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You decide on a new world!

Oct 28, 2010
With Arc 4 coming, I have a few great ideas for you Devs (unless you've already mapped out the entire arc)!

These can be in the arc as main worlds, or as side worlds:

Karamelle. I see from hints from KI that it may already be in the works. It would be so cool to visit this candied wonderland.

New Orleans / Haiti / Bayou / Hoodoo world. I know this world already exists out there in the Spiral, as it's where Velma von Venkman originates as well as the Witchdoctor Trainer in Pirate101. The only problem here is that it's called Darkmoor, which could get confusing with the Castle Darkmoor dungeon.

The Hoodoo world idea has a LOT of potential, I think. After 16 worlds (depending on how you count), a lot of ideas for worlds have already been exercised and it's hard to come up with new ideas without just re-hashing old worlds. I know you guys at KI usually draw from real-world cultures for world inspiration (see: Africa as Zafaria, Mesoamerica as Azteca, Arabia as Mirage, Nordic culture as Grizzle, and the list goes on and on and on). You've used up most of the major continents by now and the time is approaching where there are no more real-world cultures to draw from; they've all become real worlds.

However, we have yet to see a New Orleans / Hoodoo themed world, or for that matter anything close to it. KI, you guys could do SO MUCH with this!

Speaking of contintents, Wallaru (Australia). 'Nuff said. Sparck, if you're reading this, I'm sure your Arcanum colleague Zander would be happy to see the Young Wizard finally travel to his homeland of Wallaru.

Rajah (India) is another real-world culture that has great potential. KI would have to take care not to seem too similar to Zafaria or Mirage, which both have Indian-style elements. But if it's done right, Rajah (or whatever the Spiral's version of India is) could be a rich and beautiful world.

The Inuit culture in North America is another real-world civilization that the Spiral could draw from. Only concerns are the already abundant Icy worlds like Wintertusk and Polaris. We've also already seen Native Americans in Azteca, but of course that's thousands of miles south from the Inuits.

And of course, KI, if you're really in deep straits with the worldbuilding, there's Cool Ranch and Valencia and Skull Island, but they don't really fit with the Wizard theme. It would be like putting Avalon in P101; it just doesn't fit in.

Hope I helped and that someone at KI actually takes a look at this! I'm super excited for all the places we could get to go in the next Arc!

- Alexander Lotusflower

Feb 11, 2009
I don't really care what the world theme is too much at this point. Going on 2 years since Empyrea part 2. That's one whole world in 4 years? No other MMO would ever do that. Make Skull Island and intertwine Pirate101 more into W101 for a good, quick world. It's kind of ridiculous

Nov 22, 2008
I'd love to see a world centered on a giant waterfall. We've had a lot of watery areas in recent worlds, but having a world where major areas are a hybrid of underwater streetlike areas and similar spaces above land would be really cool. Something like the Riverlands in Chaotic (from WAY back when). Maybe it could be called the Gorge and focus on amphibian creatures, like our good storm professor .

Oct 21, 2016
I would love to see some things pulled over from Pirate101, like Valencia in wizard101. Otherwise, I think worlds that have been mentioned but not explored could be interesting, Rajah for instance. Diving further into Wysteria would be interesting as well, as I really enjoyed that world.

Jul 04, 2012
I see a lot of people talking about an underwater/atlantis themed world and that is such an awesome idea! Another cool world would be one that was on a moon or something. Like, with an open sky and all the stars shining through. There's endless possibilities!

Mar 22, 2010
I think it would be so cool to see a world sort of like Land of the Giants or a Twikight Zone based world where nothing is as it seems.
An added plot maybe to even SAVING AZTECA!! I mean whats the point of going through all the trouble if they going to die anyway?
Even a continuation on going into the void after morganthe where you have all kinds of past, present and who knows what else is in there lol

A world based on the roaring twenties, i would love to have a tommy gun for a weapon not to mention the clothes lol, zoot suits and hats for the guys and the dresses and hats for girls. the gear alone would be soo cool. even added hairstyles in crown shop that fit the time.
I know this is a little off topic but, why has there been no thought to adding like mustaches, beards or goaties for the guys
in the mirror shop since we can change our look?

Mar 20, 2020
Lots of people are suggesting an atlantis themed world, but that already exists.... its celestia.... I actually had a dream about a candyland world a while ago and I thought that would be cool. Ive seen in some posts that that may already be happening. A cyber themed world would also be awesome.

Dec 10, 2018
i would love to see another section of Aquila become a world, like the Elysium.

Jun 23, 2020
Some ideas:

1) Hostile and barren world where very few life exists on the surface, essentially a sun-scorched wasteland. There are a few settlements on the surface out of necessity for gathering certain resources and subduing threats to the larger society. The real world the player explores would be a vibrant, underground society that is trying to expand its territory and has numerous conflicts with other hostile subterranean wildlife. There would be a variety of tunnel systems, large open underground zones, springs, luminescent plant life, rock/golem creatures, blind subterranean themed insect monsters or other unique variations.

2) Remastering old content so that the player must return to these corrupted, shadow zones with news quests and corrupted variations of the monsters in each zone. Some zones could close off while new ones emerge in these corrupted worlds. The antagonist could be corrupting worlds with shadow magic, either intentionally or unintentionally, in search of some powerful artifact for some purpose. Perhaps the antagonist has some circumstance that drives them to seek out this artifact. This could be part of a larger story rather than a singular world.

3) A small world that's essentially one central hub with portals to numerous dungeons. Maybe building off of the previous idea, the antagonist that's corrupting the previous worlds found a way to separate the Headmaster and the professors at Wizard City (and potentially the Wysteria professors) and seal them into orb/crystal/some object to avoid interference with his/her plan. Each sealed professor would have their own dungeon. The Wysteria professors could be sealed in one dungeon together or with their Wizard City professor counterpart. The player would have to work with Gamma and Headmaster Belladonna, both which escaped capture, to rescue the trapped professors. After every professor and Ambrose is rescued, the player enters one final dungeon to confront the antagonist and learn the full truth. The world theme itself could be an isolated tower or castle that's floating around the Spiral and the antagonist is some powerful wizard or being controlling it. Perhaps the professors were imprisoned prior to the corruption of the previous worlds and the player must travel to each corrupted world to find the means to unlock the dungeon in the new, floating tower world before attempting rescue. It could work either way.

4) A world on the brink of collapse. It's destruction would mean that it would lose its place in the Spiral and throw the other worlds out of their current balance, threatening the collisions of numerous worlds and/or the drifting of others out of the Spiral. The world is plagued by an influx of magical energy that is causing extreme weather events (torrential rain, snow, flooding, hurricanes, tornadoes, etc.) and geological phenomenon (earthquakes, volcanoes, sinkholes, etc.). The magical energy is also effecting the native wildlife, causing them to become far more aggressive, powerful, and undergo mutations. The player would have to aid subduing these powerful creatures and fix magical ley lines in each zone, along with a variety of other helpful activities to the native population. A unique attribute of this zone would be that players experience alternating changes in power pips, accuracy, and spell damage as a result of this magically unstable world (e.g. sometimes the player would receive 2 power pips, sometimes the player would lose a power pip, that sort of thing).

Feb 07, 2009
A world that resembles school maybe? Like college life studies. Sort of a mix of hysteria and wizard city and make clothing realistic!

Feb 07, 2009
Another idea is to expand on the greek gods like Aquila. This was my favorite addition and I feel there is much more that could be explored and the gear would look cool.

Feb 07, 2009
I also love the idea of a pirate themed world. I loved P101 and would love to see the two worlds come together.

Feb 07, 2009
a western themed world would have great characters and gear!

Aug 13, 2009
So I have a couple ideas.

1. A world that is nothing but robots, think Terminator or the Matrix.
2. A world with space, the moon, and aliens.
3. A post apocalyptic human wasteland.
4. I really like the previously mentioned idea of using Australia somehow. A really cool idea would be to include a zoo (The Australia Zoo) with Steve Irwin and family characters.
5. Something Alice in Wonderland related maybe
6. A carnival, fair, funland type world.
7. Since Greek mythology has been used, what about something related to another cultural theology, such as Hindu.
8. A world played completely in the sewers/drainage tunnels. Maybe tunnel flooding could be an environmental hazard similar to mobs.
9. A musically themed world
10. A toybox world, think Little Big Planet, Toy Story.
11. A shadow world. I think something cool here would be to have the enemies be shadow mist roaming the streets. The only thing you know is their level though. They don't coalesce into a discernible, school identified enemy until you get in a fight with them. Makes the "battle 3 of these quests" more difficult.
12. Bring over Valencia. Isn't that where Diego is from?
13. Willy Wonka/Candyland
14. Something based on Time Travel? With maybe some sort of butterfly effect you have to avoid?
15. Something sky related, with maybe P101 tie in? (Other than the aforementioned Valencia)
16. Steampunk
17. Western
18. Gothic Victorian Era (Edgar Allan Poe) or maybe some other literary world. Like Moby Dick maybe, and the very last boss is the white whale, or Captain Ahab. Ishmael could be an NPC.
19. I also really like the idea of a world that somehow explains the mystery of Roanoke.
20. A plague world? COVID-19 is just outside the door.

Some separate ideas, maybe an area that is more puzzle related than battle related. Maybe if you don't solve the puzzle, or solve in time, then you have to battle.
Some bosses or elite characters, that remember you if you meet them again. Think the Nemesis system from Shadow of Mordor(PS4).

All ideas are meant to be altered to fit the W101 game
I apologize for any that are repeats in this thread, but, I mean, there are 200 pages of comments.

Nov 27, 2016
The Armada invades the spiral, to conquer worlds and destroy all magic.
The Armada realizes that only magic users, a few rebel pirates and monquistas
stand between them and their final goal of complete spiral domination.
Once magic and hope are gone, nothing is left to stop them.
The cabal is helping the armada and the master, by enchanting Armadain weapons,
to fight against the protectors of the spiral(us wizards aligned with the others),
Both pirates and monquistas fight for their own personal reasons(so expect to make a deal or two).
Unknown to the Armada, the Cabal is really using them as puppets, so they can
accomplish their real and only objective, restore The First World.

Feb 11, 2011
I think there should be a world that is an extension of Aquila. I also think one that could show past looks on how wizard city was when Ambrose was a kid. I lastly would love to see a world that could be a shadow realm for a few quests. Such as the end of husk when Scorpion and The Rat offer Mellori and The Bat to in protection from the Storm Titan. I would love to see what that looks like!

Jan 10, 2012
i would like a water themed world. celestia might be considered the water world of w101 but i think more like a world in the middle of the ocean simmilar to crescent beach or floating island. i think that would be cool. the main thing that makes wizard city, celestia and empyria so memorable is that each of the areas are so unique and so different from any area we've seen before so that's what i think makes a world good in my opinion.

May 27, 2013
New Azteca:
We left Azteca in a mess! It’s time to help the survivors of Aztec recover.

Are we not wizards? We have magic on our side! We can do this! We now know of resources across the Spiral and we know people of great power, including the Doctor! If we cannot rebuild the world of Aztec, we can at least help its people find a new home.

I’m not saying it will be easy, however. We may have to travel to the farthest reaches of the Spiral for the rarest of reagents. We may have to tap the great libraries of the Spiral, in search of the most powerful tomes. We may have to forge alliances between widely diverse peoples. We may even have to explore parts yet unknown.

Helping the people of Aztec is not only the responsible thing to do, it is the right thing to do!
[This could be the basis for an entire storyline.]

The Lost Manders:
All manders were green, before they changed to the color of the temple they served.
But did *all* manders change? And only three temples are on Krokotopia. What about the other temples? I’ve been waiting a long time to meet these manders! Where are they? Another desert world, or somewhere completely different? Are they shy like the Krokotopian manders or bold and daring? Have these manders progressed well beyond their oppressed kin? Or maybe they are even more primitive? Let’s find out!

Dec 14, 2012
How about an Australian themed world, it would be nice to see something from where i'm from!


Jul 18, 2010
A world based on indigenous cultures of North America, such as the Navajo/Pueblo peoples. Some of the enemies or NPCs could be American animals like mountain lions or rattlesnakes.

A world based on Pacific Island cultures, although that was kind of explored with Celestia.

An intergalactic world. Plenty of room for pop culture references like Star Wars or Star Trek.

A world based on North Asian cultures, or maybe an extension of Kembaalung.

A world based on Southeast Asia, or India. (I know Zafaria already has parts that resemble India)

Wherever the Monquistans are originally from, or Diego the Duelmaster (Spanish themed, I guess).

Apr 17, 2017
New world suggestions:

A world where gravity doesn't apply. I think it would only take a few adjustments to the swim movement animations to apply and it'd be really interesting.

Perhaps a world with a more human population? A place with somewhat modern technology similar to earth. Could even throw in some references to the KingIsle office Space somewhere for the fun of it.

Maybe even a small dungeon that takes the characters back to earth? It would be nice to learn some more about the main protagonists history. I often find myself wondering what about the life Ambrose pulled them from back on earth? Do they have a family there that knows about what's become of them? Were they alone or an orphan or something when Ambrose brought them to Wizard City? Did they have any siblings or friends? Does their family know what happened to them or where they've gone?

Those are some major questions that I want to see answered in the storyline somewhere. What became of the young wizards life from before after they left?

I'd also LOVE to see more content concerning the Young wizards time-developed kinship with some of the NPC's such as Penny Dreadful, Cyrus Drake, Malorn Ashthorn, Nolan Stormgate, Marla Stinger, Mindy Pixiecrown, Cerin Nightchant, Maybe even the spirits of Sylvia and Malistaire Drake.

I'm a sucker for any quest that concerns the drake family and would adore additional content with them involved, the wizard really becomes an important part of their lives over their time in the spiral and I'd like to see more direct acknowledgment and interaction between them as a result.

Perhaps getting some new voice actors to provide some audio dialogue for the player character as well...

All that typing and I'm only just now noticing how off topic I've gotten. I've lost count of how many different topics I've covered now.

Well, hopefully that will at least give you some fresh ideas for more content.

Mar 10, 2012
Jan 14, 2012
As of the end of Empyrea I feel things were left at a great point to start a titan arc.

May 05, 2010
instead of a new world, how about expanding some previous worlds? like wysteria for example mentions empyrea, but it has no port area to show a connection, maybe make the main story lead to wysteria part 2 from empyrea.

Apr 04, 2009
a world based on different forms of candy, from regular candy to holiday ones