01 June 2016


A Spectacular Summer Time Ahead

It’s time for June, and we’re starting it off right with our Pet-a-Palooza celebration. From now until June 12th, you’ll get great discounts on Pet items, and we even have a code that gives you a free item. Go to our Promo page, log in, and enter the code “snackattack” for a free Mega-Snack with a chance at a Purreau’s Plentiful Pet Provisions Pack! This code also gives you a Mega-Snack in Pirate101 as well!

Being that it’s summer, you’ll also be happy to know the “Basking in the Sun Shark” Summer Fish will be making a re-appearance in June. Be sure to catch the “Springfish” before it jumps away for the season!

Also new this month is the Darkmoor-themed Witch Hunter Bundle. There are so many great things to love about this new set of items, from the cool-looking gear and giant two-handed Crossbow to the Vampire Squire-el and the cool yet creepy Coffin Car. What a fun bundle of items!

At the end of last month, we also said hello to some new friends! The Cheesiwitz family are now available for purchase in the Crown Shop, and they have a really fun backstory! Read more about it here »


Pet Hatching


Do a Dallop of Dailies!

It’s been great to see everyone completing their daily assignments from Aegon Statz. If you haven't heard about them, please see the recent update notes.

There is one hint we’d love to share about the Daily Assignments that seems to be misunderstood by some students. Sometimes a daily assignment will be for an area you may not yet have access to if you’re a bit over-leveled for an area you’re currently questing in.

While if you have a membership, you could port to a friend who is higher level to complete the assignment, it’s also very acceptable to simply skip your assignment for the day. While you won’t get the reward, the good news is that you won’t have to start over at Day 1 if you miss a day. You can always pick back up where you left off. This also applies for when the real-world gets busy and you’re unable to log on for the day.


Turn Your Attention to Arcanum


A Quest-ionnaire for the New Scholars

Hi students and graduates of Ravenwood! Not much is known about the new Arcanum Scholars, and we know you’re always on the quest for knowledge . . . so we sent each new scholar on a quest to fill out a simple questionnaire! Their answers are great, and we’ll be sharing with you what they shared with us over the next few months. First up is Zander!

Name: Zander

Likes: Interdimensional meditation
Naming shades of green

Dislikes: Dislikes

Favorite Spell: Wings of Fate

Favorite Food: Eucalyptus

My corporeal existence began in the savagely beautiful land of Wallaru. From the beginning, I had an insatiable hunger for knowledge of all aspects of Life (the Magic and the act of not being dead). After spending what most would describe as several years in study under the tutelage of Wallaruvian Shaman, the branches of my thoughts started to outgrow the confines of Wallaru. I spent the next few seasons bouncing around all over the spiral, soaking up what rays of knowledge I could from each and every professor, teacher, and thinker I had the privilege of orbiting. Eventually, as one does, I found my way to the Arcanum, where I have been lucky enough to put down roots and grow into the Life Scholar that I am today.

Favorite quote?
The meaning of Life is to live like you mean it.

My friends describe me as . . . ?
That’s a hard question. Because if you ask them, they’ll probably say something different than if I ask them. And if they asked each other, they might all say things that come together to form a whole new thing. But If I have to put down an answer, I’d say my friends probably describe me as... “Zander”. And, my friends, I think that pretty much says it all, don’t you?

How I feel about Magic?
Magic is both incredible and mundane. For, once one has become versed in Magic, seeing and feeling things that others, who are not enlightened to it, simply cannot. Does that somehow make the “ordinary” things in life less wondrous? Is a flower not magical because it cannot cast a Satyr spell?


What's happening in the community?


Around the Spiral

Now that the Cheesiwitz pets are in town, it’s time to help Petnome unlock the mystery of what talents are hidden on them:


Come have some fun with Skelemystyk as he trains up Mama Cheesiwitz to Mega.

Ever thought about grouping wizards by which instrument they might play? Here’s the perfect thread for you.

Blaze LifeHammer continues questing through Azteca and enter the Black Sun Pyramid.

Ever wondered where Astraeus is from? Throw your two cents in here.

Congrats to Vanessa Mythdust, who is now leader of the Mercenaries for Hire group.

Wyntr Loves plays Wizard101 and learns the hard way . . . Don’t try to solo Sunken City.

What just happened? Players talking about surprise completions of Daily Assignments.

FrostCaller celebrates “Mother Ocean Day” and gives the top 5 oceans in the Spiral.

Stars of the Spiral gives a second look at “Locked Off” areas of Wizard101.

Zenmaster Blue Lists his Top Ten Dungeons in Wizard101.

Check out this Fervid Crabling hybrid discovery!

What interesting ways do you have for storing your bobbleheads.

Check out this “Malistaire’s Grasp” Speed Paint. The resulting picture is pretty amazing.

How would you summarize each world of the Spiral in 5 words?



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