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You decide on a new world!

Aug 01, 2010
Adam Dark on Mar 10, 2021 wrote:
I would like a world like Arcanum very techy, and very futuristic, maybe dark space where it has the same swim style as underwater but its more floating. Like Moon planet on Destiny 2
Cool idea

Nov 25, 2012
I want to see a In Book world that takes insperation from various famous art styles like pop art and doodles and also from painters Salvador Dali and Van Gogh :)

Jul 24, 2012
OH, Maybe a Ravenwood Rescue Mission

Ravenwood wizards are in all parts of the spiral right? it's ashamed we never fight with or meet other Alumni of the Academy.

It can start out as investigation and lead into something more sinister.

Sep 06, 2012
What about a world of crystals and gems. The people can be like humanoid stars or something. Kind of like stevens universe

Nov 27, 2019
could do one set on a moon in the spiral. it'd be related to celestia. it could be set in a very futuristic space lab. where you'd have to repair stuff and kill enemies blah blah etcetra etcetra. the enemies would be moon, sun and stuff. though maybe a rank 12 to rank 13 elite or something. it could be unlocked maybe around avalon or azteca, providing a nice amount of xp with some good loot - however the world can be either short or long. i dunno thats just a short idea i got

May 14, 2020
I'd love to see a Puzzle World.

You know those platform puzzle games, where you have to unlock things in a certain order? Why not have a world with a bunch of mini-puzzles. Locked gates, keys, unlocking abilities ("world cards" that exist in your deck, but only while out of combat, mainly for getting around the world - "Jump", "Teleport", "Phase Through Matter").

Also, time travel puzzle games are fun. Jumping to the puzzle's early state, where a door might not have been locked yet, might be a fun way to get through a puzzle. Jumping forward, to a state where a portion of the puzzle is solved, could also be fun. The trick could be knowing when to jump forward or back, to avoid taking a wrong turn.

I'd prefer if this were a series of mini-puzzles. Nothing more than 10 minutes long per puzzle, on average. Perhaps 15-20 in an optional side-world. With some puzzle battles in there for good measure. (Crab Alley, for example, had some challenges. Perhaps not as tough, though.)

Nov 14, 2012
Wizard101FanWiki on Aug 13, 2008 wrote:
How about an Atlantis themed world. All under water with mermaids and mermen, fish, sharks, coral, and more.

How about a Futuristic World. Or based on a kind of old sci-fi idea of futuristic. Robots, flashing lights, teleporter's, sleek building, etc.

How about a Moon Base world.

As a Piers Anthony fan how about a world of fantasy with pun speaking players. :-)

Along same line above say some World that speaks in riddles.

Of course their is always the classic knights, castles, dragons, and maidens in distress; medieval world idea.

Maybe a racing themed world.
Or an Amusement park themed world.

Then there is always the idea of worlds with individual school themes.

Thats just some ideas off top of my head.
A Moon based world would great AWESOME!!! Some new moon spells or Moon enhanced or even more Moon school Shift spells (really loved that 100 shift spells -although i wish we didnt have to waste so many pips when moon spells can save you pips..)
Really enjoyed that about Khrysalis. Maybe something to tie in with the residual damage Morganthe supposedly caused after her "disappearance" and some aliens getting influenced by Moon and shadow magic from afar and coming to "our" Earth hoping to idk...lol. Sometimes I go somewhere else. But it starts the convo.

But yeah I love a Moon based world long as it doesnt resemble Khrysalis, Polaris or Mirage so much. Maybe some mixture of space-yness, cold wet, and dry and hot and flat or tunnel-y areas (far-thinking solar/lunar eclipse type)
and probable like DS did traveling in time maybe something about timed events to coincide with the orbits/phases of the Moon.

Using that to enhance our Moon and some Astral spells or bringing out the further potential of Moon School. Moon School could do so much more I promise. I love the transition of polymorphs and shift spells. Maybe the ability to shift minions with extremely high resist/block etc....soo much potential.

Nov 14, 2012
The Chilly Ice Wiz... on Mar 27, 2021 wrote:
How about our home world, Earth!

Maybe we have to go there and prevent something from happening.

Just an idea of course, but could be fun if done the right way.
Defintely our Earth, Moon, Stars, Sun, and Galaxy. With new Moon Spells and Time based events like the solar/lunar eclipse and phases of the Moon we use to get Home. If Merle Ambrose summoned us to the Spiral, whose to say we cant travel back either. Maybe a mission of something about the Astral deities being influenced by Shadow magic and tricked by evil turned Wizards etc from the Spiral we havent seen in a while. Makes for an interesting storyline and can definitely have us traveling through the 11 schools of magic to get home. And we learn spells pertaining to the area/world we are in. (like the spiral or galaxy teaches us more shadow magic/shadow enchanced school spells. The Moon and Earth being the next areas teaching us Star enhanced School and Moon spells on the Moon, and Shift School spells [Earth]- maybe to diguise ourselves to get into secret places. Then of course, the Sun as the Final frontier. Maybe differing Sect fighting, over trynna take it over or ending this universe totally. And they use Sun-Shadow spells. And we learn something along those lines.

I was just spitballing but I did love the Astral school spells. I especially think Moon school, Polymorph and Shift spells couldve gone so much further. Im seeing Orson Scott Card "Ender's Game/Bugger Wars" here, just with aliens and not bugs. Not another independence day but it could work with some Alien vs Predator themes...Oh and maybe more Dragonspyre time travel stuff. See the Earth Through the ages. Evil wizards going back through our timeline distorting events to make the "Savior of the Spiral" never occur....

So Moon(Aliens), Earth (Humans/Robots/Technolgy), Sun (Predators), and the Stars (from the Spiral to ours-evil Wizards and we use this as a portal to reach our home) of our galaxy. At least 2 sects (Alien vs Predator) fighting over control. Earthians send shuttles to scout life and find something terrible in our universe-and the discovery of magic. Earth uses magic science tech out distress call, we travel home (through the ages of the Spiral). Learning new magics of the Astrals and fighting each school's deities. Land on Moon, face "Aliens". Enlist their help to go to Earth. Once home, we find fellow turned "Wizards" like Duncan Grimwater and learn of the Cabal sending wizard agents throughout our History and Universe distorting major events/phenomenon and have to fight them while convincing the "Humans" to help. After finally gathering more humans/robots/tech across the Earth realm, we take the fight to the "Predators" on and in the Sun....Wizards vs Humans vs Aliens vs Predators.

Apr 09, 2020
Hello, id like to see a world that looks heavenly, a high fidelity world with lights everywhere maybe allot of reflections that almost has a tint of a cybernetic theme? Maybe make it look like a dreamy place too? Maybe it can be a heavenly city/world but I think the monsters should look like something from yugioh some cards in wizard do capture that aggressiveness maybe have cybernetic serpents with wings, allot of monsters reminiscent to the cyber dragon monsters in yugioh and their malific versions.

Apr 09, 2020
Wanted to add on to what I mentioned, the kind of monsters id like to see would be like the ones I mentioned before something reminiscent to cyber dragons from yugioh, their malefic counterparts along with other malefic monsters, most of all pls take qs from monsters like stardust dragon, malefic stardust, shooting star dragon, Cosmic Blazar Dragon, their looks would be fitting for a world like I mentioned they look futuristic, yet a weird heavenly look to them

Dec 23, 2010
Maybe one with each area a schools theme?

Aug 20, 2009
Apr 03, 2017
Lol I know this is many years late but I would like to see a world where we go back in time many years, like when ambrose looks young. We kinda had something like that with the B.O.X.E.S. event but I would really like to see something like that in this game. It's something different compared to the other worlds we have, idk would just be nice tbh.

Jan 28, 2018
a world where every thing is done in trees. some of them are giant and have space grown inside as well as outside for structures. bridges, zip lines and gondolas to go between the trees.

the world where Bartleby and the school trees originated centuries or millennia ago. could use the treetop getaway style in there as well.

Dec 26, 2013
I say we should do Cool Ranch or some type of P101 world. I would like to see more worlds from P101 and have some more crossovers between the games.

Jul 25, 2012
Cool Ranch would be really cool. It's is my favorite world in Pirate101 so I'd love to return to it here in Wizard101

Mar 01, 2009
I would absolutely love a graveyard themes world. Kind of like Nighshade and that whole area, but more... creepy crawly?

Jan 16, 2011
Sherlock Bones on Aug 13, 2008 wrote:
What kind of a world would you like to see?
Ape world

Jun 02, 2014
Dec 24, 2016
How about a candy land type of world or futuristic world

Apr 12, 2021
My imagine of new world is something like version like underwater world alike celestia and how about other new world is more like zoo world version of zafaria that where zander life scholar live from? for new level 140+

Apr 12, 2021
My Idea why not every schools themed world that where our parents came from?

  1. Death theme world
  2. Ice Theme world
  3. Storm Theme
  4. Life Theme world
  5. Balance Theme world
  6. Fire theme world
  7. Myth Theme World

It's like we been move to wizard city that where we just got started and been stay away from our every homeland world that we have never seen our parents for so long that could be next arc 4th?

We could go back to every school themed world to meet our parents once again.

I know Polaris already exist few year ago and i always wonder that our ice parents that from Polaris? and i would love to see Iceland theme world or Greenland theme world

Fire theme world type like that we could travel to sun theme world? that where our fire parents from? I thought that kind of stuff would be so cool, that we could fight evil underworld from battles and dungeons.

Storm theme world something like swamp and jungle theme world that we could travel to very deeply forest when rain so heavily and many flood area that you can cross or swim, we could ride ship while battle in the ship untill next spot for new area that have to be unlock for new stuffs to do from main quest maybe storm parents that from too .

Myth Theme world so I know so many people want see new rome theme world and something like related with ancient Rome for new world so that wherecyclops from in cyclops land wizard city? There should more lots of type cyclops like cyclops spells for every school theme in Myth theme world? who know for our myth parents that live in ancient rome myth theme world? Oh that sound like Italy Theme world

Balance and Life theme world It could both Jaki and Zander that where they from and also our Life and Balance parents too that from as well? I would love to see cowboy theme world type stuff like Texas or Austrian.

My thought about Death theme world Type like Graveyard world really creepy, zombies, ghost, etc
I know there is so many people want really see this new future Graveyard world and about our death parents from?
No one thought about heart theme world like cupid? my mind been tell me about this so guys what do you think of heart cupid theme world?

Sep 19, 2010
It's been a very long time since I last posted here. I think it's time I ought to get back to it! I'm going to try and think up a new world every two weeks- who knows, maybe they'll stick?

For this post, I want to reference a world I posted on page 173- Parasol.

Parasol is a world of stark mountains, dense jungles, vast shores, golden cities and a precious, white sky. Parasol is home to empires, one mighty nation or another. However, Parasol is also supremely lucky. Being situated on a nexus of sorts between spiral worlds, Parasol has had visitors from Rajah, Mooshu, Monquista, Marleybone, Zafaria and even Wallaru- wealth flows through, and into, these lands.

This has made Parasol very chaotic, too. It is a land of war, with different nations vying for control of particularly precious trade lanes. Our Wizard first arrives in Parasol with the worldgate having been freshly delivered to the city of Ketumadi, the capital of the Peacock Empire. The Peacocks of Ketumadi were, up until recently, the dominant power here, however tensions are still hot and the empire is still strong.

As I've not been to Karamelle yet, I can't be sure of the current questline. However, I would like to think there's a group of forces throwing their weight around, and they are not Cabal. Infact, Parasol has been so involved with its internal disputes, it's not clear what this threat is!

Lore: Before the 9 cities ruled Parasol, each one with a brief time in the spotlight, there were the Garuda. Ruling from Muang, their Scarlet Empire fell in ancient days, and the animals that were their pets slowly became the new sustains.

Nowadays, there is the lacustrine, Water Buffalo city of Tonle, which is challenging the Sun Bears of Pasak, the Turtles of Trinh and the Civets of Isan.

In the hills, the Sangai of Pakhangba and the Pythons of Pindaya struggle under suzerainty of the Peacocks in Ketumadi.

In the distant South, a foreign people who call themselves the Jong, and resemble Hornbills, having long lived in the city of Rayasinga, but are now under attack by a newly arrived Monquistan enemy!

Finally, the east sees the White Elephants of Muang, the first Parasol City-Empire, beset on all sides by Mooshu Bandits, Trinh agents, and Pindaya Raiders.

Design: The world is a layout of these 9 cities, each one borders the other with large, open-world like areas- meaning the main place is composed of 9 large zones- think of it like Khrysalis or Mirage, in this respect- plus perhaps a final realm within the sky, held up by the Garuda, where, no doubt, the final battles will take place.

Ideally there's also many other smaller towns with Smaller peoples- this world is designed to be large and made to be explored. Place with a less linear design in mind, made for you, the Wizard, to cross and explore at your own pace.

Story: I'd rather not guess until the next world comes out, but Arc 4 covers the approach of Nothing and the emergence of aberrations. In this world, I imagine nothing isn't just a name... It's becoming a formidable threat. Something-or, Nothing- outside is leaking in, and it's being used now...

Flavor: Southeast Asia to the max. The 9 cities are all based on important Southeast Asian cultures. Ketumadi is Burma, Tonle is Cambodia, Pasak is Champa, Isan is Thailand, Trinh is Vietnam, Pakhangba is Manipur, Pindaya is Shan State, Rayasinga is Malaysia and Muang is Laos. The clothing and architecture would hopefully represent all of these different societies, without having to resort to heavily to reskinning everyone.

The music of the world would be based on Gamelan and Gongs, Saw U (Thai Fiddles) and Patala (Burmese Xylophones). Each area would have an appropriate track and battletheme, built around Parasol's leitmotif. Pet Snacks would make reference to Southeast Asian cuisine, and pets themselves can be based on Southeast Asian wildlife.

When it comes to spells, there's a great amount of Southeast Asian legend to be taken into account- Fire could have themselves the mighty Garuda to summon! Others, like Myth, can call upon the legendary Nats. Death may recall from the grave the hopping Pocong! While I will leave the stats TBD, there's plenty of oppurtunity for cards.

Jul 16, 2013
I say there is a whole new update, where after you defeat Malestaire and after your first meeting with Morganthe when she tries to persuade you to join her, you are given the option to do so. At that point everything starts anew for the wizard. You begin training under Morganthe and learn shadow magic earlier, then eventually Ambrose becomes the new Malestaire, where you must defeat him. Then Grandmother Raven and Bartleby become the new version of Grandfather Spider, the rat, and so on. You must learn new spells different from the original quest, yet you still learn all of the spells up to your first meeting with Morganthe. Or perhaps in Zafaria once she gets her shadow deck.

Sep 19, 2010
Is it already time for a new world design? Well I'll be.

This will be another reference to an old, old post I made on page 172.

Shan Yu is the original home of the Horses, themselves distant relatives to the Unicorns of Valencia. For millennia, Shan Yu has been a sort of backwater- it's even wondered on whether it can properly be considered its own world, depending on who you ask, Shan Yu is simply a world which is culturally and politically bound to Mooshu, even if it is its own territory.

However, such an opinion is, admittedly, a little disingenuous. Back, before Mooshu interacted with this land, it was the home of the Horses. While it might be considered a hinterland now, these vast plains and wide deserts have hosted several mighty Horse empires, the most recent being the Amber Horde that currently plagues Subata Skyway. The Horses themselves are integral to the history of the spiral- they seem to be truly everywhere, and are one of the last races to use Leylines in tandem with Skyways and World Gates for travel. Wherever you go, expect one or two horses to be present, adventuring, scouting, looking eagerly for new lands to conquer...

Lore: Guided by an eagle to the top of the Altai mountains, Tengri was the first Horse Khan. For centuries his people dwelt in tribal conditions, their only other contact being with visiting camels, cows or reindeer from other worlds- and, ofcourse, the wild Ibex of Uriankhai, and the brave Snow Leopards of Urumqi. Tengri united, in those ancient days, all that he saw, the tribes under one banner, and in that moment he became the Eternal Blue Sky that colors the sky of Shan Yu even at night.

Centuries have passed, and empires rose and fell. The Kurultai- a coalition of elected nobles- have traditionally picked the Khans of Shan Yu's various horse factions. Today, three of these horse factions remain.

The Amber Horde remembers how their ancestor, Chingiis Ba'atur, briefly dominated Mooshu, Polaris, and Mirage alike, and had terrified realms as far as Krokotopia and Rajah into submission. Those days are gone, and the Amber Horde has much work to do.

The Sakha sit as a nation of Horses amongst the Tribes of Reindeer. They are humble trader folk with a very strong material culture, and it is their nation that now owns the Uriankhai woods- the only real forest in Shan Yu. It's a valuable land that can't afford to lose its territory- not to foreign Polarian invaders, and certainly not to the likes of the Amber Horde or Aisin.

In the distant east, one finds the vast plains and ports of Aisin. This great territory has traditionally been of little consequence, save for a brief moment it conquered Mooshu itself... it has the Amber Horde to thank for disassembling its brief control over the area. Now, they're becoming a second empire, and the entirety of Mooshu and Shan Yu alike are looking like tempting prizes.

Shan Yu itself is not remotely out of the woods (ironically enough). Imperials from Mooshu, Polarian Cossack Invaders, and even horses from a distant realm once-conquered have all broken back through for a piece of the vast plains and rich mountains. The future of Shan Yu is an uncertain one.

Design: The world is sparse- there aren't many cities here, and the few you do find are all pretty tiny. Mostly, it's Plains, Deserts, and Mountains. In the very center and towards the west, one finds the mighty Altai Mountains, at the top of which one finds Khan Tengri in Otuken Taiga, which doubles as the Commons area here. Descending down the mountains one heads to Urumqi, a mountainous desert with beautiful rainbow formations, and the heart of the Mooshu Occupation, where the Snow Leopards, inhabiting Hunnu lake, have their home.

This area connects to the many regions of the Amber Horde, including the Capital of Samarkand. The Red Plain to the East will lead you to Aisin land, and the Golden Sands, with hundreds of different lakes, sits at the base of Altai. No lake here is grander than Table Lake, which is shallow and wide, and stretches on a great distance. Farther east yet, one comes across the

To the direct north of Samarkand is Uriankhai and the region of Kyzyk- While Kyzyk is a snowy basin firmly under Polarian control, Uriankhai is a growing, if modest, power. These dense woodlands, inhabited by the Ibex tribes, are dense and stretch long. To the very north of this area is the Lake Baikal, a distant place some Polarian Seals call home. This great lake, like a gash on the edge of the world, is also very deep and very diverse.

To the East, through the Red Plains, one finds the Aisin territory- the massive plain of Aisin, which has been farmed and herded on for milennia. It's a flat land, which the Aisin jealously guard- their Banner Armies richly defend. There is a small city here, where Khan Nurhaci plots his next move. On the shores of Lake Taizu, in Aisin territory, sits the meeting place of every other faction- this is where the Kurultai convenes.

Story: Khan Nurhaci of Aisin, Khan Tygyn of Uriankhai, and Khan Jayaatu of the Amber Horde are all in less-than-happy situations towards one another... and it threatens to break into chaos. Likewise, the Polarians and the Mooshu Imperials would like to see this vast realm brought to heel at last.

While this is a fine set-up, I think it's even better as a base for us, the Wizard, to intervene. In search of the arc's big bad, we've come to Shan Yu. In the process, we get sucked into the game of cutthroat politics and imperial ambition, trying to maintain the fragile balance these worlds have struck. To do so, each of the Four Lakes must be reached...

Flavor: Mongolia comes to mind, first. Likewise, Manchuria, Qinghai, and Siberia should also be recalled. Ovoo dot the landscape, and cities are full of yurts and ger. Going to Qinghai, one sees Hui-influenced architecture, while going North one sees a much stronger Tatar influence. In the middle, Yuan-dynasty building clash with modern Yurts, while in Aisin, Qing and Jin dynasty architecture is present. The clothing and styles of the different nations corresponds accordingly- in Samarkand, many of the people wear Deel and long trousers, while in Aisin, the horses wear the Queue. The Ibex tribes, and Uriankhai as a whole, are fond of their pretty dresses and many shiny ornaments, while the Snow Leopards wear Hui-influenced clothing.

The music of the world is heavy on the Throat Singing, heavy on the Jews' Harps, heavy on the Morin Khuur, and heavy on the Yatga or Guzheng. Different regions will show local influence- in Kyzyk, Polarian Vocals take over the Throat Singing role, and the distant sound of horns enforces the oncoming imperial power. In Urumqi, the Erhu makes a surprise appearance in the ensemble, to represent just how close this foreign power truly is.

Spells for this world have plenty of sources. For one, Storm has an easy one that can be influenced by the Mongolian Death Worm- a worm that electrocuted all it came across and killed you with a single touch. Myth may receive Tulpar, the Winged Horses of the region- one part Falcon, one part Horse, these are the embodiments of spirit. Death can call upon the Dark, pig-faced lord Erlik Khan, to sap from their enemies their life essence. While I won't suggest any further, these are just a couple potential ideas for what spells one could find during their adventure in Shan Yu- the stats, as usual, are up to you!