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You decide on a new world!

Nov 21, 2010
I think we should see a new world that is the oldest world in the spiral, and is the most well-kept relic of the original world the titans destroyed with war. I think it should be called something like Titanus, and I really want to know more about the Storm Tritons and what happened to the Storm Titan after it went back into its slumber after being summoned by the Celestians. We've seen someone attempt to summon the Frost Giant, and the Fire Titan, and I think we all really suspected Morganthe was going to summon the Storm Titan, but for whatever reason, she didn't. Honestly, seeing what the spiral was like when it was just the one world (That if I remember right, was a planet and not a floating piece of rock) would be pretty cool and interesting, especially for us Lore-Nerds/Keepers/Masters who know just about everything about the titans like myself, but are left with the burning question of what the original world was like. By the way, I call myself a Lore-Master.

Nov 24, 2013
I know this may sound a bit boring, but there are still more places on earth that could become a world in the spiral, so i was thinking about what worlds might have an interesting story. So i thought of Australia! what about a world full of the indigenous (kangaroos, koalas, wallabies or even dingoes!) considering Australia was colonized by the English then how about this, the people of Marleybone discovered a new world and were determined to know more about this interesting world (the name is open for ideas :D) so they colonized it and found that there were other inhabitants, the tribes. But the tribes are having a war because (maybe one of the new villains) has stolen each tribe's emblem to summon the mighty eagle and use it as an ultimate weapon against the spiral (wedge-tailed eagle) but you have to stop them in their lair, in the great barrier reef but before you reach him (it would be a dungeon) he escapes to Uluru to summon the mighty eagle (this would be the final dungeon) but you catch up to them and stop their plan for good.

Now i know this could be extended with more dungeons, quests and a bit more to the story line but i just gave the base to my idea of this world.

Apr 17, 2016
Hey i really think wizard101 should add compains thats the reason i enjoyed pirate more because you can play solo i and my friends would love that!

Jun 28, 2014
Monquista, Cool Ranch, Skull Island, Valencia, I know how to incorporate skull island, you talk to the bears in Grizzleheim and they want you to help them take out the troggies which are on skull island, then you would have to deal with the armada that is there, and all other things skull island has to offer

May 29, 2014
Sneezypants05 on Apr 7, 2015 wrote:
You just responded to a post from 2008, when there was no Azteca.
Ah, true; thanks for pointing that out. :)

Nov 02, 2009
In the world with pigs that I forget the name of there is a student from weird wood and that should be the next world! PS: where was the fox girl from? the newest world.

Apr 07, 2011
That's a Very good question. In fact I am always thinking about that every day. I think the things you guys need to think about is "who live their" what sort of animal are the people in this world, and "what is the theme of this world."

You can also think about people we already have in the spiral but do not have worlds such as Buxley Turtleton and those mole like guys in the Doodle Dug mini game.

Another animal that I think would be very interesting may be fish people, though the only theme I can think suitable for them would be more like that Marleybone theme that we already have and love.

It would be awesome to see another world with the archaeologists from Marleybone, And another full length side-world like Grizzelhiem. or maybe side-world with the Marleybome people

Nov 25, 2014
I prefer a "Future World", where UFO are the friend of us Or a "Science World", 'Black Hole" etc ...

Dec 17, 2011
Mirage! Mirage is going to be the newest world I believe.
For those of us who have beaten all the worlds including the newest one, Polaris, it will make a little more sense
then those who have not. Think back to the words that were stated by O.C. at the end of Khrysalis. If you remember the first world he mentioned was Polaris. Look what came after Khrysalis. POLARIS!!! Hardly a coincidence. The next world he said was Mirage, so that is what i'm betting on. Let's also not forget that when are paths crossed with Nalia dunestrider in wysteria. She made it clear that she is from Mirage. Based off this and what she is wearing we can clearly assume that Mirage will be a world based off of India most likely inhabited by Cats. Back when Wysteria first came out many people discarded the idea, because it was only mentioned that one time and since then they have released other worlds. However, I believe that this evidence makes it much more than an Educated guess. I believe that Mirage will be the next world. What do you think?

Sep 14, 2014
As Baba Yaga said about the arcanum that there are things in the spiral and out the spiral making it sound like theres another spiral. What I'm saying is there could be dimensional rifts caused by old cob or Morganthes disappearance so then a clash between dimensions would be a cool twists but. In Wysteria there were some worlds that we didn't know like the fairy one and the one were the rabbit came from sorry i forgot the names but anyways. We could have those worlds and when your out the spiral maybe . you could do the world the wizard came from like earth and then since thats out the spiral you could go into it and its universe. or pirate101 could cross between like in the petathalon puppet show. so I'm saying there are many variations of ideas put into this for wiz.

- John Death Level23

Jun 22, 2013
Mystic Rose on Apr 29, 2015 wrote:
Someone may have already pointed out my ideas listed below, so I apologize if so.
How about a medieval themed world, with many myth creatures I'm thinking, like the Minotaur, Bloodbat, and a new mob I think should be added along with this world, shining armor. For balance in this world, it would be living sandstorm. For death, fallen warrior. And NPCs would be Judgement, a Seraph, some princesses, knights, kings, queens, ect. The level required to go to this world should be around 40 - 50 and Professor Drake should give the quest, considering this world is mainly populated with myth creatures.

Anna Waterpetal level 32 wizard
(Apologies if my name pops up as annawaterpeatle. I had requested it to be changed to Mystic Rose because I made my account years ago =P)
We already have that Medieval themed world

Its called Avalon
After Zafaria, Before Azteca

Sep 02, 2013
I loved Baddle of Bands. A take off world world from that theme would be so fun! Music was great and the name creations were a ball! Whoever created that has a great sense of humor and awesome music taste. At this point I just love the game but the humor hidden in the game is a refreshing take on the game! Keep up the good work Kingsisle!

Jun 04, 2010
try a dimension land such as oz wonderland storyland, or strike a deal with stephen r donaldson for the land .. go more into the doctor thing and his tardis fight very similar adventures .. i did always love the titan books .. you guys .. google the books titan demon and i think last one is wizard .. then there are the myth adventures .. get the idea :)

May 07, 2015
forestweed on May 12, 2016 wrote:
try a dimension land such as oz wonderland storyland, or strike a deal with stephen r donaldson for the land .. go more into the doctor thing and his tardis fight very similar adventures .. i did always love the titan books .. you guys .. google the books titan demon and i think last one is wizard .. then there are the myth adventures .. get the idea :)
yes! doctor who themed world! please!

Aug 23, 2015
A maze world of labyrinth similar ; full of traps , ambushes , twists n turns , Oubliettes , dungeons , arcade games , pet games , variety of Reagents n chests. besides regular and silver chests, gold chests would be nice too. and for free to play section can be accessed from npc port in wizard city fairgrounds for limited time maybe. alot members stuff too. that be nice

Aug 15, 2010
Well when the Emperor of Mooshu talks to you about Mirage, I figured that may be a new, hidden world. Mirage could make you see a shapeshifted monster into someone you know, for example, Professor Ambrose.

Jan 24, 2012
Just an idea.. a world kind of like the Bermuda Triangle... it would have all the Marleybonians who got lost in it, and we have to rescue them

Mar 31, 2009
I'm excited for Wallaru. I bet it's an Austrailian themed World. Jaki mentions it. Can I also just say that I love Jaki Whisperwind. LOL!

Feb 13, 2011
One world I can think of is a world that is actually split into five, similar to a concept I've seen in another magically based set of media, with each of those sub-worlds using only 3 non-balance schools of magic and being completely devoid of the other 3 and what they bring, for example, a world that has Storm, Death, and Ice magic but no Life, Fire, or Myth magic would be a world completely devoid of new life, being primarily populated by the undead.

Oct 12, 2012
Well as there is electricity in Marley Bone and Celestia, i think there would be a Robot world every literally everyone is robots or cyborgs or animal cyborgs ( imo it sounds kinda cool the way i think it in my head lol).

Aug 10, 2010
I loved all of the ideas that were shared on this forum, however, there are a few planned worlds. These worlds are stated at the end of Khrysalis when you speak to Old Cob. Old Cob mentions the worlds and they include Polaris, Empyrea, and Mirage. The hidden lands and broken shores refer to even later worlds, but that part I have not deciphered yet. Another thing is that Sherlock Bones, one of the developers, was calling us sleuths like we were supposed to solve a mystery. Apparently, the mystery was in Old Cob's final dialogue.

Kevin Thunderflame Lvl 100

Nicholas Legendcrafter Lvl 44

Dec 16, 2013
I would love to see a Celtic based world. The character and scenery options could be beautiful!

Feb 01, 2016
I think the next world is a modern world or something, since the last few mounts have been modern vehicles like the chopper and the coffin car thing. The world should look like marleybone because the chopper mount somehow reminds me of it.

My second thought is that there should be a desert world, like monquista or cool ranch from pirate 101. Since for polaris balterby was cold, he should be hot, since it is summer season.

There should be another world because we still need those rank 14 spells, minions, and bosses.
I think the rank 14 spells should at least have 1 or 2 shadow pips needed

So those are my thoughts about the upcoming world

i hope you make new spells and worlds kingisle

Oct 22, 2013
I would love to see the world where the Helephants are from!

Young Balance

Mar 24, 2013
I think there should be sort of an Ottoman Empire type of theme. Y'know a period with sultans in a luxurious palace? Maybe have all different dungeon through each room. Ones near the sea, etc. I don't usually see many themes like that in online games. Nor do I see a lot of history on Ottoman Empire, and let me just tell you, this empire ruled almost all of Europe! xD anywho, whatever you pick will be okay for me.