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Everyone is talking about Wizard101! Both experienced and casual gamers have a lot to say about the free to play family-friendly MMO. Browse the game press excerpts below or click to read the full article - either way we hope they give you an idea about the family friendly entertainment that is Wizard101!


KingsIsle Entertainment Creative Director Todd Coleman Explains
How Wizard101 Became A Global Success

First of 5 Part KingsIsle Feature in Forbes

"With 25 million registered users and 16 million unique monthly Web visitors, KingsIsle’s Wizard101 is one of the most popular online games for kids ages 8-12. The free-to-play game competes head-to-head with Nickelodeon and Disney online game properties, but does so with completely original characters in a non-licensed virtual world."

KingsIsle Entertainment Marketing Exec Fred Howard Details
Who Is Playing Wizard101

Second of 5 Part KingsIsle Feature in Forbes

"While many people may look at the game as just for kids, the player breakdown is actually quite diverse. Fred Howard, vice president of marketing at KingsIsle Entertainment, breaks down exactly who’s playing Wizard101 in this exclusive interview."

Pirate101 Co-Creator Todd Coleman Details New Game And Talks Expansion

Third of 5 Part KingsIsle Feature in Forbes

"J. Todd Coleman, vice president and creative director at KingsIsle and co-creator of Wizard101 and Pirate101, talks about the new game and explains how the company will expand beyond the “101” franchise in this exclusive interview. He also warns competitors that it would take at least $100 million and five years of development time to even think about competing with Wizard101 in the online space — something that big brands like LEGO, Disney and Marvel have tried, and failed, to do in recent years."

Pirate101 Co-Creator Josef Hall Discusses Importance Of Beta And Game Launch

Fourth of 5 Part KingsIsle Feature in Forbes

"Since our game universe started with Wizard101, a game about magic and mythological creatures, it’s already on the far edge of fantasy. The genre is really closer to Narnia or Harry Potter. All of our pirate ships are flying, because our worlds consist of enormous floating islands that hang in mid-space. The people of this world are talking animals, and the skies are filled with dragons and sky squids."

Pirate101 Co-Creator Josef Hall Talks Grub Guardian And Future Games Expansion

Fifth of 5 Part KingsIsle Feature in Forbes

"From a design standpoint, one of the key lessons we learned was to keep players from “falling off” of the main story line. In Wizard we allowed a lot of freedom for the player to disregard, and in fact, effectively opt-out of the main story. What we discovered was that having this lack of direction, whether intentional or not, resulted in players losing interest. "