A little mischief and mayhem never hurt anyone...except the bad guys!

Now through Monday, March 27th, get ready to embrace your inner beast and team up with allies in an attempt to best multiple waves of monsters! Will you come out on top?

How Does it Work?

Upon entering a match, creatures are spawned across the map to fight. Defeat all those monsters to spawn a powerful boss in the middle of the map. During the boss fight, Artemis will place some additional monsters outside the Spiral battle which unlock buffs for the players in the boss battle when defeated! If you succeed in defeating the first boss in the time allotted, you’ll move onto the second wave. If you can quickly make your way through three waves of monsters and bosses, you’ll win the whole event!

Be wary – this is very challenging and only the most skilled, coordinated, and luckiest Wizards will make their way through the whole event!

The Beastmoon Monster Mayhem Event has unique repeatable objectives to challenge your skills! See Meleager while the event is active for more information!

Beastmoon Monster Mayhem Vs. Beastmoon Hunt

Unlike the Beastmoon Hunt, Beastmoon Monster Mayhem is a PvE event – meaning that you won’t be playing against other players. Instead, your enemy is the clock and waves and waves of monsters! Available beastforms in both events are the same. If you have unlocked or tiered up a Beastform in one event, it will be unlocked and/or tiered up in the other event as well.

To unlock Beast Forms, Gold Beastmoon Idols are needed. Only one Gold Beastmoon Idol is required per Beast Form and is permanent for that character.

Beastmoon Monster Mayhem Rewards

Mayhem will be rewarded! You’ll be able to work towards some great rewards including:

  • Lunari
  • Beastmoon Seeds
  • Reagents to craft a special school-specific Beastmoon gear
  • And more!

Participate in matches and fill up your personal progress bar to receive them!

There’s a lot to discover about the Beastmoon Monster Mayhem Event! To learn more, speak to Artemis in the arena while the event is live.

More good news! Earning points in the Beastmoon Monster Mayhem Event will also earn you points towards your Scroll of Fortune progress for even more rewards.

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