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You decide on a new world!

Aug 14, 2013

so Samuel you wanted a cloud type world with birds well in my storyline for the 4th arc there will be a world like you wanted sneak peak

Feb 16, 2011
I want to fight Shadow creatures. I think for the final boss fight Morganthe should be the Shadow school and have a small but decent resist to all schools. Just something to make it harder. Kingsilse should also make the level cap 101

Apr 29, 2012
Blaze Sandblade on Jan 7, 2014 wrote:
I was looking through the Dorms and I came across a locked post about an eighth world called Scythia, where Odin (norse king of gods) attacked Scythia in hopes to learn Alchemy. When the Norse lost the war, in his bitterness, Odin cast a shrouding ward over the world to make it disappear from reality. This world talked about Morganthe wanting an elixir of life. But after we defeat her in Khrysalis, since shadow magic is about warping reality. Maybe we could break the shroud and learn Alchemy. But while we learn Alchemy, Odin discovered the fact the ward was broken and summoned his final defense to keep people from freeing Scythia from its ward: Activate all Gods within Scythia... And attack! Odin could be the 3rd arc villain, and throughout the arc, we find different gods and in the final world (Immortalica) we fight all of them reborn. This is my idea:

Merle: "After you defeated Morganthe in Khrysalis, the world recovered slowly. But then one young Paladin Deermouse found a stone in the ruins, he named it after himself as Philosopher's Stone. It contained a magic inside it we have not taught here for quite some time: Alchemy. Among it's many celestial powers, the ability to change the material of an item was the greatest. It took Philosopher about 3 days to fix Khrysalis. He is now a hero to his people, but when I sent Cyrus to collect and inspect the stone, Philosopher blasted him into Mooshu! Needless to say, the Emperor wasn't pleased with his intrusion of the Ritual of Binding. But when Cyrus came here, he told me that the stone's powers are contagious, and unless we take it from Khrysalis, soon the entire world will be filled with insect-medusas! Go to the Cave of Murophobes and take the stone!" Quest given: City of Stone.

Philosopher: "You are here to reclaim my stone? Never shall I be separated from its mystic secrets!"

After defeat - Philosopher: "Did I attack you? I am sorry, they will strip me of my title as Paladin if my people find out. You won't tell? Oh thank you mighty spellbinder! Take the stone and do as you please, but if you hold it too long, you'll become swayed by its powers too!"

Merle: "Great work young wizard, go to the Myth Tower immediately, Gretta Darkkettle will know the procedure!"

Gretta: "Ah, the (whatever the lvl 100 title is) has arrived from their leisurely trek in Khrysalis. Well while you've been on a joyful trip, I have been forced to delve into the Shadow Library and recover the Lost Scrolls of Alchemy, and the Scroll of Alchemists' Diffusion. Now place the stone on the table and let's begin!" Quest ended: City of Stone.

Gretta: "Now then, go to Aquila and go into the Cliffs of Gaia to retrieve some Olympian Herbs. Then go to the Savannah in Zafaria to collect 5 Jaguar Teeth." Quest given: Exotic Trip.

Gaia Guards: "Hey, leave now!"

After defeat - Gaia Guards: "Leave with your herbs!"

Jaguar Teeth can be found on the ground.

Gretta: "Took you long enough!" Quest ended: Exotic Trip.
Gretta: "Now go to Halston and ask for some Thunder Sap, then go to Dworgyn and ask for 13 Skeleto Keys." Quest given: Skeletal Thunder.

Halston: "Ah, (your wizard's name). It's been a while. You're looking for Thunder Sap? I don't have any handy, ask Torrence if she has some loose."

Torrence: "You want Thunder Sap? Take some from my branch, there's only some on the highest branch."
Narrator: "You reach for it, but cannot get it. You raise your wand, surely one branch won't hurt. You zap the top branch and pick it up. Thunder Sap is smothered across it."

Dworgyn: "You ask for 13 Skeleto Keys? But those are guarded by the Heir of Skeleto. A fierce undead warrior who heirs the throne of death. Fighting him would be painful now and when you die, surely a member of staff didn't send you here? Gretta? I should've known! She's a witch, but not like others, she turned evil after she was right about Mallistaire. Not Take over the Spiral evil, but after she retired, wizards started disappearing when on Firecat Alley. You were lucky to make it through as only an apprentice. She surely sent you here to test your powers. After all, you could make it through by the skin of your teeth, but you'd certainly be challenged. Go to the Forest of Night in the Wyrd, and face the Heir of Skeleto."

Heir: "Stay back, or I attack, face the might of a deer knight!"

After defeat - Heir: "My name is sung as a tale of woe, just please take the keys and let me go!"

Dworgyn: "I found out why Gretta is back, and while she did genuinely need the keys, she might have been able to make the potion without it. I would tell Merle of the danger she put you in, but no matter how evil she is, she's our only hope."

Gretta: "You're alive?! I mean, well done!" Quest ended: Skeletal Thunder.

Gretta: "Now, 'Spread the Thunder Sap on the teeth, and put the Keys in a circle around the Object of Alchemy. Place the herbs and thunder teeth in a pestle & mortar and grind it together. Then pour the powder on the Object'. The spell should take place in 3...2...1..."
Narrator: "The stone glows golden and then disappears along with the ingredients. In it's place is the face of an eagle who you recognize as Zeus from Aquila."
Zeus: "Young wizard! We meet again! I am afraid that my body you fought in Aquila was merely a ghost of the past. My real self is still stuck here in Scythia among the other Olympians. Scythia is a lot like Aquila, only Odin is mad with Scythia. Come to Scythia and aid us in the battle against the Norse! Since it is still fading from reality, it is near Grizzleheim. The one called Grumlik has a key."
Gretta: "Off you go then! Find this Grumlik fellow and find his key! There could be valuable Alchemy information in Scythia that I need if I'm to stop Odin from destroying the Spiral!" Quest given: Grumlik Speaks.

Grumlik: "I can't speak, I'm under strict orders from the king himself: Odin. You want to go to Scythia and stop Odin. I can't help. And if I could, I won't, unless..."

Dec 02, 2013
mkuliani on Aug 14, 2008 wrote:
I like the idea of the Honey I Shrunk The Kids theme with big blades of grass and mushrooms, etc.

And conversely, a world where you are a giant.

How about a world that is almost purely flying? Not any kind of jet-fighter z-axis thing, just an environment that makes you feel high in the sky with cloud walls. The whole time, instead of running like normal, you would be flying on a broom/carpet/bird. A large zeppelin city would be a nice touch.

Greek/Roman world, togas ftw!

Fairgrounds world! The different parts are themed after the mini-games that you play to fill your mana. :)
i agree with you on some of the themes for new worlds like the first two you listed

Dec 22, 2013
I've seen a lot of worlds for my level. I haven't seen all of them, but I know that you guys will be making new ones. That's pretty , huh?
I think they will come out with another one demonic, like dragon spire.

Kyle Starthief- LVL 27

Aug 10, 2009
Might put the aquila god spells like posideon and hades spell you could craft in khrysalis part

Aug 16, 2009
Haley MoonHeart on Dec 9, 2013 wrote:
This is a random one, but I think there'll be a quest with something to do with the mouse statues in Bastion. You know the purple ones? Maybe they were mice, but then they were turned to amber.

Haley MoonHeart, Promethean Thaumagture
After purifying the Eclipse Tower, Bastion and the Silent Market change a lot! One of the changes is that those statues actually turn into vendors and people :)

Jan 06, 2012
Well, i have noticed, most of the worlds are based on a true history like, AZ that world was based on the Aztecan, and Kr was based on the Egyptians, and MS was based on history too, i think they should have a world, called Polaris, I thought the new world would be named that not KL And also Polaris Would be a a Space themed world with a new rocket mount? and alien Pet? right. I have been playing this game for so long, awaiting to see what this amazing game has to bring, i smile every time i log on to start. I love to have the world Polaris, should give new spells, and crafting gear This world would have new gear to craft and new cool spells that the bosses would have? yeah i think Polaris would be a great world (Thanks for reading) and I love Wizard 101 and a big thanks to the people that helped made this game Awesome!

Dec 29, 2008
I am thinking more outside the box here,

Not a really themed world,

just kind of... junkyard world where you could just tie up all the ends that don't really fit in or that have things that have been "lost" all there, you could even if you wanted to add types of spells that were forgotten

Aug 14, 2013
Hey I need some help from you guys I am running out of fourth arc ideas so if you have any ideas please reply.

Blaze Spellcaster
Hunter Spellcaster
Luke Spellcater

Aug 14, 2013
DragonTooth storyline

Damian; travel to the dark islands pieces of darkmoor that got blown during the war. now go speak to Xavi he will bring you there.

Xavi; ah young wizard you want a ride on my boat first behind the waterfall is a dragon rider gang defeat them.
Dragon rider fire 4055 hey what are you doing here

Xavi thank you now to tritonville talk to electro
Electro prove yourself.
Electro shadow 2999
got to go

Aug 06, 2013
Huge battle world that is only in the spiral for a day!!

Maybe there should be a Wiard101 "time out..." no new characters or accounts made. Wait till all active accounts (played in the last 30 days) are leveled up to 95. extra high experience to level everyone up. Once everyone is level 95, on a certain set date, every active player wil engage in combat at the same time... on a new world. a huge flat field. Everyone charges at the same time. Players keep running till the intercept the enemy. You solo battle, can't join anyone else's battle. Once the huge battle is over, everyone is award level 100 (yes 5 level skip!) Everyone get a commerative badge, pet, mount, card, athame, ring, amulet, reagent, and free crowns and gold! Then after battle is over, new characters can be made.

*************************Or all characers created before a certain date will get to participate, and once all active characters that are eligible are level 95, then that battle happens^**************************

The world will be deleted after that day. The worls will never be available ever again.

Maybe KI should make limited time worlds for holidays and stuff.
-Exclusive quests for extra fast leveling
-exclusive equipment, mounts, pets, and more
-exclusive cards and tc
-secret stuff


Cheyenne Caster Level 26

Dec 13, 2012
maybe we should have the wizards return to earth on vacation visiting their family and some type to evil spirits follow you back from the spiral and take over the part of the world you are in because the can't swim or fly they can just walk and in the end you find out one of your family members has been possessed by a new villain and you have to defeat that family member.

Jul 24, 2009
There should be a space world but with elements of the past, such as cavemen on the moon xD

Nov 14, 2010
Dec 20, 2013
Hello. I am Richard Battleshard and I have an idea for a new world that will be called Shuntatria (Shun- tat-ria) and it is the land of Lions. The king of Shuntatria is Nrsimhadeva (Nirs-imha-deva). And a great evil named (insert your name idea here) took over the lion's minds and made them bad. The lions have been starting to spread all about the spiral, destroying lands and looting kingdoms. Now it is your job to save the spiral once more by destroying (same as before, same person goes here.)! Then the spiral will be in peace and harmony. maybe...

You may make a better story if you like, please consider it. Thank you!


Dec 19, 2010
how about a mix between a mid-evil and futuristic world where the main enemies are black knights, dragons, ogres, trolls, future knights, robot guards and even mechanical dragons or hydras. and the NPC's were white knights, trees, princesses, peasants, robots, wizards and scientists. and the places you would go to where like old castles, graveyards, swamps, villages, manors, futuristic mansions and towers. that would be awesome!! .

Apr 18, 2010
i think there should be a place like new york it could start like ,there a portal to a strange place and there's a massive mutation on a street and your main and secondary school teacher go and battle the thing but fail and retreat to a modern town were the people are all inportant people in the wizard 101 story also malistar could be trying to be good and fight the thing off and gets capterd .also enemy's will be,,,,,, and never .and this world would be 95 to 120 plz make this a world

May 18, 2010
Jan 21, 2010
I have a good idea. A world in space. Like a human space base build by the government to spy on the spiral. It should be called American Space Base or something. The theme of this world is to stop the general from exposing wizardry to the real world. The humans get their hands on a potion that gives them wizard powers. At the end of this world, the general and his solders decide to stay at the base and become real wizards. This should be for wizards levels 50 and up.

Jan 27, 2013
I have a good one!A long lost world where lots of chunks from other random worlds have combined making new worlds, spells, and creatures!the magic could be called...chaos magic.That all i have to say.The great battlewhisper has spoken....

Dec 05, 2010
Hey wanted to know if you guys want an awesome new world in wizards. So do you? Let me know, what kind you would want, what it should be called, and why. Thanks.
Kaitlyn EarthBlossom.

Oct 20, 2011
Why not there be a world where you could train your own mounts to ride faster? I think this could be the first world where you could actually fly your mounts up high in the sky!

Dec 05, 2010
gogodrummer on Aug 15, 2008 wrote:
I think there should be a Sea World! Where you'd have to battle like the Loch Ness Monster-type sea monsters and you'd have to have a special Sea Suit to go there becaus it's UNDER WATER! It could be a sunken island that was once on the surface of the ocean, and then long ago was crashed down to the sea floor where no one could inhabit it. It could be the cyclops cloud castles that fell and splashed into the ocean and formed one big under water place, with fish with deadly poisons and spells to battle! Special Sea Cards could be used and there could be Sea Pets and ocean-like creatures! Please expand this I dea!
Well gogodrummer, i really like the idea! I absaloutly think this is the best one yet! I think this is a great thing to put! Awesome idea.
Kaitlyn EarthBlossom.

Dec 05, 2010
neodin on Aug 14, 2008 wrote:
oh and also a world that ghosts & zombies rule over.
and a world that is ruled by dragons & other fire creatures.
and a world that is ruled by ice giants & other ice creatures.
and a world that is ruled by tritons & other storm creatures.
and stuff like that....................
I do like the zombie one. I am a big fan of the WalkingDead i just don't know.
Kaitlyn EarthBlossom