12M Membership + 5,000 Crowns Every 30 Days

   We’ve combined two of our biggest discounts together to bring you one unbeatable deal on Membership and Crowns! For a limited time, you can get a special Timed Rewards bundle which gives you a 12-Month Membership and 5,000 Crowns every 30 days for only $89! That’s a savings of nearly 44% compared to buying them separately!

Better yet – when this Timed Rewards bundle renews, it’ll renew at the same price and you’ll continue to receive 5,000 Crowns every 30 days!

About Timed Rewards

  1. You must log in to the Crown Shop to claim your rewards.
  2. While this Timed Rewards bundle is active, there will be 12 allotments of 5,000 Crowns - totaling 60,000 Crowns.
  3. Existing members will need to cancel their current membership in order to purchase this Timed Rewards bundle. Your monthly Crowns will start to apply when your Timed Rewards Bundle begins (after your canceled membership ends).
  4. If you redeem Prepaid Time while this Timed Rewards bundle is active, your monthly Crowns allowance will pause until your Prepaid Time finishes. After that, your Timed Rewards bundle and the monthly Crowns that come with it will resume.
  5. All memberships, regardless of term or bundle, will auto-renew until canceled.

Buy Now

All transactions are billed immediately and your payment method will be billed each time your Membership renews. You may modify your Membership status at any time through "My Accounts". This promotion is not applicable for gift certificates.

This special ends Sunday, January 3rd, 2021 at 11:59pm Central US time.