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You decide on a new world!

Jan 22, 2012
Neccrotiger on Mar 10, 2016 wrote:
Probably like an Earth like world that the last world would end like:
"This world is disgusting! I must go to Earth where the weak ones are!" The Arc Enemy would say.
Then he/she disappears.

And then to merle (or the main quest world giver) after the world was made:
"Earth? Oh I heard of that world before. It is a place you came from. You were such weak but, I knew you had amazing potential. And I was right."
"Whats that? [Arc Enemy Name] and his fleet is going there to destroy it and its people? Oh that isn't good at all."
"There are no exact spiral keys for it. There is also no spiral door. But there is one way to get there."
"Here. Take this spell. Use it to go to Earth. I am afraid I can't help you after that. You have to use it in [Chosen Place in the spiral] for it to work. Go quickly Wizard!"

And then it seems that you can use the place you teleport to when you use the spell to use the spell again (interact not actually combat cast) and go back to the Chosen Place in the spiral.

The dialogue is just my personal idea but you should really make a world like Earth! Maybe at the end of Wizard101's creating?
Sounds like a good start! I like the dialogue it seems interesting and I would want to do that quest! It would be a place with like no magic and your wizard would be the only one with magic! It kind of reminds me of Harry Potter because they need to keep the magic a secret from the muggles (non magical person)

-Stephanie SummerThorn

Oct 10, 2009
Good afternoon Wizard101,
After Mirage, which has a fair resemblance to the world of Kroktopia, I am assuming (and hoping) new worlds are still developing. Maybe a world that was dedicated to the schools of the spiral; ice, storm, fire. Such as the game has the fire house, ice house and myth house, Wizard101 could have a world of the schools. Areas would be strictly dictated to the certain school. My other idea would have to be something such as Marleybone. The theme of an old London or even New York was exciting and soon became my favorite world in Marleybone. A world with buildings that went into the clouds, areas in the slums and areas where you pass theaters and high class wand shops. Maybe even have a shop where once you enter you can see which wand would best fit your character or which pet would best fit your character. Something to personalize the game in a way.
Thank you!
Rylee LegendFlower

Jul 04, 2012
Maybe a japanese pantheon world where you could fight yokai and such.

Aug 11, 2014
fire1152g on Dec 31, 2016 wrote:
I like your ideas about the pirate island and the Renaissance too! I just imagined like dusk time and I was entering a place with little white buildings everywhere with gold trims, kind of Wysteria-ish, this is the story I put for my Pirate 101 character, Trustworthy Kaitlyn Moone:

Death of parents: Squid attack!
Arrested by: (whatever did to be Privateer)
Grew Up: Grizzleheim

Idk the rest but great ideas!

-Stephanie SummerThorn
YAY! A fellow privateer, I did the exact same thing that you did but I would've done Lost instead of Squid Attack.

Feb 14, 2016
I have got an idea! A world, only accessed by a special portal, once you have gone through, the world has changed. In a deep forest, you now see a land of.. CENTAURS..!??!?! In this world I would like to call Centaurus, you have access to a cool new selection of mounts from Zeke! The Centaur Body (1- Day) and Satyr legs!(Also 1 day!).

Nov 10, 2015
crashj3ster on Dec 14, 2016 wrote:
Hmm... maybe something like Kingdom Hearts's Destiny Islands. A beach world. Maybe tie it in to a darker side of the world. Make it half-and-half. Call it Broken Paradise. Make the enemies a mix of mostly Fire, Ice and Storm schools.
NO! Being ice I never want to battle ice and making a world of mostly elemelons I would die over and over

May 15, 2016
LafChill on Aug 13, 2008 wrote:
I think there should be a swamp/jungle type of world so that the storm professor, sweepers and the misshapen frog people have a world representing them in the spiral.

Also I'd love to experience what the home worlds of Professors Falmea and Greyrose are like.
I know this was written in 2008, but now there is one for Lydia. (Not sure for Falmea)

There is a place called Polaris which is for level 100 I think.

Play Wizard 101 as much as you can!

~ Kestrel WaterShard

Jul 16, 2013
how about a world like our earth we try to bring magic to earth but it failed du to some trickster trying to hipnoties the people and we have to destry him and his machine

May 02, 2012
Could you do one based on Ancient Rome, with some power-hungry civilization that wants to take over the spiral? The player has to stop them from doing so, along with a team of rebels across the spiral!

It's just an idea...

Kieran Shadowsword; Level 34 wizard

Nov 25, 2012
Thinking about the different cultures, we haven't seen an India themed world. Where there can be a lot of betrayal and corruption at the top and the wizard needs to bring order.

Remember in the absolute beginning when Merle said (sorry I don't remember word for word what he said." Look we found a wizard with great potential in a world WHICH DOES NOT BELIEVE IN MAGIC!" What if the fight of raven and spider reaches our world. We as wizards introduce magic to places which haven't seen it.

Referring to historical references in the game, how about a renaissance themed world. Where we have to use paintings to enter new parts and where all the paintings are wrong and we have to fix them. (I would love to see turtles playing Leonardo, Rafael, Donatello, and Michaelangelo).

These are just some really quick ideas, tell me how you guys feel!


Apr 14, 2014
How about a scale themed world. Maybe a world that's just the scale like the judgement is holding. There could be 2 major parts, and there could be a long, tower dungeon to finally get to the hand holding the scale, where the final boss fight is. It could be major magic/teleporting minions and bosses and there could be underground villages or something. Maybe there could be enemies that are twisters or tornadoes, kind of like sandstorm. I don't know what other NPC bodies, but the developers could get creative.

I also like the idea of a futuristic world with robots and lasers, stuff like that.

Hope this helps!

Cole Earthbreaker

Level 75 Fire Soloist

Dec 18, 2011
I like all the comments about a earth world becuase Merle Ambrose said that we came from a world that doesnt belive in magic. so it makes sense if we could go there

Dec 18, 2011
Also what about the huge door with a dragon behind it in Aquillia

Dec 26, 2011
Maybe a world based off of Tokyo! Think about it: neon lights, the NPCs can be geishas. The enemies can be like giant Transformer-like robots. New mounts can be dyeable motorcycles! Wands can be like blasters! The main goal is to restore peace between the Robots and Humans. It could be great! The main school for spells would be Storm.
Wizards 120+ can do it as a side world, like Grizzleheim or Wysteria! Imagine the gear! Cool robot-like parts, all glowing and neon! Pets could be little geishas and robots, like Marleybone's gear robots. Think about it!

Hope the idea is cool enough for you, Kingsisle!

Love, Victoria ThunderCloud, level 50 Necromancer!

Jan 13, 2012
A Native American or Native Australian world are both beautiful inspirations.
and i agree with going to the land that our wizard was born, an earth-like world.

Feb 28, 2013
I'd still love to see a SteamPunk based world.
Just think of the fun the game designers could have.

Sep 15, 2012
A Mechanical/ Alien world. Maybe the main villain is a cyborg stealing magic to power his machines. Maybe some star trek or star wars themes could be used with this. Many of the worlds famous inventors could be used for npc ideas and maybe aside from battling machines there could be alien mobs as well. This could allow a great many ideas for new pets like a small UFO pet, astronaut monkey pet or new mounts like a mechanical jaguar. I think designing this world would be a lot of fun. New wands like light sabers that color with the school that wand is from, like a death school light saber wand would glow black and ice, blue and so on... Its an idea that needs development.

There's been a great many of the desert themed worlds but I still think a US Western world would have been a great idea with a ghost town and a ghost train dungeon that requires battling through each of the train cars to get to the boss in the engine room. Hopefully some of these ideas get used there are so many good ones from everyone.

May 03, 2016
I think there might a ghost or yokai world considering Grandfather Spider's third child: The bat.

Sep 04, 2016
I think there should be a world in the clouds, cloud people. I don't really know.

Dec 31, 2010
I think I'm just preaching to the choir here on this thread by saying an earth-like world would be amazing.

A world that doesn't believe in magic being suddenly overrun by magical problems, for whatever reason, and a storyline exploring how this newfound knowledge of magic and magical creatures affects the society living there....

Oct 30, 2012
Empyrea, Sky realm, CONFIRMED

I was playing along with my newest character (my death) in wysteria,
and in a quest this is the text I recieved, from Geofferey SpellSmith
quest name: Shopping list
he told me:

"Rainbow ink... from a sky-squid? You're in luck. The shipment from Empyrea just came in"

So I'm thinking this new world is a sky place, but also sort of like celestia, with flying water animals, like say, a giant whale

Mar 10, 2015
I would assume candy world (home of ice teacher). And hellephent world because they never explored yet in story. Same for the rift portal in wisteria (no not Avalon)

Feb 20, 2011
I want to see Empyrea, the world Cyrus spoke about in one of the myth quests where you go to golem court. I don't remember him saying much, but I think Empyrea would be an awesome world.

Feb 20, 2011
I'd like to see a steampunk kind of world that is not like Celestia, Marleybone, or Valencia/Great Clock Gauntlet. The world would introduce the third child of Grandfather Spider as the main antagonist of the world, and the world is sort of Salem during the witch trials because he crafted a poison he spread around the world that makes all of the fair citizens despise magic and be constantly aggressive or something of the sort. The special skill of the world would be that the bosses use disabling techniques. Also, as you get farther into the storyline and side quests, you unlock items in the shop as people become more passive and friendly to those who use magic. (e.g. 1/4 the way into the story you. start to unlock outfits, 1/2 into the story you start unlocking wands and housing. items, 3/4 into the story you start unlocking pets, and once you are all the way done with the main story you have unlocked mounts and houses. For doing side quests you get better things like more aesthetic outfits, hairstyles with two colors or more, or maybe aesthetic wands or cool-looking pets.

Nov 10, 2011
I think there is a world that nobody spoke of, called Scorpix, because they could have been a war there, and there could be a wizard so powerful Ambrose could not fight him alone, then After you finish the world after Mirage, you go there and take quests from scorpion beings, then in the ending you find out one of them was that powerful wizard, then when your about to fight him, Ambrose teleports there then you fight with him. My imagination is wild do not judge it

Valerian Silverrider lvl 72