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You decide on a new world!

May 02, 2009
we must know what is behind the door with all the books in the headmasters office
-David DarkBreath lvl 95

Apr 18, 2010
Continuing the futrica story line. We arrive in futrica, you know what? Let's change the name to Tempa or something like that. So we arrive in Tempa and we find out that we can't go back to WC. It is shaded out in the doorway option. I remember Cyrus drakes instructions and start looking for the professor. The man who taught Ambrose time magic. We find him in his talk box or whatever you call it. He is not pleased to see that a wizard is interested in learning time magic. But after I explain my reasoning to him, he is willing to teach me. He gives me his first spell card at the expense of a training point. He then sais he wants to show me the future to give me an idea of how time magic works. We step through the door in the talk box. We can't call it a TARDIS. We step through the door to see future wizard city. More specifically, future Ravenswood. But something is wrong. Ravenswood is ruined. Where Bartley is supposed to be is a giant statue of morganth holding her staff high in the air. In her staff there Is a giant blue crystal sphere. Ravenwood is also a battlezone. You know, a place where you can battle enemies. We then visit future krokotopia. Where the pyramid is supposed to be is another statue of morganth, just like the one in Ravenwood. The oasis is also a battle zone. We visit all the other future worlds and find out that each of the important monuments in all the worlds have been replaced with statues of morganth. All holding up the same staff. The professor knows something is wrong. We have to find out the reason behind this so the professor sends on quests around Temps to find out what might have caused it. I'll continue in one final post

Apr 18, 2010
Continuing the Tempa storyline. After we've seen all the future world we find out that all the other worlds are blocked off just like wizard city. During our quests in Tempa to find out more about the future worlds one by one, we start gathering information about morganths whereabouts. We soon find out that she is in Tempa and has started secretly learning time magic. We confront her and she tells us her plans. She learned time magic so she could go to the past and make each of the worlds under her control. When the worlds were to weak to defend themselves because they weren't so evolved, she would attack. Then she would enslave everyone in that world and make them build her statues.The statues purpose was to attract the dark energy of space to the spiral in order to corrupt the spiral and make it The Dark Spiral. But she needed to wait for the right time, when all the worlds of the spiral were in perfect alignment, her statues would attract all the dark energy and make The Dark Spiral. The only to stop her was to defeat her before she builds that statues. So we travel to the past. We see Ravenwood, all the schools are there but they are only tents instead of buildings, in the middle is a normal sized tree with a young face, Bartley. The schools trees are only saplings at the time. Then we see morganth about to burn Bartley. We battle her in front of Bartley. We win. Bartley see's me and still having the future eye on him, tells me I am free to return to
WC. All goes back to normal except that merle Ambrose opens the passage to Tempa, everyone is free to travel freely back and forwarth to Tempa. And since the future worlds never happened, they are no longer there. I am greatly rewarded. Thanks you, please give me some response on this, it would mean the world to me, it would mean the entire spiral to me. Thank you, have a nice day.

Feb 07, 2010
It would probably be a grand finale world like Dragonspyre and Khrysalis, but a world of total chaos seems like a reasonable place for wizards. There would be things like a night sky with a sun, an upside-down island (when you go there gravity stays with "local space"), and mountains that have holes in them with floating mobius strips threaded through. Pretty much anything that fails to make perfect sense.

Going with the theme of worlds having somewhat meaningful names, it would probably be called Penrose

Apr 28, 2012
It is going to be certain that there is going to be crafting.
Able too get more shadow pips
New gear.
Most posiblely a under water area.

Dec 15, 2008
I think an awesome world for the Spiral would actually start with Merle calling you in, and saying that a portal has opened in Bartlby from the time of the Titans. He sends you back and you end up in the Spiral before it was broken up and became the Spiral. What do ya guys think?
See ya around the Spiral,
William Rubythorn
~Mage of Frozen Time

Jul 19, 2009
At Level 30, Ambrose calls you to him. He tells you that a world called Valoria is being attacked and that he is sending all available wizards to help and you are qualified. You are given the Spiral Key. In Valoria, all realms are combined. The commons area is a huge fortress. You talk to a man in armor, who tests you in battle (1 v 1), but uses a special type of battle style: Valorian magic. When you win, he tells you of an evil person named Grimoire. He is trying to disarm wizards by using mana-stunning machines and then rule Valoria. Valorian magic is bought with large amounts of gold from the man who you beat. Valorian magic does not use mana and uses the athame to attack instead of the wand. He shows you a bar known as the threat bar. It measures how much the combined health of all monsters in Valoria is. Monsters continuously spawn in Valoria to increase threat. If the threat level ever reaches 10,000,000, Grimoire comes out and threatens to take over Valoria and summons his massive army inside his tower. His tower appears and a message is sent out to all wizards who have access to Valoria. The wizards must all invade his tower. If they can defeat him, his tower will sink back down underground. If the wizards cannot reach and stop Grimoire at the top if the tower (large place not a dungeon or tower) within one hour, Valoria is lost forever. You are sent to the first street after you learn about threat level. You are given a quest to reduce a certain threat level. You are then sent to the key master to prove you are worthy for the next street. If you defeat him, you move on to the next street. The enemies in the next street are harder. This cycle repeats until enemies are as hard as Khrysalis enemies. You then must go on to a dungeon

Grimoire Spell Ideas

0 Pip Valorian Spell- Mana Stun (Reduce Mana to 0 for five rounds)
2 Pip Valorian Spell- Valor Elemental (Minion that uses spells that affect Mana a lot)

Valorian Spell Ideas

0 Pip Power Split- Splits Power Pips into Normal Pips
X Pip Natural Attack- 2 x Level x Number of Pips
0 Pip Time Slash- 0 Damage then in 3 Rounds 300 Damage

Feb 18, 2010
Mephiles (Pronounced Meff-e-lis)

A world has been reversed in time to the time where the Dragons, Titans and the other group (forgot) were battling it out. We have to try to change time into the normal state of time but throughout the adventure your school (elementals) must try to help out the same creature as your school (E.g. Fire helps dragons) and the spiritual schools (Death, life myth) Must choose a side to help where as balance sticks to no side but may help any. After helping they will help you reach your objective. Later on at the end of the world we meet a deadly villain with the nickname 'Time-Eater'.

Beginning of the third arc? I could have made it more detailed but I just woke up and I'm tired lol.

Thanks for reading. Hope you read this KI I think this is a really good idea to start the third arc of with. The 'Time-Eater' could be father/mother of Morganthe which morganthe resurrected before the battle with morganthe (Khrysalis part 2)

Anyone else agree?

Dec 28, 2012
in wisteria one of your competitors is from mirage. i want to be able to go there

Apr 28, 2012
I was thinking that maybe we don't deafeat morganthe instead we are defeated and she takes over the spiral, all the worlds turn into the a shadow world, it still looks the same but morganthes armies have taken over each one and wizard city is the only strong hold left and now with the help of many wizards we have to find an ancient lost power/magic to deafeat morganthe and reclaim the spiral./

just an idea

-The Heart Family-

Dec 16, 2013
Dear KingIsles
Hmm a new world you say ... well me and my family have been thinking and we have came to a conclusion that the whole underwater idea has been already done! So Atlantis doesn't seem like a very smart idea... You actually have to look at what kids respond too now a days. For example my niece loves the monster high genre and dolls. It would be fairly easy for the creators of wizard 101 to make a monster themed world where everyone is a type of monster. You could also go through pop culture in this idea with twilight and other silly romantic novels that involve a tragic love sequence. Quests would entail acquiring cures for the people or even bringing to sides of a family feud between the Vampire Campulets and The Monteque werewolves to peace. (gotta love Shakespeare!)

Another idea would be ancient Mooshus that traveled to the Mooooon... Lol yea! Adding this feature could bring many new, techy, and Sci Fi features that would enhance the feel of magic and technology that the spiral could respond too. May it be positive or negative. You could add lore in between the quest lines and easily remake the models.

From the whole Feauto Family

Dec 10, 2013
gamemaster on Aug 14, 2008 wrote:
Maybe an under-sea one with with every Storm creature...
I don't think a world should have just one type. You only include. Maybe you can add some creatures. Don't go thinking you have to have all of them.

Nov 16, 2012
What I expect from this last world of leveling are awesomeness.

1st, New spells. It will be glad if you can make new spells for this new world.
My suggestion are as follow:
-Damage over time(storm hound or storm elf)
-Attack all which doesn't have over time(boosting attack all for fire because the first attack is strong than the overtime)
-Attack all which is lower than 8 pips(4 or 5 pips is nice)
-Healing spell(attack with heal also good, example ancient heal)
-Attack and convert half to heal self and doom or -75% heal to the enemy. Or spell that act as reflect(if opponent attack or move anything, it will give reflect between the caster and the opponent, 5 pips worth or more for this spell.
-Attack over time(this will be great help)
Shadow magic-90%stun block+20%pierce+30%accuracy(to prevent getting backslash from not move when cast shadow magic)
Astral--enchant -20 to one shield( 1 pip require)
-polymorph to bugs(which our stats remains but just changing our spells for 4 or 5 rounds)
-random aura

2nd-New crafting items.
My expectation is that, we can craft Amulet of Divine Influence or something like that amulet stats. Because, it looks like it is impossible and low chances of every person to get that drops from Hades the Unseen.

3rd-New pet level
New level of pet after mega is really awesome.
Let say we name it wondra level require 4000 exp.
It is ridiculous, but it will great if our pet can get extra one talent, 6 talents in PVP, Tournaments or in PVE.

4th-new gear
new high level gear which is better than Hades gear or Poseidon or Zeus gear.
new high level gears.

Aug 14, 2013
Nicholas Hawkspear on Dec 14, 2013 wrote:
If you have have read my previous post, you would know that I have already set up my story line for my own Third Arch. I desieded to have the Gobblers from Candy World because of this reason. Proffesor Greyrose said that she had evil half witch sisters. The Gobblers said they were driven from Gobblerton by evil witches. I desided to make Gobblerton a city in Candy World. Thinking that Gobblers love to eat, a world full of candy would be a perfect place for them to live.

ONLY 1 thing gobblers would eat candy world but your ideas were really cool
see you blazing around in the spiral

Blaze Spellcaster60

Hunter Spellcaster16

Aug 06, 2013
I think that this world shoud be the final world ever.
It would be earth.
Merle Ambrose sends you home to protect your family and the world from the newly resurected villains Morganthe and Mallestaire.
You get special spells according to your school that are real creatures and natural disasters
so like if you are fire, you would get a fire/red ant that pinches enemy and eventually (higher level) forest fire continous attack.
storm would get giant squid that slaps enemy w/ tentacles, and eventually hurricane continous attack
ice would get polar bear that umps/claws enemy, and eventually blizzard continous attack
life would get a caribou that charges enemy, and eventually falling trees continous attack
myth would get crazy monkeys that throw bananas, and eventually water spout
death would get mountain goat that charges, and eventually rock/land slide continuous atack

balance would get a wolf pack attack, and a tornado continous attack

you would fight human criminal/thugs. no specifics. they would be running around and ducking randomly, so it would be hard to find them, and tough to cross streets.
you would have to tell a police officer every time you defeat a criminal/thug
you would hae quests like:
Prospecter Zeke: Find the money bags
Police Officer: Find the hideouts, defeat boss criminals, go to your home and battle the robbing criminals, etc.

Basically earthly stuff

then the max level is 125
you would hae to be level 100 to go
(if levels were higher)

Apr 29, 2012
Natsu Dragneel on Dec 29, 2013 wrote:
Mephiles (Pronounced Meff-e-lis)

A world has been reversed in time to the time where the Dragons, Titans and the other group (forgot) were battling it out. We have to try to change time into the normal state of time but throughout the adventure your school (elementals) must try to help out the same creature as your school (E.g. Fire helps dragons) and the spiritual schools (Death, life myth) Must choose a side to help where as balance sticks to no side but may help any. After helping they will help you reach your objective. Later on at the end of the world we meet a deadly villain with the nickname 'Time-Eater'.

Beginning of the third arc? I could have made it more detailed but I just woke up and I'm tired lol.

Thanks for reading. Hope you read this KI I think this is a really good idea to start the third arc of with. The 'Time-Eater' could be father/mother of Morganthe which morganthe resurrected before the battle with morganthe (Khrysalis part 2)

Anyone else agree?
Maybe there could be Cyclopes, Dryads & Vampires for spirit schools.

Oct 27, 2013
part 2 is the close of moranthe but not the end of the game i have heard there is more to come with a new villain i think it will be malistare the undying it said in azteca he was swished away by the hole into a dark place? maybe darkmoor there maybe is no darkmoor but they said on there blog i will tell you the sentence " After beating morganthe the player will explore new worlds and even new realms of magic and a new villain" what does this mean? new magic! new villain! and new worlds! hooray!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Aug 24, 2013
I would like an observatory world. A world where you are in space in a dome with aliens. Yup, i sci-fi!

Jan 23, 2010
I feel like they will make the second part of Khrysalis a little more challenging, since it didn't live up to it's expectations. They definitely will add more shadow spells, and will make a new level cap being 100. They might also add a new crafting rank and crafted gear. I hope they add shadow school pets that give shadow spells like attacks, and not just transformations. Any other thoughts? Flint GoldenFlame- 95 Necromancer

Mar 01, 2013
Story of world: Long ago, the ancient tourist world of Rockblisk, a mighty city known to the spiral, fell under a curse. This curse's affect on Rockblisk was that the whole city turned to rock, and sank into an underground realm. This ancient city still remains hidden and the curse unbroken, until now.

How YOU come in: Headmaster Ambrose has found evidence of the ancient city of Rockblisk and has asked you to investigate the rubble. You later find out that the curse has become so strong, it has actually summoned life forms of rock. The only way to recover the magnificent world, is to battle the curse and find the antidote, which unfortunately is contained in a gem that is guarded by a rock elemental. This elemental is a story of legend told so long ago, it seemed as if it was unreal. However, the rock elemental has lived with the conditions of the curse and has become strong enough to take it's rightful place as top monster. It is up to YOU to save the world of Rockblisk and stop the terrible elemental from becoming unstoppable.

I think I got a little carried away here but whatever

The Messenger

Mar 01, 2013
apprenticepeter on Aug 16, 2008 wrote:
My crystal ball say there is a dismension where the battle of the tritons still goes on. :D :D :D
Great idea I have an idea for a world that could add your proposal into it. Mine was to have a time travel world to go into major events in history.

The Messenger

Aug 27, 2011
Wizard101 is based off of real life history in the usa so that means there should be from my opinion is a world based off of Stone Age? Like cavemen or dinosaurs! and my favorite part would be a JUNGLE!

Jun 16, 2013
How about a cloud fortress world, where your as light as a feather on clouds.
Or maybe, every time like Halloween comes around (or other holidays) a limited time world where you get holiday themed gear.

-Liam Death Vault

Jul 09, 2011
A space themed world where like aliens try to take over the Spiral it could be called Utopia

A city themed world with trucks and cars and robots called Metropolis

School themed worlds like a Life world or a Storm world or a Fire world etc.

Worlds where school teachers came from

A haunted world with like ghosts and spirits and skeletons idk what that would be called

This sounds stupid but, like a candy themed world like the one from Wreck It Ralph called Sugarcane

- Sean Rainbowhunter

Aug 04, 2011
I have been thinking for ideas for a world after Khrysalis. A place with Hawks as the main people. (sea turtles in the ocean and turtles in the volcano and jungle.) Then as you go through the world you will meet turtles and sea turtle. The world would be called: Tropica Island. Something I was thinking of was that you should include a spawn area on top of a volcano. Then you venture underneath the volcano in search for (new enemy who is even greater than Morganthe and Malistaire. Maybe an evil Vulture.) You meet turtles in the mine. Then some NPC hits a rock which makes the volcano bubble. Then the town gets destroyed. But almost everyone makes it down safely. A king or someone important is stranded. You go on a mission to rescue him/her. There are enemies and a storyline. An NPC is there to guide you. You battle evil hunks of lava and evil vultures and hawks. You see the final boss near this king/queen. Then they fly away. The king/queen is trapped and you go to save him and you battle a halfway through boss. After that you go back to below the volcano and there is a gathering of a bunch of NPCs. They await your arrival. Once you get there the king/queen awards you a new spell for saving him/her. (Spells will be listed at the end.) Then everyone is running low on water. You venture out looking for a lake and you end up having to defeat vulture buccaneers. You end up at an ocean and there are sea turtles. You meet them and they take you to a place under the ocean. There is destruction and they say an evil vulture commanded some sea turtle to destroy everything. You help them. After you save the turtles then you gain their respect and they bring a bunch of buckets of water. Then you get back to the jungle and the hawks and turtles have set up a fort. You see smoke and smell burnt wood.