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Noobs have finally done it

Sep 01, 2009
SuperSaiyan5000 wrote:
Gler88 wrote:
I killed 3 celestian enimies at level 33! Some of us are ready. Ya got that?

Really? Something tells me we're not getting the whole story on this.
No, I don't got that.
How? With what gear? Which enemies? By yourself?

Yeah. by myself. I dont remember what equipment, but i do remember wanting to do my best Phonix (sry if i spelled it wrong) using 5 traps on each enemy and 4 blades on myself. This was on a celestian renment in stormriven and i had a lava spider giving +3 accuracy. Got that? We could be ready. I Had to use one phonix (only one in my deck ) but only 3 traps and blades were used. So after that i used a (monstrous) meteor strike and won. Beat that!

Oh ice mobs. Got it. Nicely done! Be careful though, and make sure you have prisms, because Stormriven has Moon and Star mobs, and you never really know what school they are until they cast. And if possible, could you lose the whole "got it?" and "beat that!"? You're sort of not helping yourself, considering one of the topics in this thread is about low levels being rude. Peace!

Feb 27, 2011
I had several lower levels constanly asking for help; to the point that they were begging me. If I was already in a battle I would send them a message telling them I couldnt help at the moment but would when I was done. One even ported to my location after asking for "help". He is no longer on my friend list. In fact I went thru and deleted all the ones who kept begging, as well as those who would port to me while fighting, there by pulling in another opponent, then leaving! It irritates me when someone who is close to my own level will ask for help to fight a foe with 600 life points! Let me do all the work then leave without saying thankyou! A few times a week I will go thru the different worlds and "farm" the regents, as I am into crafting, and if someone who has just started playing, ask's for help, then I help.

Feb 20, 2011
Well yes some wizards may be bragging about their cool items but you can give them a reminder not to do that or just go to another realm instead. I remember when someone was dressed up in a bunny costume and told my something very mean and teased me. And she was a novice! It's not hard leveling up anyways so that your not a noob anymore AKA novice I mean after that you're apprentice! So maybe if everyone stops showing off Wizard101 would be a better place for everyone to play in without any problems!!

Jan 28, 2010
low levels have now taken up forming groups to farm stormraven and i have spent hours unable to play and that is going to other realms and not long here are some more foring groups not letting others play and no i do not think you should group farm preventing others from playing that have the right to be there.Stop low levels from celestial it has gone on long enough.

Dec 06, 2009
Alright ... I've had enough with this thread. KingsIsle needs to block it.

- Oran Titanrider, Grandmaster Thaumaturge
"We've ALL been noobs before ..."

This thread is making too much chaos, there is discrimination towards other characters, frustrated Wizards who shout in this, and ENDLESS arguing back and forth. Now, I read the code of conduct rules, and this thread goes directly opposite the way the Code of conduct is trying to lead us towards.

Mar 31, 2011
First, I'd like to say that the word 'noob' should be filtered. It's not a bad nor a rude word, but it makes people feel small and on the outside. If you're a high level, think about it. Let's say a level 70 is released, and togheter with it a world. But woops, only level 70s are allowed to go in and you're level 60. You teleport to a friend and join a battle. After that, they start calling you a'noob' and all kind of words that make you feel bad. How would YOU feel about that? Well that's exactly how lower levels feel. I'm a lower level myself, but I've never been told that, means people start learning. Hey, don't blame them for wanting to see Celestia. It's a wonderful world. So try and help them (including me (': I've always wanted to see Celestia).

Heather Nightblood - Level 13 - 14
Terri Foe - Level 9

Feb 19, 2010
Sometimes you are dragged into a battle standing to close to the battle.Not even their fault.

Jun 10, 2009
Feb 08, 2009
I dont really care about when lower levels go into higher worlds but I hate it when they join a battle which makes more enimies join which I ussually cant handle when the other person is level 19 but I dont care if they join when Im with atleast to other high levels because then it doesnt matter but when they use your traps is when I wish there was a "kick from battle" button which would be rude but They are just going to make you die. As long as new players dont actually affect me I dont care

Dec 11, 2009
I am SO sorry if us "noobs" are bothering you legendary people. We are just learning that we are not spposed to be in celestia. We mean well, and just want to see celestia. So those of you legenddary people can chill now. So sorry I even went to cl and i learned that Iwas not ready. Saffron Night blossom, LVL 26 Ice.

Dec 11, 2009
Inkydink wrote:
Sometimes you are dragged into a battle standing to close to the battle.Not even their fault.
We can even make a battle if we are to close to cl mobs. Saffron Night Blossom lvl 26 ice.

Apr 30, 2010
I was in Celestia yesterday and I can across a level 35 wizard that was a mute and kept asking me to be his friend. I wanted to ask him how he got there but he can't respond to that. I had my lower level death wizard go to Celestia because I was curious to see if the polymorphs were the same as my life wizard's. After I checked that out, I went back to the quest I was working on.

Jun 28, 2009
ok first of all say yes if you agree that ice wizards are the most friendly people in the spiral. Second noobs maybe annoying but some are helpful, some maybe mean too, and some noobs don't care about your traps. some wouldn't care about your traps and feints. You may not know some wizards maybe high level wizards doing another char. Sometimes you gotta deal with it. Example: One time when i was doing a boss with cuthalla (the one in stormriven) there was a menu chat dude that summoned a ice colossus minion and everytime that minion used ice bats, cuthalla would heal himself using this satyr (ice wizards keep that in mind) and i was n the battle with him. I had to flee on him because i couldn't take it. When i came back to the place( i appeared in the same realm) and i saw the dude still battling him. so i added my sacrifice to my deck, jumped in and killed the colossus minion then i continued the battle and killed cuthalla (even though it's impossible for a ice wizard like me to kill him). One more thing make sure if a low level menu chat person ports to you, becareful because they may not know much of the enemies in cl.

Brandon Goldfriend lvl 60th