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You decide on a new world!

Oct 17, 2018
The arcanum discovered a piece of the first world far from the spiral, and every thing which use to be there is still there. We would have to adventure and maybe have another boss that was a forgotten friend of like Raven or Spider and they want revenge for spider destroying the first world, and then he could maybe turn raven rogue.

Oct 17, 2018
Sybil has been taken by her roots from the Arcanum! You have to go to the new world. But, you find out Sybil is working with the villain to reduce the spiral to nothing and only nothing the thing Sybil once told us to fear, we have to defeat all her minions at her base and then we have to defeat her, and then your greatest fear... NOTHING.

Travis IronSword lvl.130
Finished the w101 3rd arc.

Feb 12, 2015
I'm not going to make any new world suggestions, but I am going to lay down a few things I've noticed. (CONTAINS SPOILERS)

1: Raven and Spider are not likely to play many major roles in the story ahead. They've resolved their past, and bound themselves to Husk for what seems like the rest of eternity. No new issues should arise from them.

2: Our essence now binds the Chaos Heart. Putting aside the fact that we've saved the Spiral from destruction... eight times(? By my calculations), we are now an active component holding it together! I have a feeling we're soon going to be targeted. Whether or not our death would influence our Essence now holding the Heart. I'm quite sure we're going to be targeted. The Cabal, I'm sure, isn't very happy with what we've done right now...

3: What with being the Scion of Bartleby, the Divine Paradox, the savior of the Spiral eight(?) times over, and countless other things, I'm certain that the game is currently making us out to be some kind of fledgling demigod. Not sure what to make of this...

4: I'm am of the belief that we've been around longer then we think we have. For one, being the force that binds Light and Shadow together seemingly implies to me that the Spiral could not exist without us. For another thing, not in ten-and-a-half years of Wizard101 have we shown any indication that we have memories of who we were, where we were, or what we were doing before we came to Ravenwood. We have a complete blank on that. Do you remember the "unbreakable Seam of Borealis" mentioned in Polaris that kept Raven and Spider together in the First World? I may be wrong, but I think that has something to do with us...

Area51Alien, you're our local conspiracy theorist. What do you think of this?

Nov 26, 2012
I suspect that there is a world, out there, Where there is another set of Schools, similar to Wysteria, but with real schools and spells. If you go there, none of your "Wizard City" spells will work, until you've gained levels in the magic which is present there. You're basically a first level character, and must begin again, to work your way up to high level. Whether the spells of Wizard City will ever work, or if the spells from this 'new magic' can journey to the spiral, is something we don't currently know, as no one has made the trip, yet. It may have an Air school, and an Earth school, not to mention Water and Energy, to go along with Animation. Only Equilibrium is similar to Balance, but again the magic is somehow 'different'. I think many of the "Max Level" wizards would be willing to walk the root system, and fight the monsters there, to reach this 'new' place, in which they could be the same character, but with a different 'school'. Perhaps, among the roots of Bartleby, there are places where both types of magic work, or not, but going through the hole at old town, and navigating the root system, with it's many monsters, is not for the timid. It must be done, however, because whatever evil is to be found in that distant world is trying to reach Bartleby, and thus end the spiral. Grandmother Raven knows this, and will probably tell Gamma, who will tell Merle Ambrose, eventually. The discovery of the Hole in Old Town is thus an opening to an entire new set of worlds, if you can reach them. (The Spiral Hopper, a type of transport, is only available in a very remote location, but it allows travel to and from the two areas.) The hundred thousand gold you need, for a spiral hopper, may discourage some, as well as the journey to the shop where you can buy one, but for those who persevere, the rewards are legendary. New places to live, more space to put things, since you'll have a backpack for each region, (one which is only accessible when you're in the area,) Not to mention, new items, (which don't transfer) and, of course, the new schools, with new spells and places which can be reached from the portals which exist there. You can't use spiral keys, but you can use 'glyphs' which open gates to other worlds. Talk about new places to purchase, and new places to spend crowns, and even new things to buy, in the shop where you find the spiral Hopper, (or by using the "Shop" link) I don't know why crowns work, both places, but the new worlds use Electrum, instead of Gold, and so you'll have to get that, in the usual way(s). Here you go, something to shoot at. More information is available, upon request, since I've spent a couple of years designing this, just as an exercise to improve my writing skills. (I have three Novels Published, in Fantasy-Adventure)

Mar 16, 2012
I think that there is a world (I don't currently know the events of the third arc, i'm in Azteca :P) that contains all monsters we have fought, and are slowly respawning to battle more wizards. For example, let's take Rattlebones. I think that after you kill him, he goes into this world where is is slowly regenerating himself to fight again. This would take a new spin on the spiral, meaning that you will see old enemies walking around, some being more powerful than others. This world, in my opinion, shall be unlocked after you finish the 1st arc. You can see Lord Nightshade from Wizard City, Krokopatra from Krokotopia, the Cat lookin dude from Marleybone (sorry I forgot his name), the plague oni from Mooshu, and.. well.. I don't know from Dragonspyre. All of these will be the end battle in this world, with people like Rattlebones and the fairy queen walking about. I think this world should take around the time of Wysteria, and the goal is to beat these guys again.

Also, I forgot to add! The end boss, will be all rank 6/7/8/9 depending on what world. (with a nerfed move set if it is too hard).

Feb 26, 2019
I have what I think is an awesome world idea.

It could be a world filled with incredibly large caves everywhere, and in the caves is where you do all the quests and such. I know what you're thinking, this sounds like a dark a gloomy world, but hear me out lol. Dotted along the sidewalks and background of this underground cavernous world could be large glowing mushrooms, giant stalagmites and stalactites with glowing moss on it maybe, and maybe some bright, shiny crystals coming up through the ground. And when you look up, instead of seeing the sky, you'd see a giant rocky ceiling covered with streaks and lines of bright light-emitting minerals or more mushrooms, but you'd still be able to see the rocks of the ceiling. My point is, if you add all this glowy and cool looking stuff in the cave, it would be a cool world to be in instead of a dark gloomy cave. Heck, sometimes there could even be a large hole in the rock ceiling where you could see the real sky. Maybe the NPCs of that area could be some kinda snail, lizard, bat, or anything else that lives among the rocks or in caves. maybe for some side quests you could collect certain crystals on the floor of this place, or for story quests you'll need to enter large castles built into a group of giant stalagmites, acting as dungeons of that world. Long story short I'm saying it'll be cool if we had a giant cave with glowing rocks and mushrooms as a world lol. Thank you very much for reading

P.S. I'm not the far into the game so I don't know if a world similar to this already exists, but I don't think one does. Correct me if I'm wrong

Edit: I have an idea for the backstory of this place. what if, long ago, the inhabitants of this world all lived on the surface, but at one point a lot of sinkholes started happening and they didn't know why. then one day, a massive "earthquake" caused all their cities to fall underground into the large cavernous area, causing the holes in the ceiling of the caverns. But, when the inhabitants of that world fell down into the caverns because of the earthquake, they realized there were greater resources and treasures underground in the great caverns, so they didn't bother trying to get out of there. But some of the inhabitants suspect it wasn't an earthquake that caused them all to fall but some sinister villain, and those people lived in fear that the person who caused everything to fall into the caverns would come back and do something far more dangerous. Just an idea, feel free to change the story however you like if you guys were to add it to the game :)

Nov 17, 2010

1. I would like to fall into a miniscule world, (maybe a side world). Jumping from leaf to leaf and making friends with insects, flying on their backs, going down into the ground through their tunnels or in the leaf and grassy ground covers. Maybe we get zapped accidently or on purpose and made very small and we have to do quests to get to a certain place to be normal size again and continue on with the story line.

2. I would like to see an Australian Themed area, with kangaroos, platypus, wombats, quokkas, kookaburras, koala's, dingos etc etc

But anything is great! just continue making more pls


Nov 05, 2011
I personally would like to see the introduction of light magic to combat shadow...maybe the storyline could start this way. The Arcanum receives a message from Professor Ambrose he needs our wizard's help, the matter is urgent in nature. It seems Giselle Moonbow has noticed wisps of shadow curling under the tiny arched door located in her shop. There is a heavy dark feeling accompanying the wisps which causes her to throw open the door of her shop to let light in. Wizards are starting to return recently purchased pets as they are assisting the enemy instead of the wizard. Giselle calls Merle when he arrives he sees tendrils of shadow creeping into streets of Wizard City and tries to shut the pet shop door to no avail. Our young wizard arrives and Professor Ambrose tells him he has kept shadow from Wizard City streets these many years our wizard must investigate the caused immediately. He sends our Wizard to consult with Lady Oriel apparently she has potion she uses to shrink in size in order that she may cavort and play with the fairies in Hedge Maze. The wizard returns with potion in hand after completing Lady Oriel's new quest. Ambrose cautions our wizard he or she will be vulnerable in their shrunken state. The wizard takes the potion enters the door and see's a witch in the shadows stirring a cauldron and chanting hans squee nang squee diggly dee come little fairies come to me. I'll steal your light in order to blight the spiral's everlasting might. Our wizard returns to Ambrose only to find he cannot return to normal size. Both rush to the Arcanum in hope of answer
lo and behold it turns out they've hired a new professor, a white shimmery fairy, a teacher of light. Thus the quests begin....

Nov 25, 2012
Mar 22, 2018
I wonder if there could be some sort of retreat world. Wizard city os a great place for most of the basic needs you start out with. But where if there was anothwr where you could race mounts, pets, have PVPs. More so for higher rabked players. And on the otherside of the world you have a story where you help improve or repair things as you go along.

Jun 24, 2013
Sherlock Bones on Aug 13, 2008 wrote:
What kind of a world would you like to see?
Hello so for a new world I am expecting something more like modern maybe like America in the 1800s or something like that it would be very expirimental and very cool if were to be done correctly I don't know how the storyline would map out towards that yet it would be amazingly wellmade

Marcus Wildcrafter Lvl 89

Sep 23, 2017
I think (based on the wizard101 history.) that there should be a sky world, where, surprise, the Giants went! The book on the second story of the Wizard City library has some history there, I think that what to book doesn't know, is that some of the Giants retreated to skies far away from everything, starting new life's. This should be the new world, or one of them, and you'd be on clouds and stuff. Just a suggestion.

Nov 19, 2014
A world based on Scotland could look really pretty.

Sep 23, 2017
I think there should be a star world.
It would always be night with a starry sky, like Grizzleheim, only the world would be different.
It would be based on Star Magic, and most NPCS would have an interest in astronomy.

Some of the creatures would be Star based, from Star School, and there would be...Comet Crushers, who'd look like Flame Servants from Krokotopia!
Just a suggestion.

Feb 22, 2012
benkenobi2001. on Nov 3, 2018 wrote:
Imagine a world in which dark creatures plot to ruin the futures of wizards everywhere. They have dark/evil copies of the Ravenwood teachers as bosses. They are planning to replace each one and corrupt the new wizards of Ravenwood. You must defeat each dark teacher in the plot of this world, including Headmaster Ambrose (possibly the final boss?).

I think this would be really cool. In this way, you can incorporate strong bosses of each school. It also could have an interesting plot and a lot of variability in what way you want to take it as well. Sure it isn't a "fate of the spiral" as a whole kind of thing, but it would still be really important to stop them. I couldn't imagine a world without brave wizards like us, a world they want to create. I think it would be pretty cool to get equipment that some of the teachers would wear and also just to fight them in general. I'd image they'd be pretty powerful, and an awesome ending by fighting dark Merle Ambrose would be really cool too. I've always wondered how powerful he is.
Nice idea! Did you notice it was put in the game in the Reverie Dark Ambrose is may favorite addition so farWhat if there would be an alternative world where we are bad instead of good and the professors could teach us Chaos magic and more shadow magic. It would look very similar to the area in Reverie except all of WC would look like that and our professors would dress similar to way the look in WC but only "dark" like Dark Ambrose.

Maybe it wouldn't even have to be a new world just an expansion of the Reverie since there are doors we can not access yet. More side quests if you will, where we can decide to go down the dark path and see what unfolds. All to realize, nah! We are guardians of light; the protectors of the spiral, The Scion of Bartleby. But it was one heck of an adventure

Feb 22, 2012
Chicky563 on Apr 18, 2018 wrote:
What I can't believe you still didn't do Weirwood.
You should really do Weirwood.
Remember how Weirwood was where that fairy from pigswick was from and how there was even like a portal that opens to Weirwood?
And it also talked about Mirage and Empria and you did those two worlds!
Now I always imagined Weirwood as a place filled with beautiful plants, Unicorns, Fairies, Pixies, and it could have even been Lady Oriel's home world.

And maybe Lady Oriel could be the one who gives the quest to us!
So i really can't see why you can't do that world.
it would be so awsome if you did!
So plz do that world! Thanks! -Amy Skullspear
I am surprised they haven't done Wierwood as of yet as well Although lots of us are STILL waiting on Gobblerton so I am guessing they are still in the works ( or at least we hope) they dropped another world name..Albion home to the Monstrology professor. I've heard its going to be a world

KI you can even tie in Gobblerton during the Halloween events, since its witches that take over right? It would be perfect with the whole Candyland theme being a part of the Halloween events. Besides its been a long while since any new content was added to the Halloween quests from Jack-O.

Loving the idea of Lady Oriel giving us the quest for Weirdwood and that being her home, maybe you can even incorporate the idea someone else posted the with story line of shrinking potion. Seems that would be a fun story line

And again great stuff for free! Think about it

AluraDeathweilder 130

Feb 22, 2012
Taylorash9 on Apr 20, 2018 wrote:
Weirwood is in Avalon it's not a world.
your rightThey did make Weirwood to be an area in Avalon. I forgot about that

Aug 26, 2015
And the chaos appears, the new world of the spiral, in the space-time in the shape of a black hole a new world one where creatures with schools mixed with the shadow and many of them of normal creatures with the power of the shadow of other places of the spiral appear here.
Places of chaos.
Dark side: creatures of the shadow appear here. They use many spells of shadow.
Darkcanum: new and chaos trainer with new spells, very careful and chaos is very unstable (arcanum door).
Paradox chaotic: the good and bad creatures of the whole spiral are here with the power of the . Fighting to dominate the chaos. And the first area where Melori and his companions appear.
The other side: ghosts, undead creatures appear here. They are worried because chaos and darkness can also destroy their world. They believe that Melori and his companions will destroy their world.
Shadow cave: one of the places where the strongest creatures appear, if you can win in duel the other side could be saved ...
The beyond: an unknown place far from the spiral here appear the creatures with schools and together. Where the chaos is trying to be contained so that it does not destroy the whole spiral.
Darkmoon: it is the moon of the other side you could visit it and find new spells as .

And here the world of chaos ends or continues.

New worlds (school of light):

Imaginary: creatures beyond imagination to be here. Hybrid creatures live quietly until you appear and scare them. They believe that you are a threat and try to defend themselves using light.
Highland: dragons, fairies and Luphilims (light school) here. Watching from the air that everything is quiet. Here the dragons are not bad and are loyal friends with the luphilim (light school).
Sweet dream: a small city in the clouds with a sweet secret. All creatures are candy.And new trainer school of light.

Feb 06, 2010
Jul 30, 2017
Nov 23, 2008
At the end of the last fight of Empyrea, the Tree of Knowledge cries out a warning. To remain afraid, when confronted by Ione as to what should we be afraid of, The Tree, Sybil, states NOTHING? Seems to me that a black hole somewhere out there is a "Nothing"? Who knows but I do hear it will be even harder then Empyrea LOL.

Oct 14, 2017
neodin on Aug 14, 2008 wrote:
how about atlantis,and the good guys there are gonna be fish,mermen,and mermaids.
and the bad guys are gonna be cursed sharks and piranas and also big storm monsters?
how about a world just like ours?
humans are gonna be the good guys and the bad guys are gonna be elf wizards and death elfs?
how about an anti wizard world which is gonna be only bad people?
how about a big big cave?
and the good guys are gonna be marleybonians,pixies,fairies,and wizards
and the bad guys are gonna be storm bats & death monsters?
I'd say forget all this stuff about frogs, mermaids, etc. and continue to think on why zander, the life scholar, say we are from Earth. They should create a world called earth and create people like Blad Raveneye and other human beings built like us

Aug 29, 2008
I'd be interested to finally see rajah home of the tigers.

rajah is the indian themed world eluded too in pirate101. I believe on the pirate forums they even said that they'd very much like to do rajah for wiz.

Jan 07, 2013
What about out of the spiral, i would think of a space themed world outside of the Spiral where there are little asteroids and stars as the residents of this unknown world and the main story is to stop a giant black hole from eating the Spiral whole

Jan 07, 2013
Quinn GreenBreeze on Jul 8, 2019 wrote:
What about out of the spiral, i would think of a space themed world outside of the Spiral where there are little asteroids and stars as the residents of this unknown world and the main story is to stop a giant black hole from eating the Spiral whole
i know this is so short sorry