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More options to train your pets

Jun 19, 2011
I know pets have abilities, but maybe you could be able to dress your pet up, just like you do yourself which gives it more abilities.

Ex: One thing maybe, has to be a fire pet, pedigree 58 or higher, and epic. +5% fire attack, or something like that as clothes maybe.

Or maybe somthing lower.

Ex: Spiral, 35p or higher, teen+, +1% acuracy. or +1% powerpip. Of course really low stuff like 27 pedigree would be like, +1 attack. (Not percent, attack.)

And high stuff could even be like, Fire, 72 Pedigree, Epic, +7% Fire attack and +4% Accuracy and +4% Power Pip.

Although, I think pets should only be able to have 1 things that you can equip to them.

And I think people are going to LOVE what I am about to say.

Pet House.

Pet's will have a special Pet House equipped to them that will give them a further boost to their already good abilities. You won't be able to see it, but you can go in your pet house and so could other friends.

Think about it, this could mean more money for you KingsIsle. You could have special Crown Only houses that give better equipment (Until 72 pedigree ofc, the best for the best pets should be available to all.)

And pet houses could be like 1/2 the size of real houses, or possibly, you have the pet house as a furniture item too, and you enter the pet house from your real house. And only one pet can be in a pet house (equipped to it) at a time. And maybe you can only have 5 pet houses per house?

i don't know exactly, but think about this KI, this would be a GREAT addition to pets. This would also mean, another quest. At level 15, you should talk to Simeon and Milos and have a Pet House quest and learn about that.

I think this would be a GREAT addition to the game, and a way for you all to make even MORE money!

Jun 25, 2009
I personally think that pets could cast seperate spells by themselfs instead of using your spells for their casting animation.

For example: You could be in a battle and you casted a minotaur just after your spell animation has ended, your pet could basiclly mimic your spell and cast minotaur. (kind of like a copy-cat)

Hunter legendwraith level60 necromancer

Jan 21, 2011
jpcaps wrote:
pets should not only good company, but they should be able to deliver the mail. :P Sounds familiar?

Its Pokemon you are talking about!

Jan 22, 2009
About Pets:Wizard101 should make pets when they turn to teens cast thier spell's, and give you a card like i fed my pet all life and it didn't say the may cast a spell so wizard101 pls make that happen. Also let pets fight in battle like your friends do.
________________________________________________________aAbout Pet Mini Games:wizard101 should have more pet mini games so wizards have more fun in the pet pavilion so pls make that happen.
_________________________________________________________About Hatching: Hatching is to expensive and i need to go and fight hard bosses like malistare and its really hard going in alone so pls make the pets hatching a lot lower cause if i was going to hatch my helephant and wraith it costs about 32,000 dollars. So pls make the price lower cause my little cousin wanted to make storm cat but it costed to much cause a lower level than i am and he is going to start buying crowns now after 2 years pls wizard101 make this all i have told you happen.

Sep 23, 2010
I would have to say the one thing i agree with is to make a spell that would allow your pet to manifest into one of the fighting spots with a deck you can also control...which would consist of the type of spells represented by the type of pet it is, like death, storm etc.....

In Krokotopia we fight a sunbird as a mini boss. So why cant OUR sunbird fight too?...just sayin

Sep 19, 2009
Aug 11, 2009
I would like for all of my pets to be able to line dance with me.

I would also like to have my pet fend off obnoxious people. (Yes, I can use “ignore” – but this would be more fun!!!)

The ability to talk would be great.

Doing some dumb tricks would also be fun (plus then we could be stars on Late Night TV).

Have fun!!! :) :) :)

Jul 31, 2010
Have the pets respond to your emotes as well. Have them jump when you jump, etc.

Nov 15, 2008
It would be nice if you could battle your pets against each other and monsters. They could gain exp and maybe special drops from monsters that are just for them.

Sep 18, 2009
Let your pets go questing for items in areas you have unlocked. Send them out once a day with x-number of snacks and see what they bring back the next day.

Let your pets make friends and give them a 'call for help' card which could call one random pet friend into battle to cast a spell.

Pet accessories. Collar for animal type, crowns for humaniod types, etc that will let you CHOOSE a certain stat for your pet. Like a 2% Accuracy boost or 4% Power pip boost, stuff like that.

Digging. Kind of like pet quests, but only works in your home and uses a certain amount of pet energy, so you can do it more than once. Your pet will run off to some point in your home and dig a hole. They might find a reagent, gold, seeds, etc. Let them have a digging level. As they level up, they can dig deeper holes and have a chance at finding better stuff.

More mini-games. Lag means I can not hope to play the maze game (I can stand on an item and it takes 3-4 seconds to absorb it) or the gobbler drop, so I am stuck only being able to play 2 mini games to train pets, and they are getting old.

Have free roaming pets in the houses interact with each other. Like have my life minotaur and my regular minotaur head-butt each other or my red ghost and yellow ghost wail at each other or my piggles do an aerial display.

Fishtanks. I want an interactive aquarium. Let us find different kinds of fish in Celestia and Crab Alley as drops and customize a fish tank.

Bunny pets. C'mon, what could be cuter? Daughter wants a bunny pet sooo bad.

More stereotypical wizard type pets, like cats, owls, snakes, etc.

I can't do pet derby, 1.) I don't like it, 2.) Lag means even if I did like it, I am so delayed that it is pointless.
So how about pet activities that are solo and/or not dependant on fast internet?

More pet themed housing items. Like a dog house my Fierce Hound will go in or a dog bowl he will drink from. A patch of grass my unicorn will graze on, a perch my sunbird would land on.

Pet PvE battles for exp. Like a pet mini-games, but they are battling another creature with their own set of cards or you preset a certain sequence of fight commands and then start the set to see how it goes.

Holiday pet bonuses. Santa always had something in our dogs stocking when she was alive. Hmmmm...

World bonuses. Pets could get an extra buff if you are doing battle in their world of origin. So my Ice Bird might give me an extra attack bonus or have an extra card if I am fighting on Grizzleheim. I would be their 'no place like home' bonus.

Let your pet hold an item for you that you can change in battle. Like "Oh crud, I have my myth wand equipped and they are myth types." No problem. Your trusty fire cat has your beloved, albeit slightly chewed up and slobbered on, storm wand in his mouth. You can use 2 pips and one turn to switch during battle.

Just a few ideas. Pets are a wonderful facet of Wizard101, and one I enjoy. I still squeal like an excited 5 year old when a boss drops a pet I didn't even know they had. Like when I checked an unmarked cave in GH, just out of curiosity, and ended up with a Mustard Troll. :)

Jul 08, 2009
I have quite a list.

1. teach her tricks!

2. play with her using a ball or windup mouse

having heer jump up on the couches

3. having her interact with other pets

4. petting her

5. Dressing her!!!!

6. enter her in pet shows!

7. use CLIPS on her (Contrast, Lighting, Imperfections, Pattern, Shadowing)

7. have her react to my plants and mount

8. have her react to the furniture

9. have her mew at guests whhen they com into my house or backyard

10. have her enter contests

Well, that's it. I REEEEEEEEEEALLYY hope you take the clothes into consideration!

Dec 14, 2009
Well how about a super pet for level 60`s only ONLY 60`S! It could be part scarecrow,part humongo frog, part forest lord, part phonix, part wyvern, and part judge. And it gives all of the cards from those pets. 8) cool huh?

Mar 28, 2009
Id train my satyr to be able to play wizard101 so he can train his satyr :P

Jul 28, 2010
ivan217 wrote:
ProfessorGreyrose wrote:
A question for all our young Wizards who love their pets:

What cool new things would you like to do with your pets in Wizard101?

Please reply to this post and let us know!

It will be fun if your pet battle with you and helps you yay :)
I agree completely if your pets heals like regenerate or does super damage like centaur and is smart enough to put traps and blades and stuff!

Feb 17, 2011
I know some other friends have posted this suggestion before but, we think it would be great to be able to purchase a gene test kit. It would show the genetic background of both parents all the way back to origninal pair. Would make the hatching much more interesting and would probably incline more people to hatch with having an idea of what talents may be passed down or the chances of what talents would be passed.

Jul 28, 2009
ummm i would like to actually like feed them bowls and get like pet bowls and you would have to feed them daily them and give them baths and water and feed and play with and there on little bed or dog house o and you can choose if they are outside pet or inside pet

Oct 11, 2009

i think you should be able to trade talents between your pets for crowns. Let's say i want my dark crow to have balance blade, but that is on my pig, if that were the problem, i could simply switch one of my dark crwo's talents with my pig's balance blade talent for say 100 crowns. This would also solve the mega snack crisis because mroe peopel could just switch talents between their pets ;). This would also get KI more money in their pockets so it is a win-win.

Jul 06, 2009
i would love to have clothes for your pets! it would be so cool to show off your pets style

Feb 15, 2009
I really think it'd be cool if you could have a toggle switch for your pet. Like, if you wanted a mount and diddn't have any crowns (Basically...me.) you could click the button, and poof! Your pet's a mount! I accualy have a really good idea for a pet that could do this... a death school only pet called, well, I have no idea.

Dec 15, 2009
I wish that your pet seraph or pheonix could actully fly around the ceiling :D :D

Oct 26, 2010
I would like them to ride on your mount with you! Like if you had a tiger your judgement could sit on its nose! :D

Aug 27, 2011
I Dont Know Its Been 14-17 Times Trying To Kill The Devestator For The Silver Colossus still no drop :(

I Will Never Get It :x

Aug 27, 2011
i think everyone agrees with me we should be able to summon them as minions like a baby has like wo hundred health and low spells teen has more health and better card and so on

Feb 11, 2011
Professor Greyrose wrote:
A question for all our young Wizards who love their pets:

What cool new things would you like to do with your pets in Wizard101?

Please reply to this post and let us know!

can the pet grow in size becuse a fire cat pet thats a baby and the epic, same height!

Aug 27, 2011
I think they should be able to defend you in battle. Then they should cast a spell and they could be like your personal pet bodyguard. I would love it if we could do that.