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You decide on a new world!

Feb 22, 2009
A world made of dry plains as far as the eye can see and only consisting of difficult bosses. No side quests, no people. Just bosses
A tear in the fabric of the spiral that leaves us wandering through a blank white void, al the while trying to seal the tear up.
That's about it.

Feb 22, 2009
Mar 09, 2010
Star Gator on Aug 14, 2019 wrote:
Fantasia world of the imagination mind magic and fears.
This is such a great idea And their could be like music themes in the concept because of the old Disney movie!

May 18, 2012
Feb 22, 2009
A post- apocalyptic Wizard City
A very long trail that lets you walk along the thread of the spiral. You'd even get to see all the worlds passing by in full scale.

Apr 08, 2018
Well if we consider that the spiral is the past, present, and future all at once then there is a possibility that there is a world/realm (Using realms to describe different timelines basically) where Malistaire beat the original wizard who was sent to stop him and woke up the Dragon Titan. Now because he has resurrected his wife he is on a quest through the different realms/worlds to destroy them and then we get sent (Definitely not the original wizard lol) to stop him. Also you guys told stories in dragonspyre of wizards who fought warriors in the drake hatchery where is the world of warriors?

Feb 22, 2009
The original world the Gobblers came from that was 'full of witches'.

Dec 13, 2008
It would be nice to finally see valencia the home world of diego and his siblings we have heard about it throughout the spiral as well as the other worlds the teachers and arcanum scholars are from that definitely would have the 4th and 5th arc pretty much set world wise story wise i am sure one could come up with something like the return of either something like a child of malistaire and sylvia drake or child of morganthe or even morganthe herself but super powered by the aethyr like the storm titan had

Feb 22, 2009
The ruins of the First World. Possibly the core. Maybe even the First World in the past that you would reach with a time machine.

Jun 05, 2009
I would love to see a French or German themed world. Similar to Marleybone. Another cool world would be one themed around music.

Aug 15, 2010
An alternate reality world, for example, a world where you can see what would've happened if you never came to Ravenwood. Just an idea.

Mar 31, 2019
Personally, I'd like to see a shifting/living world, as in a world that is in an of itself a sentient being and can alter it's own form. In gameplay terms, this could translate to every now and then the exits from a certain area could switch around, or the areas themselves could change layouts (this could work by making all of the areas work in a sort of grid formation)

Feb 12, 2015
Etharia on Sep 9, 2019 wrote:
Personally, I'd like to see a shifting/living world, as in a world that is in an of itself a sentient being and can alter it's own form. In gameplay terms, this could translate to every now and then the exits from a certain area could switch around, or the areas themselves could change layouts (this could work by making all of the areas work in a sort of grid formation)
Hey, not a bad idea! I can envision this working for something like a "mystery dungeon"!

Mar 31, 2019
Lookit Light on Sep 9, 2019 wrote:
Hey, not a bad idea! I can envision this working for something like a "mystery dungeon"!
Thanks! If it does end up working as just a dungeon and not a whole world, they could make it more interesting by having the world actively work against you

Mar 13, 2011
I think a world based on swamps and marshes would be cool!
It could be populated with Frogs, Gators, Snakes, Kroks, and Mosquitoes!

Aug 03, 2016
I've never seen this topic before (to my recollection.)

How about if the Marleybone explorers and detectives go to the moon?

I would love an aesthetic which resembled "A Trip to the Moon" aka "Voyage dans la Lune" by Georges Méliès.

If anyone has seen it they will remember it. I don't know if we're allowed to link, but the short film is easily found online.

Very early silent stop motion animated film.

Dec 01, 2013
I would like a world that is not khryslalis

May 04, 2012
El Dorado

"This is a wondrous place, ancient beyond reckoning. The ancient empires of Krokotopia and Old Azteca are but hazy shadows and dim echoes of the wondrous civilization that thrived here eons ago. I have found carvings here that confirm your suspicions that the vanished masters of El Dorado were closely linked to the enlightened builders of Celestia, and that much knowledge and commerce passed between them." -Marco Pollo, Secret Message to Merle Ambrose

This is exactly what Marco Pollo said in his secret letter to Ambrose. There is however one problem. The new Arc 4 villain is out to get the gold from El Dorado, and we must stop him/her. Marco Pollo never wanted any wizard to even step foot into El Dorado: but this will change. With evil approaching, Ambrose has no other choice but to send us to stop this vast force of evil.

Of course we must go to the El Doradorian (what members of El Dorado could be called) himself: Diego The Duelmaster. He enlightens us on his backstory and his childhood memories of growing up in El Dorado. In order to start this world, Wizards must complete his side quest in defeating his brother Roberto.

Diego tells us after we fought off his brother, he moved back to El Dorado. Diego finds out we need to enter the “lost city of gold” fast and tells us information that is important in our decision making. El Dorado has the highest security system in the spiral. No one comes in, and no one comes out. Of course, Diego knows a guy.

His cousin is one of the security patrol guards and he tells us to travel to bring him the news. We travel to The Arcanum, being the only place with an accessible spiral key, and head into El Dorado. Once we are there we are greeted by the maximum security.

We see Diego’s cousin and he tells gives us a backstory. El Dorado has been going through a major crisis: a civil war between the Pollos and the Caballos. He tells us we need to ether be a Pollo or a Caballo to enter and we transform into one thanks to Baba Yaga. We fight off some security guards and into El Dorado we go. The thing is however, this place is not like it seems. Where is the gold and all of the riches? This isn’t a myth, right? Where is Marco Pollo?

Do you have what it takes to fight off the Cabal from harming El Dorado? Or will you get caught, and banned forever?

Some Places of Interest

Parque Picante- Amusement Park filled with Chili people that leads to Plaza de Carnival

Plaza de Carnival- carnival filled with clowns and a extremely long major Funhouse gauntlet dungeon

Santa Jimenez- A place similar to Cool Ranch in Pirate101 with the cowboy theming into play.

Los Montañas de Bonita- Mountain Like place that leads to the Swampwood Forest

Swampwood Forest- The Woods we must pass in order to get to the Desert.

Starshine Desert- Very dry and arid desert

The Golden Kingdom- Where all of the gold is at, inside of the temple of gold. The gold is at the city underneath of El Dorado and that’s where Marco Pollo reigns as king.

(Feel free to add any other parts)

The 4th Arc Villain takes Roberto with him to the bad side. Roberto along with three of his and Diego’s cousins are the four main bosses scattered throughout the world waiting to be stopped. The second to last boss will be fighting all of them until the form into El Gran Caballo, final boss, and try to kill you.

May 04, 2012
El Dorado Spells

Storm- Yacumama

(A Jungle appears with a river flowing through. In the back we can see a huge snake creature slither through the water and grows in size as it gets closer. The serpent finds the nearest tree and swivels up the tree and stares at you. It hisses at you and jumps in the air and lands on you, mouth wide open as it eats you and disappears into the floor.)

2175 Storm Damage
-75% Accuracy
+25% Stormblade on caster

Ice- Polar Winds

(A snowy forest appears and snow is falling hard and there are winds blowing in a pattern across the board. The winds then fly into you taking damage.)

1000 Ice Damage
+500 for three rounds
+25% Iceblade on caster

Fire- El Chupacabra

(A house appears and a mother bear, similar looking to Agnetta Broadblade, is giving her child sitting at the dinner table something to eat. A fireplace is seen in the back and the fire glows brighter and brighter until a red light traverses towards the family and the scene BOOMS and all is seen is El Chupacabra flying and staring at you. He looks horrifying and attacks you flapping his wings and breathing fire at you)

2020 Fire Damage
-95% Weakness on Enemy
+25% Fireblade on caster

Myth- Basilisco Chilote

(A medium sized egg drops onto the battle field. It shakes slightly and then starts to speed up. Out of the egg pops out a chicken head and chicken legs but no body. The chicken sticks it’s head back in and out appears the huge chicken dragon figure. It looks at you from above and slams it’s beak into you. After it walks around in a circle and hits you with its tail. After it approaches you closer and claws you with a total of three hits.)

650 Myth Damage
750 Myth Damage
850 Myth Damage
Stuns enemy for 3 rounds
+25% Mythblade on caster

Life- La Llorona

(A misty swampy jungle appears and crying and wailing is heard along with eerie music. A bright white lady is seen crying against one of the trees continuously. Suddenly she turns around and screams revealing her hideous face and charges dealing life damage)

1860 Life Damage
Spirit Armor is given to the caster
+25% Lifeblade given to caster

Death- Coco

(The same little bear from the El Chupacabra Spell is seen sleeping in his bedroom with the lights off. His closet door opens and all that is seen are two big white eyes. The little boy gets scared and hides under the covers as a ghostly hand comes out and points at the target and tells it to come with him into the closet. The camera zooms in closer and closer to the closet door and the Ghostly figure and the closet door is slammed shut dealing death damage in a hauntingly way)

1935 Death Damage
-50% Healing and Weakness is given to the target
+25% Deathblade on caster

Balance- Luz Mala

(A map of El Dorado is shown from an Aerial View. From each section a different color light, lights look like health wisps, floats in the air above the whole world. First purple, blue, red, yellow, green, black, and tan. They circle around each other and freeze in a circle. One at a time each circle lands on the target dealing damage for each school.)

300 Storm Damage
300 Ice Damage
300 Fire Damage
300 Myth Damage
300 Life Damage
300 Death Damage
300 Balance Damage
-50% Shields of all schools are given to caster as well as a +25% Blade from each school, including balance.

Jun 24, 2019
A few of my ideas:

~Fairy theme
~Enchanted Forest

Dec 18, 2008
While not really a new world, I think we should revisit Wysteria. Hear me out though, we already have a built world, why not expand it a little, what I'd really love to see is the introduction of the schools there. As a storm wizard, I'd love to snag a unique spell from the school of "tempest" you could potentially even introduce a system of spells similar to the star school spells. For example; you take a new spell that transfers say a storm spell into a tempest variant with different stats or even effects.
Alternatively, another way to approach it would be that tempest spells are strong spells that require you to discard a storm spell of equal rank to cast. Of course you could always just add a storm, myth, ice, etc... spell to each class that's based off of the wysterian schools. For a plot you could say that we're being sent there as a foreign exchange similar to dragonspyre so that we may compete in a wizard tournament. The winner of the tournament would be given a key to the next major world, but something happens during the tournament and the key is stolen. Could make for a good time on Wysteria, one that feels really rewarding to the players.

Another Cool world to see would be a chaotic rogue world with a world gate that only works once every few millenia and it just so happens that it appeared. The world is twisted by a dark chaotic force, nothing really seems to make sense and almost everything is hostile. You find out it wasn't already like this and try to root out the cause, but since mostly everything there is hostile, teachers and npcs from wizard city are there to help. you have to explore ruins of this once beautiful world in an attempt to find the cause of this corruption.
You find that the heart of corruption comes from a world tree like bartleby that's been partially felled with a magical axe, you must remove the axe to prevent further corruption and hopefully reverse the damage. Unfortunately the damage would require millenia to heal but it's a start, from there you spend time trying to restore the place and clear out the hostiles.

I've got more but I'll save it for later or if anyone is interested.

Feb 12, 2015
I'm just wondering... What was Wizard City like before Ambrose found Bartleby and started Ravenwood?

Nov 08, 2014
I think there should like be a tundra world, one that has maybe wolves or yetis, you know? Big monsters that habituate in the snow/cold. That’d be really good and cool.

Nov 11, 2009
Sherlock Bones on Aug 13, 2008 wrote:
What kind of a world would you like to see?
Maybe a world with lots of boats and ships where you can fight on them and the npcs could look like fishes and turtles.

Jan 12, 2019
  • I'm thinking like a world called Sana where there is ninjas and cool ninja turtles where you go under ground and fight rats and you get a ninja star as a wand where you throw in up and it falls down on your opponent and there is one for each element!

Cincely, Talon DragonSword