, etc. And, I see pet houses in the Wizard City pet shop, but you can't buy them. Well what if you could buy those and pet beds for your pet! Every time you log off you could put them in their bed or house and they'll fall asleep.
I have one more idea. I think it would be cool if your pets had moods. Like, one could be grumpy :x, one could be happy :D, one could be sad , etc.
Do you like my ideas?