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You decide on a new world!

Aug 08, 2012
How about an Australian themed world where there are koalas dingos and kangaroos. We could learn a new type of magic and more about Zanders history. The bad guys could be Tasmanian devils and corrupt dingos and kangaroos. The final boss would be The Bat who came from another world to destroy this world and the rest of the spiral with it.

Jordan LifeCaster LV 110

Apr 10, 2014
RyanDawnBreaker on Oct 25, 2014 wrote:
I have a side world in mind, kinda like Wysteria. It will bevery challenging. This world will be just like wizard city, except it will be the opposite. No blue skies, no happy faces. The mobs will be the npcs; while, the all the npcs from before will be the enemies. In this world you'd have to defeat evil Merle Ambrose, by first defeating all 7 school teachers, which will drop the best armor for their own respected school. I.e
Myth robes

+500 health
+125% critical
+80% universal block
+20% myth damage
+10% universal resistance
+20% myth resistance
+10% armor piercing
+50% stun resistance
+1 power pip

They would be cheating bosses. Once you defeated them, you fight gamma, who is also a cheating boss, he drops op athames and rings for each school. then when you defeat him, you fight Merle Ambrose. And this is how i picture the fight going:
Merle Amrose has 50,000 health, and 30 resist to all schools. Has Mastery of all schools.

1) Every round Merle Ambrose casts a global spell that will last for four ronds, and depending on what school the bubble is, is what spell you can cast on him. I.e if its a fire bubble, and you cast an ice spell on him, he will hit you with a 0 pip version of the spell you hit him with.

2)If you cast a shadow spell, Merle Ambrose will cast a modified version on supernova which will destroy the shadow transformation dealing 1000 damage, if hit with a shadow spell, Merle Ambrose will cast Scald dealing 3000 damage over 3 rounds.

3)If you put a trap on Merle Ambrose, he will destroy it and cast earthquake dealing 800 damage.

4)If you cast a ward, Merle Ambrose will cast Orthrus dealing 150 damage and 1200 damage.

If you defeat him, you will get super op wands:

+300 Health
+40% myth damage
+30% myth resistance
150% critical
150% block
10% piercing
may cast Earthquake( dealing 685-825 damage)
may cast mythblade
may cast stun (for two rounds)
+1 power pip.

And there will be different versions for all the schools.
Love that!!!!!!!!!!!!! My friend is a super high level and he complains that things are to easy once you get to a certain level. So that sounds super perfect once you get to a high level.

Jan 24, 2015
I think it would be cool to have new worlds based on too or more worlds combined. Like for example, Celestia and Zafaria combined. That would make an underwater savanna type of world, it would be pretty amazing to see this.

Also, if there were worlds where wizards would fight witches (not witches as wizards like we are currently, wizards that have different spells and stuff, as witches). The witches could mutate spells and things, I think that would be cool.

Maybe worlds based on your school. I am currently a level 57 death wizard and it would be terrific if there was a death school, maybe like Dragonspyre and Darkmoor combined (as said above: combining schools).

Anyways, thanks, and woot woot this is my first post

Jan 07, 2012
Naturelends. A vast forest, almost like a maze, which has been controlled by a colony of revolted bears from Grizzleheim.

Before this world was turned into a civilization, this land was inhabited by fairies, treants, spiders, and other mythological creatures.

When the bears arrived, they made civilization and created a monarchy. Slowly in doing this, it caused this "greater civilization" to become a tyranny. After realizing this, the bears overthrew the king. The people elected a council to govern they're new civilization.

Later on, the bears faced a new problem: the forest people. The people of the forest(the mythological creatures stated above) had became angry of the bears inhabiting what used to be only they're own world. The debates went to wars. The wars cut off any transportation off the world, causing the bears to be stranded(yes, during the war they were planning to escape).

This war had forced both sides to call it a truce After this the bears and forest people had lived peacefully.

During the current day of this world, a strange group of magicians have been studying old beliefs about magic that the forest people used to use, and have been attempting to preform the spells. This magic has corrupted the magicians, and they begun to take over the land, and ruling with an iron fist. Another great war seems to be afoot upon this land...

Feb 12, 2016
I am adventurous, I wish to find uncharted worlds in the spiral. I believe I have found one...
I have classified the world as "Doom"
I have found Hostile and Hospitable hosts such as Merlin, Corrupt Wizards, and much more...
I have been only able to look at the planet through my advanced telescopes, but I have
estimated that the Hostile creatures are mostly Death and Storm wizards, rank 13, with 3,500
and 4,100 health.
I have studied some of the herbs on the planets, one of them being "Rotten Root"
with surprising drops, such as valued reagents like Sunstone, and Amber.
Judging from a far-away view of the planet, it is wholly controlled by an Evil Sorcerer known as
Morgrim the Undoomed, and Merlin is in dire need of young wizards who are brave enough to overthrow
Morgrim, and restore peace to Doom. Doom to present days wizards is an extinct planet. It has died
many years ago, even before Merle Ambrose was born. I have configured a time machine to have young Wizards try to reverse some of the badness, in hopes of possibly reversing its extinction.
The question is for you, young wizards, are you willing to go in the uncharted depths of the Sea of the Spiral,
and save a vast magical world from extinction? Will you travel to Doom?

Jan 29, 2014
Worlds in this game include, a world that is neutral, a world in Ancient Egypt, a world in London about a century ago,
Ancient Japanese empire, Dragons don't know what to say for that, a world in the future, a world in the jungle,
a world with castles and knights, a world containing culture of Tenochitlan. A world that is in Nature and is with magic balanced, a world freezing cold and full of ice, a world in Canada, a world that is like a school,

Maybe we can have a world based in Spain around the time Columbus came to the Bajamas.
Or a world based on life on Mars,
Or a world that is space, like it is like a floating atmosphere, and you start on like a asteroid and go to
other asteroids and maybe a town build inside of a asteroid and can have enemies that are like aliens, or a weird bacteria.

I think all of these would be really cool as a world

Apr 26, 2011
I was incredibly interested in the world described the the cat woman in Wysteria when beginning the Spiral Cup quest line, called Mirage I think. It sounds facinating!

Other ideas would be worlds based on the Zodiac Signs!

Julia Iceblood Level 71

Jul 26, 2012
Probably like an Earth like world that the last world would end like:
"This world is disgusting! I must go to Earth where the weak ones are!" The Arc Enemy would say.
Then he/she disappears.

And then to merle (or the main quest world giver) after the world was made:
"Earth? Oh I heard of that world before. It is a place you came from. You were such weak but, I knew you had amazing potential. And I was right."
"Whats that? [Arc Enemy Name] and his fleet is going there to destroy it and its people? Oh that isn't good at all."
"There are no exact spiral keys for it. There is also no spiral door. But there is one way to get there."
"Here. Take this spell. Use it to go to Earth. I am afraid I can't help you after that. You have to use it in [Chosen Place in the spiral] for it to work. Go quickly Wizard!"

And then it seems that you can use the place you teleport to when you use the spell to use the spell again (interact not actually combat cast) and go back to the Chosen Place in the spiral.

The dialogue is just my personal idea but you should really make a world like Earth! Maybe at the end of Wizard101's creating?

Nov 22, 2010
I would like to see some new worlds, adventures and creatures based on Terry Pratchet's Color of Magic and subsequent books.

Feb 20, 2016
I think it would be cool to make a world with dinosaurs for the main population. This would be nice because there has been dinosaur pets/mounts but never a background for where they came from. So this is why they need to make a world based on dinosaurs. I also wish they would add the world that the contestant in the wizard cup tournament that looked like a cat said, I think the world name was mirage. I have another idea but its pretty far off, There should be a world like mars or something else that was based off of aliens. Another idea is a death world kind of like a dark cave from wizard city put into a landscape of dragonspyre.

Feb 06, 2010
I'd love to see a world where the Wizard Net (like the internet but magic) had some "glitches" caused by *Bad guy name here* trying... to say, Crash communication between worlds to stop a peace conference between Wizard City and Krystles. And maybe and a new spell transmogrify (example: Troll to Wiznet Troll) to make things interesting. I'd wouldn't mind to see it as a new Grizzlehime like area for leveling and gear, maybe start it in Westaria or Aquila?

Oct 13, 2013
Like someone said before.. a zodiac themed world but more like Aquila.

Something threatens the astral realm and we have to aid the 12 houses in the reconstruction of this dying realm.
The story starts with the king/god of this realm asking you to help him stop his 12 disciples from taking control of his realm.
At first glance it seems that the houses have gone mad and are wrongfully taking power.
Like Aquila you would fight the 12 houses depending on your level.
Maybe this story start at level 10 and continues as you progress through the game.
I'm assuming not all 12 symbols will be fought because towards the end of the story line you will be turned against the king.
Him being the last boss and trying to get rid of the houses in order to complete his evil plan.. maybe
this being much like Aquila and would end at or around a new level cap.

Also maybe adding new astral spells the are dropped from the bosses much like the Loremaster.
These being a new types of astral battle magic.. spells that mutate depending on your school.

for example imagine a basic spell/monster but the description would very from school to school
its damage and effects would change in a way that fits the school
fire: would deal good damage but also leave a burning effect
death: would of course steal heal back from its attack or maybe leave a poison effect
life: would be a Multi/Aoe heal
each school would have a cool animation but the spell/monster would be the same

Feb 27, 2010
How about a death'ish' theme. So it'll be like a underworld similar to Hades at level 90. main theme could be someone is ill/poisoned. We might see the spirit of Malistere down there...

Jan 21, 2014
I think there should be a world where you go to Earth, and then meet actual humans and then learn your true ancestors. Then you learn new schools of magic that allow you to do human stuff.....

Oct 09, 2012
I think that they should make some kind of sky world. A new world in the spiral made from many small islands and rocks. Maybe they could add like hopping from rock to rock to get to a new area. The base area should be like one big sky city and you could look off the edge and see all the clouds. Maybe the plot is that you need to stop the whole world from falling down into the void by defeating the guy who is making the whole world fall to it's doom. that would be cool

Oct 20, 2012
I wonder if there's going to be an entire world that's "mythical themed" like Cyclops Lane, or one like Gobbler Lane.

May 03, 2009
Sherlock Bones on Aug 13, 2008 wrote:
What kind of a world would you like to see?

Feb 28, 2013
crystalwizard12345... on Mar 11, 2016 wrote:
I would like to see some new worlds, adventures and creatures based on Terry Pratchet's Color of Magic and subsequent books.
That's one of the best idea's I've heard for a long time.
We could perhaps help out at Unseen University for a while.
Or how about a SteamPunk style world?

Feb 27, 2010
Valcoor Dragonfind... on Apr 3, 2016 wrote:
That's one of the best idea's I've heard for a long time.
We could perhaps help out at Unseen University for a while.
Or how about a SteamPunk style world?
A steampunk themed world would be amazing! Imagine Steampunk gear and mount

Dec 31, 2010
Definitely a bug themed world!! Maybe Hivea? Good guys are bees and other friendly bugs, while the bad guys are like, mosquitoes?? xD. Also, this would explain where the amber estate came from.

- Wolf Dragoncaller, Archmage Theurgist

Feb 07, 2015
A world with Bartleby and his friends as trees and stuff or something I honestly don't know lol.

Jun 17, 2013
How about Devil Village because there isn't a lot of Fire worlds.
former Dakota Jadethief level 47

May 30, 2009
Where did those Krok's and Gobblers come from?

Candyworld? Prof. Greyrose's homeland. Good idea for an addition to Colossus Boulevard...
We already know where Headmaster Ambrose is from, and the professors Drake and Wu. But not Balestrom or really know where Falmea is from.

What about the sewers of Wizard City?

Could we bring the rats over from Scrimshaw for that somehow.

Nov 16, 2014
i would love to see a 1950's/1960's Old Hollywood Americana noir themed world. you could perhaps muffle the audio and drain the color to give off that old hollywood video vibe. it would be a very interesting thing to see for sure

Dec 21, 2013