Update Notes

April 2016

Welcome to the April 2016 Update Notes Page. What are Update Notes you ask? Every time we update Wizard101, we like to let our players know what changes have been made and what new additions have been given to the game. Update Notes explain those changes and updates.

This update includes Daily Assignments, New Skeleton Key Bosses, Zafaria Fishing, the Gear Vault and more!

Earn Daily Rewards


Daily Assignments

Earn rewards for playing Wizard101 each day, with Daily Assignments. Wizards level 12 and above should visit Aegon Statz in Ravenwood to take on the quest “The Gravulum Order” for an introduction to Daily Assignments. Then, every day when you log in, you can either visit Aegon or the Gravulum Lodestone item in your home to see the assignment for the day. Assignments will send you all over the Spiral to defeat various foes and earn cumulative rewards.

Each day that you complete the Daily Assignment will grant a progressively better reward, with the 15th day providing the best reward possible. After you’ve completed the cycle, it will start over again and you can continue to earn more rewards.

Daily Assignments reward Gold, Arena Tickets, Crowns and more! If you are unable to complete a Daily Assignment, don’t worry. You’ll be able to pick back up where you left off at any time.


New Challenges


Skeleton Key Bosses

Three new skeleton key bosses have been added for those Wizards in search of a new challenge. Bring a Wooden Skeleton Key and visit the Krokotopia Library to face off against the Rank 4 boss, Ra. A Stone Skeleton Key can be used to unlock a battle against the Rank 13 boss, Ixcax Cursedwing within Azteca’s Black Sun Pyramid. Those in search of the highest level of challenge should bring a Gold Skeleton Key to River of Frozen Tears in Polaris to take on the rank 17 boss, Omen Stribog.


Spend Training Points



The scholars of the Arcanum now have additional off-school spells to teach Wizards of at least Level 100. Each spell costs one training point to learn. Zander can teach Nature’s Wrath and Forest Lord. Baba Yaga can teach Orthrus. Jaki Whisperwind can teach Power Nova. Tarrak Hadfield can teach Ice Trap and Frost Giant. Ignus Ferric can teach Fire Dragon. Ione Virga can teach Triton and Storm Lord. Qismah Shasa can teach Death Trap and Skeletal Dragon.

A new Star spell has been added to the Star School Trainer in Azteca. Devotion increases Life Damage by 25%, increases Power Pip chance by 5% and increases incoming Death damage by 10% for 4 rounds. To access this spell, Wizards must be at least level 84 and have completed the quest “Third Star on the Left” in Azteca.

Text on the front of many spell cards has been updated to more clearly represent the spell’s effect. Please note, the actual effects of the spells have not been altered. Only the spell card text has changed.

Rejoice, Death Wizards! The spell Call of Khrulhu will now attack all targets at once.

Fixed an issue that prevented some players from seeing the spell casting animation of a cloaked spell in PVP.

Camera angles during the spell Insane Bolt have been adjusted.

The Myth Imp spell card artwork has been updated.

Fixed an issue that prevented Triage from removing damage over time effects.

The Insane Bolt card available from Ivanenko’s Tiger is now listed as No PVP.

Fixed an issue that prevented a player from seeing the casting animation when they cast a Cloaked Area of Effect spell.


New Fishing Location


Fish, including some new species, can now be found swimming in the waters of Zafaria!


Gear Vault



Wizards can now store additional items in their home with the new Gear Vault housing item. It can hold up to 100 items including Hats, Robes, Boots, Wands, Athames, Amulets and Rings. Place the Gear Vault in your house and click the “Open Gear Vault” icon while in the “Place Object” screen. This works similar to music players, aquariums and the Seed Vault. From there you can move items between the vault and your Backpack. You may only place two Gear Vaults in each of your houses, one inside and one outside. Gear Vaults can be purchased from the Crown Shop or crafted using a recipe available from Toshio in Mooshu.

The Penguinonian Rug is now listed under the Furniture tab, instead of Outdoor.

The Grand Tournament, Midnight Sun Pagoda and Winterbane Hall can now be placed inside of houses, when enough room is available.

Default background music will no longer play in the Tranquil Cottage and Massive Fantasy Palace houses.

Fixed an issue that caused some items to be unable to be removed from the interior walls of the Massive Fantasy Palace.

Polarian Shipwreck has been added to the possible list of house names on Housing Signs.

Icons for many weapons have been updated from the generic wand image when in item placement mode in houses.

Neville Cobblestone now sells a Lilac Argyle Wallpaper.

Fixed an issue that prevented the Small Snowflake housing item from being removed from some walls.


Fixes Galore



Camera angles for many quests in Wizard City, Krokotopia, Marleybone have been adjusted to provide a more cinematic experience.

Zarozinia the Deathsong now appears in the correct location on the map for the quest “Beach Comber.”

An icon of Brimstone for the quest “Ancient Dragon Secret” will now appear on the map.

An icon of Crates for the quest “Tools of the Trade” will now appear on the map.

Collecting the Vanilla Ice for the quest “Too Cold… Too Cold” in Frigid Maw will no longer also complete the quest goal for Urville Station.

Team Up has been removed from the Pyromancer’s Tomb in Dragonspyre.

The map icon for Officer Darby for the quest “Crime Reporting” has been updated to the correct location.

Fixed an issue that caused some players to get stuck in an empty battle circle during the quest “Log Jam.”

Items created for crafting quests will no longer be removed from player’s backpack upon quest turn in.


Fixes Galore



Roland SilverHeart has new trophy cases for sale for Arena Tickets.

Crafting timers for many recipes related to crafting quests have been reduced to 20 minutes.

You may notice that you have more crafting slots available than before this update. We’ve added more slots as you progress through crafting badges!

Ironsmiths in Grizzleheim have learned to transmute metals with a little magic, and Torald WayFinder will teach you these recipes!

Health reductions, starting Pip reductions, Critical and Block adjustments have been made to the bosses in the final wing of Darkmoor.

Hades, Poseidon and Zeus have had their Critical reduced.

Nameplates and first spell selections for Henchmen are now visible directly after purchase.

The Shroud of Malistaire’s Ire can now be placed in the Shared Bank.

Decks from House of Scales, Shangri Ba, Barkingham Palace and Darkmoor can now be placed in the Shared Bank.

Defeating Devil’s Flowers now contributes to the “Mantis Tamer” and “Fifth Column Seer” badge completion.

Fixed an issue that prevented players from progressing past 100/150 in order to acquire the “Ninja Grandmaster” badge.

Yakedo’s portrait now correctly matches his character model.

“Vissarovich’s Icehound” has been renamed to “Warden’s Icehound.”

The wand strike attacks on the Level 100+ version of the Ancient Spear of Power now cause 145 damage.

The Giraffe pet will now dance when on the winner’s podium in Pet Derby.

The Golden Goose pet has learned to properly dance when its owner uses the dance emote.

The Athame “Evoker’s Ember Bodkin” has been renamed to “Evoker’s Obsidian Edge.”

Eloise Merryweather in Polaris now has clothing items for sale.

Reagent requirement changes have been made to many of the Aquila crafting recipes available from Khalkos CopperSmith.

The Elucidate Treasure Card reward has been replaced with an Unstoppable Treasure Card for the quest "Follow the Leader."

Hovering over Seeds in the Seed Vault will now show you information about that Seed.

Fixed an issue that caused the Polarian Birch Tree and Icy Polarian Shrub to not appear in any furniture categories.

Baba Yaga now casts Sun spells to summon her minions.

Various spelling errors throughout the Spiral have been corrected.


April 14th, 2016


Fixed an issue that caused the game to crash for some players when switching pages within the Gear Vault.

Fixed an issue that caused the game to crash for some players while completing a Daily Assignment or viewing Daily Assignment rewards.

Visiting the Royal Museum in Marleybone has been removed as a potential Daily Assignment due to an error that caused some players to not receive credit for completion.

Fixed an issue that caused some items to be incorrectly flagged as No Auction after being placed in the Gear Vault. If you have an item that has been incorrectly labeled No Auction due to this issue, place the item back in the Gear Vault and remove it again to resolve the error.

Clicking on the Gravuluum Lodestone will only open one window to display the Daily Assignment.

Fixed an issue that caused The Rat to respawn at full health after being defeated.

Players will no longer receive a mastery amulet of their same school as a potential reward from Omen Stribog.

Completing the quest “Craft Services” will grant an additional Crafting slot and will no longer remove the crafted items required for the quest from the player’s backpack.

Fixed a visual error with the Ninja Pigs spell.

The Warpwood Wand has been returned to a smaller wand size.

Fixed a display issue with the card text on the Loremaster spell.

Fixed an issue with the description text on the spell Supernova.

Fixed an issue that prevented players from entering the Drum House dungeon after completing the quest "Drum House."

Fixed an issue that caused Omen Stribog's natural attack to face away from the target.


April 27th, 2016


Fixed an issue that caused Chasca Dawn Hour to not be present during the quest “Not a Cold Dead Place.”

Fixed an issue that caused pets with a socketed Jewel to lose the Jewel when the pet was placed in the Attic. Pets affected by this issue will not be able to socket a Jewel until they have been placed in and removed from the Attic once more.

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