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Everyone is talking about Wizard101! Both experienced and casual gamers have a lot to say about the free to play family-friendly MMO. Browse the game press excerpts below or click to read the full article - either way we hope they give you an idea about the family friendly entertainment that is Wizard101!


Austin-developed 'Wizard101' to expand into China

"The publisher of the Austin-developed online game "Wizard101" has signed a deal to expand the game into China. KingsIsle Entertainment announced the agreement Wednesday with Taomee Holdings Limited, a Chinese children's entertainment company."

The Devil's Advocate: Kids Games Don’t Stink

"Wizard101, as evidenced by our recent re-review, has some of the best content available and most innovative systems in the MMO industry… yet it’s arguably a game intended purely for tweens and pre-teens. That doesn’t stop the guys and gals who created Shadowbane from making sure W101 has more than enough appeal to any gamer out there with an open mind. A good game is a good game, and that is exactly Wizard 101."

Austin game studios reveal how they deal with online trolls

"Video game studios that run massively multiplayer online games virtual worlds where thousands of players interact with each other have a lot to manage. But one factor that's always a challenge is dealing with players who don't play by the rules or who actively disrupt the experience for other players, so-called griefers, bullies or trolls."

Best Free MMOs: Sports, Simulation, Family

"Step aside, Harry Potter: Wizard 101 is an MMO game that casts players as students of the magic arts. Students can choose to align themselves with one of several schools, including Ice, Fire, Storm, Life, Myth, Balance, and Death (which is where the “troubled kids” go)."

MMObility: Ten terrific titles for this nifty new netbook

"Who could go wrong with a fully downloadable, fully voice-acted MMO that will run on a toaster? The very first time I visited the studios of KingsIsle, the maker of Wizard101, I brought my old netbook with me. I was having issues fitting it to the 600-pixel-tall screen, but one of the coders came in and adjusted a config file and got me in the game. The game is not just for kids. Not at all."

Wizard101 Releases a New Expansion and iOS Mini Game

"KingsIsle Entertainment, the creators of Wizard 101 has recently announced the latest content update for Wizard 101 titled Zafaria, an African-themed world. The update changes the level cap from 60 to 70 and introduces new gear, pets, mounts and spells."

Massively.com - Wizard101 to hit 20 million user mark this week

"It's a magical occasion for KingsIsle Entertainment, as it announces that its popular MMORPG Wizard101 will reach 20 million registered users this week. The press release is careful to note that the 20 million does not include the European editions of the game."

Austin Business Journal - KingsIsle's Wizard101 expands to U.K., Germany

"KingsIsle Entertainment Inc. has expanded its popular Wizard101 computer game to the United Kingdom and Germany.

The company, founded in 2005, announced the global expansion at the same time as the game breached 20 million registered users, or about 5 million more than in January. "

TechCrunch- Wizard101, KingsIsle's Massively Multiplayer Game For Kids,
Passes 20 Million Users

"Though of course it’s all relative, Wizard101 has flown somewhat under the radar compared to Moshi Monsters, Club Penguin, and of course its older cousins like World of Warcraft and Free Realms. Yet, with 20 million in the U.S. alone and nearly 12 million unique monthly visitors, Wizard101′s latest numbers undoubtedly make it one of the most popular massively multiplayer (MMO) games in North America."

Beckett Massive Online Gamer - Wizard101 To Hit 20 Million Players

"JK Rowling has said that the population of Hogwarts is somewhere around a thousand students. If that's the case, then Ravenwood's got it beat by a wide, wide margin, as KingsIsle Entertainment announced today that the 20 millionth wizard would sign on to play Wizard101 sometime this week."

Massively - Choose My Adventure: Fizzles aren't fair edition

"The votes have all been tallied, and my fellow Wizard101 players have spoken! When I asked which secondary school I should go for, you all told me, "Life!" Some thought this was a silly idea -- a Death wizard with a life secondary school? -- but I like it."

Forbes - Wizard101, The Harry Potter Of Online Games, Sees Growth

"Wizard101 is a massively multiplayer online fantasy game for children from Texas-based game developer KingsIsle Entertainment. Think “Harry Potter” meets online game. And like the famous book and film series, Wizard101 has become increasingly popular with children — and even adults."

Gamasutra - Teen-Focused MMO Wizard101
Approaches 20 Million US Registrations

"KingsIsle Entertainment's teen-focused MMO Wizard101 is expected to pass 20 million user registrations this week, just shy of three years on the market, according to the company. The news comes just over one year after the game hit 10 million registrations, meaning that user acquisition for the game managed to increase after its first 20 months on the market."

Fox Business News - The Growing Popularity of Wizard101 Video Game

Todd Coleman speaks on the growing popularity of Wizard101 on Fox Business News

Austin 360 - Austin gaming: KingsIsle hits 15 million

"Two Austin-developed online games are having some big success of late: “Wizard 101” from KingsIsle Entertainment, has reached 15 million registrations. That’s in the U.S. alone; it doesn’t include European players. The company is hiring and says it’s seeing strong growth for its website traffic."

Massively - Choose My Adventure: Wings rule, horses drool edition

"For those who might not know, it was decided last week that my Wizard101 character was to be a boy from the school of Death. On top of that, he was ordered to get around town by using a pair of beautiful white wings. I heard a few comments in different places about how the wings would not look cool with a Death student or about how a horse mount or broom was better. "