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You decide on a new world!

Mar 28, 2015
I do believe there's a fire world named yago mentioned. I think in this world will be home to more than the helephants possibly the fire cats as we do not know their origin. maybe even the phoenix! there so much possibility to do with this world too maybe Bartlebe is possessed by a oni ( a form of helephant) and try's to destroy the spiral and you have to find its origin or something of that degree. or maybe its going to be used by old cob for a source of power to create a machine to make the shadow web as it is know to be made out of fire.

(note this could also be just a side world)

Nov 15, 2016
A world with cervid (deer) inhabitants
Elf and Faerie stuff!
A world with vulpine (fox) inhabitants
A sky themed world
A forest world

Oct 30, 2012
We haven't seen a world based around Aquila yet, maybe it could be like a high level side world?

Apr 28, 2012
Zeldaii wrote:
I love a flight themed place! And for the higher levels they can pay to train for an ability to summon like a pet dradon to fly on, or that you could use your flying pets to ride on!
Yes! that would be awesome

Seth DreamBringer 76

Apr 28, 2012
Dear Sherlock Bones

I would like to say that it would be a fantastic idea to maybe add a world revolving around cats Because there are lots of dogs in Marley Bone (where you live). There are probably lots of cat lovers who would like to see this happen.
I don't know if you could do it by yourself though (but you are very strong and intelligent.)

Dear Seth Dream Bringer 76

May 13, 2010
I think that there should be a world based around magic. The plot I had in mind was that the world was a happy place and was filled with magic but then an evil wizard (such as Malistare or Morganthe) has corrupted the place turning every thing like. Its up to you to stop this person and save that world.

May 11, 2010
zgman1234 on Feb 1, 2017 wrote:
Dear Sherlock Bones

I would like to say that it would be a fantastic idea to maybe add a world revolving around cats Because there are lots of dogs in Marley Bone (where you live). There are probably lots of cat lovers who would like to see this happen.
I don't know if you could do it by yourself though (but you are very strong and intelligent.)

Dear Seth Dream Bringer 76
Level Yourself Up to Mirage. You'll Love it there.

May 11, 2010
I've been thinking of a / place Filled with tigers! (I know that Mirage just happened) The world is inhabited by Tigers have ruled the world for many years in peace until a new Emperor moves in. Everything Turns To Chaos! Slavery starts happening, More Crime, and of course (for you sherlock) MYSTERY! The final bossfight would be a duo. You would fight the Corrupted King and The Guy Who Sits by the Spiral Door, And 2 other minions. I have plenty more Ideas for this world. I have a few Spell Ideas (Go To This Thread to See Them: https://www.wizard101.com/forum/the-dorms/a-few-spell-ideas-8ad6a42459f8f242015a15eccf056701/8ad6a42459f8f242015a15eccf066702?fromSearchResult=true#8ad6a42459f8f242015a15eccf066702 )

May 15, 2016
There should be a world based off Darkmoor because I wish to know more about it. A world based of Darkmoor would be amazing because other higher level players(Level 100s), because Darkmoor seems so mysterious and strange. The reason I say this is because when you hit level 100 you are just randomly sent to Darkmoor to beat Malistaire again, and I believe Kingsisle can make this a reality. So Kingsisle if you ever get to this please implement it in Wizard101.

Oct 21, 2013
I would like a galaxy themed world.

There would be beings from Celestia. (Alien ghosts in Stormriven i'm talking to you)

Jun 07, 2016
I think somewhere in the Spiral, there is a world where everything is cube like in structure. (obviously based on the game known as MineCraft)

Sep 26, 2013
allaboutme212 on Jan 20, 2017 wrote:
A Native American or Native Australian world are both beautiful inspirations.
and i agree with going to the land that our wizard was born, an earth-like world.
I agree,world where jacki whisperwind comes from, look at her room, native american theme! I would love to see her world! Lucas Spellrunner 120

Sep 11, 2011
A rainforest/swamp setting, where we have frogs as the main focus.

-Kane TitanBreaker, Level 84 Myth

Jun 16, 2013
Hmm. I'd think their should be some sort of elemental world, but with everything in shadow. Like they would introduce new spells that are of both fire and shadow. Shadow element spells would use up a third shadow pip and some normal pips. There would probably be some new villain in the world that wants to escape to the other worlds and put them all in shadow or something. It would be pretty cool if they seceded. Well, not really cool for the worlds put under shadow and stuff, but you know what I mean. In the world you'll have to learn evener more how to stop shadow from devouring you, though since it'll be extra strong over there, and everywhere. They might have to make another school to balance it out; something still creepy, but brighter. Like soul or something. The world might have an entire area about that and I strongly suggest that the new school be made evenly as creepy as shadow :).


Mar 10, 2015
This is not really a new world but could be a expansion to original Aquila. In mythology the void or land of night is underneath Tartarus. We could sort of change the story where we quest along side Zeus Hades and Poseidon to stop the rise of the golden Titan (Cronus). This would be in between level 130-140

Another possibility could be Pompeii (end of arc 2 after emperyia) old cob decides to destroy the spiral buy burning it in magic flames. Wizard has to stop it.

Side world: cool ranch (not same as in pirate101). Wizard found out a few of the cabal agents are there and decided to go investigate. Could fight old wizard city wizards like marlon Ashton, Susie grippe bane.

Dark stone city: potentially the home work of shadow magic. The place of old cob where the wizard goes to fight old cob. There he decides to save spiral (good) destroy it with old cob (evil). (End of arc 3)

This are my ideas for worlds

Nov 27, 2014
you now what would be cool a world where you have to go to diffrent areas to save each teacher there are mobs where its the things that bully them hu hu charm it if you like that idea also the bosses are them but hipmatised thats all i got like always stephen deathfist lvl 75

remember if you liked charm it

Apr 06, 2013
You know, Mr. Bones, I have been thinking, maybe we should make this a contest? Like, you design your world, the storyline, everything! Then, the top three could win prizes but the first place winner would have their world made as a world! Well now I am going to share some more worlds :P
After Mirage...
A world where you have to save your earth family
In the fourth arc!
A world where a new form of magic is introduced
A time traveling world like the boxes event
That world the fairy mentioned (She is in Wysteria, ya know, the fairy you fight)
A world where you have to fight all of the bosses you fought before (One from each world, including areas and side worlds)
That is what I think!

Jul 17, 2009
Old Korea style world. Cool Ranch world. Another dog based one. One based on all kinds of different fairy tales- like where you have to find the gold ball for a frog, or the pea in the mattress etc.

Oct 20, 2012
How about a new city-based world that's based off of NYC? Unlike Marleybone, it can be sunny out and the buildings are huge etc

Dec 08, 2016
It'd be interesting to see a food-themed/candy land world, one that's very Wreck-It-Ralph like. And if possible, the bosses there could maybe drop mega snacks. It'd be one popular world that many would often visit to farm. But I do I feel like this idea may be a bit too wacky and out of place. Maybe it can be the new side world?

Feb 14, 2017
I really think they should add another Asian-themed world. We only have Mooshu right now. I think they should add a world that focuses are Chinese lore instead of Japanese or Korean.

Apr 17, 2015
Sherlock Bones on Aug 13, 2008 wrote:
What kind of a world would you like to see?
i shows from grandfather spider at the end of khyralis what worlds are coming

Feb 01, 2013
Well Sherlock Bones,

I think there's a sister world to Krokotopia that was lost in time and space many moons ago.
Since we've barely scratched the surface of Krokotopia's history, I think it wouldn't be too far fetched of an idea that the Manders had some sort of trading partner that helped bring goods in from other worlds.

This world has a richer history of Balance Magic and it's rumored that Jackie and Alhazred had traveled there on their own journey to perfect their own skills as Sorcerers. They say the people who inhabit this world are elf like in appearance, with long hair normally down to their backs and robes made of lightweight cloth that glows in the night. The ruler of the main kingdom is a woman by the name of Isabella de Luna, she's a gifted Sorcerer that has been around for many generations and has several children that have shared their knowledge of Balance magic.

I've heard rumors that one of the daughters have made contact with a promising young wizard that might be able to help them before Spider's children claim a deadly power that has the capability to send the Balance of everything into chaos for good.

The order of Balance is waiting.

Jan 28, 2012
I think a world where you are actually inside of some giant creature (like the great beast quest in kr.) There could be a whole entire empire of celestia type people inside and they are fighting other things that got swallowed by the creature. but idk its just an idea.

Jun 21, 2016
Maybe a world in the stars?

A world in a creature?