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Cyrus Drake's Red Correcting Pen

Aug 31, 2011
I don't mean to double post, but I just found another spelling error. When you collect all of the Ion Charges for the quest 'Star Talker', Amelia StarDust says, "... We can use these Ion Charges to reactive..." It should say reactivate, not reactive.

May 07, 2011
Cyrus Drake gives you the quest "Mything Persons" and during his dialogue there is a spelling error. He says, "For you next spell you'll need to find the seraph Lady Sylvan." It should say for your next spell.
Thought I should point that out.

Jun 14, 2016
In the voiceovers for the quest "Stone Town", Sobaka puts the stress in the word "library" on the last syllable. The stress should be on the first syllable.

Aug 29, 2009
In the dragonspyre fishing quest to catch a sentinel, the quest says to catch an "Armored Red Guard", yet the fish appears as a "Red Armored Guard" when caught.

Just trying to fix or clear up this inconsistency.

Nov 18, 2015
Zafaria's Drum Jungle -

When you prepare to press 'X' to use Mago Onetusk's boat it appears as "Dancing Queen" as it should. Well, once you've used it you are transported to the Drum Jungle area. Everything is good so far. WELL, once there if you turn around to use the "Dancing Queen" to be transported back to the Waterfront, it is suddenly called "Sobaka's Boat."

No I know what you're thinking because I was thinking it too. "Wait, WHAAAATTTTT?!?!?!" Yep.

Now, I wasn't sure if this was the forum post to reply to for this problem, but I didn't know if you considered these boats character-like entities.

I have a screenshot if needed, but I can't figure out how to attach it with the attachment button thingy.

Anyhoo, thanks!

Aug 17, 2009
In the quest "Not So Welcome to Myth", during the part when you talk to Harold Argleston, in the last set of dialogue, there is no space between "book." and "Personally", which is the start of a different sentence.

-Cori Cloud, 7

Dec 04, 2011
I boosted a wizard to level 50 and noticed that several side quests in Wizard City have a location error. Instead of locations in Wizard City, they say Austrilund in Grizzleheim.

Jun 24, 2009
This is one that I noticed on the quests. It seems to happen on Wizard City quests and I haven't yet pinned down all the ones it occurs on but I can confirm it happens on Grim Tales and the Smiths. For the Commons Smith, it says it's located in Grizzleheim, Austriland which is very false. Grim Tales then says Boris Tallstaff is in the same place(Grizzleheim).

Apr 25, 2011
When viewing the item pack "Myth Furniture Pack 3" the item "Cyrus's Dining Chair" is misspelled, and is written "Cyrus's Dining Char"

Mar 23, 2014
Unfortunately, I cannot give specific quest names. However, there are several wizard city quests that are said to go to Wintertusk instead of the actual location. I noticed this with quests regarding people that are located in the Wizard City Library.

Jun 25, 2011
Matthew g on Jan 7, 2014 wrote:
Matthew griffengem 64

I saw Poseidon say depths wrong

Other wise Cyrus drake I think the only reason you are so angry is you had hard time with minions cause minions take your traps like feint just to waste it on a fire cat

To Cyrus drake Teacher

Jun 25, 2015
Many of the Celestian texts are missing a period at the end. For example, in the District of the Stars, the monolith you repair at the start of the area has three lines, the lowermost two are both missing a period character, however the top one isn't.

Jun 14, 2010
Cyr- I mean Professor Drake,

Could you please remind Ashley, in Dragonspyre Academy, that upon closer examination there are only four pieces to the Dragonrider staff now not nine, and that the other five pieces are either fakes, singed splintered, or figments of her imagination. As I was told find four pieces that had been hidden throughout the Spiral, and do not recall finding another five pieces (unless someone using their time in study hall to meddle with memories, both hers and mine, maybe more students as well, this might be a minor problem someone should look into this).


Fallon D.

Jul 24, 2015
In the Mything Persons quest, after rescuing Lady Sylvan, her dialog shows her name as Lady Oriel.

Sep 25, 2016
In one of Diego the Duelmaster's quests, "Advanced Combat", he says "You can also use a zero rank spell if you want to save up Power Pips", and you don't learn about Power Pips until later in his lesson. I think it could be changed to "You can also use a zero rank spell if you want to save up Pips."

Jul 22, 2015
The quest to go into the Pyromancers Tomb displays: Collect crystal in Pyromacers tomb. The T should be capitalized as characters say it with a capital T.

Jun 17, 2016
In the Crustacean Empire area of Celestia, there is an area called the Barbican. However, the teleporter has an extra "A" in it, so it says THE BARBICAAN instead.

Dec 11, 2010
In housing castle magic tome the guide for computer magic shows signal 1 XOR signal 2 I believe their is not supposed to be an X

May 14, 2015
Got one for you.

Quest: Introduction To Life.

NPC: Blossom ( The life tree in Ravenwood ).

Line spoken by the NPC: "Now, go to the top of the Rainbow Bridge in the Commons, near the waterfall. Go there and play your flute."

Line, as read in the game ( Had to double-check multiple times on the Spellbooks quest page ): Now, go the top of Rainbow Bridge in the Commons, near the waterfall. Go there and play your flute.

Yeah, something in that particular line of dialog sounds ( or rather, looks ) a little, er... off.

Jan 15, 2014
The snowboard mount says "Snowboard, (perm)" but the candy cane snowboard says, "Candy cane snowboard, (PERM) in all caps.

Jan 15, 2014
Kiae020 on Jun 30, 2014 wrote:
I believe that Angle should be Angle.

To: Cyrus Drake, (Myth) professor
From: Emma Deathsong student level 82
I think you meant, I think Angle should be Angel

Feb 14, 2016
If it wasn't already specified, Apollo Bright One says his name like "Opollo (Oh-Paul-Oh) Bright One", but the correct saying is Ah-Paul-Oh, like if you were saying Apollo 11. No offense, to whoever had voiced him! (Also, my bad if "Opollo" is the correct pronunciation of "Apollo"!)
TO: Sir Cyrus Drake, Honored Myth Professor~
from: Scarlet Silversword, Magus Necromancer

May 31, 2009
Who: Roidh Firehilt

Where: The Wild, Avalon

When: First panel of dialogue to the quest "White Out"

What: The text says "there"; although, he says (the more accurate), "here."

Feb 07, 2010
The boot shop in Marleybone has a sign over the door reading "Foxhound's Footware" and unless I've not been told of some obscure rule english has about that, I'm pretty sure it should be spelled "Footwear".

Jun 13, 2011
I spotted another grammar error during the quest, "Fish, Glorious Fish!", where Ryoshi's voice says, "Ryoshi loves a challenge! Our first friendly challenge is to catch one Grape Jellyfish an one Origami Fish. Ready... Fish!", but the text incorrectly says, "Or first friendly challenge...". Perhaps this would be worth your time to correct that, Professor Cyrus Drake.