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Jun 19, 2010
Beastmoon fight - Rowan Sea - balance - Storm Krok in Beastmoon match
Just got killed in a fight and got tossed out to commons with message from Gamma - with I could return with the link in lower right corner - return to battle Tuesday July 7th 11:50 PM EST
Of course I could not return to the Beastmoon match.

Jul 02, 2009
I have been getting disconnected during Beastmoon matches over the last few days. Once disconnected my game freezes. If I relog in I get a message that I cannot join the match I was in and get messages with a pvp time out.

Nov 01, 2013
Not sure if you saw the post regarding the Arcanum Apartment.
Seems it went to it original walls and floor and they are unable to be changed since the update.
Thanks for looking into this.

Nov 01, 2013
Since the Summer Update, my game keeps getting stuck on a loading screen.
This happened several times just today within an hour or so, whenever I port home, to a location, or even just switching wizards.
I have had to force shut down the game 3 or more times, and log back in each time, which is annoying.
Just wanted to let you know this was going on and hope you can fix this.

Jul 02, 2009
Lost network connection in the Storm Deckathalon Tower and when I reloaded on my myth wizard it ate the credit. This endurance only mode is unforgiving and only getting a certain number of credits a day do not allow for these bugs. Also I have noticed the treasure cards are not refreshing after each battle during this deckathalon as the normally would. This makes cycling through your deck impossible and I have lost credits on my death, storm and myth because of this issue.

Aug 07, 2014
Advanced Move Option no longer applicable to movement of Wands/Weapons on Walls.

Is this going to be rectified and returned or is this the new status quo?

Aug 18, 2009
On the macOS version, I've been seeing a lot of crashes since the summer update deployed, but they almost always fall into one of these categories.

  • The commons has always been laggy, but I've experienced a complete freeze repeatedly when in areas with a lot of players. The current frame is stuck on the screen. Sometimes music continues, but will eventually cut out. No inputs are acknowledged. No error ever appears. The game has to be force quit through the macOS interface. Sounds like you might have a deadlock issue.
  • With the chat box open in battle, sometimes the input box text will become invisible. The keyboard cursor still moves like I'm typing, but no characters are visible. Closing and opening the chat box does not help once it starts. If I try to send that invisible text, the game locks up exactly as described in the first category.

I can't get an error reporting dialog since the game doesn't realize it's frozen. This locking up is incredibly frequent. I'd say about every hour and a half.

Jun 14, 2009
I've been getting crashes left and right since the Summer Update. I've submitted the bug reports plenty of times, but really there's a massive loading issue that needs to be resolved. Quitting to the character selection screen crashes the game probably 25% of the time.

I've submitted bug reports during Test Realm too and was hoping it wouldn't go Live because the issues were rampant for me. Texture bugs, crashes, disconnections, and long loading screens at least twice a session.

The Crown Shop loading destroys my computer's performance, which is especially frustrating now that it force-loads upon entering the game (terrible programming practice by the way). As I mentioned in my tickets and bug reports, I run AAA titles on here no problem, but Wizard101 challenges my PC at points. I don't understand how I can Shadow of the Tomb Raider smoothly but when storm scion or Calypso is cast, I drop down to 5-10 frames. I have particle effects set to 0. This game is poorly optimized. Loading screens which used to take 1-2 seconds now average 5-20 seconds. I've forfeited Tourneys because the game didn't load in time! I disconnect on a wired connection constantly and things in my browser load fine, so it's definitely the game. It's kind of crazy that this game used to run on Windows XP on my Intel Core 2 Duo.

I've given up on Deckathalon, PvP, Beastmoon, and long dungeons because of these rampant problems. I understand that these issues can be hard to fix, but the game is almost unplayable. My dump files are almost 400MB and I can't provide screenshots or other useful info to support thanks to the 1MB limit.

You guys missed the Spring Cleaning update this year and it really shows. Take the time to make some good QoL fixes, performance enhancements, and speed up gameplay. Heck, if you get the game optimized enough, you can reach a whole new market by pushing to smart devices via an emulator in the not-so-distant future.

I mean some of the performance complaints have existed for the past decade (Bazaar home-screen has been a highly requested feature since the Hats tab had 40 pages, much less 115). Using Flood-fill for fishing is great, but I have no idea why the animation takes really long in some places. Maybe you have secret areas connected bodies of water? And why isn't flood-fill applied to the Plant-All spell? I find it doesn't work well in 3 dimensions.

With all these design audits, I would consider some code audits, as it seems like the lead programmers "inherited" a programming base they don't fully understand (i.e. why you can fizzle with 100% accuracy, health/damage calculations correcting on new rounds, wisp collection only being a problem in beastmoon). I would consider investing in some remote workers (who are cheap in this current climate) to help catch Wizard101 to the stability it needs to maintain its userbase.

While I'm here, you pushed the Dev update (it says r684678.WizardDev)

Sep 15, 2013
I've been getting extreme lag during ranked matches and while streaming. It happens on and off stream.

Sep 20, 2011
beastmoon event. twice tried to equip the healing fairy and got kicked out from game. the game totally disappeared from my screen. tried with another account. did the same thing and the same very thing happened again.

is sad cause I never did beatmoon, and I was willing to try and learn, but after this, not sure when will be trying it out again.

Dec 26, 2014

After i came on today, i couldn't play Wizard101 anymore due to the fact it was loading "Cassack Body" File and it was always on 0%, gifs/pictures below.

It disconnects me for error "Could not connect to Wizard101. Please try again", but the game was still going on i could see everyone chatting and even pick cards so pretty sure this isn't my connectivity fault!

I really want to play but can't

Loading: https://gyazo.com/3b83659c6cac8e58f2ac6fde1b251567

Disconnection error: https://gyazo.com/8c33828fc7b1a522f80cd5b14337dead

Please help me!

Feb 08, 2010
I logged into my Life Character today and while helping a friend quest my heals were not responding to critical(doubling) is this a bug or did it get "balanced" and if it is an intentional update are attacks getting critical "balanced" as well

Jan 11, 2014

I've had this error message numerous times throughout the day. It's seemingly random, but usually occurs during battles. You can still move around and jump, and moving zones makes this error message disappear. However, if you are in a battle, you are forced to wait out the timer and wait until your teammates finish the battle for you, since quitting gets rid of Dungeon Recall. Luckily, hotkeys still work, so you are able to port out. This has happened for all but 2 of my Viggor runs, and for the 1 Detritus one I attempted.

Also, on a semi-related side note, will crafting recipes for Dragoon/Vanguard be nerfed/made easier in the near future?

Jan 10, 2012
K I now is the time when you are outside your pristine internet on commercial internet to:

help debug all those loading screen and app lockup problems
You can't see them within your perfect internet corporate domain.

You have unique home IP addresses that can be software instrumented.
communication packet retries, time out, out of order packets, old packets, multiple packets, wild packets.

How do they effect your server and client app interface and software.
Why do the load screen lock up vs just have a three second timeout default?.
Load screens delay is to allow the graphics drawing to complete on the client side.
It has noting to do with communication per say.
Why does the communication stall between server and client?.
You can instrument that, and can phone in the details to the people in the office.
Everyone's packet interface is different, yes you can say its exasperated by the large demand,
but i say that should just make response sluggish, not muleheaded.

Sep 11, 2014
I have gotten the "Unable to find your zone on server (Connect too long?)" pop-up notice several times today. Sometimes when I was porting to my Dorm Room, and when going to character selection screen.

Feb 25, 2009
I was trying to take a screenshot of one of my houses this morning and "Print Screen" is not working as it should. I can not take any screenshots at all in the game.

@Sparck, is this a new glitch?

Aug 29, 2016
what happened last night Aug 14th, I was doing Mirage side quests and all I received for completing them was 10,000 gold and 42 experience. Is this a glitch or have you changed the rewards for side quests. because if you have changed the rewards then doing the side quests is a waste of time. Please update my character with the proper experience.

Thank You
Character Richard Thunderbringer, Myth

Jan 10, 2010
I have similar performance problems that have already been mentioned in this thread. My PC is far, far, above spec - so that is not an issue. I hope the developers can look into optimising the game more because the FPS drops can be quite jarring.

For as long as I can remember, the commons is always a low FPS area of the game; and even on my PC it is still the case.

Feb 08, 2020
I'm here with a custom computer i made and wizard101 not detecting my cpu speed it just know it has 8 cores which i have a i7 9800 and it detect my rtx 2070 but only detect 4 gb of vram and it only detects 2 gb of ram which hurts the most when there like 100 people in a single area when i have 64 gb of ram how can i make it use more than 2gb of ram

Feb 25, 2009
Noah D949 on Aug 15, 2020 wrote:
what happened last night Aug 14th, I was doing Mirage side quests and all I received for completing them was 10,000 gold and 42 experience. Is this a glitch or have you changed the rewards for side quests. because if you have changed the rewards then doing the side quests is a waste of time. Please update my character with the proper experience.

Thank You
Character Richard Thunderbringer, Myth
Here is a link to Mirage Quest Guide. Side quests no longer give Experience.


Feb 19, 2011
There is a glitch in the Bountiful Mine in the Jewelcrafter's Bundle. I have four characters and each one has a mine. My characters keep getting stuck in there. It used to happen occasionally, but now it happens every single time. The only way I can get out is to click the "go home" button in order to port to my dorm . Then I return to my castle and it lets me into and out of the mine. It's just annoying and time-consuming.

Jun 15, 2011
Happens no matter if it's on steam or web. Tried restarting and uninstalling. Cannot get into game. Any fixes?

Jun 25, 2012
August 2020~
I couldn't find a posting about this under "Halston's Laboratory" so if it's there, I apologize. I'm not good with technology.

For the last few months at least, the game is randomly stealing my turn (PvE). (been gone a while, could have been happening for a while). My spells will come up during battle for me to choose from, but before I can click on one, it skips to the NPC enemy's turn. (This is not a situation of a cheating boss or mob or anything like that, though). I'm literally in the middle of my turn and it gets yanked away, goes to the NPC enemy and they complete their round. I've talked to other players randomly in the game and this is happening to them, too.

Pertinent info:
1-Appears to happen randomly. It's not a consistent every wizard/school/level/world/area/enemy or specific day/time thing, at least in my experience.
2-Occurs once to 5 times a day, again totally random.

Please look into this. I know when its a "random" issue it can be nearly impossible to diagnose what is going on but when it happens, it is really aggravating.
Thanks in advance :)

Jun 14, 2009
To add to this, I'm getting lots of crashes related to realms and the character screen.

I've submitted dozens of crash reports in the past month so I hope this issue gets resolved.

And piggy-backing off of Kimberly Mistheart's comment, battles are becoming more and more glitchy. Interacting with UI during the planning phase will cause the game to skip your turn (learned this while redeeming a Deckathalon reward in the middle of battle). Spells and camera are dropping frames or otherwise glitching. Probably 1/20 turns, the camera doesn't reset during the planning phase. Camera doesn't reset after dialogue pans. Really it's a mess that makes non-solo gameplay a pain.

Teleport animations are also so bright and flashy that when people port out of an event (like pvp), frames are guaranteed to be dropped on many devices (not for me, however I still face a delay before the loading screen appears).

Also gardening is a killer. The Plant All spell, protection / preventative spells, casting spells, and harvesting rewards just destroys whatever performance the game has. It's not a large issue, but it's worth mentioning. Beastmoon flowers don't grow at the same rate without teleporting in and out of the area to refresh them.