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Cyrus Drake's Red Correcting Pen

Jan 21, 2014
Hello Cyrus Drake this question has been bugging me for as long as I have made characters. When you run out of mana in the beginning, you see the Gamma sign and click. She says, ''Oooh, it seems you have run out of mana!
All wizards need mana to cast spells in combat" the problem is she says "combat" but she should say "combat." with a period on the end. please fix this!

TO: Cyrus Drake
FROM: Ashley Spriteshield lvl 63
Thank you! peace out :)

Aug 24, 2015
" You fit the storm shard into the alter. Electricity starts to build in the air around you." What ' AIR' we are under water. Never mind the physics of electricity and water there is no Air we used a Celestian Device to breath under water.
Professor Cyrus Drake thanks for asking.

Apr 06, 2011
Under Current Quests, in the quest "I can't dig it" it says defeat night flame and collect "burrowing shovel's".
There should not be an apostrophe in shovels. It's just a plain plural "shovels".

Dec 28, 2014
Cryus in Krokitopia Sa'eed sells pet snacks but for the thing bellow it says BLANK press X or click to talk it does not say Sa'eed

-Taylor Swift Master Pryomancer Lvl 44

Sep 15, 2015
Nicholas GoldSmith on Jan 8, 2014 wrote:
In Crustacean Empire, after you defeat Queen Calypso, you will need to talk to her to receive the quest "Treasure This."
She says, "Journey now to the Treasury and recover our treasure. If if is restored, we will lend you our blades!"
Found the mistake? LOL
"If if is restored..." should be "If it is restored..." The audio said it correctly, though.
I was about to mention that one too!

Dec 15, 2013
For the Level 58 Fire Efreet Quest, when you journey to the labyrinth, the quest says go to Dmiti's Hideout when it is supposed to be Dmitri's Hideout.

Aug 24, 2015
When cursing over the Will attribute of a pet, a list of what is affected by Will is shown. The list has "Critical Rating" twice, but not consecutively.

Aug 24, 2015
Viridian The Vile: The useless scared word hangs in the air . . . it sounds something like "Nee-wom." (pretty sure the " comes before the . )
Hard to be sure, it hurts to much to take. Speaker says hear.

Located in the Forlorn Tower on the High Road in Avalon.

Mar 08, 2013
In Avalon, after you collect sacks of grain, the badger merchant's ( Sumner Fieldgold " Deck Vendor " ) dialogue reads:

" Ah, now the good folk here will be able weather a hard season. "

and he says:

" Ah, now the good folk here will be able to weather a hard season. "

The dialogue is missing the " to " in the text.

Nov 10, 2010
In the task given by Reed Treever (found in Marleybone, Regent's Square) for Balance students to receive the Judgement Spell, the word "pleasant" is spelled incorrectly.

Sep 11, 2010
Avalon, the Wild, Cassie the Porycorn - quest "Meaner than a lemon".

On hand-in, Cassie's first line is "You got it back? How do like them apples!" - missing a "how do you like" in that (which is in the spoken text)

May 24, 2014
For the Quest Helper for "Quest Services" given by Felicia Worthington, it says "Crafting Stinger of the Scorpion..." and "Crafting Constellation Jewel...". It should say craft, not crafting.

May 24, 2014
Valkoor the Troll on Nov 24, 2015 wrote:
For the Quest Helper for "Quest Services" given by Felicia Worthington, it says "Crafting Stinger of the Scorpion..." and "Crafting Constellation Jewel...". It should say craft, not crafting.
Apparently, this is the same mistake in the Quest Helper for Dirks of Daring.

Apr 05, 2013
For the storm quests "Rusalka's Wrath" (sorry if I spelled it wrong), when you talk to Ione, she says,

"It can be... devastating to one's enemies."

However, the text states,

"I can be... devastating to one's enemies."

The I is supposed to be it.

Feb 13, 2011
You are unable to add apostrophe S the the end of most names for Text Chat.

Jun 13, 2011
Listen, after defeating Simon the Sayer, the newest Skeleton Key boss in Nightside's Sunken City in Wizard City, Simon's voiceover in the dialogue says, "Whaaaa! Simon says STOP! Simon also says the Golems will be nice now.", but, the dialogue's text currently incorrectly says, "Whaaaa! I Simon says STOP! Simon also says the Golems will be nice now.", which states that the voice doesn't have him say "I" in his dialogue. Remove that "I" from his dialogue text, if you please, Cyrus.

May 24, 2014
Hey Professor Cyrus! I would love to annoy you a little bit.
After defeating three Giant Spiders in Hyde Park for the quest "Take a Bite Out", you have to talk to Lady Desane. When you talk to her, the first sentence in the dialogue is "Thank you, dear sir!" The voiceover says "Thank you, dear wizard!"
I hope I annoyed you Professor Cyrus.

Jun 29, 2009

Sentence: "That's wise. If he taught you himself, then he might not get the most of the game, and he might try to cheat."-MIMIR WINTERBANE

change the "he might" to "you might" and i think remove the "the" that is before most so it looks like:

"That's wise. If he taught you himself, then you might not get most of the game, and he might try to cheat."

Apr 18, 2013
Mistake #1 - Balance School of Fish description has the word "breathe" spelled 'breath'.
Mistake #2 - Jaws description ..."Jaws' vicious demeanor is a simply result of tooth rust."
It should either be
a) "Jaws' vicious demeanor is a simple result of tooth rust." or
b), "Jaws' vicious demeanor is simply a result of tooth rust."
Mistake #3 - Lucky Hookline has a mistake in his description somewhere. I am not able to log on wiz now to check exactly what it is but if I remember correctly it's the word "end" which should be the word 'ended'. Like, "if the 'Catch of the Week' end today ...." to correct it, it needs to read, "if the 'Catch of the Week' ended today".

Jan 26, 2014
The storm scholar, Ione Virga and balance scholar, Jaki Whisperwind, do not have their titles beneath their names.
Ione Virga : Storm Scholar
Jaki Whisperwind : Balance Scholar

Coincidentally, I have both schools as my wizards and I'm wondering if that might be the reason. Could you check that out?

P.S: My storm hasn't reached the Arcanum yet.

Another little I noticed is that when you click the map in the Arcanum and look where the schools are, it says "Panopticon" but when you click the compass it says "Hall of Schools".

Dec 31, 2014
One of the quest goals for Feels So Good is to go to Tomar Skyblades's tower, but the character's name is actually Tomar Skyblade without an S.

Apr 06, 2013
Felix Navidad's shop says:: Felix' Items.
I beleve it should say Felix's Items.

Aug 09, 2012
At the end of the Science Center in Celestia, when you battle Maglup, the Narrator says "As Maglump is defeated, he drops a portal piece to the Solarium."

However, The text reads "As Maglump is defeated, it drops a portal piece ot the Solarium" instead of saying he drops, it says "it drops."

Apr 22, 2011
Not sure if this is a spelling error, but it is worth noting that in the quest "Wizard Tours," Ashley says "The last known Dragon Rider Staff was broken into nine pieces, stored in obsidian chests, and hidden throughout the Spiral for safekeeping." In the actual quest, you only find four pieces of the Dragon Rider Staff. The same error was in the next quest "Headless Rider," as in there Ashley says "That crystal will bind together all of the nine pieces and make it strong."

Jul 12, 2013
On the Mirkholm Keep map, it lists an area as "Grendle Grotto", when it should be spelled "Grendel Grotto".

-Cori MoonShade, Archmage Theurgist