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Our Newest Pets - A Most Mousey Family

In a remote corner of Marleybone, there is a small village called Cheddarberg, where the Cheesiwitz family has lived for as long as there have been records documented of the region. It is believed that they are among the original group of Mice who settled in the area, because the climate and conditions were perfect for what they loved doing most: making cheese.

Some twenty-odd generations later, husband and wife, Moshe and Miriam Cheesiwitz, affectionately known as Papa and Mama, respectively, have come to the conclusion that there is more to life than just making cheese for the denizens of Cheddarberg. So together with their young son and daughter, this branch of the Cheesiwitz family has set out to broaden their collective horizons, all the while seeking to spread their knowledge and appreciation of all things cheese to the entire Spiral.

Check out these amazing new pets! Papa, Mama, Sister and Brother Cheesiwitz are all available in the Crown Shop.

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NOTE: Brother and Sister Cheeziwitz are special pets that won’t produce themselves as a hatch result; however, hatching Papa and Mama together can sometimes result in a Sister or Brother pet.

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