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More options to train your pets

Oct 14, 2008
Maybe there should be a button to let your pet roam free and see it actually walk around by itself- and heres the best part-the animals can talk to each other! Not like text but like little bubbles come out when there talking in "animal language", and when you want your pet back- it doesnt matter where you are really, you press a button in your journal and POOF! Your pets back! Doesnt that sound cool? :)

Dec 26, 2008
I been thinking... I'll make a list of what ideas I have k.

1. Transport!! Pet's could be used as transport, since the wizards are quite slow...
2. Mail... They could deliver mail to other players, that way you can chat to your buddies without them being on. (Also include the filters in that!!! )
3. It would be awesome if they could like have levels!! Say, you have a pet log and it would have all the details... Such as how much HP your pet has, XP, etc. Also, there could be equipment for them that could give them bonuses.

I hope you can do that... Hope it won't change too much...

Thanx hope this helps!

Dec 20, 2008
Dec 21, 2008
We should be able to summon them like minion and they grow level like we do the more we use them. And the more levels the more spells it uses and the bigger it gets.

Wolf IceSword
Level 49 thaumaturge

Jan 13, 2009
Jun 22, 2008
Maybe we should be able to have up to 4 pets walking beside us. 2 flying pets, and 2 walking pets. Then, we get to really show how hard we have been working for our pets to other wizards. It will also make me happy because I don't like abandoning pets even though they are just computer animated figures.
Justin Stormhunter-lv.43 Thaughmaturge
Current Area- Yoshihito Temple, Village of Sorrow

Nov 23, 2008
it would be cool for you to be able to talk to your pet and what everyone else said

Feb 25, 2009
:D Yeah ...there is so much I would want to with my pet, oh which could lead to creating more quests for the game it self .

Initial pet training could teach them tricks, the more tricks learned could lead to larger possiblities later. boosters, stats . power pip persentige.

the pet could grow with knolegde and training, could be done like a evolution type of process, which could also mean advantiges that the pet gives could grow also.

I saw some say they would love to ride there pet...dragons , unicorns, spiders..would be a good idea on how to push the beginner pets to be kept to become mounts or battleing mounts later on..could you imagine there revinue the game could produce in selling battle aromor for your pet.I do think haveing perts that battle with you would be a major bonus.

Which would lead to more quests and items for sale or trade and another way to expand wizards101
What about questing for certian pets ...the ones that could help you with health mana ..power pips...spacific quests ....long ones...that makeing the fact that you have a pet with awsume bells and whistles something you earned not bought...
What about pets spacific to your school and im sure that could be worked into the normal everyday tutoring of game play...

I really do think that pets could play a major role in weather on not i continue to play this game off and on ...or play this game only

Feb 25, 2009
Heres a thought........a new card that makes a pet a playable spell in a batt

Feb 25, 2009
How about haveing NPC Monsters have pets so when you battle the NPC the pets battle each other.
Mail delivery would be cool too, but talking and training them for battle or mounts is just as good.
pet shows ........pet mini games .......pet obidence school....battleing pets againt pets......pet clothes......pet armor......all good here

Sep 08, 2008
When I find my post that I have written about added extras that the pets could do, I will direct you to it.

First off, having pets give battle support, extra battle help, making them "grow" and give stats, I think that is complete crud. Wizard101 is fun, and you have enough support as it is from other players if they decided to join.

If a Storm wizard is really down about not having an active pet, then maybe something should be done to the Storm Minion to where it only does level 1 Storm attacks. In my opinion, the fact that every single class has a pet that attacks and supports, other than Storm Minion that is, sort of undermines the whole purpose of the Myth class. Minions should be downgraded actually, for all classes (except for Storm) so Myth class will become exactly what it is supposed to be, Myth class, master of summoned Minions. Anyway, that is not really what I want to say, just a bystanding comment.

Having pet dragons give you "flight" in battles would also put a very awkward spin on what is already a pretty well established, unique, and wonderful battle system. It would take away from what combat is supposed to be, and merely water it down. Also, I would imagine that it would take a whole lot of extra programming and additional maintenance to actually make something like that happen.

I have read several other posts, although not all of them, and I like the idea of interaction. Have pets interact with other pets, and even more so if they meet pets of their own kind.

Dialogue could be included (as I have read from other posts), and it would perhaps only distinquish pet socialization even more.

Add special and flashy special effects. I have mentioned it on my other post, but each pet of their own kind can do its own unique special effect. It is not subtle enough for people to not notice, but it wont be too flashy in which you'll have the entire screen light up every 5 seconds from someone's pet doing its special effect. Of course, with its proper sound effect.

You can save a lot of extra programming from doing effects that basically require only shrunken down graphics, and using sounds already used by the game at one point or another. I'll conclude this reply, and add a new one with my post location about the special effects that I have written about like half a year ago. (A while, anyway.)

Sep 08, 2008
I have spent about 2 hours browsing through the forums, lol, no worries, it was entertaining seeing everything that people had come up with.

I have found my post I originally wrote about the extras the pets could have.

Post is: Environmental magic. By: Shiningfantasia. Currently on page 22 of Holston's Laboratory.

While the topic was not about the pets themselves, it certainly gives you my idea of what the pets could be doing in the game, to really spice up the gameplay.

Everyone that reads this is welcome to read that post, and can post what they think of it in here. The Wizard101 staff might just get a few ideas themselves. :-)

Dec 22, 2008
How about if attacks that match your pet don't damage you? or damage is decreased?

For example, I have a dark fairy pet (trixie the pixie :D ). If I get attacked by an enemy with a dark fairy it wouldn't damage me!

Sep 27, 2008
ProfessorGreyrose wrote:
A question for all our young Wizards who love their pets:

What cool new things would you like to do with your pets in Wizard101?

Please reply to this post and let us know!

Hmmmm..... Well, since grandmasters probably have to wait until a new worlds comes out, maybe pets could give out quests and maybe as a minion. That would be cool. And maybe you can dress them and level them up. That would be nice :D

Dec 26, 2008
Dec 10, 2008
i love my pets i wish there could be like a dragon you could buy and ride they would be sooo cool .

Dec 31, 2008
I would like my pet to be able to do little things like heal you or be called into a battle if you need a little extra help. Nothing too extreme. I read someones response about being able to leave your pet behind to port to later. That would be awesome! There is os much walking that goes on.

Dec 14, 2008
Hmmm well I would like the normal stuff feed it play with it give it a bath Like you could Use your wand or blade to pop up food a toy or a bath and then you go in a mini game to take care of it and it has a bar to see if it needs food entertainment or a bath and it shows actions like green stink floating on top of your pet! :P
P.S like the other comments tricks too!

Feb 07, 2009
I would LOVE it if our pets could do even just little attacks that are like 70 attack points that would be the best!!!!!

Jan 18, 2009
One very useful effect for pets that would also not substantially upset the current workings of the game is to give them small boosts in certain aspects of the game:

I was thinking, some pets could increase the rate at which one gains health back in a safe area.

Or increase the amount of health/mana gained in wisps.

Or make the wizard run slightly faster.

These would definitely be helpful, and surely won't upset already delicate aspects of the game.

PErsonally, I would think that involving pets in combat would just upset its current workings and provide for a means of bypassing the actual work required in combat as well as taking away from what each individual school is meant to be.

I would really like a pet to make a wizard run faster. That would surely be VERY helpful.

Jan 18, 2009
I think that pets should give you different abilities outsides of the battle.
For example,
-Opening portals to other places in that current world.
-Sending mail, receiving mail.
-Maybe mounting your pet.
And each pet should have different ability, as the pet cost more or requires higher level it should give higher and better skills.
Sure it would be nice to have your pet give ability in-battle but we already have good amount of skills in battle. We need something to entertain us outside the battle, like for quests that don't always require you to fight monsters.

There are many ways to go with pets and it's all about giving some ability to use while your not in battle, so we can do our quests that don't require fighting/battling :)

Jun 28, 2008
here's an idea. lets have our pets able to mutate. i would love to have a jolted man pet or frost bats.

we could go to the dye shop and dye them into the mutations or we can get a quest from her saying she'll mutate one of our pets. i would love to have this feature.

Dec 31, 2008
I think it would be great to be able to dye the pets whatever color you would want them to be.

Sep 25, 2008
are these ideas actually going to happen at all evn like one idea because since there have been updates but none that anybody has said so whats going to happen?

Feb 28, 2009
OK, here are my thoughts on this issue (having just found this thread and read through the whole list of postings).

Create 3 new spell cards Attack, Guard, and Aid. Not sure how many pips should be required for the casting of these spells, but that is beside the point.

Pets should be given anywhere from 1 to 3 attributes that would allow them to respond to one of the spells listed above. The effects of these attributes would vary from pet to pet.

If you cast the Attack spell, and your pet has an Attack attribute, it would use that attack in that round. Attack being some form of damage dealing to an opponent you specify.

If you cast the Guard spell, and your pet has a Guard attribute, it would defend you that round by taking 1 attack aimed at you upon itself, mitigating or completely blocking any damage you would receive.

If you cast the Aid spell, and your pet has an Aid attribute, it would add health back to you that round.

The type of Attack effect would depend upon the pet you have, as would the amount of damage that was dealt. Same principle for Guard and Aid, where the amount of damage blocked or health added would depend upon the pet. Also, for Guard you could have it so that, the pet's element played a part in determining if the damage blocking was more or less than the pet's base amount based on the element of the spell cast in relation to the pet's element (e.g. a fire spell cast at a fire pet has more damage blocked but an ice spell has less damage blocked).

Not all pets would have all attributes on them, so pet selection would become more significant of a decision.

This would allow for more variety in combat effectiveness for players without creating a situation that grants them too much of an advantage. Basically it takes 3 spells and allows for multiple combinations of what can be done with them based on which pet you have at the time. The changes to game mechanics would be minimal, but it would create more variety in play style, and accomodate the purpose of this topic, which is to do more with your pet.