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Cyrus Drake's Red Correcting Pen

May 22, 2010
I've caught a few more errors over the past few days. One thing I'm not sure about is if you want us to note if there's a difference between audio/verbal and written dialogue. There are some mismatches between audio and written dialogue, and some errors which are a mistake based on what's written; I've listed them by category:

Audio v. written dialogue mismatches:
  • Zoya (Polaris), in the audio says "Are you aware of the risks you are taking, Wizard? [more dialogue continues] " whereas the written dialogue only has "Are you aware of the risk you are taking, Wizard? [more dialogue continues] "
  • Baba Yaga (within her house), in the audio says "Don't delay, Wizard. I need to have a word with my daughter, and then it sounds like we have some work to do." whereas the written dialogue is missing the word "some".
  • Jaki Whisperwind (main questline in arcanum), in the audio says "And I forget what I'm supposed to be doing... oh yeah! I'm supposed to be helping you learn about Grandfather Spider's Children!" whereas the written dialogue says the following: "And I forget what I'm supposed to be doing... oh yeah! I'm supposed to be helping you learn more about Grandfather Spider's Children!" I.e., the written dialogue has the extra word "more" within the final sentence.

Regular (written dialogue) error:

  • Ignus Ferric, for the crafting questline, has the following written dialogue: "While it's unknown who built the Forge of Legends, it's construction shows techniques from multiple Worlds. Even different dimensions!" The apostrophe should not be present there.

May 22, 2010
Gosh, either I've somehow gotten really hawk-eyed about grammar, or there's a lot of mistakes in Polaris/Arcanum dialogue. Maybe both lol. Anyways, here's a new batch of errors that I caught. I decided to leave out mismatches between audio/verbal vs. written dialogue since it's not really a misspelling or grammar issue, I guess. Here are the errors, in order of quest line:
  • Captain Jock Coosto (before boarding his ship) says: "He must not have realized how fast the ship really is. He would've been wise scuttle her. Now we can catch him at the Sky Anchor." Note that it should say "... would've been wise to scuttle her." (The audio is correct, just written mistake.)
  • Ivan (before boss battle on ship) says: "No, fish-man. Ivan and Wizard like it just fine on here on deck. It is you who will go overboard, back into sea, where you belong." Note that it should just say "Ivan and Wizard like it just finehere on deck." instead of the phrase "on here on deck." (The audio is correct, just written mistake.)
  • Grandfather Spider (after defeating the Rat) says: "You were the helping hand that pulled us from the abyss, and for that, you may be favorite thing in this forsaken mess of broken worlds." Note that the underlined section should say "you may be my favorite thing" in order to be grammatically correct. (The audio is correct and has the word "my" as well.)

May 18, 2011
I redeemed the code for the Great Detective Bundle and I noticed an inconsistency with the name of the pet the bundle comes with. On the card, it's called 'Baskerville Hound Pet'. However, when I clicked on the gift icon to claim it, the game called it 'Barkerville Hound'.

May 22, 2010
I've caught some new errors in my questing in Mirage. I included a few audio/written dialogue discrepancies which are more notable, though not all of them. In the order of my questing, I've encountered these errors:

Side quests:

  • Yousef (Alkali Barrows), says "Yes? I wish I'd wished for you sooner! [...more dialogue follows...] Thank you!" but the audio does not have "Thank you!" at the end.
  • Earl Gray (Aggrobah, in dungeon instance) says in written dialogue: "Why, I know the locals are leery of Qhatnip. That's why I'm doing them the service of shipping it all away to Marleybone." The audio, however, clearly says "all the way to Marleybone."

Main quest line:

  • In Caterwaul Canyons, there's like 15 misspellings of "Reverend" as "Revered". (Okay, I'm exaggerating, but there really are a lot of mistakes.) The dialogue is supposed to be referring to Reverend Mother Meowhaim, so they should be saying "Reverend Mother" not "Revered Mother". The audio is always correct; it's just the written dialogue that's wrong. Here are the number of times I've caught this error (there might be more that I missed as well or other instances where I've not reached that quest line):
  1. Count Tirgis Crowl says, before we have to defeat him, "I know not by what magic they control Atraydies, but he is oblivious. Watch when we return. The Revered Mother will decide my fate. You'll see."
  2. After defeating Count Tirgis Crowl, there is a bunch of dialogue. Pol Atraydies says "Yes, Revered Mother. Exile is the proper punishment. Count Crowl you are hereby banished from the Agouti Rift - you may never return."
  3. Murdak says, "Yes... that did seem strange, and the Binny Jezzerit are known to employ such magics. You should go and discuss this with the Revered Mother... yes."
  4. Once I go into the dungeon to defeat the Reverend Mother, right before the first battle, a Binny Jezzerit Sister says "The Revered Mother forewarned us that you might seek entry into the Monastery without invitation. Your transgression must be punished."
  5. Right before the second battle of the aforementioned dungeon, Sister Iroolan says "The Revered Mother sent me to formally inform you of this fact, and forcibly remove you from the premises. You will not get by me."

P.S. I had a change of heart on the error I reported within my first paragraph of my July 29th post. I think it could be stylistic choice to not add the "s" after the apostrophe in this particular case. I was confused, however, because "empress" was capitalized, so I was treating it as a non-biblical or non-deity-type name.

Nov 18, 2016
Something's wrong with the dialog in the "She Ran Crying Wildfire" quest on Firecat Alley. The line "Could get my Spellbook back?" should be "Could you get my Spellbook back?"

Also, on a related note, something's wrong with Lizzo FireSpitter's voice acting when she says "Someone - something - has corrupted them." For some reason her voice cuts out for a split second when she says the "cor" sound in "corrupted", so it sounds like she's saying "orrupted". Listen to it closely; You'll see what I mean.

May 22, 2010
Some additional errors I've caught as I quest. Most of these errors are with apostrophes so I have a category for this.

Apostrophe-'s' issues:
  • Nashkurgal (in Mirage) says " Thank the sands. [...more dialogue follows...] I don't know which is worse, the Baron's madness, or the Baroness's sorrow." I'm completely fine with having an apostrophe followed by an s here, however you should be stylistically consistent. I mentioned in my July 29th post how you said "... Empress' government...". I see no distinction between the Baroness and Empress titles which would justify this different style.
  • Burdie (in Caravan, Mirage) says "Please, Wizard, join me in applying the these finishing touches. Go to Abbas' studio in Aggrobah and cash in my favor. [...more dialogue follows...]". This is a potential issue. It depends what stylistic guide you are following (Fowler's?), but for me, I don't think Abbas is a biblical name which would justify an exception. I think it would be "Abbas's".
  • Ricky (in Rubal Wastes, Mirage) says "These Dunes Djinn have enchanted the Snakes Maw to keep it hidden from all but the Serpentines." An apostrophe is missing. I think it should be "Snake's Maw".
  • From the same quest line as above, a Dunes Djinn says "All right, here you go - one Snakes' Maw coming right up." Ricky, in new quest line, also says "Snakes' Maw" in his dialogue. I think it should be "Snake's Maw" because the maw/mouth is a stone sculpture of one snake. Therefore, I think it's appropriate to describe it as a "snake's maw" not a "snakes' maw".
  • In the Serpentine Love Story quest line, I think that "Qhays' Hideaway" should be "Qhays's". Similar to my description with Abbas' vs. Abbas's which could depend on style guide.
  • In Istanboa, there is a repeated mistake in a quest line from Qhays. In short, "Officer's Club" should be "Officers' Club". (Unless this club belongs to just one officer lol.) But seriously, if you don't believe me, just look here on Wikipedia. This mistake appears in the dialogue from a Street Viper and from Qhays, and also from the text under the quest arrow.

Misc. other issues:

  • Chronomancer Heeth (in Rubal Wastes, Mirage) says "While I know we'll never be completely rid of the twisting terrors, but at least I can get some work done now. A million thanks!" The sentence does not make sense with "but" and the audio doesn't have this either.
  • Lady Blackhope (in Unicorn Way, Wizard City) says "You want me to stop haunting this street? HA! Let's see if you have enough spirit to stop me". Note that she is missing a period, ellipses, exclamation point, or some kind of punctuation at the end of her dialogue here.

Dec 20, 2008
In Beastmoon, when changing beast forms after getting any battle cards, a text box appears that says "Beast Form Select - You will loose all Battle Cards switching to this Beast Form"

Loose should be lose and there's no period at the end of the sentence.

Nov 16, 2016
In the quest Star-Dogged, the text for Taylor Coleridge says "Grimhilde was my first loyal mate" What he says is "Grimhilde was my loyal first mate."

May 22, 2010
Took a hiatus but I'm back and with a new wizard. Here's a new batch of errors I've found:
  • Milo Barker says "A good Pet has eyes and ears far more sensitive that yours or mine. [more dialogue] ...". The "that" should be "than". The audio is correct, just a written issue.
  • Milo Barker (when giving the quest line "A Wizard's Best Friend"), says the sentence "[some dialogue before]... He'll tell you more, and can set you upon the right path!" whereas his audio does not have the word "can".
  • During this quest line (see above), there's pictures/diagrams which are shown to explain pet snacks, pet hatching, and pet derby (in that order). All of these have inconsistent use of periods. For example, "Type of snack" and, on a separate picture, "Type of pet." which has a period. This is relatively minor though.
  • Shelus Gruffheart (in Firecat Alley, Wizard City for the quest "One Watch to Rule...") consistently and repeatedly refers to the item I need to obtain as the "Sleeper's Timepiece". It's confusing, then, when Wormguts (the boss to be defeated) refers to it as the "Sleepwalker's Timepiece". Why the discrepancy?
  • Duncan Grimwater (in Triton Avenue, Wizard City for the quest "Bitter Harvest") says "Of course! Go tell Susie Gryponbane that the ... [more dialogue follows]". The correct spelling of her name is Suzie Gryphonbane.
  • In the same quest line as above, after defeating the Harvest Lord, it says "In the back of the room you notice Artur, Susie's brother." It should be "Suzie's".
Regarding the last issue for "Bitter Harvest" quest, someone already reported this discrepancy back in July of this year, so I'm not sure why it has taken so long to address. Here's the link to that: https://www.wizard101.com/forum/halstons-laboratory/suzie-gryphonbane-name-doesnt-match-quest-dialog-8ad6a4247a7fffa3017a82b926fd27ed?page=1

Dec 25, 2010
Hi! I'm in Caterwaul Canyon and after I defeat Reverend Mother, i talk to Pol Atraydies and he SAYS "Can't say I envy you paying a visit there." but he READS "I can't say I envy you having to pay a visit there"

~Kayla Griffin, lvl 122

Jul 07, 2016
I'm not sure if this belongs here, but in the Zocalo, Azteca, Shiwakoatl's name doesn't appear anywhere on the text box like it should, but only above their head. This hasn't happened to me with anyone else, and it continues when I exit and reopen the game.

Oct 30, 2021
Maple Moose will show up as Magnificent Tiger in the backpack butler.

Mar 26, 2011
In the starting dialogue for "Writ At Large" in Lemuria, there's an audio mismatch with one of the lines from the ursai villagers that actually ruins a joke, where audio says "That name is slightly terrifying, but I'm still concerned!", whereas the text says "That name is slightly less terrifying, but I'm still concerned!".

Jul 07, 2016
Lord Cookie on Dec 4, 2021 wrote:
I'm not sure if this belongs here, but in the Zocalo, Azteca, Shiwakoatl's name doesn't appear anywhere on the text box like it should, but only above their head. This hasn't happened to me with anyone else, and it continues when I exit and reopen the game.
I also just noticed that the Zocalo map shows the snack vendor's name as 'Shwakoatl' rather than 'Shiwakoatl' which it says above his head.

Mar 26, 2011
This isn't a text error persay but I feel like this is still the most appropriate place to put it. In the early Krokotopian side quest "color blind", Talbot mentions that the only mander colours he's seen are blue and orange, but there are green manders walking around in the Oasis right behind him. Either the green manders should be removed, or the dialogue should be updated to include them, it makes no sense otherwise.

Jul 18, 2016
After ringing the bell in the Avalon quest "Every Rose Has Its Thorn", Sir Terrace Thornwhip appears, but the npc is incorrectly named as "Caoranach the Fire Spitter" (white name tag above his head).

Jul 25, 2010
Diego will say "Learn from these masters spell slingers!" in the arena.

Jun 06, 2009
In Ravenwood News' buddy bot pet announcement, it says, "Be sure to update your Buddy Bot's system by pet training at the Pet Pavilion to take advantage of it's top tier tech!" The "it's" should be "its," since it's a possessive.

Jun 21, 2009
In Empyrea's Chaos Jungle, in the cave where you rescue Beans and Mellori, Bat says to Mellori, "But you need it more than I do. I wanted save the Spiral, and I was prepared to do anything. But I was wrong. I need your help." I think it should say, "...I wanted to save the Spiral...."

Aug 03, 2009
I believe the mount reward from the Spring Scroll of Fortune (2022) is named incorrectly. It is listed as "Calvary Elephant" but I believe it should be Cavalry Elephant - Calvary is a religious reference and Cavalry refers to mounted soldiers on horseback or other type of animal.

A+ Student
Dec 11, 2010
Test realm on the main site (not in game) says you need to have made a 6$ purchase in the last 30 days to get access to test realm.
I did and I've only spent 5$ (no membership) in the past 30 days as far as I can tell. So is it supposed to be a 5 instead of a 6?

Jun 24, 2014
In Stone Town/Waterfront, Sobaka's Boat and Mago Onetusk's boats are both mistaking called the Dancing Queen, despite Sobaka never mentioning his boat having a name.