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January 31st, 2023


Karamelle Souvenirs Pack Bundle!
Care for a souvenir? The Karamelle Souvenirs Pack Bundle is back the Crown Shop! This bundle gives 12 packs for the price of 10. Don't miss out, this bundle will disappear on 2/5!


January 31st, 2023


Spiral Scene Event!
Go ahead, make a scene! Now through Monday, February 6th, you can earn terrific rewards through the Spiral Scene event by rating castle tour houses, visiting top houses, completing daily assignments, and more! Learn More »


January 27th, 2023


25% OFF the Level 50 Elixir!
Leap into Celestia! Now through January 29th, get 25% OFF the Level 50 Elixir and instantly propel a new character into the second story arc! Take advantage of this limited time deal. See Sale »


January 27th, 2023


Cuckoo Clock Gauntlet is Back!
The gears are turning. Now through Thursday, February 2nd, you can get the Cuckoo Clock Gauntlet in the online cart! Don't miss your chance to get this throwback bundle! See Bundle »


January 26th, 2023


Mastery Amulet Sale!
Be a master of all the schools. Get all your mastery amulets for 50% Off through Sunday, January 29th. Don't miss out on this limited time offer!? Save on Amulets »


January 25th, 2023


6 Month of Membership + Crowns!
For a limited time only, Wizard101's semi-annual Membership plus 8,250 Crowns is only $59.99. Buy Special Bundle »


January 24th, 2023


Rabbit Sale!
Hop to it! Now through Sunday, January 29th, you can get select rabbit mounts for 25% off in the Crown Shop. Don’t miss out on this deal! See Sale »


January 24th, 2023


Spiral Showcase Event!
Earn free rewards for doing the things you already love to do in the game like Fishing, Crafting, Pet Training, and more! Learn More »


January 23rd, 2023


New Auspicious Rabbit Pet!
The Year of the Rabbit is here! The new Auspicious Rabbit Pet is now in the Crown Shop! Celebrate the Lunar New Year with this elegant, amiable, and tender companion!


January 20th, 2023


Ice School Sale!
It's a bit chilly in here! Now through Sunday, January 22nd, you can get select Ice School themed items 25% off. Don’t miss out on this deal! See Sale »


January 19th, 2023


Dragon Riders Bundle!
This bundle is fire.The Dragon Riders Bundle is now available in the Crown Shop! This special limited-time bundle includes the Shinobi Dragon Mount, Bone Dragon Mount, Dragon Wings Mount, Guardian's Outfit, and a Mega Snack Pack. Don’t delay – it’ll disappear on 1/22!


January 17th, 2023


Wyvern's Hoard Pack Bundle!
Let's soar! The Wyvern's Hoard Pack Bundle is here and gives you 12 Wyvern's Hoard Packs for the price of 10! Try for a chance at the elusive Wyvern Mounts, Greenwarden's Gear, and Housing Teleporters in this home and garden card pack. Don't miss out!


January 17th, 2023


Beastmoon Monster Mayhem Event!
A little mischief and mayhem never hurt anyone … except the bad guys! Now through Monday, January 23rd, get ready to embrace your inner beast and team up with allies in an attempt to best multiple waves of monsters! Will you come out on top? See Event »


January 13th, 2023


Jewel Crafter’s Bundle is Back!
You’re a real gem. Now through Thursday, January 19th, you can get the Jewel Crafter’s Bundle in the online cart! Don't miss your chance to get this throwback bundle! See Bundle »


January 12th, 2023


Throwback Weekend – Prestigious Attire!
Live like royalty! Now through Monday, January 16th, we’re bringing the Prestigious Attire back to the Crown Shop! Don’t miss out. See Sale »


January 11th, 2023


Save 30% when you Purchase a Bundle!
For a limited time only, Wizard101's one year Membership plus 13,750 Crowns is only $74.99. That's a savings of nearly 30%! Buy Special Bundle »


January 11th, 2023


Novus Explorer's Crowns Reward Event!
Introducing the Novus Explorer's Crowns Reward Event! Now through Monday, January 16th, every 3,990 Crowns you spend in-game earns you a free Novus Explorer's Pack! Learn More »


January 11th, 2023


New Novus Explorer's Pack!
Explore a strange new terrain! Get weird with the exclusive surreal items in the all new Novus Explorer's Pack! You have a chance to get the Great Inventor's Gear, Friendly Falcon Pet, and Standard Mount! See New Pack »


January 10th, 2023


Death Deckathalon Event!
We’re at death’s door. Now through Monday, January 16th, battle your way through the Death Deckathalon tower to test your TC-slinging skills, rise up the leaderboard ranks, and win exclusive prizes like the Death Class Pet! Learn More »


January 9th, 2023

Mega Pet Snacks

Mega Monday!
Your pets are in for a treat! Today only, Mega Snack Packs are 40% OFF in the Crown Shop! Take a bite of this deal before it disappears.


January 5th, 2023


Throwback Weekend – Charmer’s Mystical Flutes, Hawk Rider's Claymore, Arcane Smith's Hammer!
Wield the weapon of your choice! Now through Sunday, January 8th, we’re bringing back the Charmer’s Mystical Flutes, Hawk Rider's Claymore, and Arcane Smith's Hammer in the Crown Shop! Don’t miss out. See Sale »


January 3rd, 2023


Super Hoard Packs!
Super-duper! Now through 1/8, you can get select super hoard packs in the Crown Shop. When opening these super packs, your chance of getting the mounts is 3x higher than it was in the original Hoard Packs! See Packs »


January 3rd, 2023


Beastmoon Hunt Event!
Unleash your inner animal! Now through Monday, January 9th, don a beast form and get ready for the hunt of a lifetime during the Beastmoon Hunt! Join a team and battle other Wizards in a limited-time game mode to earn incredible rewards! Learn More »