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You decide on a new world!

Jan 08, 2012
wilderness type, mountains, snow, lakes where i can ski and sled, maybe a strickly ice world, a fire world of volcano's, storm world like the weather is ominous, life world,where everything is flowery and green, death is dark and scary like a cemetary etc or even a city. were you are putting wizards out in muggle land like harry potter. a place we don't belong and they don't like us there. :)

Nov 18, 2020
Honestly I do not mind what type of world. The only thing i request is the detail to be better. The detail in how the world looks and the quality overall feels like it significantly drops after dragonspyre. The last few worlds feel cheap and boring, like they were made and done so as low quality, just to dish something out so people stay active and money comes in. One of my favorite games, but the quality and detail is very much lacking.

Mar 07, 2020

-An expansion from Celestia that takes you to Skull Island
-Monquista, Valencia, the western based world that has the chickens ( can't recall world name ) in Wiz101
-A world where pre-existing worlds are colliding
-A world based on Celestians that shows what happened to them after the collapse that took place which is modern day Celestia/world among the stars of the spiral
-An underworld
-Worlds based on pantheons and the mythology of dead religions ( kind of like Aquilla is based on Greek mythology )
-Expanding on already existing worlds

I feel KI is cautious with making content that similar to already existing content but I'm sure there are others like myself who wouldn't mind seeing worlds already present with expanded content that lets us return to worlds we've already adventured with new conflicts and adversaries

Dec 27, 2014
Dylan Frostweaver on Aug 6, 2022 wrote:
Definitely Wallaru.

Seeing a world full of Koalas, kangaroos and everything else Australian would make a fantastic rich and vibrant world.

Sep 09, 2022
As far as I know, Albion is a world with foxes (like that monstrologist) that is celtic/scottish themed. I'd very much like to be able to visit that world, since seeing something from my own culture would be really exciting.

High level new areas from older worlds wouldnt be such a bad idea either. I also like wallaru.

Feb 03, 2012
Something very colorful. Colors in places you wouldn't expect. Landscapes with unusual colors. Now I don't mean neons, literal rainbows, or things that clash! Just that this is fantasy, so grass doesn't always have to be green and sand doesn't have to be tan. I want to see some pink mountains. Or Maybe even something inspired by inverted imagery. Maybe even glow in the dark.

Sep 01, 2016
Ooh! I'd love to see a gothic black & white world! Or something monochrome, maybe a film noir theme?

Apr 08, 2015
How about the release of a world based on the lore of cupid, valentine's day, etc. Some kind of side-world/ side quest thing where the main villain is St. Valentine. A very romantic area with lots of roses in the clouds, seraphs and fairies flying around but modeled to look more like a cupid, all rushing around to get things ready for valentines day. I imagine most of the mobs would be life and myth with the exception of St. Valentine being a very passionate fire wizard who wants to stop valentine's day from happening because his beloved broke up with him

Jan 14, 2012
I had an idea pop in my head that I haven't seen before. So (spoiler alert) we eventually graduate from Ravenwood. Well, I thought that there could maybe be a world where you say build your own school or become a professor. Take Wysteria for example, and how their school are fundamentally similar, just with different names (ie death is "spirit"). Maybe people could name their own schools and become the headmaster of this institution, and the story of that particular world is potentially the challenges the wizard faces in building up that school. It wouldn't necessarily have to be super complicated as far as coding/programming. Just small, simple customizations. Like I said with the school names. Maybe there are a bunch of preset options you choose from, then once you choose or create the name of that particular school, it will display as such through your game account. I think this would be possible because of the moments of the game when your name is inserted into spots of the story (I know that not everybody looked into that crystal ball and saw "David Sandwalker" ) So, confusing explanation but hopefully that makes sense.

Feb 22, 2009
Hmm... I haven't caught up on the worlds just yet, so apologies if there's already a world like this.
How about a world... That's being protected by some kind of being or force, and that force is being slowly sucked out of the world. You start off, entering the world through one of the safest areas there. You're directed to go to a castle. Be that a traditional castle or something more abstract is up to the developers of course. And you're essentially going through, the world getting harder and harder, and the areas more affected by the loss of this protection. Maybe this can be like Grizzleheim where each area is designated toward a specific level, but more aimed toward mid to higher level wizards. Not so much like Aquilla where it's all dungeons, I'm thinking a full story line. Perhaps a new species too. This of course is more of an abstract idea, but I saw the thread and this is what came to my mind. It's not too detailed but it's a concept!

Mar 21, 2021
World name: Potenia (the latin word for power is Potentia so this would be a play on the word)

Theme: Ancient Rome/Greece

Level range: 150-160

Plot: A new character sneaks into the Arcanum asking for the wizard and scholars help, they explain that they come from a world that lies in an unexplored portion of the spiral called Potenia that has been under the rule of a tyrannical emperor for some time and hearing of the stories and legends of the wizard they think that we can help free their world--Not believing this new character the scholars and fearing this could be some new group of Cabal they put the new character into a new area of the Arcanum called The Detention Center to which the new character agrees to and asks to be freed once they prove that Potenia is real--The existence of Potenia is proven after we venture back to Aquila and fight a new boss called The Knowledge Keeper who's essentially a god from Potenia who proves that it exists by showing us an ancient scroll revealing that Aquila is actually a portion of Potenia that was lost long ago---After Potenia's existence is proven the new character is released and we venture to Potenia, along the journey we have to liberate all the areas of the world from the tyrannical emperor's governors and overseers that he/she placed there to keep the subjects in line and fearful of the emperor, we also discover a new type of magic that we are able to learn from called light magic that works similar to shadow magic where you need what are called radiant pips to use light magic spells--in the climax of the story we find the tomb of the previous emperor who the Potenians loved and find out that the new character is the previous emperor reincarnated, we team up with them to take down the evil emperor and restore Potenia under the new emperor's rule

After completing the mainline quests we earn a badge titled "Gloriosissimi Herois" (translates to Most Glorious Hero in Latin)--If you complete all quests in Potenia you earn a badge called "Heros Omnium" (translates to Hero of All in Latin)

Aug 11, 2014
A world part 2 of any of the existing worlds

Feb 29, 2012
May 31, 2010
I would love to see a world that looks like the human world with big cities!

Aug 13, 2016
i would love to see an australian/outback themed world

Aug 28, 2022
Perhaps a "digital world" of sorts. A world based that would look a bit more sci-fi but still have the distinct Wizard look, based on new imaging magic meant as a next level recordkeeper. It captures not only the texts of history, but generates interactive 3D imaging of what will include all of the spiral. It lets you relive both near and distant history of Ravenwood, the spread of the Trees, the upending of the Death School, and much, much more.

Truly a remarkable way to record history, by being able to be a part of it. It is called the Spiralscape, or something like that.

Something, a mysterious power or powers, threatens it. They intend to cause chaos in the books, corrupt data, rewrite it, and possibly to literally rewrite history, as if it's already happened. Perhaps as a means to prevent the fall of past foes, to bring destruction of Wizard City and the Spiral, perhaps to sabotage past efforts by those like Bartleby, Ambrose, and even You, to quash evil. It might even be a last ditch effort by Malistaire's (or another big bad guy)'s servants to bring all of creation down with them.