01 September 2016


Set the Stage for a Successful Year

September is such a great month in Wizard101. Our students are returning to school (both in Ravenwood and in the real world) and on September 2nd we celebrate our eighth birthday! (Can you believe it’s been eight years?) We have a great party planned for our players, so stay tuned for a Gobbler of a good time, and be sure to tune in to our special KI Live Birthday Livestream for more fun and games with Professor Falmea and Dworgyn.

Speaking of Professor Falmea, did you see her recent Producer’s Letter? She talks a lot about all the recent changes and improvements to Wizard101 and leaves players anxious for more, “ . . . many of you have asked when the next new world is coming out, and I’m super excited to announce that we’re full speed ahead, working on the creation of it.”

Wizard101 continues to grow and change, and we’re excited to set the stage for another great year in Wizard101. Thanks for reading and please read on for more news, hints, and talk from our community.


The New Class Furniture


Back to School in Style

Have you heard the buzz about the new school housing items found in the Crown Shop? If not, we’ve had several really great forum posts, blogs and videos made about it that you might want to check out:

The release of these school housing items coincided with a really big sales event called House-a-Palooza where you could find discounts on houses, housing items, gauntlets, one-shot dungeon, housing games, fish tanks, and build-a-castle pieces.

Although these new school housing items were only recently released, many of them started production over four years ago when players were requesting themed furniture to coincide with their school houses. Karl Holbert, MMO Lead Artist, explained, “We originally just wanted to make something fun for our players that they could put in their houses.”

Karl also noted that many of these items came strictly from the imagination of the artists on the MMO team, “I usually would give them some very limited direction and then let them dream up what the end result was going to look like. I’d tell them, ‘Think of something you might see in a Vegas-styled theme room based around a Wizard School . . . and go from there’.” The end results were over the top, fun items that showed a great sense of imagination.

Part of the reason it took so long to ultimately create and package these items was due to wanting to be fair to the players of Wizard101. Karl explained, “As time went on we wanted to make sure that these items were ultimately presented to players as sets of items instead of individual items.” He continued, “We didn’t want to make it so one class had a table and chairs and another class only had a bed and bathtub whereas a third class had rugs and bookshelves.”

Eventually the full sets of furniture items were ready to be presented and sold to our players! We hope you enjoy these new sets of items and have fun with them. Please feel free to send us screenshots of your creativity with these new school sets to community@wizard101.com. We love to see your imagination at play. Enjoy!


Game Feature Spotlight


Helpful Interface Hints

We’ve recently made some new changes to Wizard101 that most of you are already aware of. A few of these changes seem to merit just a bit more explanation, so we’re taking this opportunity to do so.

Concerning the new list of charms . . .

Ever wonder how many blades you have on your character and what those all are? We now have a great way to see all of those “buffs” you have; however, it’s just a bit hidden and you might just miss it if you don’t go hunting for it. To see a list of what your character has circling them, all you need to do is roll your mouse over the school symbol below and to the left of your name while in combat.

The percentages given in this list are also going to be a different color based on what kind of spell was used. For reference:

  • White = Trained/Item spells
  • Gold/Yellow = Treasure Card spells
  • Light Blue = Pet spells
  • Purple = Spells that have been enchanted.

Concerning the new friends list changes . . .

We’re sure you noticed this! Yup, we also made some Friends list changes. Did you know you can simply press F to bring up your friends list? Press “F” twice and you be taken into your advanced friends list where you can now find your True Friend Codes button. Press “F” a third time and it will automatically close!

When you click on your friend’s name in the friends list, click a player name from chat, or click on a player in the world, you then gain access to several options like adding to friends, adding to group, or inspecting. This screen is also where you will find the report button and the ignore button, they are the red buttons on the right hand side, which is an important point! In the old friends list, you could sometimes accidentally ignore or remove a friend because all “good” and “bad” buttons were in a row. "Now the “good” green buttons are on the left and the “bad” red buttons (for reporting and ignoring) are on the right."

Concerning the chat box . . .

Finally, you can now change your text size and chat window shading in the chat box! To change your text size, you’ll want to press the Escape key to open your options and click on the third joystick icon. Here you can increase your text size.

The chat box shading is a bit trickier to find. To change your shading, you click on the little asterisk symbol right below where you find the “X” to close the chat box. This brings up a slider so you can make your chat box background darker or lighter (which can be really helpful in those snowy areas of the Spiral).

Thank you for your continued feedback on our user interface. We appreciate your input.


What's up in the Community?


From Euler’s Constant to Perfect Kitchens

Outside of all the excitement from the new school housing items and House-a-Palooza, we had several fun articles and posts made about every topic you could think of . . . from Euler’s Constant to perfect kitchens! We captured and saved a lot of these links and are excited to share them with you. August was a great month:

What’s Euler’s Constant? Find out more about this interesting number sleuthing some players have done with the Catch the Key game.

Here’s a post for all our Hoarding Wizards out there. Kelsey asks, What item do you hoard?

Vanessa Mythdust talks about how she came to Wizard101 and what she’s learned while playing.

Congrats to Fiona FireFlame and all others who have earned their badge for hatching 100 times!

Which type of anthropomorphic creatures haven’t we seen in Wizard101?

Do you have an idea for improving Moon School Polymorphs? Join in the discussion.

Thanks to the Wizard101 Basics for Beginners blog for this great article on the Double Garden Members Benefit.

What do you think is the hardest fish to catch?

FMSorcerer lists his top ten coolest looking spells.

Kelsey from Stars of the Spiral gives her Top 10 updates from our Summer Update.

Have you seen this mysterious freckled piggle?

Blaze and Blue enter Xibalba in their fire and ice walkthrough.

Bereghost Games has returned to play more Wizard101!

It was great to see Skelemystyk excited about the Gold Miner talent found on his Mechanical Owl Pet. (7:48 minute mark)

Come watch ThemeChaos solo Neberyx.

We were happy to see your appreciation for the new teleport stones in Zafaria.

Duelist101 gives a great review of the Immortal’s Lore Pack.

FrostCaller reviews the new Farley’s Gardening Pack.

Looking to build the perfect kitchen? Adventures of the Spiral shares an amazing tell-all on how to create the best kitchen out there




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